The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-06-20T05:33:21Z What is Ooooby and Why to Join it? 2012-06-20T05:33:21Z what-is-ooooby-and-why-to-join-it There is a worldwide movement afoot where we desire to go back to the time when we lived life at a slightly less frenetic pace, when we took the time to get to know our neighbours and to exchange meals and ideas and more especially fresh food, including home grown fruit and vegetables. The Slow Food Movement is a very good example of this and has taken off all over the world. So too has Ooooby (Out of Our own Back Yards) – a movement established for people who understand the importance of local community and the benefits of growing and eating local food. Why would you want to join Ooooby? Consider this. Envision, if you will, a time in the near future, a lifestyle where you are in touch with your neighbours and your community, where you spend more time socialising with your friends in your backyard and theirs. Imagine a life where fresh homegrown food is a good portion of every meal. By joining Ooooby you will become part of a functional, grounded movement of wonderful and wise people who have come to realise that the time has come to reconnect with the earth and with each other, unified by the thing we all love and need – fresh, home-grown food. At Ooooby you can meet and chat with food growers, trade and barter local food with other members and be really inspired by what others are doing on their farms and gardens. Think about the advantages of weaving new social networks and pioneering new exciting food initiatives. It is not always easy to get to know your neighbours but here is a tip for you. We all love good food, so next time you see your neighbour, strike up a conversation about food, fresh fruit and vegetables and growing them yourselves. You may be pleasantly surprised at how interested they are. Food gardeners are really great people to know. Why should you join Ooooby? For many reasons our diverse local food systems around the world are rapidly being displaced by a globalised and centralised food system. We are actually at the point in time when we need to rethink and rebuild our food systems. Long term provision of nutritious food to every human cannot be achieved by current means. WE need to relocalise our food systems at a community and regional level and Ooooby is one of the many initiatives working toward stabilising local food independence her and globally so go to their website today at to join this rapidly growing worldwide movement.