The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-01-16T03:25:37Z WITH A PAINTBRUSH IN EACH HAND, A SYDNEY ARTIST FINDS NEW WAYS TO ‘SEE’ THE BALINESE RICE PADDIES 2013-01-16T03:25:37Z with-a-paintbrush-in-each-hand-a-sydney-artist-finds-new-ways-to-see-the-balinese-rice-paddies Rice is still the staple food of more than half the world’s population, something worth remembering in these days of (relative) austerity in our society. Debbie Mackinnon has long been intrigued by the extraordinary Balinese rice paddy fields on her drawing and painting trips to Ubud. An exhibition of her paintings, Fields of Dreams, will be officially opened at 3 pm on Saturday 2 March 2013 at the Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby, NSW 2063. Exhibition runs from 27 February to 17 March 2013. Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pmWorking outside in the paddies, Debbie draws the landscape with her left hand, although she is a right hander.  This keeps her work lively and fresh, producing the most unexpected and exciting results.Back in her studio in Northbridge, Debbie creates her large oil paintings from the outdoor studies.  She switches the paintbrush to her left hand again when she needs a bit more right brain inspiration - often painting using both hands together. This opens up creative pathways, leading to dynamic and exciting mark making. Debbie’s completed works are distinctly contemporary landscapes, hovering between figuration and abstraction.The Balinese have been planting rice in the same way for over 2000 years - their genius lies in the cultivation of the most unlikely topography. Debbie is captivated by the geometry of the paddy fields - the terraced rice fields meander down every hillside in glorious shades of greens, golds, pinks, yellows and ever more greens.  Volcanoes tower over the paddy fields providing rich fertile soil for the rice crop.  Its a stunning place with no real separation between human experience and the landscape.Many Australians flock to Bali on holidays, never considering the life giving cycles of planting, growth and harvesting of rice. Debbie’s paintings present an alternative view, away from the blue sky resorts, shopping and swimming pools; a reminder of simple beauty in a vibrant landscape, where so many people rely on the land and weather for their staple food.Smoke drifts across the Padi  Oil on canvas 110 x 120 cm © Debbie MackinnonDebbie is offering workshops for interested artists at all ability levels. These will take place alongside her exhibition, in the creative environment of the Incinerator Art Space.Create an exciting travel sketchbook: a half day hands-on workshop Saturday 9 March 2013, 1 - 4 pmInterpreting the landscape : a 2 day drawing, collage, and painting hands-on workshop,  inspired by the bush around the Incinerator Art Space. Weds 13 and Thursday 14 March 2012. 10 am - 4 pm both days. for more information, bookings, material requirements and costs, contact DebbieAll work will be for sale. Please find more images and bio details on website www.debbiemackinnon.comDebbie Mackinnon is available for interview or further information. Please contact her directly: email:    mobile 0419295271Fields of Dreams is featured in Art Month Sydney 2013 Willoughby City Council is gratefully acknowledged for the provision of the Incinerator Art Space