The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-02-18T02:22:26Z Western Australia Commits More Funds to the Great Southern Food and Wine Festival 2013-02-18T02:22:26Z western-australia-commits-more-funds-to-the-great-southern-food-and-wine-festival On 30th January, Tourism Council WA announced that the IGA Taste Great Southern Food and Wine Festival would be receiving more funding from the WA State Government through their Regional Events Program.CEO Evan Hall expressed appreciation to Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls and Tourism Minister Kim Hames, and expressed that the extra funding could be a boon to tourism in regional WA.According to Hall, most regional tourism operators have had to make do with small budgets and rely mostly on volunteers to boost tourism in their regions. Hall feels that the extra funds will be a great help to some of the more cash-strapped and overworked tourism operators, and will help them attract more tourists to their various regions.Hall is of the opinion that even a moderate amount of extra funds can help publicise regional festivals so that they are noticed in Perth or some of the bigger cities on the East Coast. Hall is cognisant of the effect of events like the Great Southern, and acknowledged that the festival is “highly effective at getting tourists… spending money on local accommodation… and tourist attractions.” Hall went on to call the increased funds for the festival a “great use of Government funding.”Proprietors of accommodation and restaurants in the Denmark and Albany areas are especially excited, since most of the events associated with the festival are either in Denmark or Albany. The first event was Saturday 9th February in Denmark, and the final event will be Sunday 24th March in Denmark.Some of the Denmark venues include the Forest Hill Winery, The Lake House Restaurant and Winery, the TASTE Beach BBQ at a location that will be announced on February 27, the MadFish Winery, Yilgarnia Wines and Wildflowers, Chimes Spa Retreat, and Singlefile Wines. Albany will use their Entertainment Centre for many of the events, and while more will be conducted in the Albany area. For more information, they invite you to visit their website, where the full schedule can also be found.Brendan Laing, Owner of Denmark luxury accommodation William Bay Country Cottages, is excited about the news, and is in full festival mode: “We love Great Southern, and we are glad to see the festival getting more funding from the state. We say this a lot, but once someone visits us, they want to come back. Anything that helps us get more visitors will help us get more who visit us on a regular basis.“Laing continued, “The Great Southern events are all wonderful, and a great drawing card, but we always hope that as many people as possible decide to check out some of the other things the Denmark area has to offer, too.  Many of the events are at our local wineries, for example, but there are many more. We also have world class restaurants, luxury accommodation, and a lot of parks, beaches, and natural attractions.”Laing concluded, “A person could spend an entire year down here just sightseeing and trying out different attractions, but we think one week at our cottage accommodation in Denmark is a great place to start. You could visit a couple of wineries, a few restaurants, and take one or two days to just hang out in your cottage or maybe walk down to the beach.”William Bay Country Cottages provide luxury holiday accommodation in Denmark WA. For reservations or to check on holiday accommodation, please call 08 9840 9221 or check out their website: Australians Ask: Does Denmark WA Have the Fountain of Youth? 2013-01-10T02:11:24Z australians-ask-does-denmark-wa-have-the-fountain-of-youth In late 2012, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released a report called “Deaths, Australia, 2011.” In the report, Denmark, WA, was named as having the lowest standardised death rate for 2011, at 3.1 deaths per 1,000 population. This compares to a Western Australia death rate of 5.3, and Australia’s standardised death rate of 5.6.The report shows that Australians now live longer than people in other major English-speaking countries such as New Zealand, the US, Canada, and the UK. A male born now can expect to live for 79.7 years, while his female counterpart can expect to live 84.2 years.The Australian Capital Territory had the highest life expectancy of any territory, at 84.8 years for women and 81 years for men. The Northern Territory had the lowest life expectancy, at 80.5 years for women and 74.9 years for men.These statistics include infant deaths, childhood deaths, and other early deaths, but the outlook is even better for people who reach the age of 65. Males who live to 65 can expect to live until they reach 84, and women can expect to live until they reach 87.Overall, the report indicated that Australians are living longer than they used to. The 5.6 nationwide death rate was a 15.2% decrease from the rate of 6.6 in 2001, and is the lowest ever recorded in Australia. Infant deaths decreased by 7.8%, and indigenous deaths decreased by 4.3%.Denmark’s 3.1 death rate is only 55.4% of the overall Australia death rate. That means that one’s statistical odds of dying in Denmark are slightly over half of the odds of dying in Australia overall.Brendan Laing, owner of William Bay Country Cottages, attributes Denmark WA’s longevity rate to the relaxed, friendly lifestyle there: “In 2011, in the US, Oregon State University conducted a study that finally proved what people have known for years: there is a definite link between stress and decreased lifespan. Denmark is a place where tourists go to get away from stress, and it is showing in our lower death rate.”Laing continued, “Denmark is a small town, and it offers a lifestyle that is antithetical to the hustle and bustle of big cities. Nobody is totally without stress, but when we say “no worries” down here, we generally mean it. There are a lot of factors here that contribute to the lack of stress. We are a small town, and many of us are in the tourism industry. While the tourism industry has its stresses, and is often a lot of hard work, the pressure element is nowhere near the same as it is in an office job in a big city.”Laing elaborated further: “The lack of stress here starts where it always has: with the people. People in Denmark are friendly. We work hard, and we genuinely care about people. In cities, people often won’t talk to each other without a ‘reason.’ Down here, we talk to each other for no reason at all, other than to be friendly, or to ask how someone is doing. In the city, a person is often just a number. In Denmark, a person is usually a friend.”Laing concluded, “A small town isn’t for everyone, but a lot of people fall in love with Denmark because of our people. Personally, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”William Bay Country Cottages provides cottage and holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA.For reservations or more information, please visit their website here: or call them at 08 9840 9221. William Bay Country Cottages Celebrates 20th Anniversary 2012-12-20T10:40:25Z william-bay-country-cottages-celebrates-20th-anniversary Twenty years ago, on 20th December 1992, the late Kevin Laing and his wife Val opened a small luxury accommodation property called William Bay Country Cottages. Laing, a carpenter, built four cottages which each had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Within four years, Laing would build another cottage, this one called the Endeavour, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. By 2003, due to popular demand, Kevin and his son, Brendan, who by then was also a carpenter, would build two spa cottages—the Pioneer and the Settler.  Kevin is gone, but his legacy still lives on at William Bay Country Cottages. His widow, Val, and his son, Brendan, still run the property, along with Brendan’s fiancé, Haylie Curran. William Bay Country Cottages is rated by AAA Tourism with four stars as a self-contained accommodation. They are also listed at #1 by TripAdvisor as “specialty lodging.” William Bay Country Cottages constantly strives to improve their guest experience, and that has involved recent renovations. In the last 18 months, the four original cottages have been renovated and upgraded, while the three newer cottages have also undergone smaller improvements. The cottages, 7 in total, are hidden amongst 70 acres of bush, on a 330 acre farm. They are located 2 km away from the William Bay turnoff toward Greens Pool. Besides luxury and holiday accommodation in Denmark WA, William Bay Country Cottages also offers a private trail through William Bay National Park. They also offer other amenities, such as a tennis court, a games room, and plenty of farm animals, which children in particular find to be very entertaining and educational. Besides families, the luxury accommodation also attracts couples for romantic getaways. Most find the accommodation spacious but cosy, and find the proximity to the beach ideal for romantic, moonlit walks. The property is near the beach, and there is a trail through William Bay National Park that extends from the cottages to the beach. Bartholomews Honey Meadery is across the road from the property, and the Toffee Factory is just down the road. Greens Pool is also nearby, and there are myriad natural attractions in the area, in addition to world class wineries and restaurants.Brendan Laing, owner of William Bay Country Cottages, is excited about the anniversary: “While I was growing up here, I got to know a lot of the guests. They have watched me grow up, and sometimes I feel like I’m part of one large, extended family. Later, I was able to follow in my father’s footsteps. Now, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary. Sometimes it seems like yesterday I was a boy, looking for ways to help out.” Laing continued, “William Bay Country Cottages is a very special and unique place. We decided long ago that we didn’t want to be like a big city resort, and we have kept it small on purpose. With our cottages, we are able to give every guest the kind of service and respect that we would like to receive when we stay somewhere. In a way, every year is a bit like a series of anniversaries. We have so many regular guests who come back every year, and it’s always like seeing an old friend or family member.”Laing concluded, “We would like to thank every guest who has ever stayed at William Bay Country Cottages. We know that without you, we wouldn’t be here.”William Bay Country Cottages offers luxury accommodation in Denmark WA for 20 years now and counting. Book a cottage today for a unique and relaxing getaway with your loved ones.  For more information, visit their website here: or call them at (08) 9840 9221 for bookings or inquiries.