The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-06-20T00:06:04Z SMX launches email integration service 2017-06-20T00:06:04Z smx-launches-email-integration-service SMX, Australasia’s leading cloud email security and managed messaging service provider, has launched a new integration service which enables the full suite of SMX email security and management services to be integrated into virtually any third-party cloud email service. SMX CEO Ian McDonald says the new SMX service has compelling business benefits for organisations of all sizes, and is of particular value to mid-sized organisations using Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps and who need industry-leading threat protection alongside sophisticated email management – including high capacity cloud archiving with unlimited email storage. “While Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s Gmail have basic email spam and virus filters, our new SMX service creates a defence in depth strategy for email security and enables those users to immediately switch on enterprise-grade inbound and outbound email filtering, archiving, and market-leading data loss protection, including anti-phishing and whaling capabilities,” McDonald says. SMX Vice President of Business Development David Frazer says the new SMX integration service can be implemented within a matter of minutes, without any disruption to an organisation’s operations. The new service runs on any cloud hosting environment and can also be deployed to on-premise infrastructure. “As Microsoft Office 365 gains maturity as a viable platform across all types of businesses, SMX has been receiving a growing volume of enquiries from Microsoft Office 365 customers looking to upgrade their email threat protection and management,” Frazer says. “They want more sophisticated whitelisting and blacklisting tools. They want access to SMX’s anti-phishing and whaling modules and defences against new threats, such as Cyberlocking. They also want cloud email archiving with local hosting, forensic authentication, and no limits on the amount of storage or the duration. “Microsoft Office 365 customers are particularly interested in SMX’s SmartRules® content management and data loss protection application. SmartRules® is highly effective against the increasing proliferation of whaling attacks, while preventing sensitive data leaving the organisation. The new service allows administrators to create users with varying roles and permissions, allows them to configure the service and ‘drag & drop’ SmartRules®; all in a single dashboard. “We are receiving similar enquiries from users of other cloud platforms such as Gmail, Google Docs and Salesforce. There is a particular issue with a potential Salesforce vulnerability due to shared IP addresses, which this service solves,” Frazer says. The new SMX integration service is available now from SMX resellers or direct from SMX. SMX launches new anti-phishing software to combat sophisticated email fraud attacks 2016-06-20T22:24:18Z smx-launches-new-anti-phishing-software-to-combat-sophisticated-email-fraud-attacks 21 June 2016, Auckland, New Zealand. SMX Limited, New Zealand’s largest cloud email security company, has launched new software enhancements to its SMX SmartRules® software designed to protect against sophisticated email phishing fraud. SMX Chief Technology Officer, Thom Hooker, says sophisticated variations of phishing (or targeted email attacks) – termed ‘spear phishing’ and ‘whaling’ respectively – represent the most serious cybersecurity threat currently facing New Zealand businesses and organisations. “There are companies out there right now losing substantial amounts of money, confidential information, or both. A number of law firms have been hit particularly hard,” Hooker says. Spear phishing and whaling are forms of targeted email attack, or phishing, Hooker explains, where a combination of social engineering and email spoofing techniques is used to steal money or confidential information from businesses – and it is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Spear phishing targets a group of people – for example, employees or customers of a specific company, or even a specific person. Whaling is a variation of spear phishing that targets high-level executives with the objective of conning them into sharing confidential company information. A fraudster may, for example, identify key executives with funds transfer authorisation, and send counterfeit emails authorising funds transfers, using those executives’ details.  To combat both spear phishing and whaling attacks specifically, SMX has developed new algorithms and new ‘rules’ have been added to SMX’s SmartRules® module, Hooker says. These allow SMX, or an organisation’s IT department, or an external IT service provider, to create and apply new rules and supporting processes to protect identified likely or known spear phishing or whaling targets within an organisation. New functions have also been enabled on SMX's email security filters to further interrogate the metadata associated with each email. These new features detect and remove spear phishing and whaling attacks in real time from SMX's customers’ email flow without the end-user needing to enable them. For example, Hooker says, whaling and spear phishing attacks rely on a mismatch between what the target sees in their mail client and what is ‘parsed’ by the mail server. By providing SMX with a list of potential spear phishing and whaling targets and victims, along with the normal email addresses they send from, SMX's DLP (data loss prevention) engine is configured to block or quarantine any emails which have mismatches. For very high risk whaling targets, an even more stringent layer can be added where only authorised email addresses are allowed through the filters. This does require creating and maintaining a list of authorised addresses associated with each target. However, once this rule is set up maintenance is only required when list members change and this can be carried out by the customer's IT team with minimal training. “The bottom line is that email security has to be dynamic and able to respond quickly with new defences to new threats as they emerge. A key strength of SMX is that as a cloud service we can implement new defences for all of our customers literally in real time,” Hooker says. For a full analysis of phishing threats and measures to combat phishing fraudsters see Thom Hooker’s latest blog Phishing for your business. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd.  SMX issues security alert on spear phishing and whaling attacks 2015-09-06T23:15:15Z smx-issues-security-alert-on-spear-phishing-and-whaling-attacks SMX – the largest local provider of cloud email security services – has issued a security alert to its customers and partners following increasing incidents of highly-sophisticated targeted email fraud (aka ‘spear phishing’) and ‘whaling’ attacks. SMX’s co-founder and chief technology officer Thom Hooker says spear phishing describes a process of email fraud where individuals are targeted within an organisation and attacked with a combination of social engineering and email spoofing techniques to elicit funds. Whaling is where the same techniques are targeted at key senior executives, such as chief financial officers. He says SMX has seen live attacks unfold in real-time where, once they have a 'whale' hooked, attackers purchase brand new domains similar to their intended victims in order to trick companies into transferring cash overseas. Attackers are even following up with telephone calls prior to, as well as during, these attacks to further embellish the hoax. In a blog on the SMX website Hooker describes a real life example of a whaling attack on a large SMX customer. The CFO of this company received an email purporting to be from his CEO instructing the transfer USD$192,000 to an international bank account. The email appeared completely legitimate, with the sender's email address displayed in the CFO’s mail client looking 100% correct. The incoming email contained no malware or links to malicious sites that would trigger the multiple security filters in place. After the CFO responded, or was 'on the hook' to continue the phishing analogy, the phishing gang registered a new .com domain name similar to the company's real domain and continued the email conversation from this new domain. That is, the phishing gang waited until they had a whale on the line before they spent any money on embellishing their scam. This is a really important point, Hooker says, because it demonstrates that these individuals aren't just playing a numbers game and casting their net wide; they are identifying and targeting companies and senior individuals within those companies and then refining their proposition based on responses from their targets.   “If the CFO involved in this scam hadn't had the presence of mind to query the reason for the request, which ultimately led to this scam unravelling, this company would have lost a significant amount of money,” Hooker says. “This story isn't uncommon internationally but is relatively rare in New Zealand. It highlights the importance of security awareness training for potential whaling and spear phishing targets.” In the security alert sent to customers and partners SMX recommends three key steps all companies and organisations should take: 1.      Identify potential whaling or spear phishing targets within the organisation – these roles should include finance, management and IT security 2.      Conduct security awareness training for all identified roles – this training should include an awareness of these types of attacks and familiarisation with the organisation’s security policies 3.      Create and publish robust internal procedures for handling and identifying security incidents, responding to external queries requesting information on senior company executives, and so on. Depending on the industry, SMX advises that companies and organisations may need to conduct training across a wider range of roles within the organisation. The SMX security alert includes a link for full information on security awareness training published by the US National Institute of Standards and Training (NIST): Thom Hooker warns that the sophistication and persistence of these attacks outside of the email flow means companies should not rely solely on computer security and algorithms to protect them. Potential whaling targets need to be aware that criminals are undertaking sophisticated attacks right now and to protect themselves appropriately. Ends. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX.  SMX launches Microsoft Office 365 email security service 2015-06-12T03:24:02Z smx-launches-microsoft-office-365-email-security-service SMX, New Zealand’s largest provider of cloud email security services, has launched “SMX + 365” – a new implementation and support process designed to make it easy for SMX customers and resellers to integrate SMX’s premium email filtering service with Microsoft Office 365 email servers in the cloud. SMX CEO Ian McDonald says the new service is in response to requests from customers and resellers wanting to add a locally supported and more capable email filtering service than Microsoft is able to provide as part of its Microsoft Office 365 cloud email server solution. YMCA of Auckland, which provides IT and email support for 350 email users at YMCA Auckland and other YMCA organisations across the North Island, moved its email servers to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 two years ago. As part of the transition, YMCA elected to use the email filtering supplied with Microsoft Office 365, switching off its SMX service. Last month YMCA switched SMX back on. YMCA Auckland’s IT support manager, David Verheyen, says that earlier this year malware and spam started to hit the network. “We had SMX before, so we talked to them about a trial to see if they could solve the problem,” Verheyen says. “Switching back to SMX on a trial basis to run a comparison with Office 365 was done quickly with some technical help from SMX. The trial proved that the SMX filtering service delivered a huge reduction in spam and malware, so we’ve gone back to SMX. Basically, we couldn’t afford the risk of malware getting through and causing major problems.” SMX reseller CodeBlue, the country’s largest nationwide IT services company in the 20-300 seat space, is also advocating SMX as a premium add on to Microsoft Office 365. CodeBlue Christchurch-based business development manager Mike Tarjomi says Microsoft Office 365 is recommended by CodeBlue as a good cloud email solution but customers are encouraged to use SMX for email security. “Particularly with larger customers exposed to high volumes of spam and malware, we recommend SMX for email security. It’s a relatively small additional per-user cost. Microsoft Office 365 spam filtering is good, but not as good as SMX,” Tarjomi says. SMX’s chief technology officer Thom Hooker says the new SMX + 365 service includes the ability to secure all email access points so all inbound and outbound mail is filtered through SMX’s servers. “Through the Office 365 administrator interface, admins can configure their Office 365 service to only receive email from SMX's IP ranges. With this configuration in place customers can guarantee that only email that SMX has filtered is delivered to their Office 365 inbox. He says SMX, as New Zealand's leading cloud email security service, sees a uniquely New Zealand view of the spam and malware threat landscape and is able to respond faster and more effectively to attacks targeting New Zealand organisations. “Our email filtering is based on a technology stack which is constantly changed and upgraded as new threats emerge. Emails are filtered here in New Zealand under local jurisdiction. We respond immediately to new threats and with our local service desk we can provide a level of service which is very difficult for a global provider to emulate,” Thom Hooker says. -Ends- Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Limited.  SMX Limited appoints Phil Harper to lead Partner and Pre-Sales team 2014-02-27T06:28:05Z smx-limited-appoints-phil-harper-to-lead-partner-and-pre-sales-team Auckland, New Zealand. 27 February 2014. New Zealand-owned cloud email security and hosting company SMX Limited has appointed Phil Harper to the position of Pre-Sales and Partner Manager, responsible for SMX’s partner and reseller relationships including providing high-level pre-sales support. Prior to joining SMX, Phil Harper was technical business development manager at Express Data. Key aspects of his role included technical sales, primarily related to security and working with partners and resellers providing pre-sales support. Prior to Express Data Phil was pre-sales manager at Westcon Group. There he was responsible for building and leading a technical pre-sales team. Prior to Westcon, career highlights included a senior security specialist role at Telecom. “My primary focus is on supporting our partners and resellers to sell new business and bring on new customers easily and efficiently,” Phil Harper says. “My background is in IT security and networking, not just email security. So I have a broad knowledge of the security challenges that customers face. I’m in a position where I can draw on my 14 years’ experience working in the channel, as well as my technical background in IT security and networking. “I’m very happy to be working for a New Zealand-owned and operated company. Having customer support and product development based in NZ are some of the reasons why I wanted to work at SMX. SMX has a great position in the cloud email security market. They’ve been in the cloud since day one so they have a very mature and well-designed platform. They’ve continued to be both expert and innovative in the email security space. Their email product ‘stack’ is built from the best international components as well as local ‘smarts’. It’s designed so that it’s very easy for partners and resellers to integrate with their own services. New innovations such as SmartRules® DLP are a real point of difference. The backend architecture for service delivery is solid and robust. It feels good to be working with a strong cloud email security service and it's exciting to see new offerings coming down the track. I look forward to helping SMX’s partners win new business and support their existing customer base.”  Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Limited. -Ends- SMX appoints commercialisation expert to CEO role 2013-10-28T23:30:08Z smx-appoints-commercialisation-expert-to-ceo-role Auckland, New Zealand. 29 October 2013. Leading New Zealand cloud email hosting and security company SMX Limited has appointed Ian McDonald – an internationally experienced technology commercialisation expert – to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. SMX Board Chairman, John Quirk, says the appointment of Ian McDonald is highly strategic as SMX matures beyond the start-up phase and looks to accelerate both local and global growth. “SMX is now the leading supplier of secure cloud email solutions to the New Zealand government and local government sectors,” Quirk says. “We have solid reseller partnership relationships with large IT services companies and cloud providers such as Fujitsu and Revera. We have a solid foothold in Australia and we have reseller relationships in India and Japan. Now the challenge is to drive commercial development of the company, alongside further investment in research and development. “We are extremely fortunate to have appointed Ian McDonald to the CEO role at this critical point in SMX’s local and international growth. Ian has extensive networks in North America, Europe and Asia for market validation and to access resources, funders and channels to market. And he has a proven track record in the management disciplines required to manage growth and to build and lead the team that SMX needs in order to realise its commercial potential,” John Quirk said. Ian McDonald moved to New Zealand from Scotland in 2004, where he was a founder of Connect Scotland and Global Connect. There he created and managed the Connect Investment Conference to be one of Europe’s most successful venture capital investment conferences. Connect Scotland and Global Connect have been internationally influential in bringing together investors, technology start-ups and management expertise. Recent experience and achievements in New Zealand include helping to grow online registry company Foster Moore into a world leader in registry applications. A range of corporate development consulting assignments have helped define, validate and execute market development strategies for New Zealand technology companies looking to grow in European, North American and Asian markets. “SMX is successfully growing revenues year on year, but has significant potential to further leverage its intellectual property,” Ian McDonald says. “SMX has a best-in-class email security platform, and a new hosted email solution currently being rolled out. Our provisioning, billing and management platform, enabling applications to be effectively deployed in the cloud, is the basis for a whole new line of business.” For McDonald, the challenge is to achieve the most commercially sensible balance between growth and profitability. “The immediate focus will be on building our core cloud email security business in Australia and New Zealand, with continued development on the smart analysis and reporting apps and tools that widen the gap between SMX and commodity cloud email security offerings.” This, McDonald says, includes continuing to add rich analysis and reporting capabilities, building on SMX’s SmartRules® DLP module which, he says, is ahead of the market in protecting against sensitive data leaking out of customer organisations, as well as allowing customers great flexibility in configuring access and reporting of inbound mail. Former CEO and co-founder of SMX, Jesse Ball, remains as a Director and in a business development consulting role. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Limited.     Ends. SMX takes email servers to the cloud with Openwave Messaging partnership 2013-07-23T05:00:08Z smx-takes-email-servers-to-the-cloud-with-openwave-messaging-partnership Auckland, New Zealand. 23 July 2013. New Zealand-owned cloud email hosting and security company SMX Limited says the signing of a global partnership agreement with Openwave Messaging provides the final technology elements required to offer a world-leading cloud email hosting capability to customers in New Zealand and around the world. “The partnership with Openwave Messaging, and our implementation of their Universal Messaging SuiteTM Email Mx messaging platform, gives us a fully scalable, enterprise-strength solution for customers who want to move their email servers to the cloud,” says SMX co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Thom Hooker. “That means 99.999 percent availability, as well as enterprise-ready tools such as shared calendars, online data storage with Dropbox, global address books and support for ActiveSync to sync contacts, emails and calendars with mobile devices,” Hooker says. SMX’s Vice President of Global Sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says email hosting is fully integrated into the SMX Cloud Email Hosting & Security Suite, offering the same ease of use as provided by Google’s Gmail and Microsoft 365 but with important advantages for resellers and end-user customers. “Our message is very clear: we will compete strongly on price, coupled with superior customer service. That means more generous margins for resellers than offered by Google’s Gmail and Microsoft 365. It also means better value for end customers who – at no price penalty – can get a flexible range of business email services depending on their needs, with the services priced accordingly,” Blaauw says. “The SMX Cloud Email Hosting & Security Suite is designed so it can be very quickly and easily configured according to the specific requirements of end customers. That means an enterprise-strength, fully-hosted email solution for larger companies and organizations, with state-of-the-art email security and management features, down to a robust email filtering service for smaller customers. “Our feedback from customers and our market partners and resellers is clear and consistent. They want a highly secure and highly accurate hosted email cloud service. But they also want it to be locally hosted and locally serviced. And they want it to be quick and easy to deploy and easy to manage,” Blaauw says. “The new enhancements to our service strengthen our ability to deliver on all of these requirements. Increasingly important – particularly in New Zealand, Australia and Japan – is that we deploy in the customer's own country. This means no risk of international connectivity issues leaving customers without access to their data. It means response times are much quicker. And it means customer data is not subject to foreign laws and jurisdictions because their data doesn't leave their home territory.” Thom Hooker says the added capabilities provided by integrating Openwave follow other recent enhancements to the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite. These include a major redevelopment of the SMX SmartRules® module – SmartRules® DLP – which uses sophisticated data loss prevention algorithms to protect sensitive corporate data from being emailed outside of a customer organization. Also important, he says, is SMX’s implementation of the Cassandra Distributed Database platform: “Originally developed and 'open sourced' by Facebook but now part of the Apache stable of open source products, - the Cassandra Distributed Database platform enables industry-leading data security for customer emails with seamless failover to another rack or data-center in the event of failure. This enables SMX to guarantee 100 percent availability of customer emails.” “The Cassandra Distributed Database platform also underlies SMX's reporting and customer management platform, allowing us to manage market partners, distributors, resellers and customers from the same interface. This includes provisioning and billing of new services as well as extensive user-level reporting for each active service,” Hooker says. Hooker says the major new features and capabilities of the SMX service have been accelerated by funding from Callaghan Innovation, the Crown entity formed to foster technology innovation. -Ends- About Openwave Messaging Openwave Messaging is the leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions. Openwave Messaging’s Universal Messaging Suite™ provides a powerful, open and flexible, complete messaging environment optimized for today’s most complex messaging requirements, including millions of mailboxes, security controls, identity management, and ease of integration with internal systems and external partners. Leveraging its strong history of messaging “firsts,” Openwave Messaging is dedicated to helping its customers maintain business continuity and lower their business risk. Customers include industry-leading communications service providers, including several of the largest global broadband providers. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @owMessaging Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd.    SMX appoints new Vice President of Operations 2013-07-05T03:02:02Z smx-appoints-new-vice-president-of-operations Auckland, New Zealand. 5 July 2013. SMX has appointed former Earthquake Commission Hamilton technology leader Paul Willard to the position of Vice President of Operations, responsible for managing service delivery to SMX’s growing network of local and international market partners and resellers. SMX co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Thom Hooker says the appointment is strategic, as SMX services a rapidly growing channel network across multiple geographies. “Paul Willard understands cloud services from both the supplier and end user perspective. He has a great mix of technical expertise and experience and hands-on operational management experience. During his recent Waikato University MBA studies Paul spent time in China understanding Chinese trade and Chinese company dynamics. His experience at EQC is also valuable, as SMX’s share of New Zealand government sector cloud email security tops 60 percent and continues to grow rapidly. We are delighted to welcome Paul to a critical role within SMX as we focus on quality of service delivery and the continuous improvement of our support processes,” Thom Hooker says. Paul Willard says he is excited by the opportunity to work for a New Zealand company right at the cutting edge of cloud email hosting and security services. “It’s great to be part of a team that really believes in what it’s doing. The people at SMX have drunk the Kool-Aid – they love the company and believe in it. Technically SMX is excellent – a truly world-class cloud service right at the cusp of major international growth. I am very much enjoying the challenge. I have a good understanding of what resellers need from a business perspective. I understand what it’s like to be a reseller in the SaaS market. And I think I have a good handle on how to make their job easier with efficient processes and outstanding support,” Paul Willard says. -Ends- Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd. SMX Limited signs FX Networks as Platinum reseller 2013-06-05T01:29:14Z smx-limited-signs-fx-networks-as-platinum-reseller Auckland, New Zealand. 05 June 2013. New Zealand-owned cloud email hosting and security company SMX Limited has signed a reseller agreement with FX Networks, which provides high speed broadband services to around 500 of New Zealand’s 1000 largest companies and organizations. FX Networks’ fiber optic ‘backbone’ network is the fastest independent inter-city pipeline in New Zealand, capable of transferring data and voice at speeds up to 10Gbps. Leveraging this high speed platform, FX Networks provides wide area networking (WAN) and internet connections to wholesale and retail customers. These include Weta Digital, Xero, 1000 Government sites, Transpower and a number of Telco and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including CallPlus. FX Networks’ executive director Murray Jurgeleit says the decision to directly resell SMX’s cloud email security suite is in response to customer demand. “We know SMX by reputation. It’s the leader in the cloud email security and hosting space with a high quality product and high quality support infrastructure. SMX is the one that our account managers want to work with. The product and the culture are a good fit for us,” Murray Jurgeleit says. He says FX Networks’ retail customers typically want a range of services including mobile telephony, internet and WAN. Increasingly, they also want everything that goes with email. “Every customer is a bit different. We have partners for mobile and telephony. Now with SMX we have a complete cloud email hosting and security package. We have promoted SMX in the past. Now we’ve formalized the relationship with a Platinum level agreement, which gives us the option of either bundling SMX with other customer services, or simply facilitating a direct relationship between the customer and SMX.  We’ll do whichever best suits the individual customer.” SMX’s vice president of global sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says the reseller agreement with FX Networks is the outcome of mutual respect built up over time. “We already have 25 customers in common, weighted towards the Government and Health sectors where SMX is the dominant cloud provider. This reflects the growing importance of data sovereignty, which SMX protects by only filtering email within New Zealand. SMX’s recent major upgrades to its data loss prevention and hosting capabilities have also been an important growth driver. “As SMX moves towards a ‘channel only’ model, the quality of our reseller partners is critical. We’re delighted that FX Networks has chosen SMX as its cloud email supplier of choice as it moves to broaden its range of add-on services to its customers,” Tiaan Blaauw said. Ends. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd.  SMX appoints Australian Country Manager and opens offices in Sydney and Melbourne 2013-05-15T05:02:43Z smx-appoints-australian-country-manager-and-opens-offices-in-sydney-and-melbourne Auckland, New Zealand. 15 May 2013. New Zealand-owned cloud email security and hosting company SMX Limited has appointed former Telstra senior executive Mark Wilson to lead a major expansion of its Australian business. SMX’s vice president of global sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says the appointment, and the opening of offices in Sydney and Melbourne, represent a significant investment by SMX aimed at building a strong partner channel in the Australian market. “Mark Wilson is a great fit for this role,” Blaauw says. “During more than ten years at Telstra – most recently as general manager of enterprise and government sales for Victoria – Mark has developed particular expertise in managed security services delivered via the cloud model. As head of the enterprise and government market for Telstra in New Zealand he was responsible for Telstra’s DMZ Global business unit, managing a sales team selling a full range of outsourced managed security products – growing DMZ Global revenues by 300 percent over three years.” Mark Wilson says SMX is well positioned to fill a large gap in the Australian anti-spam and anti-virus market. “SMX has unique attributes. Firstly it’s designed as a cloud service, with flexibility to be ‘white labeled’, which means system integrators, ISPs and service providers can offer their customers a true cloud-based email security solution under their own brand. Secondly, as all mail filtering is done onshore in Australia and not sent to offshore datacenters for filtering, there is no loss of data sovereignty. Lastly, SMX is already proven in the Australian market – being offered by Fujitsu Cloud Services under Fujitsu’s own brand. “SMX already has in place sophisticated local hosting capability, which means that resellers can use SMX to compete head to head against Google and Microsoft 365 for customers who want to move their mail servers to the cloud and want to keep their data onshore. Again, the data sovereignty issue is a big factor here, with Google and Microsoft using offshore datacenters.  “It’s a channel-only play by SMX, so they won’t be out there competing against their partners. And there is a whole raft of other technology-leading features, including highly sophisticated data loss prevention filtering of inbound and outbound mail. “SMX has had a number of strategic wins in other international markets over the past year. For example,Mitsui Group – Japan’s second largest company – has signed as a market partner in Japan, selling the SMX solution through their specialist IT security division, Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions. So I see great opportunities for SMX in Australia and I’m very keen to help make it happen,” Mark Wilson said. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd.  New SMX SmartRules® DLP prevents email distribution of confidential information 2013-04-18T03:29:38Z -28 Auckland, New Zealand.  18 April 2013.  New Zealand-owned cloud email security and hosting company SMX has launched an inbound and outbound email security product – SmartRules® DLP – designed to safeguard confidential information against unauthorized email distribution.SmartRules® DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is one of a number of new service improvements currently being rolled out by SMX, following research and development support from Callaghan Innovation – the crown entity formed to foster technology innovation. SMX’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Thom Hooker, says the R&D funding has enabled SMX to accelerate software development in several key areas. He says SmartRules® DLP has been given urgent priority, following the recent security breaches experienced by Government organizations. “SMX is the leading cloud email security solution used by Government organizations with around 60 Government sector customers,” Thom Hooker says. “SmartRules® DLP meets the most stringent compliance requirements with easy-to-use rule building and related compliance processes. “Email makes it very easy for employees to accidentally – or intentionally – send sensitive documents to recipients outside the organization,” Hooker says. “By deploying SMX's SmartRules® DLP, customers can define rules to block and report on employees attempting to send sensitive documents externally. SmartRules® DLP can be configured to detect visible data as well as scanning for hidden metadata. The use of hidden metadata tags inside documents makes it harder for users to subvert DLP rules looking for visible text – that is, by changing the document name.” Hooker says SMX's SmartRules® DLP can also detect sensitive content embedded in archives – such as .zip, .rar, .tar, .gz, and so on – and can be configured to block emails containing archives that cannot be opened – for example, password protected or unknown document types. Another significant new enhancement to the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite, Hooker says, will be beefing up the SMX email hosting platform with enterprise-grade security, reliability and new features. SMX will offer 100 percent availability, as well as enterprise-ready tools such as shared calendars, online data storage similar to Dropbox, global address books and support for ActiveSync to sync contacts, emails and calendars with mobile devices. Also underway is the implementation of the Cassandra distributed database platform. Originally developed and open sourced by Facebook but now part of the Apache stable of open source products, Cassandra enables industry-leading availability guarantees for customer emails with seamless failover to another rack or datacenter in the event of failure. SMX’s vice president of global sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says the increased footprint of the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite means resellers and market partners will be able to offer the same ease of use as provided by Google and Microsoft Office 365, but with important advantages for end users and resellers. “Essentially, the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite will provide an email security and hosting solution ‘in a box’ which IT service providers, Telcos and ISPs can deploy to their customers, under their own brand, within 30 days and on existing infrastructure, as a turnkey multi-tenanted subscription business service. “We will also compete on price. That means more generous margins for resellers than offered by Google or Microsoft Office 365. Resellers can integrate the SMX service with their existing services to customers, preserving ownership of the customer relationship. It also means better value for end customers who, at no price penalty, can get a flexible range of business email services to suit their needs, with the services priced accordingly. “Our feedback from customers, IT service providers, market partners and resellers is clear and consistent,” Blaauw says. They obviously want a highly secure and highly accurate cloud service. But they also want it to be locally hosted and locally serviced. And they want it to be quick and easy to deploy and easy to manage,” Blaauw says. “The new enhancements to our service strengthen our ability to deliver on all of these requirements. Increasingly important – particularly in New Zealand, Australia and Japan – is that we deploy in the customer's own country. This means no risk of international connectivity issues leaving customers without access to their data. It means response times are much quicker, and it means customer data is not subject to foreign laws and jurisdictions because their data doesn't leave their home territory.” -Ends- Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd: Mitsui Group signs as Japanese distributor of SMX cloud-based email security service 2013-04-09T03:04:42Z mitsui-group-signs-as-japanese-distributor-of-smx-cloud-based-email-security-service Auckland, 8 April, 2013. Mitsui Group – Japan’s second largest company and one of the largest publicly-traded companies in the world – has signed as a reseller and distributor of New Zealand’s SMX cloud-based email security solution. SMX’s vice president of global sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says Mitsui’s specialist IT security division, Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions Inc (MBSD), will distribute and resell the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite to large corporate customers including ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across Japan. “We anticipate that Mitsui will be a key partner for us in the Japanese market,” Tiaan Blaauw says. “Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions is the email security market leader in Japan and has been a consistent innovator in bringing new security products and services to the Japanese market. “Acting as an SMX distributor, MBSD will sell SMX into its well established reseller network. MBSD will also sell SMX directly to its large corporate customers. The agreement also allows SMX to continue to contract directly with the reseller community in Japan.” Mr Junji Tanabe, general manager of Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, says the selection of SMX is strategic for MBSD as large Japanese companies, including large Internet Service Providers, consider the cost benefits of moving their email security to the cloud. “We selected SMX as our cloud email security solution after a rigorous evaluation process,” Mr Tanabe says. “SMX has very high email filtering accuracy and is already proven in the Japanese market. SMX is very fast and easy to implement. And SMX is very scalable so we can handle an unlimited number of customers by simply adding additional racks in the datacenter. “Most important for Japan, SMX filters email in Japan rather than requiring email to be filtered in an offshore datacenter. This is a very important security consideration for Japanese companies,” Mr Tanabe says. SMX’s country manager in Japan, James Porteous, says the effects of the Tsunami in Japan – when, despite massive business disruption, no local datacenters went down – has stimulated a shift in Japanese acceptance of the cloud computing model. He says the ‘in-country’ email filtering which SMX offers continues to be a major factor in the growth of SMX in Japan market. Local hosting and local support, he says, were important factors in SMX’s reseller deal last year with Japanese internet hosting company Ride, immediately adding 40,000 users at 7,000 Ride customers around Japan and adding significantly to SMX’s momentum in the Japanese market. Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Ltd.  Senior partner manager appointment spearheads growth plans for email security company SMX 2013-03-06T02:47:24Z senior-partner-manager-appointment-spearheads-growth-plans-for-email-security-company-smx Auckland, New Zealand.  06 March 2013.  New Zealand-owned email security company SMX Limited has appointed former Digital Mobile Business Relationship Manager Phouthavanh (Vanh) Anothai to the newly created position of Senior Partner Manager. Based in Wellington, Vanh Anothai is responsible for maintaining relationships with SMX’s existing tier one partners and customers in New Zealand as well as building new partner and customer relationships in the Wellington region. Anothai comes to the SMX role from a solid career working for some of the big players in the telecommunications industry.  Prior to his role at Digital Mobile, Anothai was a sales analyst at digital mobile marketing company Run the Red, service delivery manager for AT & T and he also worked at Vodafone in sales support analyst, service delivery manager, and customer service roles. Early in his career, Anothai spent time at Air New Zealand. SMX’s Vice President of Global Sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says Vanh Anothai brings a welcome mix of skills and experience to SMX, as the company looks to build, strengthen and support its partner network, particularly in the Wellington region. “Vanh is an experienced sales and service manager who has an extensive background in customer service, operational analysis and relationship building and management working in roles across a diverse range of companies over the last fourteen years.  At Digital Mobile Vanh was the highest-performing sales person, demonstrating exceptional sales skills.  He has also developed strong relationships in the Wellington market, with both Government and corporate customers.  SMX has been growing steadily and these attributes are crucial for SMX as we look to grow our business further by supporting and developing our partner network,” Blaauw says. Blaauw says that SMX’s business model has evolved over time: “SMX started as a direct sales company built on a direct customer relationship model. However, the business has evolved to include significant and beneficial partner relationships as well. SMX’s business has grown rapidly through the establishment of key partnerships with a number of top-tier partners and with the growth there is a need for more resources and support on the ground for our partners.  We are leveraging our existing partner and customer relationships to ensure that service delivery and the full benefits of the SMX service are optimised. “Wellington is a key growth market for SMX and it is important for us to have someone on the ground there to connect with both existing and potential partners – this is why we established the senior partner management role. We are recruiting in Australia and Japan for similar roles to support our partners in these regions, too,” Blaauw says.  For Vanh Anothai, taking on the Senior Partner Manager role at SMX was not only an opportunity to work in a different industry but a chance to take on the ‘interesting’ challenge of selling a subscription-based cloud e-mail security service and, most importantly, building relationships in a market he knows well. “Our current partners have laid a great foundation and I’m looking forward to building on that,” Anothai says. “There is an opportunity to really strengthen SMX’s presence in Wellington and get the brand out there.  There are partners and customers in the market that know about our services, and we have a good reputation.  We have the technical know-how and great products but it’s about getting wider exposure – expanding that net so that more of the market knows about SMX and our ability to deliver the services it needs.” “I see delivering customer satisfaction and creating SMX brand awareness as the key responsibilities of my role and I’m looking forward to working with our partners and the company to do that,” Anothai says. About SMX Limited Sold through a network of resellers and market partners, the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite provides a fully-hosted, carrier-grade email security service. Purpose-developed as a cloud solution, SMX is optimised for business users with highly sophisticated data loss prevention features, as well as local in-country hosting with 99.999 percent ‘clean’ email delivered with 100 percent email server availability. SMX has an expanding blue chip list of 200 resellers, IT service providers and market partners throughout the Asia Pacific region with managed sites across New Zealand, Australia, India and Japan. Major local and international market partners include Fujitsu, Revera, CMC India (a subsidiary of the giant Tata Group), and – in Japan - Ride, and KVH. SMX is a privately-owned company based in Auckland, New Zealand where sales, support and development teams focus on local and international sales through reseller, distribution and service provider license agreements. More information: Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX New Zealand Ltd. -ENDS- SMX makes lighthouse sale in Japan 2012-07-05T01:36:35Z smx-makes-lighthouse-sale-in-japan Auckland. 05 July 2012. Japanese internet hosting company Ride has completed implementation of New Zealand’s SMX Cloud email security solution, provisioning 40,000 new users at 7,000 companies around Japan.SMX CEO and co-founder Jesse Ball says the sale is the largest for SMX to date in Japan and signals the beginning of a significant change in the attitude of Japanese businesses to cloud services following major data losses suffered during last year’s earthquake and tsunami.“This sale is highly strategic for SMX in the Japanese market. It is a lighthouse sale for us because it demonstrates how quickly and easily a large number of customers and users can be provisioned, at a cost and at a level of email filtering accuracy that can’t be matched by traditional email filtering solutions,” Ball says.“Ride is a subsidiary of Radix, which is one of the largest office equipment suppliers to small- to medium-sized businesses around Japan. Radix has around 150,000 customers and we anticipate a high number of existing and future Radix customers will also become SMX customers over time.“The implementation went very smoothly. Ride staff worked with our Japanese hosting partner KVH to switch the 40,000 users to SMX from a Brightmail appliance solution operated internally by Ride. All parties are delighted with the results,” Ball says.Ride CEO Hiroya Nakano says moving to the cloud with SMX had immediate advantages for Ride and its customers. It also provided Ride with a platform for offering other cloud services and applications to customers.“Moving from our in-house anti-spam and anti-virus appliance solution to SMX Cloud has saved us internal infrastructure costs and is a reliable way of giving our customers clean email with no spam or viruses. It is very fast to change customers over to the SMX service,” Nakano says. “We are now looking ahead at using SMX to resell other services and applications using the SMX cloud platform.”SMX Japan Country Manager James Porteous says the cloud market in Japan is heating up. Many large Japanese corporations are aggressively pursuing cloud solutions – with cloud email filtering being a logical entry point.He says traditionally Japanese companies have considered in-house infrastructure to be a safer than infrastructure and infrastructure services residing in the cloud. However last year’s earthquake and tsunami have altered this mindset dramatically.“The tsunami swept away petabytes of information kept in-house, while not a single data centre went offline,” Porteous says. “Japanese companies are now releasing budget to expedite cloud options – particularly email filtering to replace dedicated in-house appliances.“We are currently in talks with Japan’s top five manufacturing companies and top three trading houses. We are also making presentations to a number of IT companies dominant in the Japanese market.“The really exciting development is that Japanese companies, like Ride, are very quick to appreciate that SMX Cloud is not just about email filtering. It provides a secure multi-tenant, multi-level platform on which they can serve and resell an infinite number of other applications and products – from backup and mail archiving, to serving accounting and marketing applications – and so much more. The ‘Cloud in a Box’ concept is being immediately grasped and understood,” Porteous says. In any market – but particularly in Japan – landing that first large customer is critical, Jesse Ball says, and local partnerships are instrumental to sealing the deal.“In Japan, local support is absolutely the key to our success. Our close relationship with KVH, our presence directly on the ground in Tokyo, speaking fluent Japanese – these are all critical elements. Another huge advantage is that SMX is designed to support a reseller model, and this ability to smoothly integrate with Japanese reseller channels is absolutely required,” he says.“Ride provides a compelling demonstration that SMX works well in the Japanese business environment.”-ENDS-________________________________________Released by Sayle Noble & Associates on behalf of SMX Limited. See: