The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-05-27T05:50:09Z Oracle Digital Welcomes Next Penguin Update 2013-05-27T05:50:09Z oracle-digital-welcomes-next-penguin-update Perth, WA, May 27, 2013 - Recently, Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released a video announcement that came as no surprise to many SEO firms and webmasters. The video, released on his company blog, announced a fourth Penguin update, which is known at Google as “Penguin 2.0.”Google has been changing its algorithm on a regular basis, trying to ensure quality search results for their customers. Ever since their first Panda update in February of 2011, Google has been on a mission, with mixed success, to keep low-quality, “thin” sites and pages off of the front page.The first Penguin update was put into effect on April 24th 2012, and announced as “Penguin 1.0” on April 26th. Penguin 1.1 was released on May 25th, and 1.2 would be released on October 5th of the same year. Though Penguin supposedly affected only 3.5% of search engine results, anecdotal “evidence” suggests that a lot of websites were affected, including some legitimate ones that were seen as collateral damage.All of the updates have been designed to penalise any website that appeared to be manipulating Google's search engine to produce artificially high results. According to Matt Cutts, Penguin 2.0 is designed with roughly the same goal, but with better technology.On his video, Cutts said that webmasters whose goal was to make high quality websites with a lot of information that encourages visitors to bookmark the sites and share them on social media would be “in alignment” with Google and the new Penguin update goals.Cutts would mention “advertorials” and link spammers as two main categories of websites that would be penalised. Indeed, Cutts mentioned “black hat spammers” more than once in his video; this would indicate that Google has found a more accurate way to target webmasters who are using black hat techniques.As positives that would be rewarded by the updates, he mentioned that those who were unfairly damaged by the Panda updates may find some relief. Cutts also mentioned that Google has developed a method for finding true authority sites within certain market segments, and that newly-found authority sites would receive a “boost” in the search engine rankings.James Corby, Business Development Director for Perth SEO firm Oracle Digital, is optimistic about the latest Penguin update: “We see this as great news for honest businesses who don't take shortcuts. We have provided solid, honest SEO with no shortcuts, no black hat techniques, and no manipulation of Google since before the Panda updates; these changes have actually benefited our customers. Panda and Penguin have made a lot of spammy sites disappear from the first few pages of Google.”Corby continued, “Google is forcing people to be honest. They have stopped rewarding people for gaming their system. Now, the only way for a website to appear on page one of Google is to provide their customers with what they are searching for in the first place: solid information. This has upset a lot of people who were thriving by taking shortcuts, but it is going to make people who want to do things right very, very happy.”Corby concluded, “Ultimately, the good guys win and the bad guys lose. We can live with that, and so can our clients.”Oracle Digital is an SEO firm in Perth. They provide digital marketing and SEO services in Perth and across Australia. To learn more about how to thrive in a world of Panda and Penguin updates, call 1300 899 851 or check out their website: SEO Company in Perth Leaks Proprietary Information 2013-01-25T02:17:40Z seo-company-in-perth-leaks-proprietary-information In a controversial post that some in the SEO industry see as “too much information,” Oracle Digital’s Business Development Director, James Corby, gave away a lot of secrets that many SEO firms would rather not allow the public to see. The post covered a few very key points where an SEO provider may be at fault for decreased traffic, and gives readers the metrics to determine who is at fault for decreased revenue.The post also explains the reasoning behind the metrics, and how Google’s Panda and Penguin have affected SEO. Corby focuses on some key performance indicators (KPI) that mean the SEO provider is at fault for decreased performance, and some that mean the website owner is at fault. It also explains how to use the Google Analytics KPI formula to determine what needs “fixing” when a campaign apparently goes bad.The post focuses on the fact that decreased traffic may or may not be the fault of the SEO provider, and teaches how to tell the difference. Many webmasters and business owners judge the effectiveness of an SEO campaign by the total number of visitors and traffic going to their website, but the post demonstrates why there are a lot more factors that help accurately measure the success of an SEO campaign.Corby recommends using a lot of metrics, including the 12 month Google Analytics KPI formula. The formula takes into account total unique visitors, organic search traffic, brand-related search terms, raw organic search traffic (total organic searches minus brand related searches), raw organic percentage of total unique visitors, total time spent on site, number of pages visited, and total keyword searches.The post also takes a lot of market factors into consideration that are beyond the control of an SEO firm. Corby recommends using Google Trends to gather historical search data and help determine if there is still a market for the product that is being advertised. Google Trends can provide enough information to give a very good snapshot of any market at any given time, be it high or low.According to Corby, offline marketing also plays a big factor in how many visitors a website gets. Internet marketing works, but brand recognition from offline sources can be a significant source of traffic.Corby was asked what he was trying to accomplish with his post: “I believe that this information is critical for every business owners that has taken an SEO provider on board. In most cases, business owners are less than knowledgeable about their online marketing needs in general, especially when it comes to monitoring the data and determining if their online marketing is achieving successful results. Every business owner has a right to this knowledge!”Corby continued, “The bottom line is that there are some things that an SEO company can control and some things they can’t. We don’t mind putting it out there to our readers, and we always hope that we are providing a service with posts like this. Most business owners look purely at their prized Google rankings and total traffic/visitors to their website as a key indicator for SEO performance. It is way more than that.”Oracle Digital provides full-service digital marketing campaigns and SEO in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and all across Australia.Visit their website for more information: or call them at 1300 899 851. Facebook Announces Updates to Nearby; Oracle Digital Urges Clients to Take Action Now 2013-01-03T02:07:24Z facebook-announces-updates-to-nearby-oracle-digital-urges-clients-to-take-action-now Facebook’s 17th December announcement of new updates to the Nearby section of their mobile app didn’t draw a lot of attention, but Oracle Digital has already developed a campaign strategy to maximise Nearby for their marketing clients. Facebook has updated Nearby, allowing users to check in to businesses, rate them, and recommend them to their friends. Facebook’s statistics indicate that 150 million people visit Facebook pages daily, across the globe. According to Socialbakers, a social network research firm, 11,872,040 Australians currently use Facebook. This places Australia 21st on Facebook by number of users. By estimates, 55.18% of Australians use Facebook, and 70.15% of Australia’s Internet population uses Facebook. Marketing Magazine rates Facebook as the top social media outlet in Australia by the number of active users and by the 25 minute, 43 second average visit. For a business to show up on Nearby, it must first have a Facebook page. In the rare case that a user rates a location that doesn’t have a page, Facebook will create a blank page for the business, which usually doesn’t help the business at all. A business must create a page, put it in the “Local Business or Place” category, and then put in basic information about the business, such as hours of operation, prices, and location. Users can then find the business on their smartphones through the Facebook app. They can contact businesses over their smartphones by calling, checking in, or getting directions. They can rate the business on a five star system, and they can recommend it to their friends if they like. When a user is looking for a business, he or she can see what business in that category are in the area, where their friends have checked in, and what businesses they have recommended. This encourages the viral nature of Facebook, and many businesses already see this feature as a great opportunity to get word of mouth advertising.James Corby, Business Development Director for Oracle Digital, is very optimistic about the power of Nearby to enhance a marketing campaign: “We’ve been on Facebook since the beginning, and we consider it an essential tool in any marketing campaign, but the new Nearby update has just taken one of Facebook’s best features and made it even better. People go to Facebook to see what their friends have to say; now, Facebook has made it easier for friends to recommend businesses to their friends.”Corby continued, “For any business that hasn’t fully integrated and maximised Facebook into their marketing campaign, this is the best opportunity they are going to have to create near-instant success at playing ‘catch-up.’ It is now crucial that businesses engage their customers and encourage them to give them likes and recommendations on Nearby. If a business creates a great page, caters to smartphone users, delivers the best in customer service, and then encourages those customers to recommend their business over Nearby, they may be able to position themselves as leaders for years to come.”Corby added some words of caution: “The downside is that failure to take advantage of Nearby right now, whether through omission or shoddy, inept work, can result in a massive loss of business.”Corby concluded, “There are two choices: take action now or get left behind.”Oracle Digital is a Perth digital marketing and SEO firm that can help you integrate Facebook into your marketing program. Visit their website here: or call them at 1300 899 851.