The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-04-01T03:54:21Z Brisbane locksmith makes world's first 3D printed security safe 2016-04-01T03:54:21Z brisbane-locksmith-makes-world-s-first-3d-printed-security-safe A safe 3D printed in plastic might not sound all that secure. The makers of this 3d printed safe, 24 Hour locksmiths Brisbane say that the safe is not designed for keeping millions of dollars in. In fact it was made for a very specific purpose. The safe was made for clients in the mining industry who required a non metal safe for storage of sensitive and explosive products. Metal can cause sparks and be the source of ignition in certain circumstances. Plastic has very different properties and can not spark in the same way. The mining company who ordered the safes' construction had specifications required by laws and regulations for keeping explosives in Australia. The safe had to be of a secure design, with a high security lock. The safe also had to have a “key lockout mechanism” and if the safe was ever compromised, there needed to be evidence. Evidence that the safe has been breached or broken into is a major safety issue when you are dealing with explosives. To make a 3d printed safe with a high security lock, key lockout system and made entirely of plastic presented the Brisbane locksmiths with a real problem. There is no lock available in plastic or metal that fitted the requirements for this safe. A solution to the key changeable lock, came from a safe manufactured over 100 years ago by an English safe company, Ratner safes. Ratner safes patented a safe lock which basically changed the combination of the lock each time the safe was unlocked with the key. This was precisely what was required for the all plastic safe. Once the safe was locked with a particular key, no other key would be able to operate the safe. Once unlocked, another key design could lock the safe and lock out all other keys. The old safe lock had to be redesigned to be able to be 3D printed. Some parts had to be made bigger and stronger to withstand greater forces and some of the parts could be made in ways the original metal lock could not be manufactured. The reproduced 3D printed safe lock kept the original lever and disc design, making the lock a true high security safe. Even the 3D printed keys were redesigned for strength and durability. The safe body was 3D printed in one piece with no joins. With no joins it was totally sealed and any evidence of the safe being compromised would be evident. The Brisbane locksmiths say the safe can be scaled to a larger size and almost any requirement can be easily added with changes to the design before it is printed on a large 3D printer. The safe could have many other uses then the mining industry. As it is constructed in all plastic, it is undetectable by metal detectors. Well hidden the safe could remain undetectable in hi tech searches. The safe is also resistant to acids and most chemicals. This makes the safe usable in many environments a metal safe is not. The original safe lock was used by banks, jewelers and even the Queen, to keep valuables safe from thieves. The Brisbane locksmith who developed this new 3D printed safe said it is designed for valuables of a different sort. The valuable items are generally of a higher safety concern where knowing you locked them in a safe with your key can save lives. Keep data safe from police 2016-02-28T02:43:32Z keep-data-safe-from-police If you have a small business in Queensland, Australia, you have a very real chance of being the target of data theft from the police. Police without warrants have been stealing sensitive business data with no explanation or genuine reason. Tradespeople on job sites are no exception. Police turning up to steal business records is becoming a serious threat to the livelihood of small business people. “They turn up at high speed and with flashing lights to cause maximum embarrassment” one Queensland small business owner told me. “The police from the Mount Gravatt division stole everything from my phone. All my records were stolen. There was no warrant, no genuine explanation, it was just theft.” Queensland Police in large force with more then 7 officers have been using intimidation tactics to force small business people to hand over business documents. One small business owner targeted in a unwarranted attack said “I asked them why! All I got was silence and nonsense.” “The police in Queensland answer to nobody. You make a complaint to the police or the CCC, you get no response.” “Police cant investigate police.” One small business man was “tortured” when he would not give police his iphone code. “The police came in great numbers” “When I would not give them my phone code, they took me to the middle of the street and sexually assaulted me” “I could not believe the brutality of these police” “I was just at work, minding my business.” “I thought the police were there to protect the people of Queensland. Now I know the police out to get me! Well that is what they said! I did nothing wrong. Sexually assaulted in the street for my business records is too much.” “Put on a special list.” “I make the complaint, but never anyone got back to me.” “They sexually assault me in front of my customers.” John a Brisbane locksmith, said he has heard of an attack on a locksmith at a customers house.  The attack from police made absolutely no sense and business records where stolen.  He recommends if you are keeping records, keep them on a secure device which police can not crack.  At the moment one of the only devices that can keep data secure is an iPhone.  Apple are standing their ground and not giving police access to personal and business data stored on the iPhone. QLD police commissioner Ian Stewart as part of the Queensland police integrity framework wrote “ Our most valuable asset in policing Queensland is our reputation and the confidence and trust that inspires in the community. Only with high levels of trust and confidence can we expect our community to work with us in delivering quality policing services across the State. In support of our vision we undertake to deliver our services with fairness and integrity. As a contemporary police service we realise that maintaining our integrity is critical to the performance of the organisation” While the police commissioner Ian Stewart might talk highly of Queensland police integrity, the boots on the ground do not reflect his message. With small business being the largest employers in Australia, losing their confidence and trust will make for an uneasy future in Queensland. It seems the real integrity of the police force is reflected in comments made by high ranking officers. Such as “You spit in my face, you may very well get a punch in the face. Absolutely”, which is at odds with its very own campaigns such as “One punch can kill”. The people of QLD expect their police officers to be above reproach and to always treat them with respect and dignity. The actions of the QLD police in assaulting and stealing from businesses is a sign of the contempt for the largest portion of the population. Lets hope the QLD police can truly become an ethical police force. Police sexually assault Queensland tradesman for not giving business records 2016-02-16T09:04:33Z police-sexually-assault-queensland-tradesman-for-not-giving-business-records One locksmith in Brisbane Australia, has reported his employee was raped by police when sensitive business records were not given to police. The police targeted the tradesman locksmith for no apparent reason. The locksmith says he has been an upstanding member of the community all his life. He said, he doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or get involved in any illegal activity. “The police were in a frenzy” the man said. “They came, car after car, after car, even a sniffer dog”. “I asked them time and time again why they were holding me and searching my car” The only answer received from officer Tamryn Ellingworth was “Someone saw you drive up the street” . The police target the locksmith with a majority of the police force in Southern Brisbane. “They were trying to hack my iphone” the locksmith said. “When I would not give them the code, they got so angry”. “They put a dog in my car, they wrecked my car electrical system, they were out of control!” In the end when they could not find what they were looking for and could not crack my iphone, they took me to the middle of the street and sexually assaulted me.” “The officer in charge of the sexual assault, didnt have any idea what was going on!” “I asked him why he was doing what he was doing, and he had no answer.” “The only logical answer I can think of is that it was punishment for not giving our companies business records to the police” “They even tried to trick me into unlocking my phone!” The owner of the 24 Hour locksmith business in Brisbane was in total shock when he learned what happened to one of his most valued employee. “My tradesmen have a right to go about their day to day business in Brisbane, without being detained on the side of the road for over two hours and sexually assaulted by a group of thug police”. The incident was reported to the Mount Gravatt Police station the very next day, in accordance with the police procedure. No response was ever heard. Numerous phone calls to the station and sargent in charge were never answered or returned. People were always away on leave, or not contactable. No calls were ever returned. In the end we sent a letter to the CMC. The crime and misconduct commission. That was four months ago. The CMC replied, saying that they had referred it to the Queensland Police Ethical Standards Command. No contact has still been made with the victim of the crime. No police officer has been dismissed, charged, or even reprimanded as far as we are aware. “This is a case that demonstrates, how the police answer to no one in Queensland. They are free to break laws, ethical standards and even rape.” To make this even more embarrassing for the QLD police. While a large majority of the southern Brisbane police force were committing these indecent acts against a local tradesman, a high speed car chase was taking place within 100 meters of their police headquarters. The NWS Police have criticized the QLD police for not being able to stop a high speed chase from the North of Brisbane to the NSW border. The official story from the QLD police was that they don't chase stolen cars. Now the truth has come out that there were no police available for real police work. The police had their hands full with a locksmith performing his day to day job who would not hand over sensitive business records. Talk about being caught with your pants down! Stealing your car is so easy! 2015-04-17T08:58:45Z stealing-your-car-is-so-easy Car manufacturers are being left red faced with the latest explosion of car thefts of late model vehicles. The move away from a mechanical key lock to start cars to a purely electronic security system may cost them and insurance companies millions of dollars in claims due to a simple security work around by criminals. It has been discovered that criminals with a small box were able to gain access to a large number of late model vehicles as if by magic. The criminals could be seen standing next to the car and simply opening a locked car without any key simply by opening the door handle. According to John Magee of 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane hacking a cars electronic security system is nothing new. In fact “Locksmiths have been hacking car security systems for years”, “How do you think we are able to create a new key and electronic transponder when the keys have been lost?” He said “Car electronic security systems have never been secure”. The reference is to the fact that just about all cars can have their electronic security systems bypassed by a smart hacker. Modern cars no longer need an actual metal key. They rely entirely on an electronic code or transponder system. According to John this reliance on just one system makes cars vulnerable to simple attacks. “A car that has a mechanical key and an electronic immobiliser is far more secure then just relying on an immobiliser alone.” “The reliance on a proximity system was flawed from the start”. The proximity security systems used by car manufacturers seem to be the major source of the breakdown in integrity. Kids with a high powered transmitter can read the key code and transmit it to the car with a special transmitting device. They don’t even have to be near the car for this device to work. They may be able to drive down the street and test a large number of cars with these transmitting devices. They are only targeting the latest model cars, as older cars are still secured with a physical key. The affect of these car thefts is being felt by insurance companies around the world. Paying out on an insurance claim when there is no sign of forced entry can be a problem for the owners of stolen cars. The best way to protect your car is according to John, “To keep it in a locked garage or to have a secondary locking device fitted to the car”. This is really a problem the manufacturers need to rectify so they can make cars more secure in the future. 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane takes privacy to new level 2015-04-02T08:53:49Z 24-hour-locksmiths-brisbane-takes-privacy-to-new-level-1 Did you know that 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane respects your right to privacy? Every company now says that right. While they say it, we see time and time again where company details are used in selfless promotions and there is no real security around peoples personal information. Some organisations even give client information out to unidentified people.  24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane is a company that has thought long and hard about their customers privacy and there are a few innovations that they have incorporated into their data entry system (DES) for their business. No paper invoices. 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane have done away with paper invoices unless a customer specificity requests it. All invoices are emailed so there is no paper trail. No invoice books left lying around or in storage. No one can request to see invoice books because they do not exist. Secure electronic system. All their dealings with their customers is done through electronic means. Even their on-site technicians receive job orders via secure electronic transfer. Theirs is a proprietary system designed to never let sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. They are just a locksmith, so why have they needed to keep clients data secure? According to John Magee of 24 Hour Locksmiths there are a few reasons for this. One is that information obtained from their records can be of a very sensitive nature and could jeopardise peoples safety and security. “There is a lot of sensitive work we carry out which we can not make available to third parties”. “For example we see domestic violence cases where one party needs their locks changed. Giving an address or names can put our client at serious risk” John says “Our corporate customers require a whole other level of security. Their security requires that every piece of data is kept secure.” Key Codes are one of the highest priorities for 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane. There have been very bad situations where key codes have been stolen from locksmiths. This has cost some large locksmith firms not only extremely large amounts of money but also their reputations. By not keeping any key codes on paper there is no risk of a covert or forceable theft. All key codes are kept in proprietary secure digital form. Their DES has been tested in real time. It has been tested in real conditions by law enforcement in Australia and found to be impenetrable. No data of any kind was accessible and that is exactly the way we designed it. John Magee of 24 Hour Locksmiths said “We take our clients security and privacy very seriously and continue to have the most up to date security measures with our DES.” “Testing of our system was a crucial part of development. Our clients can be sure their data is safe”. Lockwood Locks change to “Kinetic Defence” 2015-02-03T16:13:11Z lockwood-locks-change-to-kinetic-defence The Lockwood Brand is an Australian range of premium domestic and commercial locks which is well branded and very much an Australian icon. Lockwood locks are available in almost all hardware shops and sold by locksmiths throughout Australia. The domestic range of Lockwood locks are easily recognisable with their traditional red and white packaging which is one of the most well branded and trusted in Australia. The internet and the freedom of information on lock picking and lock bumping is probably what persuaded the manufacturers of Lockwood products to change the design of their cylinders to the new anti bump and pick resistant cylinders. Lock Bumping especially made opening of the older Lockwood locks very easy. Lock Bumping works better on well constructed pin tumbler locks with tight tolerances such as Lockwood locks. Lock bumping requires little skill and all that is needed is an old key and a screw driver which is used to bump the key into the lock. Kinetic Defence is the name Lockwood gave to its upgraded lock cylinders. The lock cylinders themselves have very little change in design. The old standard pins still work in the new Kinetic Defence locks. The change Lockwood made with their locks was to add a different set of Top Pins to the lock cylinder. The top pins look nothing new. They are shaped like Mushroom Pins or Spool Pins, which have been used for many years in pin tumbler locks. The difference with the Lockwood Top pins and other brands of locks is that Lockwood used their Spool pins in every pin chamber. Other manufacturers generally only used spool or mushroom pins in one or 2 chambers to make attempts at picking the locks a bit harder. There are a couple of very good reasons why other lock manufactures did not use Spool or Mushroom pins in every chamber of the lock cylinder. One of the reasons is because the lock cylinder does not work as smooth when every pin chamber has these special top pins installed. A lock with Spool Pins in every chamber will bind as the key is inserted. The Lockwood Kinetic Defence lock cylinders are no exception. I have tried keys in quite a few of the Kinetic Defence lock cylinders and the keys bind if any sideways turning pressure is applied when the key is inserted. It can make the Lockwood cylinder feel like it is not as smooth as other locks. So does Kinetic Defence work to make the Lockwood locks more bump and pick resistant? Well I guess you would have to ask a professional lock picker that question? With reference to 24 Hour Locksmiths article on Lockwood Locks, I would say that if most locksmiths are drilling the locks open instead of picking them then Lockwood has succeeded in making their locks more secure. Although the 24 Hour Brisbane Locksmiths article does say that Lockwood locks can be picked and 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane include picking of Lockwood locks as one of their services. The thing with picking or bumping locks is that we just dont know weather our lock is hard to pick until someone tries to pick it. We have to put faith in the manufacturers of our locks and the locksmiths who install and recommend them. Maybe we should ask the locksmith the important question “Can my lock be picked” before having it installed. If the Lockwood Kinetic Defence lock can be picked I guess it is up to consumers to decide on weather it has the security they desire.