The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-10-12T06:54:18Z Fairfax Media Classifieds division launch 2012-10-12T06:54:18Z fairfax-media-classifieds-division-launch-advertisers-com-au Fairfax Media Classifieds have taken steps to digitise the process for advertisers to list in the general classifieds print sections of its Metro publications. The new self-serve channel will provide Fairfax Media customers with a way in which they can interact and book their advertising at any time, anywhere, in a quick and easy format. The platform web address is advertising options are across the key Fairfax Metro publications. Namely, The Sydney Morning Herald and The AGE. It’s flexible – advertisers can book ad space anytime 24/7.It’s effortless – the process of building an ad is easy to follow.It’s efficient – it takes just a few minutes to book and pay onlineIn due course, will become the port of call for all Fairfax Media’s online and print (both lineage and display) advertising across all publications spanning Metros, Fairfax Community Newspapers and Fairfax key categories (MyCareer, Domain, Drive). This initiative is a critical factor for the success of fulfilling Fairfax Media's digital strategy.Peter Urmson, General Manager of Online Marketing Group and Classifieds, said:“We are excited to introduce the first of many initiatives designed to grow and adapt to the changing digital environment. This initiative will be of great benefit to our customers”