The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-09-02T04:43:05Z Is too much Choice Putting your Baby at Risk? 2013-09-02T04:43:05Z is-too-much-choice-putting-your-baby-at-risk Catalogue 4 Baby developed from the idea that the Internet will soon become a confusing maze of websites that will take too much time to navigate and the whole process of searching for a reputable business in the baby market will become frustrating and futile.  The National Australia Bank Retail Sales Index showed Australians spent over $12.6 billion on online shopping in the year to November 2012. This indicates that we are using the Internet more freely than previous years for shopping and this trend will only grow in the coming years contributing to the problem of choice.To alleviate the frustration of too much choice, Cheryl Beasley, owner of Catalogue 4 Baby has created a directory that only lists high quality, reputable and established businesses that cater for the baby market.The businesses listed have to abide by a set of criteria including having a stand alone website, not just a Facebook page shop and other rules to ensure their business is worthy of inclusion. “The criteria are set to protect the customers and create a place where people can shop with the secure knowledge that the businesses they are visiting are reputable and trustworthy, something that the Internet cannot ensure on it’s own.” Says CherylBusinesses have to apply for inclusion on the site and are then thoroughly checked out personally by Cheryl before being accepted and then promoted on the website.The catalogue itself has only 42 categories and only accepts 30 businesses to list in each category. “This exclusivity helps the customers not be overwhelmed with choice and also helps with the businesses branding efforts at the same time,” says Cheryl. “The website is a visual feast of businesses and each business website can be accessed easily to make the process as simple as possible for the buyer.’ She adds.Catalogue 4 Baby is a new and exciting way to shop on the Internet without the doubts that arise about newly found websites and businesses. You can be assured you are buying from safe and secure businesses that have a trusted A network of promotional websites to help support WAHMs, just what the new year ordered! 2013-01-13T02:38:45Z a-network-of-promotional-websites-to-help-support-wahms-just-what-the-new-year-ordered Gold Coast entrepreneurs, Cheryl Beasley and her daughter, Rashelle are passionate about small Australian online businesses, especially Work at Home Mums (WAHM’s). That’s why over the last three years they have created a network of services to guide, support and help WAHM’s promote their small businesses for no or little cost.“We’ve both run small businesses ourselves so we know how difficult it can be to get your business off and running, says Cheryl.” Women own over 585 thousand of the 2 million small businesses in Australia and 46% of these women run their business from home. In fact women setting up home businesses is the fastest growing segment of small business in Australia. “It goes without saying that these women need advice, guidance and support and most importantly real promotion for their business.” Adds Cheryl.To service the needs of WAHMs Cheryl and Rashelle have set up three, very different websites aimed to support WAHM’s in their business startup and ongoing growth. The first website, All About Biz is a free to join site that has a wealth of information and links to further information. For instance the site has a comprehensive list of awards run throughout Australia specifically for small online businesses, it lists Facebook sites that help WAHM’s, shows you where to get funding and grants, how to wholesale and get your products into the major shops, gives you up to date information on how to set out your website, gives you all the media connections in Australia and much more. “All About Biz is an in depth resource specifically for WAHM’s who run online businesses. This is the firs step in our promotional network and has been deliberately created to be simple, easy to navigate and intimate in its delivery.” Says Cheryl.The second website in the system, Aussie Product Review another free service, gives WAHM’s the real promotion they need to grow their business reach and have their products reviewed in an unbiased and honest way. “We actually really do review the products and test them in the way they are to be used by consumers, says Cheryl, so you know the opinions are true.” The service now offers a new ‘giveaway promotion’ in conjunction with the review and this gives WAHMs even more of an audience for their products. “We have a social media network of over 10,000 followers who share our passion for small business, so reviews reach a wide and diverse amount of people,” adds Cheryl. The third and newest addition to the promotional network is the online marketplace, Revel In It.  “We’re exceptionally proud of Revel In It as it epitomises all of what we are trying to achieve, promote small Australian businesses.” This website has only been running in full use for three months and Revel In It already has over 400 products listed by over forty businesses, supporting the reasons Cheryl and Rashelle started their entire promotional network of websites, to give small Australian businesses the guidance, support and resources to succeed and grow. You can visit these websites here: Ancestral connections inspired a modern online business for one Indigenous art lover. 2013-01-11T04:28:36Z ancestral-connections-inspired-a-modern-online-business-for-one-indigenous-art-lover While Cheryl was delving into her ancestry she discovered that her Grandfather was of aboriginal decent. Her Aboriginal heritage emerged in 1916 when her Aboriginal Great Grandmother married her Great Grandfather in Walcha, NSW under the rites of the Aboriginal Inland Mission.  “Nobody in the family had mentioned this to me so it was quite a surprise,” said Cheryl  “I was always interested in aboriginal dance, music and art but now that I had a real link I was even more curious about the culture”.   This led to finding out more about the modern aboriginal artists that were emerging from Central Australia around Alice Springs, particularly the artists from the Utopia region. Cheryl and her husband took a trip to the Northern Territory, bought some pieces of art and then opened their online gallery to the public five years ago. “The beauty of modern indigenous art is that it blends well with modern décor and can make a wonderful statement alone or grouped on a wall. While adding visual beauty to a room they are also valuating, what more could you ask for from a painting?” adds Cheryl.   Artists from the Utopia region have been doing work of vibrant colour and design and Cheryl’s online gallery, Indigenous Instyle, represent works of this nature.  All the paintings purchased from Indigenous Instyle come with a Certificate of Authenticity if available and with photos of the work with the artist. “You can be assured our paintings are authentic and original. Indigenous Instyle is a boutique gallery that is discerning in our art choices. We stock well known collectible works from popular Aboriginal artists and stand by a commitment of quality and exceptional service.” Says Cheryl.   Indigenous Instyle is a member of the Indigenous Art Code, a body that over sees the Indigenous art industry ensuring members abide by a code of ethics and are transparent in their business dealings.      Game enough to have your products reviewed? Over 160 businesses have, as Aussie Product Review grows nationwide. 2013-01-10T06:15:26Z game-enough-to-have-your-products-reviewed-over-160-businesses-have-as-aussie-product-review-grows-nationwide Rashelle McConville from Aussie Product Review has been reviewing products from all over Australia for over three years and knows the importance of free promotion for small businesses. “When you’re just starting out in business you need to find ways to promote yourself for little or no cost, that’s where product reviews can really help your marketing efforts” says Rashelle. According to a recent study put out by Oneupweb, online customer testimonials and reviews directly influence the purchase decision of 40.9% of your site’s customers. This means that some customers don’t just expect to see testimonials and reviews on your site, they need to see testimonials and reviews before they buy, and a review doesn’t have to stop there.   Rashelle shows you 10 simple but powerful ways to leverage your product review to make it work as part of an ongoing marketing strategy. Link to the review in your social media postings. Let everyone know you have been reviewed and that you're excited about it!Add a 'Media' or 'News' page to your website and place your review there for a permanent unbiased testimonial for your customers to read.Use your review in your newsletter. A great quote and then a link to the full review will entice readers to visit your website.Include a quote from the review and then a link to the full review in your email marketing. Potential customers can then read this and it comes across as a 'milder' sales approach rather than your business’ own marketing pitch.Add the review to any press releases you are submitting – this gives the journalist a more even view of your products.Add a link to the review in any by-line you publish either in articles or blog entries.Weave the reviews right into the text of any articles or blog entries you are writing hyperlinked to the full review.Build on the review by asking for comments on your other products and services through your blog or social networks – ask for permission to post these on your website to 'back up' the review.Be creative with how you market the review – Can you print it out and include it with orders or catalogues?Create a video about your products and quote from the review to give your business more credibility.  Revel In It is here to ‘Rev Up’ online shopping for Australians 2012-10-30T06:28:37Z revel-in-it-is-here-to-rev-up-online-shopping-for-australians Revel In It, an online marketplace for small Australian businesses to showcase their products has just launched with immediate results. This marketplace is for all areas of small business, not just handmade or eco-friendly but all categories of business. A site where the emphasis is not only on customer choice but also on the small businesses it represents.   “We support small business owners not only via Revel In It but also through our two other resources, All About Biz and Aussie Product Review. Both these businesses are used to support, engage and provide free information and promotion for small Aussie businesses,” says Cheryl Beasley, co owner of Revel In It. “Our aim is to help people succeed in business in the most economical way possible,” adds Rashelle McConville, co owner.   A mother and daughter team, Cheryl and Rashelle have been helping small businesses for over three years and the launch of Revel In It is another step in producing real opportunities for entrepreneurs to get their businesses ‘out there’ and promoted to the right audience. “We have a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ policy on Revel In It so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by listing your business with us” says Cheryl.   Revel In It is utilizing the social media networks of All About Biz and Aussie Product Review who currently engage over 10,000 users and will become part of this growing network to promote and support it’s online retailers. “Christmas promotions are in place and we are looking forward to a great future with Revel In It now part of our network” says Cheryl.   You can visit Revel In It at, All About Biz at and Aussie Product Review at