The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2012-12-20T00:31:26Z FingerTec Time Clocks Release Face ID 4 Series And Software Updates 2012-12-20T00:31:26Z fingertec-time-clocks-release-face-id-4-series-and-software-updates FingerTec is one of the leading manufacturers of biometric enabled time clocks, and time and attendance software solutions. FingerTec has been doing extensive testing in its laboratories on it's products following the release of Windows 8 operating system. After conclusive testing FingerTec are proud to announce that TCMS V2, TimeTec Web, Ingress, Biobridge, Webster and FTDP are compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows 8 operating system. Additionally there are new firmware updates for Face ID 3 and R2, two of the most popular facial recognition units. Free download of the new firmware is available form the official Fingertec website. Focusing on the small business market FingerTec are releasing Face ID 4 series in 2013. This new series of biometric time clocks is a new benchmark in facial recognition time clocks. Accurate data can be easily gathered by the Face ID 4 series as it utilises multi verification methods, including face, card and password verification. The easy contactless facial recognition feature, allows staff to identify themselves to the unit in mere seconds without using their hands. The Face ID 4 series uses Face Biobridge VX 8.0 software, which utilises the high performance facial recognition algorithm developed by the FingerTec laboratories team. The algorithm allows the unit to detect faces quicker than any previous models, allowing easier verification and data collection. The updated hardware and camera unit also allows greater functionality, including increased performance in low-light performance. The Face ID 4 series can be used by companies as primarily a time and attendance system, or it can also be used as a door access system as well. The Face ID 4 comes with the standard FingerTec 2 year warrantee and is powered by the TCMS V2 software. The self guide DVD is provided with the package and further post-purchase help is available from Bundy Specialists the leading time clocks distributor in Australia. FingerTec has recently streamlined their global warranty registration page to ensure easier access to the warranty registration service. Additionally FingerTec have released a new cloud based solution for small and medium sized business for data storage and time and attendance system integration. The TimeTec Cloud is a subscription based cloud based program that allows companies to utilise enterprise grade time attendance systems without the need to purchase servers, hosting software and equipment and perform server maintenance. The program allows easy transfer of data so that managers can have access to live data of current labour distribution and work balance. TimeTec Web is another online time attendance solution that FingerTec has developed, but unlike the TimeTec cloud this requires you to purchase and maintain your own servers and hosting. For more information on how your business will benefit from using TimeTec cloud, and how you can benefit from having Australian based hosting and customer service, visit the Bundy Specialists website at