The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-08-19T06:15:59Z Logoed Winter and Spring Wear Providing High Quality Advertising Impressions 2015-08-19T06:15:59Z logoed-winter-and-spring-wear-providing-high-quality-advertising-impressions Perth, WA, 19 August 2015 - According to the owner of a promotional products firm in Perth, it’s not too late to reap the advertising benefits of custom winter wear and spring wear as promotional giveaway items. Promotional products are items that are given away to prospects, decision-makers and sometimes employees of a business to promote brand recognition and awareness.The idea behind promotional products is to give them away. Every time the person who received the item uses it, the item produces an advertising impression for the business that gave it away. Because the person feels gratitude towards the giver, it makes the advertising impression more effective. In addition, another advertising impression is produced every time someone else sees them using the product. This is more effective than a radio ad or TV ad because each impression comes with “social proof,” which is the concept behind “word of mouth” advertising. In the case of winter and spring wear such as an attractive jacket or sweater, the gratitude factor is multiplied because it is literally “warming up” the prospects. Winter wear can last from five to more than ten years in many cases because it doesn’t get as much wear and tear as a shirt. This means a business can give away a jacket this month and still receive hundreds or even thousands of advertising impressions from it in 2020. Not only are these high quality advertising impressions: they are also highly visible because winter wear and spring wear has plenty of room for a company name, logo and message. Clothing can be given to prospects and decision-makers or it can be given to employees as incentives for performance. Businesses that provide jackets for their employees always report increased morale. A simple gift such as a logoed jacket can make an employee proud to work at a place of business, even if that employee didn’t care before receiving the jacket. Even if the advertising impressions aren’t considered, a business that gives logoed jackets to its employees reaps valuable benefits. But it doesn’t stop there. Employees who are proud of their workplace tend to wear their jackets everywhere. This means they are walking billboards for their places of employment during the winter and spring months. This can produce thousands of high quality advertising impressions.Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, a firm that provides promotional products in the Perth area. According to Mr Eaton: “Apparel is extremely effective in promoting a business. If jackets are given to the right people, they can provide some of the best return on investment in the advertising business.”Mr Eaton concluded: “I have seen a lot of employees take a lot more pride in their workplaces, just because they were given one logoed jacket. If that was the only benefit, it would still be worth far more than you pay for it.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products for businesses in the Perth area. They carry a full line of promotional gifts and corporate clothing, including winter wear and spring wear. They pride themselves on world class customer service, high quality products and quick turnaround time. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website today: New Study Proves that Promotional Products Provide the Lowest Cost Per High Quality Advertising Impression 2015-08-14T02:13:22Z new-study-proves-that-promotional-products-provide-the-lowest-cost-per-high-quality-advertising-impression Perth, WA, 14 August 2015 - Over the years, a number of studies have been performed globally about the efficiency of promotional products. Most of these studies have been performed in the US, but the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has widened the scope of their surveys and studies. The ASI has been conducting a yearly study since 2006. The first study was in the US. Slowly, they expanded their reach. The study culminating in 2014 contained results from the US, Mexico, Canada, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France and Australia. Though the only Australian study was performed in Sydney, a promotional products provider in Perth feels that the numbers are relevant across Australia.The latest study is entitled, the “Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study.” It was conducted in 2014, but results from previous studies were amalgamated into the current study to provide a more comprehensive picture of how promotional items are helping businesses improve brand recognition and brand perception. Questions were asked to students and businesspeople across the globe. The purpose was to learn how many promotional items they had, how they were using them, why they kept the items and what they think of the companies who gave them the products. PopularityFor the popularity section, participants were asked questions about promotional items they had received in the last twelve months. They were asked to rate up to three promotional items. The numbers for Sydney were strikingly similar to numbers collected across the world, especially in other English speaking countries. 46% had writing instruments, 43% had shirts, 34% had office accessories, 32% had caps and headwear, 31% had calendars, 25% had flashdrives, 24% had bags, 15% had drinkware, 13% had health and safety products and 9% had outerwear. Performance of Individual ProductsWriting instruments, i.e. pens, turned out to be the most popular in every English-speaking country. While this statistic wasn’t computed for Sydney, pens were found to provide high quality advertising impressions for an average of 1/10 of a cent per impression in the US. Bags, which are underrated and underutilised as a promotional giveaway item, were found to provide an average of 5,000 advertising impressions per unit in Sydney. Shirts were found to be very effective. In the US, 52% reported owning a shirt with a custom logo on it. German respondents reported wearing a logoed shirt at least once a week. Desk accessories were found to be an effective office item: 61% of those who receive desk accessories as promotional products said they keep the accessories at work. While drinkware wasn’t as common as many of the other promotional items, it was found that the average US respondent used their drinkware from 2-3 times a week.The statistic that many advertisers will find the most impressive: the average cost per advertising impression in the US was $0.06. That is the lowest cost of any high-impact advertising medium.ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products to the Perth area and beyond. They specialise in having a diverse selection of high quality items from inexpensive giveaway items to high-end executive products. Popular promotional items include stubby holders, silicone wristbands, corporate clothing and custom coffee mugs. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website today: Vinyl Banners Helping Perth Businesses Increase Visibility 2015-06-24T01:59:28Z vinyl-banners-helping-perth-businesses-increase-visibility Perth, WA, 24 June 2015 - More and more businesses in the Perth area are turning to an old standby to find new customers: vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are not a new item by any means, but seem to be more popular than ever right now. New Technology, Newfound PopularityAs digital printing became a market force, the quality of vinyl banners was sharply increased. Formerly, vinyl banners were basic banners with lettering on a plain background. Digital printing has changed all that. Now, anything that can be photographed can be printed on a banner. This means that design and colour options are infinite.Instead of just lettering or a simple logo, high quality art and artistically attractive company logos can now be easily printed on vinyl banners. Photographic art of the same quality as expensive magazine ads can now be printed, often in life-size proportion, on a large banner.Banners are large enough that they have room for much more than a company name and logo. They can hold a message and product information. They can also hold information that businesses want to convey to prospective customers, depending on the location and purpose of the banner.Banners are UbiquitousA simple walk through a fair, an outdoor event or a trade show is a testament to the popularity of vinyl banners. They are weatherproof and waterproof. They can be seen at sporting events, conferences, open houses, expos and fixed retail locations. Often, retail locations use giant banners to announce sales or even to replace the business sign while it is under repair or being replaced.Banners are DurableBanners are now very durable. Digital printing has produced a new generation of banners that last for years and years if taken care of properly. Usually, as a “rule of thumb,” any vinyl banner will outlast the message that is printed on it. Advertising ImpressionsBecause banners are durable, they provide thousands upon thousands of advertising impressions. The best part: businesses only pay for them once. One reasonably priced banner can produce thousands of advertising impressions over a period of many years. Because people who look at banners usually look at them intentionally, these advertising impressions are of a much higher quality than those from media advertisements.Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, a provider of promotional products in Perth. According to Mr Eaton: “Over the years, our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results they get from using advertising banners. They are incredibly versatile; they can be used to convey any message you want to send out to the public. They look great, too.”Mr Eaton concluded: “Vinyl banners are an easy, inexpensive way to bring a lot of customers to your business.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products to businesses in the Perth area. They carry a full line of flags and banners, including vinyl banners, teardrop banners, flags, pop-up banners and pull up banners. In addition, they carry a full line of promotional items such as personalised mugs, stubby holders and USB flash drives. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Custom USB Flash Drives Help Businesses Thrive 2015-06-19T01:53:19Z custom-usb-flash-drives-help-businesses-thrive Perth, WA, 19 June 2015 - Though many vendors of promotional items in the Perth area think of USB flash drives as promotional giveaway gifts, savvy vendors see them as far more. Scott Eaton of ImagePak Marketing, a Perth firm that specialises in promotional items and advertising specialties, sees businesses coming up with unique uses for USB flash drives. According to Mr Eaton:“Businesses are finding out that USB flash drives can help them be more productive. Recently, we provided flash drives for a recruiting company that filled them with data before giving them to clients. We are seeing a lot more companies out there loading USB flash drives with crucial documents such as company policies and hiring paperwork.”VersatilityUSB flash drives can be customised with a company’s name and logo. These are often given as promotional gifts and are very effective when used for that purpose. Especially in the business world, a flash drive can come in handy, especially for those who do business on the road.USB flash drives are available in various capacities and designs. When used only for documents, enough documents to fill an entire office can fit on a drive no bigger than the average thumb. However, they can also be used to store other data. This includes software, videos and PowerPoint presentations. An employee can store his or her entire set of documents and records on a USB flash drive, though a backup is recommended. Some companies are currently busy figuring out which documents are appropriate to be stored on employee’s hard drives and which are proprietary in nature and need to stay “in-house.”Financial Planners and Mortgage BrokersFinancial planners are finding that a flash drive can make their lives a lot easier. They can create an individual plan or presentation for a client or prospective client. Then, it is simply a matter of giving the flash drive, complete with contact information and paperwork, to the client. For mortgage brokers, the plan is similar. Each client gets an individual set of recommendations and paperwork on a customised flash drive. Saving Paper and SpaceComputers, cloud storage and flash drives can help offices and organisations eliminate a lot of paper and a lot of office space. For individual employees, clients and prospective customers, a customised flash drive is an effective solution. It is a way to transfer paperwork and documents that doesn’t waste paper or take up any space. In addition, a flash drive can be attached to a keychain or kept in a pocket, making it convenient to use in mobile situations. According to Mr Eaton: “When we started distributing USB flash drives, we had no idea they would be so successful or so useful. They have transcended the promotional gift category and are now a useful business tool.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional items and gifts to businesses in the Perth area and across Australia. They carry a wide array of items, such as USB flash drives, custom coffee mugs, stubby holders and a full line of corporate clothing and sports uniforms. To learn more about ImagePak Marketing or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Promotional Headwear Helps Charities Publicise their Causes 2015-05-18T03:35:31Z promotional-headwear-helps-charities-publicise-their-causes Perth, WA, 18 May 2015 - Charities are beginning to utilise a common promotional product that many feel is grossly underrated: the custom hat. While hats aren’t the first thing people think of when they consider custom apparel, they are becoming more popular due to their combination of visibility and relatively low price. The custom wristband has become the fundraising story of the current era, but hats provide a different set of benefits that are making some charities “turn their heads” and pay attention. Custom hats are extremely visible. They are always two or three centimetres above eye level. That means they provide the closest eye contact of any promotional item. Hats are big enough to handle any message or logo, but small enough that they are still economical. In the Perth climate, hats are always useful for protecting one’s eyes from the sun and helping them keep a “cool head” in hot weather.Elliot’s Army and the Telethon AdventurersOne charity that is using hats to raise awareness is Elliot’s Army. Elliot’s Army was started in 2009 by Rick Parish when his 9-year-old son, Elliot, was diagnosed with spinal and brain cancer. Mr Parish and friend Peter Wilson started a group called The Adventurers whose first task was to climb a mountain to raise money for children’s cancer research.Elliot succumbed to his cancer in 2011, but Elliot’s Army and the Adventurers live on. Today, the Adventurers have combined with the Channel 7 Telethon Trust to become the Telethon Adventurers. To date, they have raised more than $9 million for children’s cancer research.The Elliot’s Army HatElliot’s Army consulted with ImagePak Marketing, a company that provides promotional apparel and other promotional gifts in the Perth area. They wanted a unique promotional gift to help raise awareness for children’s cancer research. Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, suggested a hat.Elliot’s Army has a very distinctive coat of arms as its logo. They have put the logo on shirts, but wanted another way to raise awareness. The logo is much too large to fit on a silicone wristband. Mr Eaton suggested hats because they were large enough to hold the logo and visible enough to create a lot of awareness.According to Mr Eaton, “Hats are probably one of the most underutilised and underrated promotional items we carry. In a climate like Perth, hats are a natural. They provide protection from the sunlight. They can help keep your head cool during the summer and warm during the winter. They are the closest thing to eye level that it gets for promoting any cause or business. They don’t cost as much as shirts, making them a nice compromise between the shirt and the silicone wristband.”Mr Eaton concluded: “We are proud of the Elliot’s Army hats because they are very attractive and for a great cause.” ImagePak Marketing provides promotional clothing, headwear and other promotional products. They are located in the Perth area, but provide products throughout WA and across Australia. They feature knowledgeable customer service, high quality products and a quick turnaround time. To learn more, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Sublimation Rules Polo Shirt Printing in Perth Sports World 2015-05-14T04:28:54Z sublimation-rules-polo-shirt-printing-in-perth-sports-world Perth, WA, 14 May 2015 - A printing process called sublimation has become a game-changer in the business of sports apparel, especially when it comes to polo shirt printing. Traditionally, sports uniforms have been customised by embroidery or screen printing. Embroidery is traditionally used on hats and polo shirts, while screen printing is used on t-shirts and jerseys. In the case of polo shirts, the fact that they were usually embroidered made them problematic for sports. The embroidering process covers a small area. Usually, polo shirts are embroidered with one logo or design on one side of the chest or sometimes a logo on one side and a name on the other. A large design or multiple logos is problematic and very expensive for polo shirts.Due to the introduction of sublimation, however, it is easy to print any design required on a polo shirt. What is Sublimation?Sublimation is a process in which special dyes are absorbed into the fabric. The process is computer-driven. This allows for full-colour printing and even for pictures. Sublimation provides the ultimate in flexibility for any printed apparel. For polo shirts, it opens up a new world. Instead of one logo and one name, a polo shirt can now be adorned with multiple logos and an ornate design. Even a photograph can now be printed onto a polo shirt. Two Examples of Sports UsageImagePak Marketing, who provide polo shirt printing and other promotional products from their Perth facility, recently used sublimation polo shirt printing for two sport teams. The first was for the Geraldton Buccaneers, a basketball team that plays in the WA SBL. They wanted polo shirts for their supporters. They wanted to outfit their supporters in polo shirts instead of t-shirts to make them stand out. They also wanted multiple logos in multiple positions on the shirts. ImagePak Marketing was able to give them the design and colours they needed to make their shirts unique. The Rossmoyne Rhinos play footy in the Masters Football League. They needed jerseys for players and polo shirts for coaches. They were able to take full advantage of sublimation printing to produce extremely attractive uniforms and shirts. Sublimation and Sports ApparelScott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing. He has spent his entire adult life in his family’s business. He has seen the landscape for sports uniforms and printing change drastically since the days when screen printing was the only high-quality option for printing sports uniforms. According to Mr Eaton: “The introduction of sublimation printing has been a game changer for local sporting teams. Because we can now sublimate dyes straight into the fabric, any local team can have uniforms that look like they were custom made for them at the factory. In addition, because the design is computer driven, we can reproduce any design a sports team wants.”Mr Eaton concluded: “We can make a local team look as good as a national professional team.”ImagePak Marketing provides polo shirt printing and promotional products in Perth. They carry a wide range of apparel and promotional items for sports, business and charity applications. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: ImagePak Marketing Provides Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional Products 2015-03-18T06:35:23Z imagepak-marketing-provides-guide-to-choosing-the-right-promotional-products Perth, WA, 18 March 2015 - Scott Eaton owns ImagePak Marketing, a provider of promotional products in Perth. ImagePak Marketing opened in 1979. This has allowed Mr Eaton to know which products work the best and where they work the best. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Eaton provided a guide to selecting the right promotional product for the right business. He also provided an overview of how and why promotional products work. The Purpose of Promotional ProductsPromotional products are usually useful, custom branded products that are given away to a target market. Every time the recipient uses the item, it produces what is known as an advertising impression for the company that gave the item away. The advertising impression is seen as a high-quality impression because the person who uses the item feels gratitude towards the business that gave away the item. If the item is used in a visible situation such as an office, secondary advertising impressions of slightly lower quality are produced when someone else sees the person using the item.Since many promotional items are inexpensive and often have a long usage cycle, they are seen as a cost-efficient, effective way to produce thousands of advertising impressions. Uses of Various Promotional ProductsAs Mr Eaton points out on his blog, there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach that works for every business. Different businesses use different classes of promotional products. What works for one business may be a waste of money for another. It is important to match the right promotional product with the right business. The first step is to identify a target market. This makes it easier to select the right promotional product.Stubby HoldersStubby holders are a popular promotional product for many Perth area businesses. They are used to keep cold beverages cold. They named after the “stubby” beer bottle, but can hold many various sizes and beverages. They are inexpensive and well-liked by recipients. They work best for casual businesses, but may not be appropriate for high-end firms that are “business only.”Javacups and Custom Coffee MugsFrom the entry level Javacup to the colour-sublimated custom coffee mug, drinkware is an effective promotional item. Javacups may be more appropriate for casual businesses, while a more elegant coffee mug is appropriate for a formal business setting.Promotional ClothingPromotional clothing such as custom sportswear is appropriate for almost any business. Formal businesses can use corporate wear with embroidered logos, while nearly any business can benefit from an embroidered polo shirt. Casual businesses often have sublimation-printed t-shirts. These can be given away, awarded as prizes or even sold, as many tourist businesses do.The Right ChoiceAccording to Mr Eaton: “If you choose the right product for the right target market, you receive thousands of targeted advertising impressions for much less than they would cost in any other advertising medium.”ImagePak Marketing provides a wide range of promotional products to businesses in the Perth area and throughout Western Australia. They offer items such as custom coffee mugs, stubby holders, silicone wristbands, executive promotional items and a wide range of customised apparel. To learn more, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Custom Stubby Holders Gaining Popularity in Colder Months 2015-03-11T02:46:39Z custom-stubby-holders-gaining-popularity-in-colder-months Perth, WA, 11 March 2015 - For years, stubby holders were primarily used by bars and pubs to keep beer cold. Eventually, other businesses began to see the value of giving stubby holders to customers, clients and prospects. The reasoning behind distributing stubby holders to customers and prospects is sound. The person who receives the stubby holder uses it every time they drink their favourite cold beverage. Every time they look at the bottle or can, they see the name of the company that gave it to them. Not only do they see the company name, but they also feel gratitude that it was given to them. This combination creates a number of high-quality advertising impressions whenever the stubby holder is used. If they are used every day, they produce a lot of advertising impressions at a very low price. When stubby holders are given out, the person receiving them usually appreciates them because they aren’t a high-profit or high-volume item in retail stores. Since they are not always readily available, stubby holders are a welcome gift for most people. This almost guarantees that they will be used as opposed to being thrown in a drawer and forgotten. In addition, stubby holders are quite durable. They last a long time. They don’t often get broken, torn or even stained. They just keep providing reliable advertising impressions, day after day, month after month. Custom stubby holders are also easy to personalise. They can be personalised by traditional screen printing or by a new technology called sublimation. Sublimation uses a computer printer, a transfer medium and heat to transfer sublimation dyes directly into the stubby holder. This allows for ultimate design flexibility. If it can be created and photographed, it can go on a stubby holder. Custom stubby holders are part of a select group of promotional products in the Perth area. They provide so many high quality advertising impressions at such a low price that they represent a better advertising bargain than any other medium. Media such as radio, TV and Internet advertising can’t begin to approach the unique combination of targeted leads, advertising impressions and low price offered by custom stubby holders. Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, who provide custom stubby holders and other promotional items in the Perth area. According to Mr Eaton:“Custom stubby holders have been a Perth favourite for as long as I can remember. Summer, winter, spring or fall: stubby holders are always in demand. Promotional giveaway items are a popular advertising and marketing strategy and stubby holders are a great place to start. They are inexpensive but they get used a lot. They are more effective than some items that are more expensive.”Mr Eaton continued: “Stubby holders used to be mostly a summer item, but now they are gaining traction during the colder months, too. In fact, autumn may be the best time to give out custom stubby holders. Some people even wear them out in the summer and are ready for new ones.”ImagePak Marketing provides custom stubby holders and other promotional products to many businesses in the Perth area. To learn more about the items they offer, check out their website: or call 1300 658 745. Golf Items Gaining Popularity as Corporate Promotional Products in Perth 2015-02-18T07:10:55Z golf-items-gaining-popularity-as-corporate-promotional-products-in-perth Perth, WA, 18 February 2015 - Golf items are taking their place alongside the most popular and effective corporate promotional products in the Perth area. Golf items can be as inexpensive as a package of tees or as expensive as a bag of Callaway X Golf Clubs such as those preferred by professional Adam Scott.This range of prices places golf items among the most versatile promotional products category offered in Perth. Golf items can be offered in two ways. They can be given away individually in the same manner as standard promotional items such as stubby holders, pens or travel mugs. They can also be offered as favour bags and prizes during golf outings.Golf Items as Standard Promotional ItemsGolf items have been used as promotional items in Perth for as long as most people in the industry can remember. Tees are inexpensive, as are golf towels. Sleeves of golf balls run a bit more, but can also be given away with great results. Combo packs and golf apparel are often given away as standard promotional products.They all work just as a standard promotional giveaway item would. They are given away and produce an advertising impression every time they are used. They also produce advertising impressions when seen by others in the golfer’s foursome. Towels and apparel are especially effective because they are used more and are more visible to others at the golf course. Golf Tournaments and Golf OutingsGolf items are often given away in favour bags at golf outings or tournaments. A typical favour bag may have a pack of tees, a sleeve of golf balls and a towel, all personalised with the company’s name and/or logo. More expensive items, such as umbrellas, bags, clubs and sets of clubs can be given away as door prizes or tournament prizes after the tournament is over. Golf outings can be held as morale boosters or incentives for employees. They can also be held as a “party” to reward current customers and to impress future ones. Either way, a golf outing is a memorable event and can inspire feelings of gratitude and loyalty among those invited. Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, feels that golf items are extremely effective as corporate promotional items and that more corporations and SME’s are becoming aware of the fact. According to Mr Eaton:“Golf items are great for promoting a business. Whether they are given away as standard promotional items or as part of a golf outing or tournament, people are always happy to receive them. Golf outings are the best, because a lot of people can be gathered in one place where everyone is having fun.”Mr Eaton concluded, “Strategic placing of sales people or executives with prospective customers can pave the way for a lot of deals to be closed later.”ImagePak Marketing has supplied corporate promotional products to the Perth area for more than 30 years. They have a wide selection of high quality promotional products and apparel. They back their selection with friendly, professional customer service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. To learn more about ImagePak Marketing or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: There is Still Time to Order Uniforms for the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon in Perth. 2015-02-05T04:33:40Z there-is-still-time-to-order-uniforms-for-the-australiansuper-corporate-triathlon-in-perth Perth, WA, 5 February 2015 - On Sunday, 8 March 2015, the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon will be held in Perth. The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon is a triathlon in which the focus is on team competition. Unlike most triathlons, the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon, which is held in five locations across Australia, is held specifically for the corporate community.The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon is contested to help foster “healthy industry, company, team and individual competition.” While it is a competition, it is contested in a spirit of cooperation and goodwill to help promote a healthy lifestyle within the corporate community.The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon will have teams of three people each completing all three legs of the full triathlon. This consists of a 400m swim, a 10k cycle and a 4k run. The Woolworth’s Fun Tri-Relay will allow teams of three to each run one leg of the competition. In addition, CEO’s will have a dedicated time to compete against each other in the Australian CEO Super Challenge.The creators and management of the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon encourage businesses to wear uniforms that show off their corporate colours. Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, a provider of custom sportswear in Perth, agrees with the concept. According to Mr Eaton:“We heartily encourage businesses to create and provide custom uniforms for their teams. When an employee, manager or executive represents his or her business or workplace in competitions such as this one, it has a lot of positive effects for the workplace. Athletes representing their workplace and wearing a uniform tend to have more pride in their workplace. They also feel a camaraderie with the others on their team that can extend into the workplace with great benefits.”ImagePak Marketing provides custom sportswear for all sports and Mr Eaton says that it is still possible to have uniforms made in time for the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon. ImagePak Marketing has connections with a lot of different providers and plenty of experience in creating custom uniforms for all athletic and corporate needs.According to Mr Eaton, “We love this time of year because of all the races and sporting events that are going on. We help create uniforms from scratch. We need the company name, logo and colours. After we have them, we can find different styles of uniforms to ensure that each customer gets a unique uniform.”Mr Eaton added further: “We can use embroidering, screen printing or a process called sublimation, in which the design is dyed right into the fabric. Thanks to all of this versatility, we can get together with any representative of the company and create a unique, eye-catching uniform that will make your business stand out.”Mr Eaton concluded, “There’s nothing like the camaraderie between people all wearing their company’s colours, waiting to compete together in the pursuit of one common goal.”ImagePak Marketing provides custom sportswear, corporate clothing and promotional items to the Perth area. They have been in business for more than 30 years. They pride themselves on world class customer service, quality apparel and fast turnaround time. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Perth Businesses Finding Success with Promotional T-Shirts 2015-01-21T04:08:17Z perth-businesses-finding-success-with-promotional-t-shirts Perth, WA, 21 January 2015 - ImagePak Marketing is a business that has made their reputation providing promotional products to Perth. Lately, though, they have seen an upswing in demand for t-shirt printing. T-shirts appear to have a narrow market. They are too casual for many businesses to use as promotional items or employee uniforms. They are often passed over in favour of polos or sport uniforms. However, according to Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, there are plenty of promotional uses for t-shirts. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Eaton detailed some current marketing strategies that involve the use of custom printed t-shirts. Special Event GiveawaysMr Eaton notes that many debuts and grand openings involve t-shirt giveaways. This includes game releases, movie releases and grand openings of businesses such as retail outlets, pubs and restaurants. “Big Box” stores often give away t-shirts to the first 50 or 100 people to buy a certain item. Employee IncentivesMany companies give branded t-shirts away to their employees to commemorate events such as projects or company parties. They will also give away shirts with motivational slogans on them. This helps create more employee pride in their workplace. In addition, anytime an employee wears a t-shirt with a company’s name, logo or both, it produces advertising impressions.Favour BagsT-shirts can also be given away as favour bags at golf tournaments, trade shows or charity events. Employee UniformsMany casual business owners feel that t-shirts make perfect employee uniforms. If the business appeals to teens, young adults, gamers, surfers or involves casual sports such as mini-golf, t-shirts present a viable alternative to polo shirts. Location-Based SouvenirsShops in tourist areas often order t-shirts with the name of the attraction on them. This can be a city, a beach or any tourist destination. Business-Based SouvenirsIn this model, a business such as a pub or a restaurant creates a t-shirt with their own business name on it. Pubs and bars often use images or characters with a pithy comment. One example would be an oceanside pub having a parrot or a pirate with an eyepatch and a slogan such as “Walk the Plank.” It may or may not be tied into a menu item. Design FactorsAccording to Mr Eaton, design is the key factor in souvenir t-shirts:“A great design can be the difference between selling a couple of t-shirts and turning them into a profit centre for a business. We use a process called sublimation, in which the designs are dyed into the shirts. We offer full-colour printing, which means we can duplicate almost anything a customer wants.”Mr Eaton concluded: “We love the business model of selling souvenir t-shirts. It is great because the business establishment profits twice. First, the customer pays for the t-shirt. Then, the customer walks around in their shirt, advertising the business.”ImagePak Marketing provides t-shirt printing, custom sport apparel and promotional products to the Perth area. They have been serving Perth since 1979. They specialise in high-quality products, fast turnaround time and world class customer service. To learn more about how ImagePak Marketing can help you promote your business, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Promotional Products Vendor in Perth Provides System for Prosperity 2015-01-16T06:44:21Z promotional-products-vendor-in-perth-provides-system-for-prosperity Perth, WA, 16 January 2015 - Promotional products have been a Perth mainstay for well over fifty years. Many businesses have had prolonged success with them. Some, on the other hand, have had mixed results. Recently, the owner of a business that provides promotional products provided a guide to successfully using them.Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, who provide promotional products in the Perth area, recently presented a four step plan for maximising returns on promotional products. According to Mr Eaton, “There are four habits that maximise your odds for success when using promotional items for a marketing campaign. They are easy to learn and greatly increase your chances for success.”The Four RecommendationsMr Eaton’s first recommendation is to always provide gifts that the people receiving them either want or need. This is especially relevant at trade shows or public expos, where some people fill their bags with promotional items, take them home and forget about them. If a person is given an item but doesn’t use it, there was no point in giving them the item in the first place.The next step is to always give high-quality gifts. This doesn’t mean one can’t give away inexpensive gifts such as stubby holders or pens; it just means that the stubby holders have to look great and the pens have to work correctly. Mr Eaton also feels that it is important to create an attractive design for the personalisation elements of promotional products. These can include the company name, logo, colours, message and any images they want to use. All must portray the company in the best possible light to be effective. In addition, the company name must be prominent. Mr Eaton’s last step is to give promotional gifts to the right people. Usually, this means potential customers and repeat or current customers. While he feels that it is never appropriate to deny a trade show attendee a promotional item, for example, he also feels that it is important to choose recipients wisely.Putting the Recommendations into ActionMr Eaton has been providing promotional products in the Perth area since 1979. He feels that he is in a unique position to observe what methods and habits make for the most successful use of promotional products. According to Mr Eaton:“Promotional giveaway products still represent one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to advertise. While traditional advertising in the media only lasts for mere minutes, well-placed promotional items can be in use for years. Every time someone uses a promotional item, they receive an advertising impression and don’t even know it. Instead of having their salesman defenses up, they are feeling gratitude and warmth for the company that gave them the item.”Mr Eaton concluded, “The four steps we gave are really common sense. If you give the right promotional items to the right people, your campaign will usually be a success.” ImagePak Marketing has provided promotional products to the Perth area since 1979. They specialise in professional customer service, high quality products and fast turnover time. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Perth Supplier Provides Tips for Creating the Perfect Pub or Casual Restaurant Uniform 2014-12-08T04:28:17Z perth-supplier-provides-tips-for-creating-the-perfect-pub-or-casual-restaurant-uniform Perth, WA, 08 December 2014 - Scott Eaton is the owner of a firm called ImagePak Marketing. They offer corporate clothing, screen printing, embroidery and promotional items from their Perth location. Recently, Mr Eaton has seen an upswing in the number of casual restaurants and pubs in the area. On his company blog, he provided tips for creating the perfect uniform for casual and semi-casual dining. Why Uniforms are ImportantEven in a small restaurant or pub, uniforms are important. They identify employees to customers. They help “brand” the restaurant with the company name, logo, colours and/or slogan. The right uniforms also promote comfort, safety and hygiene. When correctly conceived, they can promote the theme of the pub or restaurant. Design ConsiderationsRestaurant uniforms ideally combine appropriate look, comfort, functionality and safety. This allows employees to do their jobs better and protects them from the hazards of their individual jobs. For example, a kitchen uniform should protect workers from the hazards of the kitchen, such as hot grease or other liquids, but its fit and flexibility shouldn’t restrain movement. Hats are also mandatory in a kitchen to protect the food from a cook’s hair. Aprons are popular for cocktail servers and bartenders because they protect clothing from spilt liquids. Servers in casual operations usually use short-sleeved shirts because long sleeves are too easily stained. While traditional and formal restaurants still like to use black and white, most casual restaurants are advised to use colours that match the theme of the restaurant or their company colours. Stains show up in more vivid detail on white than on any colour. Those who do use black and white are advised to use accessories such as hats, ties or suspenders to provide a more vital appearance.MaterialsMaterials are important in restaurant and pub clothing. Cotton provides the most comfort but usually has a shorter “shelf life.” Polyester is not as comfortable but is more durable and can be made to resist stains easier. Creating the Right UniformAccording to Mr Eaton, there is an art to choosing the right uniform for a casual dining establishment or pub:“A lot of factors go into designing the perfect uniform for your pub or casual restaurant. Besides standard considerations, there are some very subtle ones that make a big difference. What kind of image do you want to project? What kind of message do you want to send to your customers? To your employees? How can your uniform fit into the theme and decor of your restaurant?”Mr Eaton concluded: “Some pubs do fine with unique and funny designs and slogans screened onto T-shirts. Others require a more understated approach with polo shirts and an understated, embroidered company logo. Whatever your needs, uniforms can make your business.”ImagePak Marketing has been providing corporate clothing, embroidery and screen printing to the Perth area since 1979. They offer a wide range of apparel and promotional items to pubs, casual restaurants and other businesses. They specialise in world class customer service and quick turnaround time. To learn more, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Promotional Products Help Perth Businesses Increase Revenue 2014-12-03T06:05:26Z promotional-products-help-perth-businesses-increase-revenue Perth, WA, 3 December 2014 - ImagePak Marketing has been providing promotional products and corporate gifts in the Perth area since 1979. In that time, they have amassed extensive experience in helping businesses increase their bottom lines by using promotional giveaway products. Recently, on their company blog, they revealed seven ways in which promotional products can help a business increase its revenue. The idea behind promotional giveaway items is simple: items with a company’s name, logo and/or message. The person using the item receives an advertising impression every time they use the item. Anyone who sees the person use the item also receives an advertising impression. When it is all put together, there are seven ways in which promotional items can impact a company’s sales.ReciprocityThose who are given a promotional item usually feel gratitude towards the company that gave it to them. That makes them more likely to do business with whoever gave them the gift. A study by LJ Market Research indicates that 52% of those who receive promotional gifts will eventually do business with the company that gave it to them.Trade Show VisibilityPromotional items increase visibility at trade shows. A study by Exhibit Surveys indicates that promotional items can increase trade show traffic by 176%.Long Shelf LifeMost promotional items last at least a year and some last for multiple years. When contrasted with traditional advertising such as radio, TV and newspapers, the message lasts a lot longer. A classic survey conducted at a busy airport showed that 71% of business travellers had received a promotional gift within six months. 33% were carrying the item with them while travelling.Increased Brand RecognitionWhen someone gets a promotional item, they see the giver’s name, logo and/or message multiple times per day. The repetition helps increase brand recognition. 39% of those in the airport survey cited above remembered the name of the company that provided the gift.Increased Brand ExposureEspecially in the case of T-shirts, promotional items increase brand exposure. The more visible a giveaway item is, the more people see it. T-shirts that are worn in public can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people in one day. That is a lot of exposure.Promoting Company ImageCompanies can use promotional items to promote the image they want people to see the most. Slogans can send strong positive messages.Multi-Person UseMany promotional gifts, such as pens, are used by more than one person. This can allow one item to produce many extra advertising impressions to more people.Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing. According to Mr Eaton, “Promotional products help companies make money. We saw a study conducted by Baylor University indicating that promotional items increase business by an average of 22%. That is a lot more money than what they spend on the promotional items. Promotional items work.”ImagePak Marketing distributes customised promotional products and corporate gifts. Their office is in Perth and they provide promotional items to businesses throughout WA. To learn more about their fast turnaround time and comprehensive product line, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: Customised Pop-Up Folding Tents Win the Day at Outdoor Markets 2014-11-10T04:22:41Z customised-pop-up-folding-tents-win-the-day-at-outdoor-markets Perth, WA, 10 November 2014 - Pop-up folding tents are a fixture at outdoor markets. In today’s era of climate change, record hot summers and torrential rain, it is important for vendors to have something to not only protect themselves, but their inventory, too. Unfortunately, some tents don’t provide as much protection as others. Amateur vendors often try to get by with a generic pop-up tent bought at a big box retailer. Unfortunately, they soon find out there is a reason the tent they bought was priced so low. Inexpensive tents are difficult to put up but can tear if too much effort is used. They are not durable and can be unreliable if the weather takes a turn for the worse.Professional vendors usually use professional, customised tents because they know they can trust the quality. In addition, a customised tent is more effective for promoting their products. How Customised Tents are DifferentWhen vendors using generic tents want to advertise their products, they often do it with handwritten signs. Some will buy a banner or even a flag, both of which are good media. However, they are wasting all of the space on the canopies and walls of their tents. This is all “advertising real estate” that is being left unused.A customised pop-up tent looks much more professional. The canopies display a company name, logo, message and can even display a mascot. The walls of the tent can be used for messages such as slogans or product offerings. It would take eight banners attached to the tent with bungee cords to promote the same amount of messages and images to the public. In addition, customised tents can be made in many different colours. This allows the vendor to control the message that is being sent even more, and choice of colour can greatly affect visibility. The end result is a presentation that tells the public, “We are professionals who care about our product and know how to do things right.” Whether at a festival, a swap meet or an outdoor trade show, customised tents stand out and help the vendors stand out. They are more visible to customers. The company names, logos and messages are more visible to the public. A custom tent will draw customers to a display and help keep them there.In addition to their promotional value, customised tents are constructed of sturdier material. Both the polyester material and the frame are of higher quality and more durable. Customised professional tents come in more sizes than the standard big box tent, too. Most providers carry multiple sizes but have the capability to order other sizes as needed.Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing, a firm that handles promotional products in Perth. According to Mr Eaton, “A customised professional tent is essential at a market or trade show. It has higher quality, provides more protection and helps you promote your products better. And it looks great, too.”ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products, corporate clothing and other promotional items to the Perth area. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: