The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-09-30T10:07:44Z Parents feel intimidated to take kids out to dinner 2012-09-30T10:07:44Z parents-feel-intimidated-to-take-kids-out-to-dinner The dining out habits of Australian parents were surveyed with the startling result showing eight out of ten parents felt intimidated taking their children out to eat. Jane Wardle, owner of the national dining out website and mother of two boys, said she was not surprised that such a large number of parents felt this way about taking their children out for meals. “More and more cafes and restaurants appear to be banning children from their premises, which is actually unfairly excluding a large percentage of people who simply want to enjoy a nice meal away from home,” said Jane Wardle. “Our survey and ongoing analysis has found that of the 80 per cent of parents that have felt intimidated, 50 per cent of those now only eat out for special occasions. “The main reasons parents are limiting dining out to special occasions is because of: fear of feeling unwelcomed when walking in with the kids limited and unhealthy menu choices for kids concerns about long delays in food service. “What restaurants don’t realise is that parents discuss this subject regularly and it would only take a few simple steps for them to better accommodate kids. “68% of parents are looking for healthy choices or smaller versions of the normal menu, so   chicken nuggets are proving to be not so popular. With just as many respondents saying welcoming staff improves their experience, restaurants and cafes can make a significant impact with friendly staff that make parents feel welcome, and good menu choices for kids. “Jane also noted that the most popular time for families to dine out was for dinner, with 65% of respondents saying they like to have finished their meal and be leaving by 7.30pm. Restaurants could easily take advantage of the early dining habits of families and promote an early sitting that suits parents and increases revenue.(Not sure that revenue or how I wrote that sentence is the correct terminology/flows well!) “Venues that are welcoming to families are talked about by parents, enjoy repeat customers, and often get a glowing review on – which makes it simple for parents to find child-friendly places to eat. “I encourage parents to leave reviews of their favourite restaurants on and contribute to lively conversation on the Eat Out With Kids Facebook page.  “Everyone who leaves a review helps another parent by promoting positive dining out experiences, which in turn supports the hospitality industry. “Eat Out With Kids also helps parents reclaim their social lives so they can enjoy themselves in a child-friendly restaurant or café,” she said. As Lorelle Witingslow said on the Eat Out With Kids Facebook wall: “Thanks EOWK!!! I am now about to embark on weekly ventures to restaurants with my kidlets! I wouldn't have had the courage without this blog to get me thinking!!! HUGE COMMENDATION!!” Jane Wardle felt the trepidation of eating out with kids herself – then she was inspired to start after realising there are plenty of places that welcomed kids, and it was a regular topic of conversation with her friends.