The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-02-07T04:00:39Z Jujube Australia launches website selling the super food jujube 2013-02-07T04:00:39Z jujube-australia-launches-website-selling-the-super-food-jujube At Jujube Australia we grow and sell jujubes - a fruit that is delicious, ancient and nutritious. We have recently launched our website selling dried jujube - Australian consumers can now access this wonderful fruit online.The jujube is rare in Australia but abundant in its native China where is it commonly known as red date. The jujube is often labelled a super food due to its high nutritional value. For example, the fresh fruit is reported to contain around 500mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fresh fruit. Jujubes are also used widely in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and are considered especially good for reducing anxiety and stress and promoting a good night's sleep.Jujubes taste great fresh (crisp like an apple) or dried (sweet and chewy). The flavour of dried jujube resembles that of a date palm fruit - hence their alternative name 'red date'. Jujubes can be eaten directly, used to make a delicious tea, or used in recipes such as soups. Just search 'red date' and discover a whole new world about jujubes.