The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-12-12T21:29:13Z Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year set to MC National Clean Technologies Conference 2018-12-12T21:29:13Z prime-minister-s-environmentalist-of-the-year-set-to-mc-national-clean-technologies-conference The Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year and leading sustainable business expert Arron Wood has been announced as the MC of the National Clean Technologies Conference due to take place from 29 - 31 May 2019 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Building on the success of The Cleantech Effect event, run by the Sunshine Coast Council in 2016 and 2017, the National Clean Technologies Conference & Exhibition is expected to be bigger than ever in 2019 with more than 70 keynote and industry speakers and 50 exhibitors – and will attract more than 250 delegates from across Australia. Conference director Peta Moore of Nectar Creative Communications says they are thrilled to have confirmed Arron Wood, who is also the Deputy Mayor of the City of Melbourne as the MC given he has a successful business within the cleantech industry, has won multiple awards for his work, and is a leading commentator on cleantech related topics. “Arron is at the pulse of what makes Melbourne the world's most liveable city. Apart from being the City of Melbourne's Deputy Lord Mayor, his insight and ability to identify emerging green markets and risks to existing markets, and the fact he has his own environmental communication and education consultancy business, Firestarter Pty Ltd, made him a natural choice as MC,” says event organiser Peta Moore of Nectar Creative Communications. Wood says he has heard a lot about the Sunshine Coast and is excited to check out the ‘Cleantech Capital’ of Australia. “The clean tech sector is something I’m really passionate about and I am thrilled I can be involved and am keen to visit and meet with the industry leaders and change makers in such an exciting, emerging region as well as MC a world class program of international drawcard speakers on all clean technology growth areas including energy, waste, water, built environment,” he says. Wood is on the high level Enterprise Melbourne Advisory Board to attract sustainable investment to Melbourne, won the 2007 Melbourne Business Award for Contribution to the Environment and was also the 2001 Young Australian of the Year (National Environment Winner). He is the weekly environment reporter on radio 3AW, Melbourne's number one talkback station, and the author of an autobiography Billabong Boy. His business Firestarter Pty Ltd, working through behavioural change management, major event organisation, project management, education campaigns and innovative company promotion methods aims to better link the corporate sector with community and government. He also initiated and now runs the highly successful Kids Teaching Kids Program for students from around the world.The full program for the event is set to be revealed in early 2019. Registrations for exhibitors are now open at: A limited number of early bird tickets are now also available at ENDS For interviews and photos email or call Yvette Adams of The Creative Collective on 07 545 11315 or 0405 022 977. EDITORS NOTES BIO FOR ARRON WOOD Arron is the Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne.  Seven times the World's Most Liveable city. Named in the top ten education leaders nationally as part of The Weekend Australian Magazine, Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award-winner Arron Wood grew up in Mildura, Victoria spending his early years campaigning to save the River Murray. Rather aptly titled his autobiography ‘Billabong Boy’ was inspired by those early years.  Arron is an expert in sustainability and his company won the Victorian Telstra News Ltd Micro Business of the Year. He is founder of the award-winning education program Kids Teaching Kids that has seen over 125,000 students participate in the peer education model since 1999 and was the 3AW environment reporter for many years. Arron is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and was Chair of the 2017 World Ecocity Summit Advisory Board. His Kids Teaching Kids Program won the prestigious 2010 People’s Choice Banksia Award chosen from 55 finalists across 10 categories. Arron was one of the ten Friday Magazine’s Most Inspirational People for 2003, which included people like Steve Irwin and Troy Cassar-Daley. He's a former member of the National Council on Education for Sustainability and was selected to complete Al Gore’s Climate Change Leadership Program. Arron was honored to be a Clean Up the World Ambassador with David De Rothschild and Celine Cousteau.   Arron received The Centenary Medal for outstanding contribution to conservation, awarded by the Governor-General. As a past winner of the United Nations Individual Award for Outstanding Service to the Environment Arron was also the 2001 Young Australian of the Year for the environment. He served two terms as the youngest Board Member of the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority. He served a term as a Sustainability Victoria Board Member and served a term as Councillor for City of Melbourne. He is currently on the South East Water Corporation Board and is Chair of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. In what was a huge career highlight Arron’s commitment to the environment was covered on ABC’s Australian Story.  In 2008 Arron completed a Churchill Fellowship which took him to New York and Geneva working with the United Nations to research replication of environmental education programs on a global scale. Arron has appeared on Network TEN’s Totally Wild, and Channel 7’s Sunrise and Saturday Disney.  Previously he was chosen as the Australian representative for the 25 most inspirational 25 year olds from around the world as profiled in French Canadian Magazine, La Actualite’.  Arron's first book ‘Inspiring the Next Young Environmental Leader.  Kids Teaching Kids – Addressing Our Environmental Crisis’ has sold 5,000 copies. MERV HUGHES & CROWDFUNDING HELP BRING BACK FISH HABITATS 2017-02-10T03:35:59Z merv-hughes-amp-crowdfunding-help-bring-back-fish-habitats In an innovative move, three catchment management authorities (CMAs) in Victoria including Corangamite, Glenelg Hopkins and Goulburn Broken will band together with the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) to launch their first crowdfunding campaign on Pozible aptly named ‘Funds for Fish’, with full support from Aussie cricket legend, Merv Hughes.   With the 30 day campaign set to launch on 13 February 2017, communities in Victoria, fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers are being called on to support local river projects which will restore native fish habitats and waterways. The Victorian Government has also chipped in with some funding to help kick off the program.   “There are a number of reasons why fish habitat needs to be improved and why we need some extra support,” says Adam Bester, Funds for Fish Project Manager.   “Whilst we work hard to monitor and improve the health of our waterways, we’ve realised this is something we cannot do alone. We’re undertaking our Pozible campaign because we understand how effective local communities can be to achieve big changes. Using crowdfunding, social media and other channels, we want to empower the community to get involved and help make a positive transformation to our waterways. We chose crowdfunding as it enables the community to directly invest in causes and projects that they care about.”       People supporting the crowdfunding campaign will be able to donate as little as $2, and funds raised will be matched dollar for dollar by the CMAs using funding from the Victorian Government’s Regional Riparian Action Plan and other government initiatives to improve the health of regional waterways. These funds will be used to provide works such as installing ‘fish hotels’ or increasing vegetation along riverbanks. Fish habitats that include logs, rocks, native trees and good water quality are really important to help fish survive, grow and breed. The CMAs involved have outlined how funds raised will be used specifically in their catchment areas.   As an avid fisherman and with his own angling television show ‘Merv Hughes Fishing’, Aussie cricketing legend Merv Hughes says it was a no brainer to lend his support to the program.   “Funds For Fish is a great way to increase angler awareness of the importance of habitat for fish.  More habitat in our rivers means more fish to catch” says Merv.   Each CMA has set a funding goal to carry out specific projects they seek to roll out in their catchment area. Glenelg Hopkins CMA is working with local community and angling groups to raise $12,000 to put towards in stream habitat such as rock and fish hotels, weed control and tree planting for Estuary Perch. Corangamite CMA is seeking $10,000 to put towards re-snagging Spring Creek and revegetating key parts of the waterway to provide critical habitat for Estuary Perch. Finally, Goulburn Broken CMA aim to raise a total of $15,000 to accelerate habitat restoration to improve the outlook for the endangered Macquarie Perch.   Funds for Fish already has strong involvement from organisations such as VRFish, Fisheries, OzFish, Merv Hughes Fishing and Native Fish Australia. Fundamental to the project’s success will be community support.  The CMAs hope anglers, local farmers, conservation groups, schools, businesses and the general community will all become involved - either by purchasing a ‘perk’ or making a donation through the crowdfunding campaign.  Perks may include experiences, accommodation, business promotion and other goods produced for the campaign, or kindly donated by local businesses. All donations are fully tax deductible through the Australian River Restoration Centre.   Once the funding campaign is complete, the CMAs will get straight to work to provide the additional fish habitat and hope to see fish numbers increasing, which will be available for current and future generations to enjoy.     To be the first to hear when the campaign goes live or to offer support for the campaign, go to and join the database or follow the project on any of the CMA social networks. QUEENSLAND WOMAN LAUNCHES GLOBAL NATURAL MOUTHWASH & TEETH WHITENING BRANDS FROM NOOSA 2016-08-16T05:01:23Z queensland-woman-launches-global-natural-mouthwash-amp-teeth-whitening-brands-from-noosa When Angela Wright’s family member had to have four teeth pulled at just age 4, she was horrified. She knew his mother was diligent and made sure his teeth were being brushed and flossed regularly, but like many kids, it just wasn’t enough to prevent irreparable tooth decay. “Around the same time I was also researching teeth whitening solutions for myself, but as I’m quite conscious of the products I put into my body, I was looking for natural solutions,” she says. Through online research, Wright discovered the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling, which not only whitens teeth, but also removes plaque and detoxes the body.  Oil pulling, also known as "kavala" or "gundusha," involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 5-15 minutes. This action seeps in hard to reach dental and gum crevices, and traps up to 8 billion microorganisms – bacteria, fungi and parasites in the oil, which are then spat out. “When I started ordering oil pulling products I discovered that they were messy to use, and didn’t taste any good so the whole experience wasn’t very pleasant,” says Wright.  “The entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity to take on the global mouthwash market which to date has been dominated by giants which tend to fill their products with chemicals that have been clinically proven to have many adverse health effects.” Over the past 12 months, Wright has sourced premium organic coconut oil ingredients from Sri Lanka, developed a revolutionary vitalock coconut oil extraction method with a biochemist in the US, sourced a manufacturer and business partner in Devon, UK and attended numerous global conferences on natural health to develop two revolutionary new products – MintyCoco and Mouth Monsters.  “Essentially they are the same product, with the difference being the packaging for MintyCoco is clearly targeting young females who are keen to improve their oral health and whiten their teeth, and which comes in 10ml sachets. MouthMonsters on the other hand is clearly targeting parents and kids as it comes in fun packaging featuring ‘mouth monsters’ and comes in smaller 5ml sachets which is the perfect amount for their small mouths. We’re also selling it with a competition to win MouthMonsters prizes and a monster ‘Spit Target’ to make the whole experience for them a fun game.” Wright says many parents will sympathise that getting children to brush their teeth, floss, and more importantly, do a good job of it, can be difficult.  “The Mouth Monsters product will take all the fuss out of keeping our child’s teeth and gums healthy. You simply squeeze mouth monsters into the child’s mouth, and ask them to swish it around their teeth and gums for 5-15 mins – and yes you’ll get some peace and quiet during this time while they have it in their mouth! When they’ve had enough, they simply spit it out. And even better, if they happen to swallow any of it, unlike many other mouth washes on the market, it will do them no harm whatsoever.” Wright and her global team have developed the products in two delicious flavours – mint ice cream and lip-smacking strawberry with more planned in the future if things go well.  “After extensive research we've chosen these flavours to ensure the products have little to no coconut taste if that’s not a taste people like,” says Wright. Wright has been selling the MintyCoco brand via Amazon UK since late last year and is proud to already be ranked as the #1 oil-pulling product on the market, and regularly receives orders from around the world. She is now excited to be officially launching both brands in Australia and hopes in doing so, she can tackle the oral health crisis in children. Mintycoco is offering readers a limited time offer of a free 3 day supply of Minty coco from: Also see or  EDITOR NOTES ABOUT MINTYCOCO: Mintycoco's revolutionary combination of alkaline and natural organic ingredients clinically proven to be anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral. Mintycoco was developed by a team in Noosa, Australia and Devon, England and is a natural oil pulling mouthwash that uses a proprietary Vitalock System, which extracts coconut oil from coconuts and locks in nutrients. Using raw organic extra virgin coconut oil from fresh coconuts handpicked in Sri Lanka, and peppermint extract, Mintycoco’s ingredients are sourced from Fair-trade farmers.  For more info see:  ABOUT MOUTHMONSTERS: MouthMonsters are the World’s Only Children’s Coconut Oil Pulling MouthWash.  When we set out to create MouthMonsters we wanted to include the most benefits in any oil pulling formula that the world had ever seen – for children. We knew it had to be fun and taste good – so your child will use this oil pulling mouthwash every day and get all the benefits, rather than avoiding it! For more info see:  ABOUT THE TEAM: Angela Wright MBE – Business Partner Angela is a businesswoman, author and speaker who is passionate about honesty, commitment and giving back, helping individuals and businesses to flourish with good health and peaceful prosperity.  From a farming family, she is deeply interested in health, and carries out a great deal of research and due diligence, including seeking clinical trials with evidence from leading scientists, physicists and medical professionals.  A Mum of five, Angela has been invited to speak around the world and honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace with the award of a Member of the Order of the British Empire. David Wright, Managing Director David has a degree in Biology and served on the British Antarctic Survey for three years, in Antarctica. Dad to five, David has operated many businesses and specialises in logistics, service and fulfilling promises, providing practicalities to ensure customers and suppliers are looked after. Jonathan Bechtel, Biochemist Jonathan's experience is invaluable in the company's quest for creating the most effective supplements ever. Having Jonathan on the team as an independent biochemist enables the company to develop better versions and increased results for our customers, and to source premium ingredients at the very best prices which they pass on as part of our Fair Family Prices policy. The company only work with only top quality USA or UK manufacturers, with cGMP, FDA, ISO and other relevant accreditations. We liaise with Dentists, Doctors and health professionals, check the Certificates of all ingredients, test everything independently - and Jonathan makes sure we do more to get the right formulas, ingredients and doses. Theresa Carson, Accounts & Customer Service Theresa is a qualified book-keeper, keen organiser, netball coach and Mum of four! Theresa specialises in making sure things happen and tying up loose ends, so that everything's organised.  Joan Campano, Accounts & Admin Joan provides great support making sure all the accounting and admin is right. Mum of a gorgeous little boy, Joan is always happy to help.  Amy Deeks & Sam Hembury, Helpdesk Happiness Agents Amy and Sam provide great support to make sure you can get your questions answered. With our team in both the northern and southern hemisphere, in the UK and Australia, we aim to provide 24/7 support for whenever you need help. FACT: The Dangers of Teeth Whitening and Traditional Mouth Washes: Some DIY chemical teeth whitening kits contain 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, according to recent reports from UK Local Government Association. Between May 2015 and February 2016, more than 15,000 harmful teeth whitening products were seized in the UK. Instead of naturally whitening teeth, the products have created numerous health defects.  Teeth whitening is the single most requested cosmetic dental procedure by people of all ages in the United States and its popularity is still growing.  Mainstream chemical products and procedures still use harsh ingredients and include a long list of potential side effects, which may be permanent. Side effects may include reduction in the hardness and strength of enamel, damaged and inflamed gums, blistering, severe tooth sensitivity and irritation or bleeding in the oesophagus and stomach when ingested. Some chemical teeth whitening kits include carbamide peroxide solutions, which may cause rashes, hives, itching, breathing difficulties, chest tightness and swelling of the face, tongue or lips. Ironically, even with how strongly the products are working, chemical teeth whitening can cause further discoloration due to its destruction of protective enamel. There are also studies that link chemical teeth whitening to cancer.  Some of the most popular foods and drinks include sugar, processed foods, coffee, tea and red wine, which all attack the teeth. Recently, oil pulling has gained much popularity and dental professionals have been advising their patients to adopt the procedure.  SOCIAL CHANNELS MouthMonsters •  •  •  •  •  •  Mintycoco •  •  •  •  • Be Free With Your Tea 2016-07-01T05:14:37Z be-free-with-your-tea The world is increasingly aware that fresh is best, and now a young product design engineer based in the lush surrounds of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria is hoping his innovative two piece mug design called Freetii™ will help health conscious tea drinkers enjoy fresh tea on the run. 29 year old Neil Strohbeck became fascinated with fresh herbal tea after suffering digestive issues in 2011. Required to have a bowel x-ray, endoscopy, blood tests, and numerous specialist consultations, he was prescribed Nexium and IBS Support amongst other things, but found none had any effect.  After watching Aussie Netflix hit ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ he was inspired by Joe Cross’s commitment to taking health matters into his own hands and began experimenting with a range of fresh tea leaf infusions to improve his health. This involved even swapping regular beer consumption for tea, even when his mates came over to drink beer and watch the football!  When he found fresh leaf herbal tea was helping, drawing on his degree in product design engineering at Swinburne University of Technology, the serial innovator decided to start work on a revolutionary two piece mug design - Freetii™ which is designed to make loose leaf herbal tea, fresh leaf herbal tea and iced tea, and which allows tea sippers to start their travels while the tea is still infusing. “The continuous steeping design holds the tea leaves in the bottom portion of the mug continuously while the top portion is filtered ready for you to enjoy at any time,” says Strohbeck. Strohbeck says that apart from the health benefits, it is widely regarded in the tea industry that loose leaf tea has a better flavour than bagged tea, particularly whole loose leaf tea. “This can be attributed to three main reasons. Bagged tea is usually made from low tea grades, such as dust and fannings which have a larger surface area than whole leaves. The larger surface area allows the flavour containing oils to evaporate. Secondly, bagged tea is usually a mixed blend from various sources and regions, whereas whole leaf tea is usually a specialty tea from a specific region. And finally the conventional bag limits the infusion because of the restricted area that the tea is contained within. By using the whole loose leaf tea in Freetii™, people will enjoy a more refined flavour with better health benefits,” he says. Already patented, the Freetii™ mug is not Strohbeck’s first product innovation. Though he only recently stopped working full time as a Construction Project Manager, he has created several products already including ‘Quiescence’, an artistic heated towel shelf designed for a rejuvenating touch to a bathroom which was a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Awards in the Professional category; the Share Shower Ware double head shower concept which was a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Awards in the student category; The Liberty Walker a product set, consisting of a rollator, dual rails, brake coupling mechanism and a backrest to provide assistance for users to ascend or descend household stairs which saw him become a student first round shortlist in the Australian International Design Awards and also has a business with his mum which manufactures and distributes a wall mounted kitchen accessory that holds and dispenses Nespresso coffee capsules all around the world. Strohbeck says he believes the product will be most of interest to the health conscious and those who like sustainable products. “The portable mug which can be used over and over minimises waste and therefore impact on the environment, and also features acacia wood which provides a fast-growing renewable wood source,” he says. Units will be selling for as low as $19USD via a crowdfunding campaign which will launch on 12 July. Strohbeck hopes to raise $55,000USD which will allow him to tool the product, and fully launch the business. Follow the campaign via the Freetii™ social accounts: Or see their website at >ENDS<  Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or  AWARD WINNING AFRICAN STARTUP LAUNCHES GLOBALLY FROM BRISBANE 2016-05-18T22:46:17Z award-winning-african-startup-launches-globally-from-brisbane When most people think of the startup scene, Africa is likely the last place that comes to mind. Yet, with the rapid adoption of technology on the continent, large populations and large problems to solve, the scene has experienced a surge of activity in recent times with VentureBeat reporting that Kenya and Nigeria are now leading Africa in terms of fundraising and startups. Serial entrepreneur Adedayo Charis is testament to this, coming to Brisbane, Australia in 2011 from Nigeria to study, and graduating with an engineering degree in 2015. Around his studies he has also managed to fit in developing and selling several startup companies including ‘by and by tech’ (developing tablet devices) and ‘TransitKonect’, a taxi-booking app, which was designed to help with the traffic and unemployment issues within Africa. TransitKonect was announced a winner of the *Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP). Charis is now gearing up to launch his third startup, the iKON Tracker, which has already been recognised as one of the top 30 startups at DEMO Africa, featuring some of the most innovative startups in Africa. On 7 June iKON will be launched in Brisbane at the Ithaca Auditorium in the City Hall in Brisbane. Backing iKON and attending the soiree is Aaron Birkby, right hand man to Steve Baxter’s of The Shark Tank and an active and respected member of the Australian startup community. Aaron has a highly successful reputation for moving startups to Silicon Valley, is also currently a Board Member of Startup Weekend Australia and combined with interest in the product should see a good contingent of the Queensland startup community at the event, along with local media, entrepreneurs, investors and early tech adopters. Charis says the iKON Tracker is the “ultimate tracking device that you can put on just about anything, or anyone”.  The multifunctional device (which everyone who comes along to the event will receive as part of their ticket), syncs up with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the free app, and with no need for wi-fi or data allows you to track down everything from pets to keys to your laptop, bag or wallet, or your bike - in short, anything you have tagged with a tracker! Cleverly, with its LED and ringer capabilities, the iKON tracker will also help you find your misplaced keys, laptop, or just about anything even in the darkest of places. With the iKON app, you can also create a Geofence, say a few metres in front of your house, and get notified immediately when you leave something behind - for instance your wallet or laptop for the day. On a broader scale, Charis says the iKON Tracker hopes to address the ever-growing terrorist attacks and kidnapping cases that happen all over the world, every single day. “Our very own shores in Australia have borne witness to a host of kidnappings – Daniel Morcombe and the Beaumont children, to name a few nationally covered cases. If these children had trackers on them, would they have been found?” he says. In this sense, The iKON Tracker hopes to provide a practical and preventive solution to the loss of valuable items and things, and to protect and find anything people value most. Immediately following the launch event in Brisbane, iKON will be taking its technology global and commencing its highly anticipated campaign through Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. For more information about iKON tracker please visit purchase tickets to the June 7th Launch event at the Brisbane Town Hall please visit <END> For further information or to arrange a media interview please contact Michelle Harris at or 0401 259 911 Are these three young Aussie entrepreneurs about to make wearable tech go mainstream? 2016-04-07T00:26:23Z are-these-three-young-aussie-entrepreneurs-about-to-make-wearable-tech-go-mainstream Wearable tech has long been the domain of early tech adopters but hasn’t always been accessible due to affordability for some. Now three young entrepreneurs from Adelaide, Australia are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign to introduce the mainstream population to smart rings, at a lower price than any of their global predecessors. Meet elppy - the smart ring which the trio say is both affordable and useful to the everyday user, and which has unlimited possibilities in use, with it’s built in swipe, control and bluetooth enabled hardware. Co-founder Aaron Mohtar says he believes the elppy smart ring will be as useful to an active wear Mum who spends a good deal of her day running around after the kids but who always loves a go on the treadmill listening to her favourite music; as it will be to accomplished professional speakers who would love to wear a smart ring which will allow them to control their multimedia from stage, rather than than be at the mercy of a sound desk, or hold a clunky 1990s powerpoint clicker. But the really exciting thing about this product is its affordability.  A limited allocation of rings will be going for as low as $30USD when the crowdfunding campaign is launched in May, which Mohtar says will “make it accessible to the mainstream who may not have previously had access to wearable tech.” “There are many practical applications for the elppy smart ring and we’ve only just begun to explore what these might be,” says Mohtar. “What is really exciting is that because it uses bluetooth technology, it’s virtually compatible with any technology that you can pair with bluetooth, so we’re sure once people start using it, they will no doubt discover many more applications to use the ring, and it will become a must-have device that goes everywhere with them. “Many people would love to own an Apple Watch but with a cost of from $600USD it is a little cost prohibitive for some. We hope our product will be a way more people can access wearable tech, and start to enjoy the benefits of it.” Another great feature of the elppy smart ring is its long battery life.  The founders are estimating it will last up to two years from normal daily use (1-2 hours per day of active use).   The product will be available on the crowdfunding campaign in three colours - black, blue and green and the founders are hoping to raise $75,000USD, but if they meet a stretch goal of $100,000USD, they will produce a larger colour range. The crowdfunding campaign will launch in May. In the meantime, interested people can go to the website and enter to win an elppy device at You can watch a YouTube clip of the product here.  Also follow their social accounts: >ENDS< Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or Michelle Harris 0401 259 911 or EDITOR NOTES BIO ON AARON MOHTAR - Co-founder and CEO With a PHD in electronic engineering and over eight years of research work at Flinders University, Aaron Mohtar founded elppy to make a larger, more direct and practical difference to everyday people’s life. Adelaide born, but completing his high school diploma in Lebanon, since completing his degree and then PHD, Aaron has worked a Senior Research Associate at Flinders University in Adelaide.In this role he is directly involved in the research, development and evaluation of medical devices including anti-suffocation pillows, handheld cancer problems and post operative rehabilitation devices. He thrives on seeing the devices he has designed make it to the commercialization process and contributing to the medical industry. Aaron has been recognised with awards, media coverage and other accolades for his work, including first prize at the 2014 Flinders University Enterprise Workshop gala for his team's outstanding entrepreneurial and business acumen, and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for elppy (formerly known as swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Greg Stevens. See his Linkedin profile at: BIO ON GREG STEVENS -  Co-founder & R&D Manager Greg Stevens has been building various innovative non-commercial products with his Grandpa since he was 10. Today he is a product development engineer and businessman driven to develop profitable solutions. He loves working on innovative products and services, and is a strong believer of complete user-experience orientated design that is passionate about product, scalability, sustainability, aesthetics and form; business analysis, development and improvement and process generation and optimisation. His career highlights include winning the 2014 Enterprise Workshop challenge and being accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for elppy (formerly known as swyper) which he co-founded with Belinda Wade and Aaron Mohtar; developing a wireless mesh network to help paramedics within the festival industry for my first start-up WiFindUs and designing the tram stop benches for the North Terrace to Entertainment Centre tram extension upgrade project for Street & Park Furniture in Adelaide. He was awarded a University and Engineering Medal for his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and is currently interested in wearable devices, wireless devices, biomedical devices, asset management software, heating products and systems, entrepreneurship. BIO ON BELINDA WADE - Co Founder and Marketing Manager Like her co-founders at, Belinda has shown entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age. At age 10 years old, her and a friend picked all her parents lemons, cut all her neighbours flowers, loaded everything into a wheelbarrow and took it to the local nursing home where they sold lemons and flowers to the old folks for a tidy profit. Belinda Wade moved on from lemons and flowers, graduating with a Bachelor of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at Flinders University and also has a Graduate Certificate of Management (Technology Management) from La Trobe University. Since graduating she has worked in variety of business development roles and has been the Business Development Manager of an analytical facility with state of the art mass spectrometry equipment providing services to research and industry at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Flinders University in Adelaide for the past five years. Apart from developing new products, Belinda has also been busy developing children. She is the mum of Sam 9 yearrs, Hudson 7 yearrs, and is currently 24 weeks pregnant. She was thrilled to be accepted into the Innovyz Commercialization Program for elppy (formerly known as swyper) which she co-founded with Aaron Mohtar and Greg Stevens. Read more:   What is elppy? elppy is a wearable device, worn on your finger and allows you to interact with your smart devices remotely in an easy and intuitive way. In a world where technology is woven into everyday life, we believe that the simple things should be kept simple. elppy uses Bluetooth to connect to all smart devices easily and allows you to control commonly used functions without the need to install any apps or read pages of instruction manuals in order to use it. Simply "Connect, Swipe & Control".   What devices support elppy? elppy can generally connect to any smart device (phone, tablet or computer) that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) & keyboard functionality (HID). Devices that have already been tested to support elppy include: iPhone 4s (and onwards) with iOS 5  (and later) - out of the box support for multimedia and camera functionality only Samsung galaxy 4 (and onwards) with Android 4.3 (and later) - supports full functionality Windows 8 - supports full functionality How does the elppy ring work? elppy works by simply pairing it to your smart device via Bluetooth and controlling functions using the touchpad that has been fashioned to be worn on the finger. You can control your music, take photos or even give presentation on your laptop all controlled remotely with elppy. We have designed elppy to be plug n play technology so you don’t need an app in order for it to work, simple! The technology is simple enough that the battery will last the life of your device, no recharging! How do I recharge elppy? elppy is a low energy device that does not need a recharge! With normal daily use*, elppy lasts up to two years. *Normal daily use is considered 1-2hr of active use of elppy. What is elppy made of? elppy's final version housing is made of polycarbonate and the band is made of a durable elastomer similar to that used in many sports watches. What sizes are available? elppy comes with an adjustable finger strap that accommodates fingers with range of diameters from 13 to 25 mm (circumference from 40.8 to 78.5mm). If this size range does not suit you, please contact us on & we will endeavour to change the sizes based on customer demand. What size is the main swipeable area? The touchpad is 21x21mm2. Is elppy water-proof? Can I wash my hands while I’m wearing it? elppy is splash proof but not swim proof.  elppy will tolerate mild mists and cooking condiments, but as with all wearable devices it’s best for your skin if elppy stays dry and clean. Is my elppy protected under warranty? Your elppy comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Your warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user. Our warranty policy warrants our products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Australia’s largest electronics manufacturer launches first product on global crowdfunding platform 2015-11-21T01:21:14Z australia-s-largest-electronics-manufacturer-launches-first-product-on-global-crowdfunding-platform E3 Style the country’s largest product developer of consumer electronics has announced they will launch their first product, the MiGear ExtremeX Shot 5 action camera, via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo this week.Founder of the company Vanessa Garrard says the move makes sense on many levels. “We see crowd funding as a fantastic platform for us to reach out directly to early adopters of tech products and obtain valuable feedback during the product development phase.” The Brisbane based company has partnered with crowdfunding specialist agency, The Creative Collective to launch the campaign, who have so far achieved two hugely successful campaigns via crowdfunding raising $200k over a 45 day period for a 21 year old techpreneur from Lithgow, NSW in April this year with the Nextear wireless earphones, and $100k over a 30 day period for a 27 year old from Brisbane, QLD in September this year with the Alice in Wonderland 150 year anniversary book. The first product to be released via crowdfunding platform for E3 Style will be the MiGear ExtremeX Shot 5 4K action camera, which features specifications that exceed other branded action cameras in the market.  The Shot 5 action camera is fully waterproof without the need for a separate case, it also has a vivid 2” LCD Display so you can instantly view your video footage it is also jam packed with loads of other features including GPS and geo tagging, WIFI so you can instantly share your footage on social media and to top it off, it has 4K recording at 30 frames per second. It will eventually retail at $399 but people who back the crowdfunding campaign will gain access to discounted early bird special of $279.   Though to date both E3 Style and MiGear ExtremeX (which is just one of the company’s many tech brands) are relatively unknown, E3 Style actually sells more action cameras in Australia every year than any competitor. Garrard believes this is because the company consistently offer feature rich products that offer better value for consumers. “Our mantra is to bring products to the market at a mainstream price point. Whatever is on trend we’ll bring out something that has great specs, if not better, at a more affordable price point.  Garrard should know about tech consumer trends. 1 in 2 people in Australia now have one of her products (around 13 million products are in the AU/NZ marketplace alone), and E3 Style are the largest private labeled supplier of consumer electronics, the largest supplier of technology focused on youth in Australia and the company’s products dominate the largest amount of retail space in electronics stores around Australia. Vanessa herself is a mother of four children aged 4, 5, 7 and 10 years old.   The Indiegogo campaign will commence on 20 November US time. A limited number of media samples of the product can be made available after the product release. If you are interested in receiving one of these,please complete the form here. See the crowdfunding page here. Also see the company’s website at and social channels: · · · ·     >ENDS< Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or   BIO ON VANESSA GARRARD Vanessa Garrard co-founded E3 Style in 2006, which is now Australia’s leading supplier of consumer electronics and accessories to the retail market. 1 in 2 Australians owns a product her company has developed.  Amassing a slew of achievements, Vanessa has been ranked in Australia’s Top 30 Female Entrepreneur list every year since 2010, and was recognized for her entrepreneurial achievements in 2011 taking out the QLD Telstra Young Business Women’s Award. She has also topped the BRW Fast Starters and Fast 100 lists, and was named the Australian EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Industry in 2013.  More recently, Vanessa was recognised with an Australian Financial Review / Westpac 100 Women of Influence award, and she is also an Ambassador for StartUp Australia. Vanessa also has the global consumer electronics license for Warner Bros., allowing E3 to produce and sell products featuring Warner Bros. icons such as Scooby Doo, Superman and Batman. Australian Edtech company hires new CDO & launches into New Zealand 2015-06-09T12:38:05Z australian-edtech-company-hires-new-cdo-amp-launches-into-new-zealand Queensland company Schoolzine, one of Australia’s fastest growing eNewsletter platforms, announced the appointment of new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Craig Josic, and its expansion into New Zealand at EduTECH, the southern hemisphere’s largest annual educational technology conference and exhibition in Brisbane this week.   Mr Josic, who has been involved in a range of education and technology based projects, will be responsible for the end-to-end strategy, design and implementation of Schoolzine’s digital roadmap.   “I’m excited to be Schoolzine’s first CDO, and one of only a few in a CDO position in the education sector of Australia, and am looking forward to engaging with key stakeholders and collaborating with new partners as we expand internationally,” he said.   Schoolzine, which started out of the Innovation Centre on the Sunshine Coast just eight years ago, enables schools to digitize their important communications to parents and the wider school community and increase and monitor engagement.   Now offering their digital solutions to schools in all states and territories of Australia, Schoolzine has given over $600,000AUD in revenue back to Aussie schools through its innovative rebate system and sees New Zealand, which is geographically closer than many of its schools in Australia, as a logical new market.    Founder & chief executive officer of Schoolzine, Phil Reardon, said he was “very excited to be expanding internationally” and said New Zealand education sector representatives at the EduTECH event showed strong interest in the solution. “They seem particularly interested in the ability for the school to speed up the newsletter production process. The feedback from our Aussie schools is that it saves them a lot of time and money in getting their key messages out, and Kiwi schools face these issues too.”   Both Josic & Reardon will be attending the NZ Principals’ Federation Conference on June 30 in Wellington, New Zealand, and are looking forward to working with local organisations and educational partners in New Zealand such as the Waikato Principal’s Association and the Ministry of Education.   Whilst in New Zealand they will also be on the scout for local talent to recruit for their NZ based team, and to find a suitable location to set up their New Zealand office.   >ENDS<   To arrange interviews or photos prior to, during or post the NZ trip please contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or  The Sunshine Coast’s first and only dedicated floatation centre to open in Maroochydore this winter 2015-06-02T06:33:32Z the-sunshine-coast-s-first-and-only-dedicated-floatation-centre-to-open-in-maroochydore-this-winter A cul-de-sac bordering the soon to be built new CBD will soon be home to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland's first and only dedicated floatation centre – the float space. Felipe De Carvalho Galler (originally from Brazil) and Janina Hildebrand (originally from Germany) are the driving force behind the concept, having fallen in love with floating in Perth a year ago when they went for their first ‘float’ as an escape from ongoing health issues and high stress/high intensity careers and for Felipe to recover from long surfing sessions and other high impact sports he was doing (running, boxing, and Capoiera, a Brazilian martial art).   Hooked on floatation therapy, the pair decided to bring the concept to the east coast and scoped out several locations in South East Queensland before choosing the Sunshine Coast to put down roots, and bring their new business to life.   “We had been looking for something to do together that we loved and were passionate about, and which would help us achieve a better work life balance,” says Hildebrand. “We considered several locations in Queensland, and believe we have found the right place in Norval Court, Maroochydore.”   The development of the float space has been several months in the making, and will feature infrared saunas, massage treatments and two floatation pods offering the latest in Zero Gravity pod technology.  The pods which are shaped like a giant personal spa bath and which are almost as wide as a queen bed, are designed to block out all external distractions such as sights, sounds, tactile sensations and give users the sense of zero gravity, tricking the brain into thinking that they’re floating in mid-air.      Hildebrand, who was for many years an elite athlete before experiencing several years of chronic illness is forever grateful to floatation therapy as she firmly believes it helped her to regain her health.   “Floating to me is a natural and complementary addition to my lifestyle and something I believe that everyone who wants to improve their physical and mental wellbeing should incorporate into their daily routine.  It’s simple, easy, and can be done in a short space of time with the benefit that you feel the positive effects for days after. Floating keeps me buoyant and cruising the high-vibe currents of life,” says Hildebrand.   Having worked in a high-stress environment in hospitality for the past 16 years, as well as being an active surfer, Galler turned to floatation to help him achieve deep relaxation and for recovery from his high intensity sport and fitness in a short period of time.   “I am passionate about floating because I have been practicing meditation techniques for many years, and the float pod takes me to a meditative and relaxed state of mind much quicker than any other technique I know. I am excited about sharing this experience with others on the Sunshine Coast,” he says.   Some reports indicate one hour of floatation, can be as relaxing as four hours sleep, making it a great solution for sleep deprived parents, pregnant women, stressed professional people, athletes, labour workers, or simply holiday makers on the Sunshine Coast wanting to have a unique experience or wanting to boost their energy levels. the float space is located at 6/12 Norval Court, Maroochydore and will officially open to the public this July.  It is taking pre-bookings online now at or via phone on 0433 408 697.   Also follow the float space’s various social channels on:   >ENDS<   Interested media will be invited to the float space official launch and are also welcome to book in for a VIP floatation experience.  Please complete this quick and easy online form to express your interest in attending the launch event and to book in a VIP floatation experience. To arrange interviews or photos pre event, contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or   BACKGROUND ON JANINA HILDEBRAND   A former elite athlete in the disciplines of modern pentathlon and Olympic distance triathlons, Janina was born in Bonn, Germany and raised in Sierra Leone, Niger, Guinea and Ethiopia in Africa, with some time also spent in Wales, obtained a BSc in Health Sciences from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences before moving to Perth in 2008, to work as a project officer at Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, where she is currently completing a PhD in Health Promotion.   With a strong passion for health and fitness, though she was not competing since 2008, Janina continued to exercise at a high level, when early 2012 she suddenly began experiencing health issues such as fatigue in the mornings, an inability to concentrate and blurry vision. Symptoms extended into extreme migraines, gut issues, and over 50 other health symptoms which led Janina to seek the advice of doctors, who consistently advised her that she had a ‘virus’ that would pass. Janina knew something was seriously wrong when she couldn’t get out of bed one day, and remained bed ridden for the next 3 months battling not just a mysterious illness, but the scepticism of the medical authorities who could find no medical reason for what she was experienced.   Frustrated by the lack of answers, Janina decided to take matters into her own hands and over the next two and half years experimented with a suite of natural medicines and therapies including homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, hormone therapy, supplements, chelation therapy, ozone therapy, a complex battery of IV and oral supplements and herbs, and even travelled to Sri Lanka to visit a specialist Ayurvedic clinic, with no real improvement to her health.   It was only when a friend who had experienced similar health issues, suggested she get tested for Lyme disease, that Janina begged her doctor for the test as he initially did not agree to do it. As Australia does not currently recognise Lyme, the test had to be sent to Germany at a cost of $3000, and it returned back positive. The recommendation for treatment was for an aggressive treatment plan of antibiotics, but Janina chose to follow her intuition and decided to devise her own treatment plan. Slowly but surely her health has returned, and she largely attributes a raw vegan diet, detoxification therapies and regular floatation sessions to this.   BACKGROUND ON FELIPE DE CARVALHO GALLER Felipe has had a long career in the hospitality industry as a chef on cruise liners in ,and at exclusive hotels in London before moving to Perth, Australia in 2007 to work a sous chef for Regency Hyatt Perth.   He made a switch to sharing his knowledge as a chef lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Education from 2008 to 2010 and fed hungry workers on offshore oil & gas projects from 2010 to 2014. Towards the end of his time working offshore he discovered floating accelerated his recovery time after exercise, relieving muscle fatigue, and healing sprains and injuries incurred from exercise. Felipe had also developed work-related tendonitis in his wrist from cheffing which did not improve for months and had to take nine months off to have surgery and undergo physio. While the surgery helped to some extent it still did not relieve the pain he was experiencing and only when he started floating last year the pain finally disappeared. Like Janina he is therefore fulfilling a dream by moving to the Sunshine Coast to establish the float space, the Sunshine Coast’s first and only dedicated floatation centre.         Young Australian entrepreneur’s wireless earphones set to revolutionise the way we listen 2015-04-23T11:11:19Z young-australian-entrepreneur-s-wireless-earphones-set-to-revolutionise-the-way-we-listen Have you ever been riding a bike, or running on the treadmill at the gym and had the annoying problem of earphones that just keep falling out of your ears, or cords that just aren’t long enough???     As a keen BMX rider, 21 year old Jonathan Zuvela found his wired earphones were constantly falling out of his ears, so decided to take matters into his own hands and developNEXTEAR - the world’s smartest wireless earphones.   Prototypes are done, and a manufacturer in China has been sourced. All that is left is to complete the young entrepreneur’s dream is to raise the $20,000 dollars he requires to manufacture the first run of the products, which Zuvela is achieving via crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. In just 3 days of launching the campaign, Zuvela has almost reached this goal, clocking $19645 at the time of writing. With early-bird orders flooding in and pre-orders of the product retailing at just $99USD, it seems demand is strong and the product could well become the next must-have technology item. Whilst the ultra small earphones, which pair with any Bluetooth smart device to play studio quality music are definitely the drawcard, the device also comes with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case which can charge any iPhone, tablet or Android, a 16GB flash memory, a built-in USB port, a key-hook, a LED light torch, and the ability to stream sound from your computer or TV with little to no latency. Given the earphones are small, Zuvela has also thought ahead when planning a RADAR function which will help users find the two ear pieces to place them safely back in their case if misplaced. The device and earphones have long battery life too. After a recharge time of just 40 minutes, users can enjoy 4 hours of continuous play back and can recharge four times via the cases built in battery, making the device the ideal investment for people who live on the go. “If you want to have music wherever you go – whether it is on your morning run, on the train or sitting in your room streaming TV, and you are seeking quality sound with the deepest bass notes and the crispest highs NEXTEAR will impress you!” says Zuvela who heralds from Lithgow, NSW. Zuvela says when designing NEXTEAR he wanted every user to feel the freedom and calmness that listening to music brings into our everyday lives. The business is Zuvela’s first entrepreneurial endeavour but with the response he is getting on Indiegogo to date, it appears it won’t be his last. Depending on the level of cash raised from the exercise, Zuvela is promising further features. For instance the radar feature will only be included if the campaign reaches $50,000, and different colour ear buds and cases will only be offered if the campaign reaches $100,000 or $500,000 respectively.   The Indiegogo campaign ends on 24 May. A limited number of media samples of the product can be made available after the manufacture in October. If you are interested in receiving one of these, please complete the form here.   To secure your set of NEXTEAR wireless earphones go to:   Also see the company’s website at and social channels: · · · · ·     >ENDS< Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or   BIO ON JONATHAN ZUVELAGraduating from Lithgow High School in 2007, Jonathan Zuvela went on to study a Cert III in Mechanical Design & Engineering and later a Cert III in Computer 3D Design & Stress Testing at TAFE. He then worked as a mechanical fitter before starting with Above & Below Services who deliver skilled labour, operations of mining sites, maintenance of plant and equipment and the provision of critical spares and consumables. There he quickly rose through the ranks of the company, becoming a senior manager at the tender age of 21. He started his first entrepreneurial endeavour, Future Services in 2013, whose aim is to bring its customers the best in personal electronic devices and simplify the multi device generation we live in.   The first product to be launched by the company is Nextear the worlds smallest wireless earphones which will be available to the public from October 2015.   See his Linkedin profile at:   SAY CIAO TO SYDNEY’S SEXIEST NEW ITALIAN! 2015-02-12T11:29:31Z say-ciao-to-sydney-s-sexiest-new-italian Italy is synonymous with family, food, and a happy home.  And Australians have long had a love affair with the quality and style of all things European – sleek cars, designer fashion, and of course exquisite art. Now Australians can bring a touch of European style into their homes as Italian kitchen appliance brand FULGOR MILANO opens its doors for the first time in Australia with a stylish inaugural flagship showroom on Sydney’s lower North Shore, soon to be followed by other locations. The brand’s award-winning and innovative range of kitchen appliances includes cooktops, ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, waste disposal units, washing machines, sinks and taps that combine sophisticated styling, intelligent performance and overall excellence in design. Though the opening of the Sydney showroom represents the first time the products have hit the shores of Australia, the FULGOR MILANO brand in fact dates back to 1949 and is based in northern Italy. For more than half a century, FULGOR MILANO has been the private-label manufacturer for many of the world’s top kitchen-appliance brands, and has grown an enviable reputation for innovation. Originally founded as a coal powered cooker factory, by 1955 FULGOR MILANOhad evolved to producing its first range of gas freestanding cookers.  The company moved into gas cooktops in 1974, electric built-in ovens in 1976, created the first glass built-in hob in 1990 and initiated the first European production of Pyrolytic self cleaning ovens in 1991 which continued on to the US market, an innovation many a keen home chef is eternally grateful for. Since 2010 the company has also diversified into the production of steam ovens, microwave ovens and coffee machines. Drawing on this rich history of innovation and a high level of style and sophistication, FULGOR MILANO’s launch into the Australian market place is unique in that the plan is to sell to customers direct through FULGOR MILANO branded showrooms, and not through traditional retailers. “Usually kitchen appliances in Australia are sold through retail giants,” says FULGOR MILANO’s Australian General Manager Gil Elliott. “You go to the retailer, and see the appliances laid out across vast tracts of floor space, often unable to turn it on or try it out, and pace the aisles trying to get a salesperson’s attention, who may well have never made a home cooked meal in their life. “We’re setting out to offer a much more intimate showroom experience where all the appliances are connected and fully functional. We’re trying to create an ‘in home’ experience, where you will be offered a cup of coffee and can enjoy live cooking demos, browse the product range with a well informed representative of the company, and even sit down with us and have something to eat!” Elliott says Australians are passionate about their homes and as a nation have one of the highest rates of domestic renovation in the world, yet statistics show that on average, the kitchen of the home is only renovated once every 15 years. He also says many Australian families are not aware of the latest in kitchen technology, which has come a long way, even in recent times. “What we’re seeing now are sleek surfaces, clean lines, and intuitive controls transforming kitchens and dining areas into open, stylish spaces that are havens for food, family, friends and fine living. A great example of this is our ceiling range hood that sits flush in the ceiling, yet features powerful extraction methods to remove cooking odours and steam while you are cooking – all remote controlled. “We also have a lot of ‘smart’ technology featuring the use of sensors and the like. FULGOR MILANO is the only appliance brand in the Australian marketplace to exclusively offer gas cooktops controlled by a touch top glass panel, which allows gas to be turned on and off at will against a pre-program. This is perfect for achieving optimal temperatures for melting chocolate for instance, which previously has been a real challenge for the inexperienced on a knob controlled gas cooktop.” Elliott says another popular product is FULGOR MILANO’S ‘Compact 45’ collection of appliances and products. “This stackable range includes coffee machines, steam ovens, wine cellars, multifunction ovens, microwaves, LED televisions and complementary warming and storage drawers which are entirely ‘stackable’, meaning you can attractively configure many appliances in small spaces in a manner that will be most functional for you.” Backed by its Italian-based parent company and with 60+ years of kitchen appliance experience, FULGOR MILANO’s team say they are ‘unashamedly Italian’ in their approach to business.  And, as their namesake suggests (Fulgor means ‘shine’ in Latin’ and Milano indicates the brand’s style, innovation and vibrant life), they hope their innovative product range and unique approach to market will see the brand indeed shine in many Australian kitchens. The FULGOR MILANO showroom is open 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and drop-ins are welcome. It is located at: 60 Penshurst Street, Willoughby NSW 2068. During its launch phase, the company is also holding evening showcase events, for busy professionals to come along after hours and enjoy cooking demonstrations and a VIP showroom experience. Bookings are essential and numbers are limited. To secure your spot or for more information, please call 1300 FULGOR or visit >ENDS< Business leaders meet to discuss viability of collaborative workspaces in South East Queensland 2013-09-03T10:08:16Z business-leaders-meet-to-discuss-viability-of-collaborative-workspaces-in-south-east-queensland Co-working pioneer, Brad Krauskopf from Hub Australia, who is COSBOA’s 2013 Small Business Ambassador shared his experiences of running co-working spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and is hopeful of working with local companies, government and communities to open another in South East Queensland in 2014. “Whether it is for boosting local economic activity or for cutting congestion through increasing options for telework, I believe that there is not another region anywhere in the world where there is a better business case for a distributed network of work hubs,” Krauskopf says. Each of the corners of South East Queensland was represented at the event – with each region keen to better understand the benefits of co-working spaces, and put together a strong case for their local community to attract one. Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast has been tasked with conducting extensive research across the five participating regions - Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan, Redland and Gold Coast, and has discovered that almost 191,000 workers are commuting daily to Brisbane from these regions. “These sort of numbers cause traffic congestion, and impact on workers’ health, wellbeing and productivity when they arrive at their city-based work places,” says RDA Sunshine Coast CEO, Russell Mason. “That’s not to mention the high fees the workers pay for parking, or the excessive time they spend on public transport. On the other side of the coin you have corporates and the public sector paying high rents for their workers to operate out of uninspiring office space, with productivity impacted by travel-related stress. Workspaces have been proven to be successful in many other locations around the world, and other parts of Australia. Now it’s turn for South East Queensland to benefit too.” New Zealand coworking space experts Biz Dojo co-founders Nick Shewring and Jonah Merchant also presented at the event last week, and pushed the need for work spaces to be diverse in nature, with multiple industry tenants operating out of the one space, proximity to quality coffee establishments, and the need to run regular social and educational events, and maintain communication through social media activities. Biz Dojo co-location space in Auckland spans over three floors and includes an office floor with hot desks and permanent space for private teams and start-ups, art gallery/event space, coffee shop, photography studio, herb garden and product design & prototyping facilities such as 3D printers. With facilities like these the spaces have attracted some of NZ's smartest designers, strategists, developers, entrepreneurs, and creative technologists which they refer to as “digital blacksmiths” to solve commercial problems for major government, corporate and NGO clients. “These sorts of tenants would not be able to compete if they were based at home and operating as freelancers,” says BizDojo co-founder, Jonah Merchant. “By coming together, they are able to take on much larger projects and benefit from the ability to use great facilities and bounce ideas off each other. We’ve seen projects where people in our Auckland based office are collaborating online with people in our Wellington office to turn out some really great stuff. “Knowing how well this concept has worked in New Zealand, we’re looking forward now to seeing this progressive thinking from South East Queensland moving into full implementation and activation, to really start harnessing the evolving trends in work practices around co-working and smart work centres, in order to drive support and growth for local businesses in the SEQ regions.” It is hoped by the end of 2013, enough economic analysis, regional assessment and potential business models would have been developed to help investors develop a business case, and start to get collaborative workspaces across SEQ off the ground. People interested in supporting the project are encouraged to visit or Winner of National ICT Woman of the Year announced 2013-08-09T03:07:51Z winner-of-national-ict-woman-of-the-year-announced Queensland business woman Yvette Adams was honoured last night at the prestigious national 2013 iAwards held in Melbourne when she was announced as the National ICT Woman of the Year.   The iAwards is Australia’s premier technology awards program - which recognises the contributions that ICT make across all facets of both the Australian and global economies.  The 2013 iAwards program showcases the many ways in which ICT adds value and drives productivity and innovation in Australia. The ICT Woman of the Yearisawarded to an inspiring ICT woman who has made consistently distinguished contribution to the ICT industry.The ICT industry is Australia is under represented by women, with the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing there were some 131,059 women employed in the ICT industry, or just over 24 per cent of the total workforce. Despite the disproportionately low numbers of women in ICT, their contribution is huge and many inspiring women are CEOs and leaders in their respective fields of endeavour and make a consistently distinguished contribution to the ICT industry, with this contribution widely recognised for its excellence and commitment. Kids Should be Taught Code Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur having started 5 businesses and having sold two as well as being a proud mother of two (aged 9 and 6). Adams believes entrepreneurialism should be encouraged in schools and that code is the language of the future, and should be taught in preference to subjects such as algebra and calculus.   “There is already a massive skills shortage globally when it comes to developers/programmers and it is only going to get worse. If you want to encourage your child into a profession that they are guaranteed to get well paid work in, head them into technology! It is also the industry that will move Australia forward post the mining boom, so we might as well start them early.”   In May she returned from a jam-packed fortnight in Silicon Valley where she visited 11 companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM and EventBrite and saw first hand the insatiable demand for what the Americans call program engineers, but which Australians refer to as developers or coders. Through her company The Creative Collective, Adams is also focused on assisting business professionals who are struggling to find work or run a business in the digital age to get up to speed with new technologies and has assisted thousands of people through a range of services and training programs. “There is no point in fighting technology or ignoring it. It’s not going away, and the sooner you embrace it, the better off you, your business, and your family will be,” she says.   Kids know more about us than technology Adams also says for the first time in history, our kids know more than something about us: technology and is concerned that more parents aren’t skilling up on technology so they can support their children.   She is currently writing a book called ‘NO KIDDING: Why our kids know more about technology than us and what we can do about it’ which she plans to publish later this year which will assist people with this issue.   “Today's kids are intuitively able to use every device, app, game and social network handed to them. Just give a tablet or a smart phone to a toddler and watch what happens. But as life speeds up, and we’re busy than ever being ‘good parents’, the technological gap between generations seems to grow exponentially.  We expect the education system and the Government to do something about it, but the fact is kids desperately need their parents to understand the technology they are using RIGHT NOW, and to embrace the technology themselves.”     >ENDS< To arrange interviews or photos contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or 07 545 11315 or   BIO   Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur having started 5 business from scratch, the first a newspaper when she was just 17, and 2 of which she has since sold. She is the founder and owner of The Creative Collective, a creative services and training agency, and a new online start up, She has consulted with and trained thousands of businesses in New Zealand, the UK and Australia on their online strategies.   Adams has previously been honoured with multiple other business awards including being the State Winner of the ICT Womand of the Year at the iAwards, the Entrepreneurial Award and the Employer of Choice at the Women in Technology Awards in 2012 and the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner category at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2010. Collaboration Turns Self-Confessed ‘Geek’ To ‘Chic’ 2013-07-14T12:34:31Z collaboration-turns-self-confessed-geek-to-chic Adams, a busy mum who is constantly in front of audiences for public speaking and media appearances will be styled by Chiquita Searle of of Chi The Label who will be Corporate Label of Choice and, an Australian online shopping and styling website for women who will take care of Yvette for evening wear and casual items.Adams says she is looking forward to discovering the world of fashion and has thoroughly enjoyed the styling sessions she has engaged in with both companies to date. "Women who work in technology aren’t always known for their fashion sense. Whilst I’m happy to be referred to as a ‘geek’ I hope I can also be thought of as a geek who has a sense of style too!’ says Adams.“Around kids and work, I don’t have a lot of time to go shopping so it’s great to have two professionals in the industry who are looking out for me and advising me on what will suit my body shape, lifestyle and help me dress for every occasion. • Read more about Threads and Style at • Read more about Chi The Label at • A pinterest board dedicated to the outfits Yvette is wearing by both labels has also been established at>ENDS<To arrange interviews or photos with Yvette or the stylists, contact Kimberley Mather on 07 545 11315 or  Queensland business woman headed for Silicon Valley 2013-03-05T11:21:52Z queensland-business-woman-headed-for-silicon-valley Multi-award winning business woman Yvette Adams, has been selected as one of ten women across Australia to go on the ‘trip of a lifetime’ to the tech capital of the world – Silicon Valley in California, USA. Her company, The Creative Collective, which is based out of Maroochydore, is a leading digital media and training agency servicing clients around Australia which she founded in 2007 from home after the birth of her second child. Flowing on from her double win at the prestigious Women in Technology Awards in 2012, Yvette is now ecstatic to have been identified as one of Australia’s leading women in technology by the Commonwealth Bank’s network, who are taking a study tour to Silicon Valley in mid May.  Adams says the trip represents a dream come true. “Over the New Year period I set myself some goals, and one was to go to Silicon Valley in 2013.  I didn't know exactly who I was going to go with, or how I was going to make it happen, but for some time I've had a burning desire to go there.  Now it has come to fruition I am naturally VERY excited about it all.” Adams says she has been well looked after by Commonwealth Bank ever since she won the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner of the Year Award at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in Queensland in 2010. “The cash prize at the time was helpful, but what has been far more valuable is the contacts and continued networks I have made through the network which started in 2011, and the opportunities they are constantly connecting me to. “Apart from this Silicon Valley trip they have invited me to retreats in Byron Bay and Noosa, and to see Richard Branson speak in Brisbane for free in May. I strongly encourage you to pop on over to their website at or their social networks. It really is an incredible online resource and network. I am forever grateful to the massive business support they continue to give me on my business journey." In the lead up to the Silicon Valley trip departure, have asked Yvette who she would most like to meet and what she would most like to do in Silicon Valley, as they will do their best to prepare an agenda which best meets the needs of travelling group. She is now consulting with her team and business advisers on the opportunity. “Right now I am working out where my time will be best spent once there, and what would make the biggest impact to not only my business, but on the information I can bring home and share with others to benefit them too. I am very conscious that this opportunity has the potential to benefit a much wider community than just myself. Adams says that whilst going to some of the tech giants offices like Google and Facebook who are based in the area “would be really cool,” she is trying to think laterally about what challenges and opportunities local and nationwide businesses are facing in this space. “I want to hone in on what will make the biggest difference to Australia’s digital future.” Yvette will travel to Silicon Valley form Sat 11 May to Sat 25 May. She is planning on sharing her journey as she goes via her blog, social networks and will even schedule some Google Hangouts so others can join her on her experiences whilst there. >ENDS< To arrange interviews or photos with any of the guests, contact Katie Kubler on 07 545 11315 or 0432 613 268 or Yvette on 0405 022 977 or EDITORS NOTES – BIOGRAPHY OF YVETTE ADAMS Yvette Adams is a multi-award winning business owner and serial entrepreneur. Born in Wellington, New Zealand on the fortunate cusp of Generation X & Y, she has started five businesses, two of which she has since sold. The first was a newspaper that she started at the age of just 17 years old which she sold to an American entrepreneur after the first issue! She created her second business and first e-commerce site in 2002 – an online tee-shirt business. Within one month of launching she received a Government Grant and won a website award. She lived and worked around the world for a seven year stint from 1998 to 2004, with stints working for magazines and newspapers, including a year long travel writing round-the-world assignment. In 2004 she settled in Australia and in 2007, just 7 weeks after the birth of her second child she launched The Creative Collective from the study nook of her home – a creative services and training agency offering website design and development, graphic design and print, PR and marketing, social media, seo (search engine optimisation) and ppc (pay per click), and more. In just her first year of business she won the Queensland Small Business Champions Young Entrepreneur award and has since gone on to win or be a finalist in numerous other local, regional and national business awards including winning the Creative & Knowledge Base Industries category against 25 finalists at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards in 2010 and 2012; the Home Based Business of the Year at the Marketing & Communication Executives International Awards in 2010 & the Commonwealth Business Owner of the Year at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2010 (Queensland) and the Employer of Choice and the Entrepreneurial Award at the Women in Technology Awards 2012. Her level of expertise and delivery style has been recognized by Government and has seen her develop and deliver programs featuring elessons, webinars, computer labs and live training on behalf of AusIndustry and DEEDI (Department of Economic Development & Innovation), the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, as well as offering monthly professional development and networking events called Web Wednesdays. She has assisted thousands of business owners to either get online or succeed online and either establish or grow their businesses. Her latest online start-up is – an online resource which lists business awards programs from around the world, and allows users to enter a set of criteria and be rendered a list of business awards they may be eligible for. A self-published author (see, she has consulted hundreds businesses in New Zealand, the UK and Australia on their online strategies and built many websites and assisted business owners to commercialise their products and business ideas. She is regularly called on by the media as a spokesperson and for commentary and writes regular columns for the APN group, Marketing Magazine and a blog which can be read at Follow her social networks at:  (company  (company) (personal) (company) (company) (company) (company)