The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-07-16T23:30:46Z Werzatec Furniture Helps Distributors Save on Costs with Wholesale Hospitality Furniture 2014-07-16T23:30:46Z werzatec-furniture-helps-distributors-save-on-costs-with-wholesale-hospitality-furniture For more details, go to this link Werzatec Furniture is one of Australia's leading suppliers of wholesale hospitality furniture, catering to furniture retailers all over the country. For any furniture retailer looking to expand their business and improve profitability, Werzatec is the company to work with. November 8, 2013 - The retail furniture business is a highly competitive one, and distributors have to find a way to stand out from the crowd just to draw in a little business. However, when one expands into the hospitality furniture business, a whole new horizon opens up. This is because commercial furniture has a higher turnover rate due to the fact that establishments place larger orders, especially when compared to retail sales such as a family purchasing a dining room set. Expanding into this area is not without its pitfalls, though, and the key to success is finding a company that sells quality commercial furniture on a wholesale basis. If a retailer does not have the right supplier, they could end up losing money. Working with an unreliable supplier, even if they sell the best wholesale café furniture in the world, will still harm a retailer's reputation with clients when the furniture does not arrive on time. What is even worse is if the furniture arrives and it is not what the client ordered. There are so many things that can go wrong that finding a reliable supplier is paramount. Werzatec is not only reliable, but one of the best suppliers of wholesale hospitality furniture in the industry. They do their utmost to support the distributors working with them by offering much more than quality furniture. From selling excellent wholesale furniture in Sydney, Brisbane, and other cities, to help keep costs down, to providing their partners with marketing materials, Werzatec is completely dedicated to the success of the retailers working with them. They even deliver straight to the client's door to save on freight and storage costs. Thus, with Werzatec as their supplier of wholesale hospitality furniture, any furniture retailer can succeed in the world of commercial furniture. For more information on Werzatec and to browse their extensive range of wholesale furniture online, please visit: Werzatec Furniture39 Steptoe Street, Bundaberg QLD 467007 4155 5800 Top Reasons to Get Your Wholesale Furniture from Werzatec Furniture 2014-07-16T23:29:18Z top-reasons-to-get-your-wholesale-furniture-from-werzatec-furniture Choosing a commercial furniture supplier to provide the best quality hospitality furniture is now easier for businesses across Brisbane and Sydney. Werzatec Furniture specialises in providing top quality wholesale café furniture to resellers along the East Coast. 10 December 2013 – Furniture retailers understand the unique challenges of sourcing good quality wholesale furnishings from a reliable supplier. Of course, when dealing with larger quantities that come with commercial furniture orders, it’s also important to have access to a supplier that carries a significant stock holding at all times. Adding a range of professional, stylish, high quality café or restaurant furniture to any retail store’s offerings is the ideal way to attract an entirely new client base. Rather than selling individual furnishing items to personal shoppers, smart retailers understand the benefits of expanding a client base to also include interior designers and commercial designers. As more hospitality-based businesses spread across the East Coast, the need for café furnishing has increased accordingly. Smart retailers have the opportunity to take advantage of that expansion, especially if they’re dealing with a supplier of wholesale furniture in Brisbane. The team at Werzatec Furniture are keen to assist any furniture retail business to achieve greater sales and higher profits. In fact, their focus is on providing quality marketing support designed to make it easier for business owners to make more sales, more easily. Additionally, when dealing with a professional wholesale commercial furniture supplier, it’s also important to know that all orders can be shipped at no charge. Freight haulage costs for larger commercial furnishing orders can eat into any business owner’s budget. Yet Werzatec Furniture offer free freight across Brisbane, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, and even delivering wholesale furniture to Sydney as well. The team at Werzatec Furniture are even able to arrange for any orders to be delivered directly to the client, rather than to a showroom or warehouse. Their aim is to remain totally invisible to customers, allowing retail businesses to take the credit for prompt delivery right to the customer’s door. For more information about the competitively-priced range of wholesale furniture available from Werzatec Furniture, click here or visit: Werzatec Furniture 39 Steptoe Street, Bundaberg QLD 4670 07 4155 5800 Werzatec Furniture Offers Stunning Range of Commercial Furniture to Distributors 2014-07-11T00:17:38Z werzatec-furniture-offers-stunning-range-of-commercial-furniture-to-distributors Finding a reliable, cost-effective source of good quality commercial furniture is much easier with Werzatec Furniture. Specialists in wholesale hospitality furniture, Werzatec can supply exclusive ranges of chairs, tables, bar stools and plenty of other commercial furniture besides. The ability to supply the hospitality industry with an exclusive range of high quality furnishings is enough to set any business apart. Yet, finding the right supplier of cafe furniture or hotel furniture isn’t always an easy task. The key is to locate a wholesale supplier offering ranges that incorporate style and appeal along with functionality and durability. Werzatec Furniture is dedicated to supplying distributors with the best possible quality commercial furniture suitable for catering and functions. Werzatec is also happy to provide comprehensive marketing support to distributors to assist in boosting sales. Support is available in the form of brochures, catalogues, sample stands and exceptional customer service. The range of furnishings available includes a huge selection of indoor and outdoor cafe furniture, along with chairs and tables suitable for restaurants and hotels. Even function and catering furniture is available at cost-effective prices. With summer around the corner, more hospitality patrons seek to enjoy the outdoor living atmosphere wherever they can. Distributors can benefit by stocking up on hospitality furniture as more establishment owners take advantage of the warmer weather. Werzatec Furniture is happy to offer free delivery to distributors located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. The same offer applies for distributors as far away as Sydney and Hervey Bay as well. Delivery is also available directly to end customers, complete with the individual distributor’s documentation attached, so end customers are never aware that Werzatec Furniture was involved in the transaction. For more information about the selection of high quality commercial furniture and hospitality furniture available from Werzatec Furniture, please visit: Access a Range of Wholesale Furniture and Resell to the Hospitality Industry 2013-11-28T03:34:27Z access-a-range-of-wholesale-furniture-and-resell-to-the-hospitality-industry Any business owner looking to expand a client base can take advantage of partnering with a wholesale commercial furniture supplier such as Werzatec Furniture. 15 October 2013 – The ability to promote a range of high quality furniture to the hospitality industry can be the ideal way to increase cash flow for a range of businesses.  The key is to partner with a reputable commercial furniture wholesaler that offers extensive support as the business grows. Furniture resellers may already offer customers a line of home furnishings, but adding a range of hospitality furniture allows for expansion of the client base. Interior designers and shop-fitters tend to place large orders for fitting out or refurbishing cafés or restaurants, which can dramatically improve profits. Werzatec Furniture always carries a large amount of stock in their warehouse at all times to ensure orders are filled promptly. To make ordering easier on resellers, the website offers a quick and effective way to order wholesale furniture online. Of course, not every retail furniture store has the available space to display such a broad range of stock. This is why Werzatec Furniture provides marketing support in the form of brochures, catalogues, and sample stands to make displaying items much easier. Clients can choose the wholesale café furniture they desire and it can be shipped the next day direct from Werzatec’s warehouse. Place the order for the required furniture wholesale and resell it at retail prices. This allows a savvy retail furniture store owner to expand product ranges without the cost of buying in display stock. Whether the aim is to access wholesale furniture in Sydney or wholesale furniture in Brisbane, Werzatec can provide high quality, stylish designs to suit the hospitality industry, the catering or function industry, office and commercial furnishings, and even outdoor furniture. Click here About Werzatec Furniture: Wholesale furniture supplier Werzatec Furniture specialise in providing high quality commercial furniture across Sydney and South East Queensland. For more information about accessing a range of quality wholesale furniture to increase any retail product offering, please visit: Werzatec Furniture 39 Steptoe Street, Bundaberg QLD 4670 07 4155 5800 Distributors Turn to Werzatec Furniture to Purchase High-Quality Hospitality Furniture Wholesale 2012-12-06T16:47:02Z distributors-turn-to-werzatec-furniture-to-purchase-high-quality-hospitality-furniture-wholesale With summer here, furniture distributors are turning to one of Australia’s leading hospitality furniture suppliers to ensure their customers have a wide selection of commercial furniture to choose from. Werzatec Furniture specialises in providing exclusive and cost-effective hospitality furniture wholesale. Summer usually sees many companies purchasing outdoor furniture as well as investing in new indoor hospitality furniture . However, with such stiff competition, furniture distributors have to ensure they offer an extensive selection of quality furniture if they want to increase their sales. Thus, many distributors are turning to Werzatec Furniture, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of furniture wholesale. Werzatec offers a wide range of exclusive furniture to suit any needs and requirements. The furniture they supply is not only durable and functional but, maybe more importantly, aesthetically appealing as well as comfortable. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective furnishing solutions for their establishments that will not only attract customers but will also keep them there longer. After all, the more time a customer spends in a restaurant or cafe, the more they are likely to spend. Additionally, they want low-maintenance furniture that will last, especially considering the higher degree of stress it is subjected to. That’s exactly what Werzatec Furniture offers. Werzatec takes things a step further, though. They not only supply furniture but they also work closely with distributors to help them increase sales by providing marketing support and other services. They can also ship directly to a distributor’s customer, making life a lot easier and reducing shipping costs. Furthermore, if the shipping destination is located in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, shipping is absolutely free. Distributors can view the complete range of wholesale furniture online via Werzatec’s comprehensive website. Coupled with direct delivery to their customers, this gives distributors the opportunity of increasing their bottom line due to lower costs and higher turnover rates. See more related posts.