The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-10-03T10:48:39Z Someone is Giving Away an Entire Kitchen on Ziilch! 2016-10-03T10:48:39Z someone-is-giving-away-an-entire-kitchen-on-ziilch When someone decides to Ziilch something, it's because they've deemed it too good to throw out, but can't be bothered selling it and just want it gone.This is another great example of that.A Brighton East household has just today listed their entire kitchen to be given away to make way for renovations. Bench tops, oven, exhaust fan, it's all up for grabs and they're in great condition.This is a wonderful example of somebody not wanting to see great stuff go to landfill. And a great example for others to follow.We would love to work with you on a story to help share this example and lead the way for others to follow.Regards,Don MilneZiilch Meet some of Australia's most generous people 2016-09-10T07:33:32Z meet-some-of-australia-s-most-generous-people has just entered it’s 6th year and has processed over 50,000 listingsIn that time we have come to know some truly remarkable members, who have individually given away over 500 items each. One such member is closing in on the 1000 giveaway mark!   These people are changing lives and helping the environment. If more people could follow their example, it could lead to some positive change in Australia’s attitude toward reuse and collaborative consumption. More than 5,000 saved 2012-06-15T03:59:48Z more-than-5-000-saved Ziilch is a reuse website where good stuff goes free. People can list items that clutter their home, garage, office, etc. but are too good to throw away and others may find useful. Ziilch is free to join, free to list, free to take an item and easy to use. Ziilch celebrates its first anniversary on June 15th and since its launch has attracted over 16,000 environmentally conscious and community minded members. Many bargain hunters and resellers have benefited from Ziilch and spokesperson Richard Milne encourages this, his prime motivation is to ... “promote reuse and keep stuff out of landfill”. In the last 12 months, over 5000 items have found a new home and escaped becoming landfill through Ziilch now receives over 1 million page views a month and at any one time lists between 400 and 500 items people are happy to give away. As Mr Milne points out “ is also a boon for councils. In Victoria alone councils spend over $70 million per year cleaning away dumped kerbside rubbish. Many of these items could be reused using Ziilch”. In celebration of its 1st anniversary, each day for 10 days starting June 15th, Ziilch will be giving away a fabulous new prize to one of their lucky members. Visit for more information. ENDS