The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-08-07T11:10:34Z All Tuff Lighting Provides the Best 4WD Driving Lights for Australian Conditions 2012-08-07T11:10:34Z all-tuff-lighting-provides-the-best-4wd-driving-lights-for-australian-conditions Driving in off-road or country conditions can mean reduced visibility if you’re relying on the standard headlights fitted to a 4WD vehicle. This is where choosing the right set of driving lights can dramatically improve visibility and increase driving safety at the same time. Good quality driving lights should cast a brilliant light glow much further ahead than standard headlights. This allows a driver to see oncoming obstacles from a greater distance, allowing more time to avoid accidents. The people at All Tuff Lighting take pride in offering only the best quality LED and HID 4WD driving lights available. Most lamps feature polycarbonate lenses to reduce breakage and are created with heavy duty adjustable plastic surrounds. HID lights are filled with xenon gas and they tend to create a more natural light that is somewhat like daylight. By comparison, halogen and LED lights are capable of producing a far brighter, whiter light. The experienced team at All Tuff Lighting are very knowledgeable about which driving lights are best suited to individual requirements and driving conditions. Customers are encouraged to contact the team and ask questions if uncertain about which lights are best for 4WD vehicles and specific driving conditions. They may also recommend top-mounted lighting for some applications or front-mounted lighting for other conditions. Driving lights purchased from All Tuff Lighting can be shipped anywhere across Australia, with items usually despatched within 24 hours of confirming an order. To learn more about LED or HID 4WD Driving Lights available from All Tuff Lighting, please visit: