The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-08-15T03:44:16Z Action Sheds Australia Provides Tips for Removing Stubborn Stains from a Shed’s Concrete Slab 2014-08-15T03:44:16Z action-sheds-australia-provides-tips-for-removing-stubborn-stains-from-a-shed-s-concrete-slab Perth, WA, 15 August 2014 - No matter what kind of shed one has, it usually has a concrete slab as a floor. Since sheds are often used for so many different hobbies, errands or work-related tasks, they are subject to a variety of spills, ranging from food to chemicals of all varieties. Recently, on the company blog, Action Sheds Australia owner Max Italiano provided a guide to removing problem stains from cement shed floors. In his many years of providing sheds of all shapes and sizes to the Perth market, Mr Italiano has been asked to help satisfied customers with a wide range of problem stains. General RecommendationsMr Italiano recommends some broad overall guidelines when working with stains in an enclosed shed. One of the first things he recommends is to blot all spills immediately with a paper or cloth towel and make sure not to use a wiping motion. Due to the porous nature of concrete, a wiping motion can push the spill deeper into the concrete, making it more difficult to remove.Often, immediate attention that includes spraying the area with a water hose can remove many substances before they have time to become stains. Mr Italiano also recommends a proactive approach: purchasing cleaners specifically made for any chemicals or substances that are regularly used in the shed.However, Mr Italiano cautions that one must always pay close attention to the labels of any cleaner or solvent and keep the shed well-ventilated when using any solvent or chemical.One of the more tried and true methods for removing spills and stains from concrete is to use a poultice which usually consists of a cleaner or solvent covered with an absorbent material such as cat litter, which seems to be the most popular choice. Specific StainsChewing GumTo remove chewing gum, Mr Italiano recommends using ice to make it cold first. This solidifies it and often makes it possible to remove it all in one step. If it doesn’t all come off, a poultice consisting of methylated spirits and cat litter will usually remove the remaining gum.CoffeeCoffee can often be removed by soap and water. Obstinate coffee stains can be removed by a poultice consisting of one part glycerol to four parts water. It is recommended to let the poultice sit for 24 hours.FungusSince fungus is a colony of living microorganisms, it is easily neutralised by chlorine bleach. It is recommended to let the bleach sit for two days and then use a stiff bristled brush to remove the residue.Oil and GreaseOil and grease are typical “shop” spills and should be treated immediately with cat litter or sawdust. After it dries, any remaining oil or grease should be removed by a degreaser or solvent that is product-specific to whatever was spilled.According to Mr Italiano, “As long as you obey fundamentals and manufacturers instructions, you’ll be fine.”Action Sheds Australia provides storage sheds, industrial sheds, farm sheds and barns from their location in Perth. To learn more or for an estimate, call 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Stable Supplier Reminds Horse Owners: “Don’t Forget Adequate Lighting for Your Stables” 2014-08-12T03:35:52Z stable-supplier-reminds-horse-owners-don-t-forget-adequate-lighting-for-your-stables Perth, WA, 12 August 2014 - The business of building and installing farm sheds and stables has evolved over the years. The old wood barn has become a relic of the past as most new barns are created with steel shed construction and high quality modular stables can also be obtained for reasonable prices. Shed construction usually costs less than half of what it would to construct a building of wood or bricks and mortar of the same size.In addition, sheds can be made and erected much more quickly than standard buildings. This has made them the go-to choice for most farmers and horse owners in the Perth area. Why Lighting MattersAccording to Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, lighting is an important factor in building the perfect stable: “We go to great lengths to make sure everything is perfect for our customers. We are ShedSafe certified, we hire only the finest and most dependable people to erect our sheds and barns. We use Durastall Stables and BlueScope Steel. In other words, everything we provide is built to the highest industry standards.”Mr Italiano continued, “However, we can’t control what happens after we leave. One of the biggest factors we like to warn our customers of is to make sure they have safe, adequate lighting for their stables. We are providing them with the best and we don’t like to see it ruined by shoddy lighting because it affects the results and the reputation of our work.”Ideally, lighting for stables will be bright enough to see but not so bright as to cause glare. One of the first factors that can be controlled is the orientation of the barn. Mr Italiano recommends that the length of the barn runs north and south so that the windows along the length are facing east and west. This prevents the sun from shining directly through windows during the heat of the day, making the barn and stables more comfortable and decreasing the chance of spontaneous combustion causing a fire.Mr Italiano also recommends a separate electrical panel in the barn for lighting and other electrical needs. In addition, he recommends that all wiring have a metal sheathing to make the wiring resistant to rodents and other vermin. According to Mr Italiano, lighting should be fluorescent whenever possible and bulbs that burn hot should be avoided for both safety and comfort. He also recommends that all fixtures be of a commercial or agricultural grade to ensure safety and performance. He also cautions his customers not to put bulbs in places where horses can reach them and accidentally break them. He notes that while cages can keep the horse from touching the bulb, it can’t keep the glass shards from getting into the stable should the bulb break. Consequently, he recommends shatterproof lenses whenever possible.Mr Italiano concludes, “Even our barns and stables recommend a sizeable investment. Adequate lighting plays a major role in whether their stables are ordinary or high-quality.”Action Sheds Australia supplies and installs commercial sheds, storage sheds, farm sheds, barns and Durastall stables in the Perth area. Interested parties can call them at 1300 778 628 or visit Poor Ventilation Can Put Horses and Cows at Risk 2014-07-11T03:55:18Z poor-ventilation-can-put-horses-and-cows-at-risk Perth, WA, 11 July 2014 - Ventilation is an important factor that is often overlooked by barn owners. Even in barns that are only used for equipment, it is important to keep air flowing through the barn to keep gases, dust and pathogens to a minimum.Health ConcernsIn a barn with animals, the consequences of bad ventilation are easily perceived. Animal waste contains gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia. All are toxic, two are flammable and all smell so bad that most people are convinced of the importance of ventilation in their presence.Humidity plays a factor, too. A barn that is too dry causes dust that can affect animals’ respiratory systems and can dry out the nasal mucosa of a cow. A barn that is too humid can make a cow or horse’s coat less effective as an insulator, causing them to suffer from temperature extremes or sudden changes.A barn that is too drafty can be difficult for cows and horses, as it is on humans. A consistently ventilated barn controls humidity and drafts while allowing gases to exit efficiently.Fire ConcernsMethane and hydrogen sulfide from animal waste are flammable and need an avenue of escape so they don’t reach dangerous levels. In addition, many farmers store flammable chemicals and solvents in their barns, any of which are likely to ignite with inadequate ventilation. When this is combined with heat and a lack of humidity, it can “set the table” for both explosions and spontaneous combustion. Premature Ageing of BuildingA barn that isn’t ventilated will have to sustain extremes of heat and humidity, besides the occasional “hot and dry” condition. Hot air can rise and condense as it cools, making building materials moist and more susceptible to mould, fungi and other microorganisms. These can combine to make materials age faster. In the case of a wood barn, this combination can cause rotting and deterioration. A Shed Barn May be the SolutionCompanies such as Action Sheds Australia make their barns out of steel. The barns are essentially large industrial sheds but with the shape, appearance and function of barns. According to Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, “Sheds made into barns are the best solution for most farmers for numerous reasons relating to function and cost.”Mr Italiano continued, “Our sheds and barns, for example, are made of BlueScope steel. They are ShedSafe certified, meaning that factors such as your terrain, wind region, shielding and topography factors are measured and used to determine minimum safety standards for your barn. Then your barn will either meet or exceed those standards.”Mr Italiano concluded, “Most of all, ventilation is never a problem with our barns. We combine efficient design with numerous ventilation options designed to keep your barn safe and comfortable for cows and horses. You might even forget you’re in a barn.” Action Sheds Australia provides barns, stables, sheds and garages in Perth. They are ShedSafe certified and are experts at providing shed solutions costing a fraction of the price of bricks and mortar. To learn more, call 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Rising Steel Prices Force Construction Prices Higher 2014-07-07T03:30:57Z rising-steel-prices-force-construction-prices-higher Perth, WA, 7 July 2014 - In April, the CEO of BlueScope Steel warned that his firm would have to raise steel prices due to skyrocketing iron ore and coking coal costs. At the time, coking coal was projected to double in price while iron ore was projected for a 65% rise. One would think that steel prices would rise by as much as 50-75%, but so far BlueScope has been able to keep their rise in the 5% range.This, of course, has forced the construction industry to raise the prices of steel products. In the case of firms like Action Sheds Australia, though, who use BlueScope Steel, their price raises have been in the 5% range. BlueScope is the largest steel producer in Australia and usually the trendsetter in the industry. However, the number two steel producer, OneSteel, had already raised their prices by 10% during the previous year.Most economists see the rises as “inflationary,” meaning that prices probably won’t ever return to previous levels. Whose Prices will Rise the Fastest?Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, feels that the recent turn of events makes his products a bigger bargain than ever. According to Mr Italiano, “We have always been able to build industrial sheds for a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar. We don’t see that changing over a rise in steel prices. If anything, the larger amounts of steel that help support bricks and mortar buildings will increase the cost of their products more than ours.”It is entirely possible that BlueScope, as the largest steel producer in Australia, will be able to sustain increased costs easier than the smaller producers and keep their prices lower than everyone else’s. If so, this will provide a competitive advantage to firms such as Action Sheds Australia who exclusively use steel supplied by BlueScope.Estimates of the future price of iron ore have been all over the map. This has caused some economists to moderate their opinions on just how far the price of iron ore will rise, or if it will eventually return to lower levels. Most agree that the cost of transport is also rising and that inflation is always on an upward trend. But the bottom line is that nobody really knows what is going to happen to iron ore prices or, consequently, steel prices in the coming year.According to Mr Italiano, “Nobody really knows what is going to happen with steel prices. We are glad that BlueScope is keeping their price rises to a minimum. We think it bodes well for firms like us who use their steel exclusively. At Action Sheds Australia, we will have to pass the increase along to our customers, but we are still going to keep prices as low as we can to stay competitive.”Mr Italiano concluded, “We know that we are still providing the best value in the industry.”Action Sheds Australia provides barns, stables, sheds and garages from their Perth office. They are ShedSafe certified and their customer service is extremely professional and knowledgeable. For an estimate or to learn more, call 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Shed Expert Reveals Reasons Why Garages Can Help Boost Property Value 2014-06-19T06:07:24Z shed-expert-reveals-reasons-why-garages-can-help-boost-property-value Perth, WA, 19 June 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a respected expert on barns, garages and Durastall stables, has shared helpful advice on how garages can help owners get more out of their properties.According to the company, garages can actually be used for various purposes, thereby adding more features to one’s home. This will eventually help increase the property’s market price, which in turn, can mean even more benefits for homeowners.Action Shed Australia’s owner, Max Italiano, explained that garages can help make one’s home even more beautiful, interesting and complete. Incidentally, it’s because of this added usability and features that a property gets a boost in value.Mr Italiano said: “Garages can be a very good addition to one’s home, as it makes the property more complete. With the proper structures, people are actually able to make their properties more attractive and usable. And when that happens, you can reasonably expect that it will result to an increase in value as well.”“To make this possible, however, you will need to ensure that you are making use of the proper garage designs and styles. This is the only way you can maximise the potential benefits of such a structure and use it to your advantage,” he said.Here are some of the specific benefits and advantages of garages, as explained by the Action Sheds Australia owner:A Secured Storage Area for Essential ItemsMr Italiano explained that although garages are generally used for parking vehicles, there are actually many other ways to utilise such structures.Garages can be used as efficient and secured storage areas, where owners can place their documents, equipment, machinery, collectible items and other essentials. And of course, the higher the security a particular property is able to offer, the more valuable it is bound to be.Reduced ExpensesA structure that provides essential safety features is less vulnerable to risks. In turn, this means that its owners will only have to pay minimal related expenses and costs.Homeowners with secured garages and structures will most likely have to pay lower insurance premiums, compared to those who don’t have secured structures. Hence, they get to enjoy more savings as well.Note: cars parked under durable and safe garages are less prone to damage, which may again mean having to pay less for car repairs and maintenance. The end result: even more savings for owners.Greater VersatilityGarages that have been designed with the necessary features and components can be used as more than just parking spaces or storage areas.Owners can actually opt to use them as a granny flat, home gym, as an entertainment area, playroom or other purposes. People just need to exercise a bit of creativity to make things work, in order to reap the benefits they’re looking for. Once they are able to do that, then they can reasonably expect their property’s value to impressively increase and may even exceed their set expectations.About Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia is a company known for providing durable and top-of-the-line garages, barns and many other structures in Perth and other locations.They offer garages with single, double and triple roller doors, as well as those with sliding doors. Action Sheds Australia also offers customised garages for those who have special structure requirements.To know more about the company, people can visit or call 1300 778 628. Stable Designing Tips from the Experts in Action Sheds Australia 2014-06-16T07:26:26Z stable-designing-tips-from-the-experts-in-action-sheds-australia Perth, WA, 16 June 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a renowned provider of stables, sheds, barns, garages and Durastall stables, has come out with a list of reasons as to why ventilation is quite important when it comes to designing horse stables.According to the company, horses, as a rule, are encouraged to roam in the outdoors, as this will allow them to enjoy their natural environment and be free.However, there are certain instances, such as when a horse gets injured or when the weather is less than friendly, that horses are required to stay indoors. Accordingly, this is where having a well-ventilated and properly designed stable comes to good use.Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, discussed that ventilation is a key factor that people must consider for their stables.Mr Italiano said: “Ventilation and stables should always come hand in hand. Building stables without the needed ventilation exposes horses to dust, ammonia, spores and various airborne contaminants, which may eventually cause them to suffer from respiratory problems and other serious illnesses.”“Improper ventilation can also cause severe damage to the stable. This may be due to moisture, which can negatively affect the components of the structure. In effect, ventilation is not only important for the health of horses, but it can also have a significant impact on one’s finances as well,” he said.Here are some tips on how to combine effective ventilation and shed designs, as provided by Mr Italiano:Utilise Methods to Optimise and Encourage Natural AirflowPeople can install windows and doors with the appropriate sizes, in order to let natural air flow in and out.Roof vents, ventilation chimneys and ducts can be quite useful during the cold and rainy season. Warmer air rises during cold weather, and using vents located at the top of the structure can help air escape, subsequently optimising temperature levels and improving the air quality and airflow in the structure.Ventilation Systems for Increased EfficiencyUsing ventilation systems can also be a good idea. This includes the use of specialised duct-work throughout the structure, as well as blower fans, motorised vents and other special ventilation equipment.Through the proper ventilation systems, a structure will be able to optimise natural airflow. This can bring greater comfort and convenience for horses, and may also help improve their health and fitness.Ventilation, Safety and Comfort Should Go TogetherRemember that the main purpose of stables is to provide horses with an area where they can be safe and comfortable at the same time.In order to build stables with the needed features, people should take certain details into account.They should have an idea as to the type of weather that their future stable will be constantly exposed to, the specific location where they’ll build the structure on, the uses for their stable and many other details. Accordingly, this will not only lead to a better-ventilated stable, but a structure that can actually provide for one’s needs as well.About Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia is a leading provider of garages, sheds, barns and stables in Perth and other Australian locations.The company is known for their expertise and experience in the field, as well as their durable and exquisitely-designed structures. Their goal is to provide people with the solutions that they need, when they need it.To know more, interested parties can visit or call 1300 778 628. Respected Storage Shed Provider Explains the Benefits of Durastall 2014-05-26T03:58:41Z respected-storage-shed-provider-explains-the-benefits-of-durastall Perth, WA, 26 May 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a company known for providing garages, storage sheds and stables in Perth and other locations, has come out with a blog post discussing Durastall stables, as well as the benefits that users can get from them.In the blog post entitled: “The Main Reasons Why Action Sheds Australia Trusts Durastall,” the company details the background of Durastall and why the company has become a renowned brand when it comes to stables.Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, explained that they have been using Durastall stables for quite some time now, and the main reason is that because it shares the same goals with their company, namely: to provide clients with the most efficient products and services that they deserve.Italiano said: “Durastall is a trusted name in stables. They are known for their excellence and efficiency. Since we want to give the best to our clients, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if we opt for Durastall stables instead of other options.”Here are some additional reasons why the shed provider makes use of Durastall sheds, as explained in its blog:ExperienceAccording to Action Sheds Australia, Durastall has a long standing history of efficiency and experience, which is why they have become the company that they are today.Durastall makes use of advanced manufacturing procedures, through which they are able to promote a safer and more effective stabling system.For over 15 years, the company has been designing and building stables with the necessary features that can provide greater safety and use for horses and their owners.In Australia alone, Durastall has been supplying stables to the most renowned stud farms in Melbourne, NSW, Queensland, Perth, Victoria and other locations. The company was also the one who provided stables for the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, the home of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.On an international level, the company exports stables to the UK, Japan and other countries.FeaturesThe Action Sheds Australia blog also noted another impressive characteristic of Durastall: its focus on durability and safety of horses.According to the company, Durastall makes use of “hot dipped galvanised” technology. This actually helps protect stables from corrosion, which adds to its durability. In fact, even welds are made to undergo the process, in order to avoid rusting and quick depreciation.Durastall stables are also armed with various safety features, such as very strong stainless steel stable doors, foot latches and others. They have also been built without any sharp edges, in order to prevent untoward injury to the horses, while its frames are designed to withstand severe conditions.UsabilityDurastall stable users will not only be able to enjoy great features, comfort and convenience, but they also get to enjoy more usability as well.With these versatile stables, users can use the structures either separately or to complement an existing building.Moreover, such stables can be used as storage sheds or as barns, as well as for other purposes. Additionally, users can also opt to use their Durastall stables to hold large commercial operations or to assist in minimal farming activities.Interested parties can also obtain Durastall stable accessories through the help of Action Sheds Australia.To read the blog post in full, go to Action Shed Australia’s official website at any inquiries or to get a free quote, call 1300 778 628. Action Sheds Australia Gives Tips on How to Maintain Colorbond Garage Doors 2014-05-22T01:47:52Z action-sheds-australia-gives-tips-on-how-to-maintain-colorbond-garage-doors Perth, WA, 22 May 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a provider of garages and sheds in Perth and other parts of Australia, has come out with a list of tips detailing the ways shed owners can maintain their Colorbond garage doors.According to Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, doors play a major role as to how efficient a shed or garage may be. He added that among the best options that owners can make use of are Colorbond doors.Italiano explained that these doors are quite efficient and durable, having been specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions in Australia.The Action Sheds owner, however, reminds people that despite being efficient door options, people should not forget to take the proper maintenance procedures for their Colorbond garage doors.Mr Italiano said: “Colorbond garage doors need to be maintained correctly in order to make sure that they stay in great shape. They are built to be durable, but it doesn’t mean you should just leave them unattended. Fortunately, maintaining them isn’t really that hard. In fact, simple procedures such as regular cleaning can actually have long-lasting effects.”Here are some effective ways to maintain garage doors, as provided by Mr Italiano:Regular WashingRegular washing of the surface of your Colorbond garage doors can help ensure that its colour and paint remains in good condition.The general rule is that door surfaces need to be manually washed every 6 months. If the shed or garage is located at a coastal area and is constantly exposed to salty water spray, washing every 3 months is recommended. Outside door surfaces that are constantly washed down by rainwater need not be washed as often as interior surfaces.Grime and Dirt RemovalIf there appears stubborn dirt and grime, remove them immediately. The longer they remain on the door surface, the harder they are to remove.Users should also take into account the cleaners and detergents they are using. Although it may seem that utilising detergents can quickly solve the issue, there are instances when they actually cause more damage instead of fixing the problem. As it is, people are advised to only use cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturers.Use of Proper Cleaning ToolsWhen cleaning garage doors, people should keep in mind the tools they are using. People should refrain from using coarse scourers, such as those made of steel, to prevent damaging the paint. Preferably, people should use soft cloths or sponges for cleaning, as this can help maintain the overall aesthetics and usability of the door and its surface.There are many other tips about Colorbond garage door maintenance in Action Sheds Australia’s blog post, entitled “A Guide on How to Maintain Your Colorbond Garage Door.” The details can be viewed in the company’s website.About Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia is a leading provider of storage sheds, stables, garages and other structures in Perth and other locations. It likewise offers a wide array of add-ons and features for its products and services, including Colorbond garage doors, roof insulation, roof ventilators, skylight roof sheets and many others.The respected shed installer also provides customised sheds, based on one’s needs.Interested parties can request for a free quote from the company.To learn more about Action Sheds Australia and to see a complete list of their products, call 1300 778 628 or go to Action Sheds Australia: “Want Good Patios? Invest in Gabled Patios.” 2014-05-01T05:35:02Z action-sheds-australia-want-good-patios-invest-in-gabled-patios Perth, WA, 1 May 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a Perth company known for its high quality sheds and garages, recently published a blog post revealing the many benefits of gabled patios.In the blog post entitled: “Gabled Patios: What are Their Benefits?” various details about patios were discussed, for the purpose of determining the patio type that would offer the most benefits. The verdict: gabled patios can deliver the most advantages compared to other options.Max Italiano, the owner of Action Sheds Australia, explained that patios can be a very good addition to one’s home, as these structures can be quite helpful in improving aesthetics and efficiency.Mr Italiano explained: “What makes gabled patios a good choice is that these have been specifically designed to offer both beauty and functionality. With their special triangle-shaped design, added protection is given to the structure, while adding aesthetics at the same time. In effect, it provides the best of both worlds and this is why so many Australians are choosing gabled patios.”Here are some of the advantages of gabled patios, as mentioned in the blog post:Better ProtectionGabled patios, due to their special “peaked roofs,” are able to provide additional protection to the structure and its users. Unlike flat-roofed patios, gabled patios make use of angled roofs, which allows rainwater, snow and other components to slide down. Accordingly, this can help prevent the negative effects of accumulated water and snow on the patio roofing and the structure itself.Efficient Ventilation and LightingAgain attributable to its inverted-V shape roofs, gabled patios provide better ventilation to users.Considering that gabled patios have more space under its roof, heat and air are able to effectively come in and out, thereby resulting to better ventilation. This bigger roofing space likewise allows more light to come in, consequently contributing to improved lighting conditions.Larger SpaceIn light of its larger headroom, gabled patios can also serve as a good carport, even for bigger vehicles. In this case, however, it would be advisable to keep into account the dimensions of the vehicles to be parked, for more accuracy.Improved AestheticsGabled patios can also provide additional aesthetics, most especially when the home already makes use of gabled roofing. Accordingly, this will mean an improved overall look for the structure and better protection.More SavingsWith a gabled patio’s greater protection, enhanced aesthetics, larger space and many other benefits, users can expect to earn savings from maintenance and repair costs and other expenses. As a final note, Mr Italiano said: “If people want to enjoy efficiency, protection, aesthetics and affordability combined, then gabled patios are a great choice. However, there are still many other options out there. In the end, it’s all about preference.”To read more about the benefits of gabled patios, interested parties can read the blog post in its entirety at Action Sheds Australia’s website.About Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia is a leading provider of patios, storage sheds, garages, stables and other structures in Perth and other areas. It is known for its excellence and expertise in the field and is willing to extend its help to those who are looking for the best options for their respective needs.To know more about the company, visit or call 1300 778 628. Action Sheds Australia Gives Tips on How to Insulate Sheds 2014-04-24T02:07:58Z action-sheds-australia-gives-tips-on-how-to-insulate-sheds Perth, WA, 24 April 2014 – Action Sheds Australia, a company known for its beautifully-designed sheds and feature-packed kits, has recently come out with a new blog post enumerating some tips on effective shed insulation.According to the company, these tips are meant to educate people on the importance of insulation to sheds and other structures, as well as to its respective users.Max Italiano, owner of Actions Sheds Australia, explained that insulation is an essential aspect that may ultimately affect the efficiency of a shed or workshop, as the case may be. Accordingly, that is why users, particularly shed owners, should consider utilising the proper insulation methods and materials that can help make things better.Italiano says, “Today, sheds are not just used for storage or woodworking alone. Many people are now actually using their sheds to relax, to unwind, to enjoy a bit of privacy and for many other activities.”“Because sheds are being used for so many more purposes now, it is important to find a way to make their sheds more durable, as well as more comfortable. And this is where insulation comes into play,” he added.How Effective Insulation Can Make Sheds BetterAccording to Mr Italiano, having good shed insulation can bring various benefits. He explained that this will not only help keep indoor temperatures at an optimum level, but it will likewise ensure that people are more comfortable while they stay indoors.He further elaborated that the structural integrity of a shed can also benefit greatly from proper insulation. That is because certain methods are not only helpful in maintaining the structure’s climatic conditions, but also help in preventing the quick depreciation of the shed’s interiors and materials.Some Tips from the ExpertsThe blog post mentioned a few tips on how to effectively insulate sheds. Here’s are a few examples:First and foremost, shed owners can install air barriers to ensure that no outside air is able to get in the shed. Air barriers, according to the company, are usually made of treated plastic sheets, which are then paired with the appropriate sidings for added efficiency. Accordingly, these can help provide better climate control and greater protection.Aside from air barriers, the blog post also mentioned the use of fibreglass as a way to properly insulate a shed. Fibreglass is a common but effective solution that can be quite a good tool in preventing humidity and vapours from affecting the materials composing the shed. Action Sheds Australia also reminded people that roofing is something that must not be underestimated. The shed expert explained that aside from effective insulation, roofs can also help in ensuring better drainage and overall shed protection.On a final note, the shed provider and installer explained that although insulation is important, it doesn’t mean one can just forget about style. It suggested that the best route to take for insulating sheds is to ensure that both aesthetics and efficiency are achieved. In fact, the blog post describes a combination of insulation and style as the “perfect combo.”About Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia has built a reputation for excellence by providing high quality barns, storage sheds and garages from their office in Perth. Interested parties can call 1300 778 628 or visit the company’s website at for additional details. More Australians are Using Custom Built Sheds as Office and Workshop Solutions 2014-04-07T04:57:04Z more-australians-are-using-custom-built-sheds-as-office-and-workshop-solutions Perth, WA, 7 April 2014 - As living space becomes more of an issue for many Australians, many are turning to sheds to create more living space. While people aren’t actually buying sheds to live in, they do create more living space by allowing residents to better use the insides of their homes. Sheds provide numerous benefits to those in need of more space and function in their homes.Custom built sheds provide even more benefits.The Right Amount of Space in the Right ShapeWhen a shed is built to custom specifications, the homeowner gets to decide exactly what he or she needs. The shed is as wide and as tall as the customer wants. Options such as doors, windows and ventilation are all selected by the customer. Action Sheds Australia works under the model that nobody knows what their customers need more than the customers themselves. Sheds that are built from kits do a great job for many Australians, but custom sheds are the best solution for most because of the versatile options. If someone needs a shed with a different shape or ratio of length to width than the standard kit shed, a custom shed is the natural solution. AppearanceCustom sheds also allow for seemingly-infinite appearance options when compared to a standard kit. A shed’s appearance can be altered to fit perfectly into the aesthetic of one’s property. It can be made to look like a seamless part of the home. It can be made to blend in with the terrain or the overall “look” of the property. Action Sheds Australia can even custom build a shed that doesn’t look like a shed. Less ClutterAn Action Sheds Australia custom built shed will be designed for the express purpose for which it is intended. They recommend that their prospective customers decide exactly what they want to use their new shed for. Many use them for hobby rooms or workshops. Some use them for home offices. Others just use them for storage; they gather every extra object taking up space in the home and pile it into the shed.This reduces clutter in the home. A custom shed works better because it can be built with extra storage space and will allow the owner to maximise its space better. This results in a cleaner, less cluttered home. Resale ValueA custom shed that is attractive and looks like part of the home will help the home fetch a better price when it is sold. Not only does it count as increased living space, but one that has been customised to enhance the appearance of the property helps raise the price. FlexibilityAccording to Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, the main advantage to a custom built shed is flexibility: “Our sheds that are built to kit specifications are great for a lot of uses, but a custom shed is even better due to flexibility. We can build sheds in different shapes and sizes  to accommodate different demands.”Mr Italiano concluded: “A custom built shed gives you exactly what you need. Whatever size, shape, colour or features you need, we can build the perfect shed  for you.” Action Sheds Australia provides sheds, garages, barns and more to the Perth area. They carry a wide range of residential sheds and they also build warehouse and office space. Call 1300 778 628 today or visit their website for more information: Practical Garage Safety Tips from the Experts at Action Sheds Australia 2014-04-03T04:00:10Z practical-garage-safety-tips-from-the-experts-at-action-sheds-australia Perth, WA, 3 April 2014 - To most Australians, a garage is a place where they park their cars. Some have extra storage space and even a workshop. However, for children, a garage can be a dangerous place that produces unwanted consequences. In a recent post on his company’s blog, Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, provided eight tips on keeping garages safe, not only for children but from the risk of fire. According to Mr Italiano, “From time to time, we make sure to remind our readers that safety is important to their well-being. The best way to do this is to provide safety tips for sheds, barns or garages.”Here are a few of the tips provided by Mr Italiano.Don’t Ever Allow Kids to Play with the Remote, the Automatic Door Opener or the Door.To a child, a remote and a garage door look like a large toy that is fun to play with. However, it can cause serious injury or even death by a simple mistake. Not only should you keep your kids away from the remote, the door and the opener, but you should also keep them away from any moving parts.Lock Up Tools and Toxic ChemicalsTools are heavy and they can be sharp, too. They are very dangerous for kids to handle. In addition, toxic chemicals are dangerous for a variety of reasons: a toddler can drink them, thinking they are something good; spilling garden cleaners or insecticides on the skin or even inhaling their fumes can be deadly for a child. Keep the tools and the chemicals locked away.Clean Up Your Sawdust and Your Oil SpillsOil and sawdust, individually or collectively, are dangerous because they can cause one to slip and fall. In addition, they are also fire hazards. Your Garage Door Opener Must Have Automatic Safety ReverseGarage doors are very heavy, even to an adult. For a child, they can cause death or serious injury. Thus, it is paramount that your garage door opener is equipped with automatic safety reverse. This reverses the garage door when something like a child’s head or neck gets in the way. This function can save your child’s life—it is well worth the expense.Keep Flammable Chemicals Away from Sources of HeatFiremen all know this simple equation: fuel + heat + oxygen = fire. You want your garage to have plenty of oxygen, but you never want flammable chemicals such as petrol, oil or kerosene near sources of heat such as battery chargers, heaters and fridges. Take the fuel or the heat out of the equation and you won’t have to worry about a fire in your garage.Bonus Tip: Get Your Garage at Action Sheds AustraliaAction Sheds Australia carries a wide variety of garages, sheds and barns. They also custom build any of their products to fit unique circumstances or needs. Action Sheds Australia sells only ShedSafe certified garages. They are made of the best materials, such as BlueScope steel, to ensure safety and longevity. According to Mr Italiano: “Our garages are so sturdy and durable that they may outlast some of the houses they were built next to. Call us for a complimentary custom quote today.”Action Sheds Australia provides garages, sheds, stables, barns and other structures throughout the Perth area. For more information or to read the rest of the safety tips, call 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Action Sheds Australia Explains the Value of a Home Patio and Its Building Factors 2014-03-19T05:11:23Z action-sheds-australia-explains-the-value-of-a-home-patio-and-its-building-factors Perth, WA, 19 March 2014 - Many people often renovate their homes in order to make them more comfortable and closer to the ideals they have envisioned, which may include creating a space in the home where the beauty of the outdoors can meet the comfort of the indoors. The result of such an ideal would be the custom-designing and building of a patio because it would serve just this function. Home patios are great spaces for the family to relax and entertain friends because they blend the indoors and out, creating a pleasant space for all while enjoying the beauty of nature. However, before one can begin building, a number of factors should be considered first. To provide more insight into what these factors are and what an interested homeowner should do, Max Italiano speaks, drawing upon his experience in the field as the owner of Action Sheds Australia, a national company dedicated to providing quality storage sheds and more to Perth and beyond. “Planning is the first step in any home improvement project and the building of a patio is no different. The first planning phase is to decide where exactly you want your patio to be installed. While most people place it simply at the back, you should consider it more carefully. The amount of nearby shade, the hopefully close proximity to the house and the direction it faces will affect how warm it gets due to sunlight exposure, which will determine your comfort, as well as your guests’.”  Italiano continues by explaining how the new structure should blend in with already existing ones. “In addition, you want your patio to blend in with the rest of your property or else it will stand out in a bad way and look unattractive. If your home is modern, your patio should match that theme and if it is more old-fashioned, the patio should look more rustic. Landscaping is important as well for keeping the patio in balance between in and outdoors, as well as providing potential shade.” Italiano also speaks about the materials that the patio should be built of and how this factor influences the effectiveness of the unit. “Most patios are made of hardwood, especially in the flooring, but you should also consider the materials of the patio carefully. Powerful metal is a great option for your patio because it is strong, can withstand harsh weather and durable enough to last for a very long time.” Italiano concludes with the different customised options available for patio building, especially those offered by his company. “Once you have all of the aspects figured out, you can decide if and what custom options you want for your patio and the options are vast. You could build your patio with a variety of colours in mind and change some of the details, such as using either a gable or skillion roof. Whichever options and features you decide on, you want the patio to be perfect for you and your home and my company and our talented team will not only help you design this, but can help you build it as well.” Action Sheds Australia is a company that designs and builds high quality sheds, garages, patios and much more to the Perth area and across the country. To learn more about their different options and how to design and order a new patio, please call them on 1300 778 628 or check out their website: Action Sheds Australia Reveals the Advantages of Using ZINCALUME® Steel 2014-03-12T07:34:42Z action-sheds-australia-reveals-the-advantages-of-using-zincalume-steel Perth, WA, 12 March 2014 - There is an almost endless amount of ways to build a shed for a home or industry, but there are only a few nearly perfect ways to do it to ensure that the shed produced is the best that it can be for the owner. Important factors to consider when building a shed are as plentiful as the many uses for sheds themselves and include the dimensions of the unit, extra features that they sport and the materials that they are made of. A person interested in building a shed should want to use the best materials available, especially for the roof, one of the most vulnerable parts of the building. Providing a remedy to this question, ZINCALUME® steel is powerful and easy to use, making it a prime choice for shed roofing. To shed more light on this subject, Max Italiano, owner of Action Sheds Australia, a company in Perth dedicated to helping design and craft top-quality sheds, provides his own information about ZINCALUME® steel and its place at the top of the industry for roofing materials. “When it comes to designing the perfect sheds, the materials used play a big role. ZINCALUME® steel is one of the best materials on the market and is especially useful for the roofs of sheds which need to be protected and kept new as long as possible to prevent it from breaking or leaking and damaging the items stored in the shed.” He then goes on to speak about the strength and durability of this material. “ZINCALUME® steel’s value primarily lies in its amazing strength and durability. It is composed of special metal alloys consisting of aluminium, zinc and a little bit of silicon which makes it highly resistant to impact damage. This ensures that it is able to protect the shed from extreme weather, such as hail. It is also resistant to corrosion, allowing it to have a lifespan of about four times that of normal galvanised steel.”Mr Italiano then remarks about the other advantages of using ZINCALUME® steel over its more common counterparts. “While the strength of ZINCALUME® steel is its main draw, it has other practical applications as well. During the colder months, having this material on your roof will keep heat from leaking out. It is easy to clean and maintain as well. Since ZINCALUME® steel is also flexible by nature, you can include it in virtually any design for a shed to make the exact roof that you want and since it is easy to paint, complete customisation is within your control.” He concludes by stating the reasons why his company trusts ZINCALUME® steel and why a buyer should have full confidence in it, too. “With undeniable strength and aesthetic value, ZINCALUME® steel is one of the best materials available. It has been around for a long time and has proven its capacity to stand strong and support many in their building endeavours. We trust in ZINCALUME® steel and you should too when designing the perfect shed for your home or business.” Serving the Perth area and the entire rest of the country, Action Sheds Australia is a business that uses ZINCALUME® and other prime products to create top-quality and fully customised sheds for their clients. To learn more about them and their designing and building processes for any kind of shed, garage or unit, please call them on 1300 778 628 or visit their website: Action Sheds Australia Reveals All You Need to Know About Cow Barn Flooring 2014-02-13T03:30:40Z action-sheds-australia-reveals-all-you-need-to-know-about-cow-barn-flooring Perth, WA, 13 February 2014 - There are many farms scattered across the country that provide dairy products with the help of their trusty cows. Making sure that these animals remain healthy is the key to ensuring the success of the farm and dairy production. Lameness is a major problem among dairy cows and is partially caused by the negative effects of having the wrong type of flooring in a barn or shed. Now, since floors that are too hard or inappropriately designed can be damaging to the cows and their overall health, it is important for farmers to design the barns and sheds for their dairy cows with the right kind of flooring in mind. Only a few know more about storage sheds and how they should be designed than Max Italiano, Owner of Action Sheds Australia, a company that serves the Perth area with its expertly designed and built units. “Flooring is a very important aspect of the building of a shed or barn and this is especially true if you plan on making one as a home for dairy cows. They need flooring that is comfortable on their feet so that they do not develop lameness or other health problem. A dry floor is better as well because it is easier to clean; durability on the part of the floor is also important so that it can withstand the pressure for a long time.” After outlining dryness, comfort and durability as the three important characteristics of a good barn floor, Italiano then explains the different kinds of flooring available. “Concrete flooring is the most popular choice for cow sheds but you have to be careful not to get hard concrete that will hurt the cows’ hooves. Rather, use concrete that is grooved or smoother, so that it is more comfortable. Alternatives to concrete are also viable, especially rubber and certain types of wood. All of these are fairly economically friendly.” In addition to the materials used, other features can impact the value and usefulness of the floor, as Italiano continues. “The material is the most important part of the shed flooring, but other factors matter as well. For example, many farmers like to include slight sloping on the floor so that water can run off, making it easier to clean the shed. The slope can also serve as a division for the unit. This is a good idea, but be sure not to make it too steep. Usually, two percent is a good rate for the incline and you should try not to go over four.” Italiano concludes by explaining the role his company can play in the designing and building of a farm shed for dairy cows. “Our company has many years of experience in designing sheds like this, so we know that a good amount of planning goes into something like this. Once you have the plan laid out, the perfect shed for your dairy cows is a sure thing and we’re with you every step of the way to help you with the designing and building process.” Action Sheds Australia is known for designing and building all kinds of barns, farm sheds, storage sheds and stables all throughout the Perth area and beyond. To learn more about them and how to get their help, call them on 1300 778 628 today to start building the perfect shed. You can also check out their website: