The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-07T05:08:05Z Optimising secures government funding to attend leading US SEO Conference 2019-03-07T05:08:05Z optimising-secures-government-funding-for-the-leading-seo-conference-in-the-world Optimising has won a State Government grant from Multimedia Australia aimed at encouraging the export of IT from Australia, around the world.  The Optimising team heads to Pubcon (Webmaster World) this October for the annual PubCon event, a global convention of industry leaders and expert in SEO and the global digital economy. James Richardson, Director at Optimising, is excited about the trip to Vegas and what the team will learn. “PubCon is like Christmas for an SEO company like ours, taking world class SEO products from overseas and introducing them to Australian businesses is what we do best.” said Mr Richardson. “We hope that we can bring a real competitive edge to the way our clients do business.” The grants are provided as part of the Technology Trade and International Partnering Program, curated by Multimedia Victoria.  The program supports Victorian ICT companies to take their products to the world and establish international partnerships. Daniel Zuccon, Operations Director at Optimising, said that contributing to Australia’s digital economy is tough work, and it’s crucial that these international partnerships are valued. “The SEO market in Australia is tiny compared to other regions, like the US and Asia. Given that our economy is so strong, why doesn’t it reflect in our digital economy? It’s growing fast, but these international partnerships are key in continuing growth” Mr Zuccon said. The Optimising team hope that their experiences at Pubcon will be ready and implemented for their clients within a week of their return. Optimising (03) 8658 6058 1/345 Punt Rd, Richmond VIC 3121 Google EMD Update 2012-11-19T06:07:05Z google-emd-update The Optimising team are delighted to learn of Google’s newest tactic aimed at discouraging underhanded SEO techniques.  The EMD (exact match domain) update is designed to weed out low quality businesses who have illegitimately achieved their top ranking. For those not familiar,  the EMD trick works by using the most common search terms associated with a particular business, and using those keywords as the domain name. An example might be if you’re looking for a dj for an upcoming party. You google ‘party DJ hire melbourne’. You’re then directed to a webpage called ‘’.  The fact that this business has come up at the top of the rankings doesn’t reflect on it’s quality or popularity. It may well have only been around for three days. This practice potentially undermines other, more established and reputable businesses whose domain name does not precisely match the top keywords.  It’s worth noting that the EMD update is not designed to harm legitimate businesses with exact match domain names. Google use many different techniques to determine a page’s worth, including offsite value, domain authority, and page quality. They’re simply trying to weed out low quality businesses. There has been much concern in recent years that Google gives too much weight to keyword domains in search rankings. This update will help to address these concerns. Google anticipates the changes will affect only 0.06% of English-US search queries to a noticeable degree. Optimising SEO takes pride in providing a quality service to our clients without employing some of the more questionable SEO techniques. Sneaky, backdoor methods of SEO create more headaches than they’re worth, ultimately doing long term damage to a businesses reputation for a very short term gain. You certainly won’t find us at!Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 New Tool to remove bad links from Google 2012-11-02T00:33:36Z new-tool-to-remove-bad-links-from-google Google’s recent announcement regarding the introduction of a new ‘Disavow Links’ page has sent ripples of excitement through SEO companies the world over. Here at Optimising, we’re thrilled to have a new tool to help us clean up bad links for our clients who may have had questionable link building previously done on their behalf. Bad links are damaging for businesses in a number of ways. Spammy or unnatural links can get you in hot water with google, and do untold damage to your image. When people find spammy links to your website, they tend to jump to conclusions about what kind of a business you are. Subsequently, you may find your business consigned to the dustbin marked ‘do not use these people’.Optimising has helped many despairing clients clean up the bad links bringing down their business, and the job will be made that much easier with the help of the new Google Disavow tool. Optimising1 Director, James Richardson emphasises that ‘the new Disavow link is great news for us, as it’s designed to speed up the task of dismantling bad links. However, it’s designed to be used as a last resort after you’ve already tried to clean up the bad links yourself’  Operations Manager Daniel Zuccon concurs: ‘Those wondering whether or not the Disavow tool is appropriate for them should proceed with caution. It’s primary purpose is to assist SEO’s and webmasters who’ve repeatedly attempted to remove bad links, to no avail’Optimising looks forward to a future where the word ‘spammy’ is considered a quaint anachronism, and with Google’s new Disavow tool the future may be closer we than we think!Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Facebook Privacy bug starts investigation 2012-10-04T04:43:38Z facebook-privacy-bug-starts-investigation Allegations of user privacy violations that emerged last week have been investigated by various authorities to determine the presence and cause of the fault. Optimising have received many calls from concerned clients regarding their privacy on Facebook. It’s alleged that the fault causes users’ private messages to be displayed on their wall between the years 2009, 2008 and 2007. The private messages appear to be random or out of sequence, so it looks difficult to determine if the conversations were indeed private. The team at Optimising doesn’t think their clients have anything to worry about, as none of their private messages contain personal or private information that could be used for evil. Operations Manager at Optimising, Daniel Zuccon stresses that the suspected ‘bug’ isn’t anything to worry about. “We’ve had a few questions, but there’s nothing that’s seriously affected our clients’ Facebook walls or accounts.” Mr Zuccon said. “Some Facebook users have sworn that privately sent messages have been made public by the new feature, which summarises the Wall posts for a given year. If users wish to hide the content that reveals their messages from 2009, 2008 or 2007, they just need to click the small pencil in the top right hand corner and click ‘Hide from Timeline.’ “The new Timeline layout has received mixed reviews from its users, who claim that the new layout makes their history too easily accessible to other users, with difficult to understand privacy settings. Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Federal Government releases iPad Apps to help small business digital growth 2012-10-02T03:06:32Z federal-government-releases-ipad-apps-to-help-small-business-digital-growth Optimising welcomes a new initiative from the Federal Government that helps small businesses develop their business plans and online marketing with a series of custom built iPad apps. The apps encourages small business to take their business online and supports growth for the digital marketing industry.  The iPad apps, MyBizPlan and MarketMyBiz, provide an interactive template for small businesses to plan and think strategically about their business, while considering new technologies as effective ways for managing and marketing their business; like SEO, PPC and social media marketing.  The new apps were launched last week by Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation, Senator Kate Lundy, at the FutureGov Summit in Canberra. “A look around any business office shows that owners and managers are embracing new technologies like tablets and smartphones,” Senator Lundy said.  Optimising hopes the iPad apps will give small business clear online goals for their SEO & PPC campaigns, so they align perfectly with their overall business goals.  Optimising Managing Director, James Richardson, welcomed the new digital approach from the Government, calling it ‘a big win for digital marketing in Australia.’ “A lot of small businesses don’t have marketing plans, so it’s difficult for us, as an SEO provider, to work toward their goals when they don’t have any. It’s fantastic that there’s this kind of support for small business now, it really encourages them to take their business marketing online.“ The iPad apps are available from today and allow its users to add or remove sections, so they can customise their business plan effectively. Optimising welcomes the apps, as they provide a valuable stepping stone for small businesses toward considering online marketing, such as SEO & PPC.Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Pubcon: the SEO rockstars on our line-up. 2012-10-02T03:06:16Z pubcon-the-seo-rockstars-on-our-line-up At Optimising, we have begun the countdown to Pubcon, the premier optimisation and new media conference held in Las Vegas this October, which has thousands of fans and dedicated SEO professionals attending the event.  Pubcon hosts industry leading experts in online marketing. This year, bestselling author and professor emeritus at Arizona State University, Dr. Robert Cialdini will speak on communications and persuasion in the digital age, a valuable talk on what it means to sell and create a strong presence online.  “I look forward to documenting how several simple yet powerful principles of social influence can be deployed via electronic media in wholly ethical and dramatically profitable ways,” Dr Cialdini said. Dr Cialdini has worked with large organisations such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Google and Cisco.  Academics aside, Pubcon is offering Optimising some great opportunities to learn best practice techniques from industry experts, bring them back to Australia and apply them for our brilliant clients.  Optimising Operations Director, Daniel Zuccon, said that Vegas was not just an opportunity for the team to develop their skills, but for our clients to maximise their SEO & PPC spend with everything we that’s learned.  “It’s a strategic time for our clients to really examine their SEO spend, see how it’s working for them and hone in on areas for improvement, with skills comes productivity, so we hope when we come back from Vegas, we can get better returns for our clients. “ Daniel said.  The team leaves for Pubcon in a few weeks, but the rest of the Optimising family will be available for your questions and enquiries, so feel free to get in touch during or after Pubcon to find out how your online marketing campaigns can improve.Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Retail frustration is a golden opportunity Kleenmaid Appliances CEO believes 2012-09-17T09:22:22Z retail-frustration-is-a-golden-opportunity-one-ceo-believes Joseph P Kennedy, father of US President John F Kennedy is attributed as saying, “when the going gets tough the tough get going.” We might remember these as the words of the hit song by Billy Ocean.However Danny Hamilton, CEO of Compass Capital Services who owns the iconic Kleenmaid brand believes that although we hear retail is tough, that’s the very opportunity we all need to do it smarter and better.We hear a lot about flagging retail sales but that is not the problem, it is the result of a problem.So what is the problem?There are several things that make up that answer, but from Danny Hamilton’s point of view it’s our approach to sales and the profession of sales in Australia that is a key part of the problem.“Having hired and trained professional salespeople for over 35 years, one of the major problems in Australia today is that our salespeople just don’t know how to sell.”“In the current economic climate, companies, hopefully like ours, that employ ethical selling principals and processes, will make a killing, while others will simply blame the economy, the internet or some other external factor,” Hamilton says.Hamilton continues, “Making a major purchase for many of us is a reward for years of hard work.I get the feeling that the Australian public is increasingly frustrated with the lack of retail service and sales professionalism.I can assure you that we all love to be sold and want to feel we have made a great purchase.One truth about sales that has, and will always stand the test of time is that, “people buy from people they like and trust.”Today that can also be said of internet sites, like them, and trust them, then you will buy from them.The internet certainly has a place in today’s market, but the need for true sales professionals has never been greater than it is today.”Hamilton says that’s all about to change in the appliance world as the emerging Kleenmaid retail concept with over 30 outlets gathers momentum up and down the eastern seaboard.The Next Generation Kleenmaid appliance collection was launched in February this year not through traditional electrical retailers but by adopting a model used throughout Europe to sell not only appliances but also kitchens.Kleenmaid appliances are sold exclusively through kitchen companies where customers can, “try before they buy,” that is, they can cook and bake using the Kleenmaid Appliances before they make a purchase.Selling appliances through kitchen companies links the whole process of selecting a new kitchen and the associated appliances in a one stop shop, making the buying experience a dream come true as opposed to the often experienced night mare.“It’s not like buying a car where you can trade it in if you make a mistake. Make a mistake in your kitchen selections and you’re stuck with them for years.” Hamilton says.Reports suggest that for most Australians to upgrade or renovate their kitchen is a once in every ten years event if that.Kleenmaid boasts some world leading technologies in the cooking field that will be on display this weekend at the Better Homes and Garden Live Show at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic park.Innovations such as the much talked about Kleenmaid Elevator Oven a recent finalist in the Australian International Design awards, and the Kleenmaid Electronic gas cooktops that operate without the use of old fashioned knobs by employing (ESTC) Electronic Sensor Touch Controls which enable automatic cooking functions and sleek flush mounted installations.For more information go to Contact Danny Hamilton on GoDaddy customers experience full day of outage 2012-09-17T07:57:09Z godaddy-customers-experience-full-day-of-outage Yesterday, and many of it’s customers experienced a full day of outage among claims the outages where from external attack, which GoDaddy challneged in a statement to it’s customers today. Claims of legal action, moving providers and lost income are among the gripes customers have with GoDaddy, which could be a major blow to the low cost but fairly dominant DNS provider. Luckily, none of Optimising’s clients were affected by the outage, but it’s easy to understand  the gripes their customers have when things go wrong. Go Daddy CEO, Scott Wagner, was quick to quash rumours of an external attack, which some have attributed to internet group, Anonymous. “The service outage was not caused by external influences. It was not a "hack" and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again” Mr Wagner said. “Throughout our history, we have provided 99.999% uptime in our DNS infrastructure. This is the level our customers expect from us and the level we expect of ourselves. We have let our customers down and we know it.”It’s a pretty standard response to this kind of situation, but many of GoDaddy’s customers have taken to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to air their annoyance, calling for free months and extra GB of hosting. Optimising thinks that making up wrongs involves making tangible differences to a client for their inconvenience. For further comment, please contact us on the details below. Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Optimising SEO & Versus Internet Marketing join forces. 2012-09-17T07:53:13Z optimising-seo-amp-versus-internet-marketing-join-forces-1 Optimising have formalised their relationship with Versus Internet Marketing today in a strategic partnership between the two organisations that makes the best usage of their combined skills, passions and talents. The two emerging industry players sought a better deal for their clients in this competitive SEO industry and hopes the move will attract more business in the coming months. The announcement comes at an exciting time for Optimising, who recently took up new offices in Richmond and won government grants from Multimedia Victoria for a business tour to PubCon later in the year. James Richardson, Sales Director at Optimising, said the partnership brings together the best of both worlds for their clients. “For a truly effective Internet marketing campaign, all the right elements have to work together, so this partnership is about tweaking our customer campaigns so they’re getting the most from their spend ’ Mr Richardson said. “We’re really optimistic about the future.”After years of experience in the SEO industry, Nathan Davies, Business Development Manager at Optimising, is looking forward to working with the Versus clients and using Versus’ excellent strategic advice in developing his client’s business. “It’s so difficult to get the right mix of skills and qualities in a team and when you get it right, the payoff is amazing, with results to match” Mr Davies said. “ Versus and Optimising share a lot in common, we’re both focused on results for the clients because we believe it’s what matters most.” Optimising has welcomed their newest clients to the Optimising family with personalised cards and ‘housewarming’ gifts so they felt right at home with us from the start. Part of the Optimising philosophy is keeping communication open and honest with their clients, the type of honesty on your business marketing you’d get from a family member. Optimising formally welcomes their new clients and looks forward to working with them in the future. Online marketing agency finds new Richmond office in digital economy. 2012-09-03T04:29:16Z online-marketing-agency-finds-new-richmond-office-in-digital-economy Melbourne-based internet marketing agency Optimising has moved into it’s newest Richmond officethis month and plans an aggressive growth strategy set to revolutionise online marketing for small businesses before the NBN is in full swing. James Richardson, Director at Optimising, is excited about the company’s newest digs and hopes it will attract some top quality employees and clients. “Our relocation has been great for business; both our clients and colleagues find the new location a great workplace and it’s given us room to grow ” said Mr Richardson. “We hoped the move would help Optimising grow and in turn, help other businesses growth through their online presence, by selling and getting found by more customers online; the future is bright.” Mr Richardson hopes that increasing his business capacity will attract some bigger clients and some of the industries best talent. Founded in 2008, Optimising has grown from a two man outfit with Operations Director Daniel Zuccon, into an SEO rock band, smashing out hit after hit for their clients’ websites. The team is a talented bunch from technology and marketing communications backgrounds in social media, start-ups, top tier IT firms and digital agencies across Australia and the globe. With the NBNrollout across Australia, Optimising hopes more businesses will bring their presence online and really focus on this powerful tool for SME’s and larger enterprises. Jadan Loughran, Digital Strategist at Optimising, heralded the NBN rollout. “It will make a huge difference to they way businesses communicate; we will finally see a digital economy in Australia that’s on par with the rest of the world, the US & Asia particularly“ Mr Loughran said. Industry reports and experts agree, Australia’s digital economy falls behind when compared internationally. A recent summary of IT use and innovation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that last yearover half of Australian businesses (51%) reported placing orders via the internet, a 9% increase from the previous year. Mr Richardson said this week that Australian small businesses are ready for a change, but theres a lot of obstacles in the way. “ For some reason, Australia takes up technology slower than any other country. We want to help businesses go digital.”Optimising(03) 9012 583296 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121