The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-03-10T16:25:15Z Ultramedix Australasia New Products and Updates 2015 2015-03-10T16:25:15Z ultramedix-australasia-new-products-and-updates-2015 These include release of several new SIUI ultrasound models, updates to existing models and the anticipated availability for sale of the GlucoTrack non-invasive glucose monitoring device. Human Ultrasound - New and uprated models 2015 Following the successful introduction of SIUI's advanced new Ultracloud series spearheaded by the Apogee 5500 last year, the flagship of the range Apogee 5800 is now available after extensive field testing during. This premium image quality shared services ultrasound model has quad core processing and is orientated towards high throughput use in hospitals. Another new model now available in 2015 is the Apogee 5300 Touch. Based on the Apogee 5500 platform, the Apogee 5300Touch is a fantastic compact mid range shared services ultrasound for discerning budget conscious buyers offering outstanding value for money with it’s flexible configurations and excellent performance in general imaging and cardiology and many high end features such as 4D imaging. Both the Apogee 5500 and Apogee 5300 Touch received the prestigious iF Design Award in 2015 2015 also sees the availability of SIUI’s new Apogee 1000 premium performance laptop ultrasound model. Also part of their new Ultracloud series this model offers superb imaging upheld by superb technology. The Apogee 3300 Touch, Apogee 3500 Touch and Omni, Apogee 3800 Touch and Omni are now changed in appearance harmonization with all of SIUI’s new range and now have uprated performance incorporating several imaging innovations developed for the Ultracloud series. Moreover,some configuration adjustments include a 19 inch display screen for the Apogee 3800 Touch, and Apogee 3500 Touch and an 18.5” display screen for the Apogee 3300. The Apogee 1200 Touch now includes several new technology making it better than ever and definitively one of the best premium performance colour doppler portables in the market while maintaining reasonable pricing and affordability. Advanced new technologies now included are: Macro Fidelity (MFI), Nanoview, VS-Flow, FusionFreq, Fusion THI, Smart GSC, Microflow, TDI, ECG, Anatomical M-mode and Microflow, XBeam and Foco Tracing. Veterinary Ultrasound - New and uprated models 2015 The veterinary version of the Apogee 5300 Touch, the new Apogee 5300V Neo is now available. This premium performance shared services model is among the highest rated models ever offered to the veterinary industry and includes the innovative technology developed for SIUI’s new Ultracloud series. The Apogee 5300V Neo can be flexibly configured with Broadband microconvex, ultra wideband high density linear arrays, convex and phased array probes. New SIUI technologies in the Apogee 5300V Neo include: XBeam, Nanoview, Panoscope, MFI, FusionFreq and Fusion Tissue Harmonic (Fusion THI). The outstanding Apogee Triplex Doppler 1200V Neo shared services portable portable is now extensively uprated for 2015 while retaining its competitive price advantage and similarly includes MFI, Anatomical M-mode, Auto IMT Measurement, Trapezoidal Imaging, Extended Imaging, Nanoview, Panoscope, XBeam, Smarchive, FusionFreq, Fusion THI, Smart GSC, Auto-fit, Foco tracing, and Microflow. Truly non-invasive glucose monitoring is now a reality This is a forward looking statement as we are eagerly awaiting finalization of the registration of the GlucoTrack non-invasive glucose monitoring device by the TGA and hope to soon begin satisfying the huge number of enquiries already received even prior to advertising. The culmination of eleven years of development by Integrity Applications in Israel, the GlucoTrack is a world first in true non-invasive glucose monitoring and has been extensively clinically researched and tested. The manufacturer’s Clinical Advisory board is now complemented with the joining of Prof. Dr. Lutz Heinemann, recognized as the preeminent world expert in the field of diabetes. The CE certified GlucoTrack is designed for glucose self assesment in home use and first sales and distribution is now taking place in several countries. The GlucoTrack device is the size of a small mobile phone and is connected to a sensor that clips onto the user’s earlobe for about a minute to provide a glucose reading without the need to take invasive blood samples beforehand. The GlucoTrack’s greatest benefit is that it enables and encourages frequent blood glucose monitoring, without pain and with the benefit of being blood free, involving no contaminations and inconveniences associated with blood withdrawal, thereby having a positive impact upon users’ quality of life. Ultramedix Australasia announces more New Models and Advances to their Ultrasound range 2013-02-11T09:44:12Z ultramedix-australasia-announces-more-new-models-and-advances-to-their-ultrasound-range Melbourne, Victoria, Australia., February 11th, 2013 Melbourne based company Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced more new models and advances to it’s ultrasound product range. These include new models in the SIUI ultrasound and X-ray ranges and additional developments to the eZono 3000 ultrasound from eZono AG   Ultramedix directly distributes the SIUI - (Shantou Institute of Ultrasound Instruments) and eZono brands in Australia, New Zealand and neigbouring Pacific countries.   SIUI are one of the world’s leading ultrasound instrument manufacturers and the longest established ultrasound company in China with the largest manufacturing base. Currently SIUI’s annual production capability is up to 8,000 main units and 20,000 transducers for medical ultrasound, and 20,000 main units.  SIUI has set up an R&D facility in the US, worked with famous higher education facilities such as Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, as well as well-known hi-tech companies and is continuously making technological breakthroughs. SIUI’s equipment has become increasingly technologically competitive with leading world brands and with an unparalleled price advantage and excellent reputation for reliability. Human Ultrasound - New portable B/W models The new CTS-8800 Plus is the most cost-efficient 4D portable taking 4D imaging to a wider market. Now based on a new hardware platform, changes to the new model include a larger 15” LCD monitor. Standard features included are PW doppler, SRT imaging, Harmonic imaging, one-button image optimization, auto trace for PW doppler and IMT measurements. Options include a built-in battery, Panoramic imaging, Compound imaging,  Color flow doppler and Wifi.   The cost of the SIUI Pie 3 Wifi app from Apple is also dramatically reduced from $400 to around $20 for iPad’s and is free for iPhones.   The new CTS-7700 Plus is now also available and has a 12” LCD display. 4D imaging is not available with this model but like the CTS-8800 Plus it also has the options of built-in battery, Panoramic imaging, Compound imaging, Color flow doppler and Wifi. The new CTS-7700 Plus is available at compelling pricing that makes it one of the most attractively priced portable B/W ultrasounds in the market.    Veterinary Ultrasound – New Portable Color doppler model   The new SIUI Apogee 1200V Color doppler portable is now available as a top level portable for small animal practices and includes an advanced cardiology package with phased array probes, and M mode, Color M mode, Anatomical M mode, CDFI, PW, DIR PDU, CW and HDPRF.   Veterinary X-Ray   The SIUI new SR 2000 Integrated Veterinary DR X-Ray system is now available. This easy to use new system is easy to use and available for mobile or stationary sites. The X-Ray generator operates off a built-in battery supply and the beam limiting device is equipped with LED as a high brightness guide and laser indicator for best distance and central exposure area. X-Ray flat panel imaging areas are available in a choice of 264mm x 325mm or 356mm x 457mm and digital imaging processing time is less than 3s. The acquisition software includes a mini PACS digital acquisition system with patient registration, image acquisition and processing, trim, negative image inversion, rotation, zoom, annotation, shifting, display, image window/width level adjustment, DICOM image transfer and worklist function. Ezono The eZono 3000 from eZono AG is an innovative point-of-care ultrasound designed for ease of use and simplicity with emphasis on superb image quality for anaesthetics nerve imaging, vascular access, intensive care and emergency department applications . Software version 12 is now released and New features include further refinements to the already superb image quality, volume measurements pictographs, annotations and DICOM. Additionally there are now over 50 Cue cards available. The cue cards are an excellent teaching and guidance tool for doctors to accelerate their learning curve and confidence. Categories covered by the cue cards include: Vascular Access: internal jugular, axillary, femoral Regional Anaesthesia: Interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, intercostal, femoral, proximal sciatic, distal sciatic Rescue Blocks Pain Management Emergency: FAST & FEEL and much more including a new PREP Program, Abdominal Aortic Aneurism and Pleural examination MSK There are even more exciting developments from eZono ahead this year, particularly in the area of needle visualization and a novel eZono electro magnetic needle guidance system designed for use with any standard needle will be released later this year.  About Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd Ultramedix Australasia is an Australian owned company supplying technologically advanced diagnostic ultrasound scanners to Australia, New Zealand and the Australasian region.