The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-04-02T04:34:11Z Artificial Grass Manufacturer Reveals Manufacturing Process 2015-04-02T04:34:11Z artificial-grass-manufacturer-reveals-manufacturing-process Perth, WA, 02 April 2015 - Green Planet Grass is a manufacturer of “new generation” artificial grass in Perth. They are known for their professional service and high-quality products. Director Justin Everley has handled a lot of requests for information himself and noticed that the general public doesn’t really know what goes into making a high quality artificial grass. Mr Everley was generous enough to provide information on how artificial grass is manufactured and how current artificial grass is different from previous generations of artificial grass. He provided this information in the form of a post on his company blog. Materials in Modern Artificial GrassGreen Planet Grass uses 100% recyclable materials to make all of their varieties of artificial grass. They are committed to having a neutral “carbon footprint” as soon as possible and having minimal impact on the environment in the present. Their backing is made of high-quality polyester: the same type used for tyre cords. To make the grass fibres or blades, Green Planet Grass uses a polypropylene or polyethylene to create a form of synthetic yarn. These materials help them make artificial grass that looks and feels like natural grass, but has the added benefit of being stain resistant.Manufacturing Modern Artificial GrassGreen Planet Grass is made by using a tufting technique that is similar to carpet, but the end result is much different. First, the backing is assembled. Then, the ingredients to manufacture the fibres are mixed in a hopper with environmentally safe chemicals and dyes that provide colour and help break the ingredients down into a paste.It is then put in a mixer and mixed until it is similar to the consistency of taffy. It is fed into a machine called an extruder, which turns it into fine strands. Those strands are then woven into the grass fibres. The fibres are then attached to the backing by a machine called a carding machine. This is like a giant sewing machine with hundreds of needles. Then, pads are attached to the backing, coated with latex and cured in heat. The grass is then put onto a machine that levels off the grass blades. The finished product is rolled up and ready for shipping.According to Mr Everley: “A lot goes into the process, but it is worth it because we know we are manufacturing some of the best artificial grass in Perth.”Green Planet Grass is a manufacturer and installer of artificial grass in Perth. They offer a full range of residential, commercial and sport solutions. They proudly display the Australian Made logo and are committed to producing high quality artificial grass with minimal environmental impact. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Research Shows Overwhelmingly: Artificial Sports Turf is as Safe as Natural Grass 2015-04-01T09:26:07Z research-shows-overwhelmingly-artificial-sports-turf-is-as-safe-as-natural-grass Perth, WA, 1 April 2015 - For years, traditionalists and other opponents of artificial sports turf have claimed that it causes more injuries than natural grass. Twenty years ago, on first and second generation artificial turf, they may have been right. Recently, though, volumes of research have appeared, all with the conclusion that artificial sports turf carries no greater risk of injury than natural grass.Why the Dogma Still ExistsOriginal first generation “AstroTurf” was extremely hard. It was basically a thick carpet placed on cement. It didn’t even look very much like grass. It was used for indoor stadiums in the US that were unable to sustain and maintain a natural grass field indoors. When second generation artificial turf came out, it was better, but still not enough like real grass.  Researchers compiled statistics showing that players were more likely to injure their knees on second generation artificial turf. The Changing Face of Sports TurfThe artificial grass industry changed their product to make it more safe. By the third generation, they made a quantum leap. Concrete had been replaced by soft sand and crushed rock, compressed into a firm but giving surface. The old “carpet” designs had been replaced by backing, fibres as soft as natural grass and infill made of rubber pellets and sand. FIFA liked third generation sports turf so much that they would commission the development of their 1 Star and 2 Star sports turf systems. 1 Star is for amateur and club level competition and 2 Star is for elite or professional competition. The 1 Star and 2 Star quality concept has been a success on all levels.What the New Studies SayJustin Everley is the director of Green Planet Grass, a sports turf supplier in Perth. His company is one of a select group that installs 1 Star and 2 Star FIFA sports turf. Recently, on his company blog, Mr Everley cited numerous studies indicating that third generation artificial turf, now abbreviated as “3GAT,” carries no greater risk of injury than natural grass or “NG.” The studies come from the US Journal of Sports Medicine, the British Journal of Sports Medicine, FIFA and the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. They cover male and female players from the junior to the elite level. Every single study concludes that 3GAT carries no greater risk of injury than NG. According to Mr Everley: “For too long, proponents of natural grass have misinformed the public. We were very happy to find studies that debunk all rhetoric about artificial grass causing more injuries. Synthetic sports turf is as safe as natural grass, but it can take far more play and the surface is always perfect, even in the Perth climate.”Mr Everley concluded, “Depending on the individual requirements, there are many compelling reasons why some times it is favourable to install artificial sports turf as opposed to natural grass.”Green Planet Grass supplies sports turf and other varieties of artificial grass. Their office is in the Perth area and their manufacturing facility is in Australia. They have completed over 4,000 artificial grass installations in the Perth area. To learn more or for an obligation-free consult, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Synthetic Grass Gains Popularity in Perth: This Comparison Tells Why 2015-03-03T08:38:49Z synthetic-grass-gains-popularity-in-perth-this-comparison-tells-why Perth, WA, 03 March 2015 - Recently, Justin Everley compared synthetic grass to natural grass on his blog. He compared it in three areas: cost, appearance and maintenance. Mr Everley is one of the Directors of Green Planet Grass, who provide synthetic grass landscaping systems for a comprehensive range of residential, sport and commercial applications. CostsThe costs for natural grass are ongoing. An initial installation can be done by spreading grass seeds and using fertiliser, but many people choose to go with roll on for their initial lawn. Throughout the life of a natural grass lawn, money must be paid for ongoing maintenance costs and materials, including water.Synthetic grass has a higher initial cost, but there are almost no ongoing maintenance costs and the only water costs are when water is used to clean a spill or a “trouble spot.”AppearanceNatural grass is attractive when it is expertly maintained. When it is at its best, most people agree that natural grass is beautiful. However, it is affected by summer, winter and excessive wear and tear, all of which can turn it brown and riddle it with bare spots.Synthetic grass looks the same every day of the year; the extremes of the Perth climate have no effect on it. “New generation” forms of artificial grass, such as Green Planet Grass, look and feel so much like perfectly maintained natural grass that most people can’t tell the difference unless they are standing on it.MaintenanceNatural grass needs a high amount of maintenance to keep it in its optimum condition. Too much sun, rain or foot traffic all degrade the surface, affecting both appearance and performance. Natural grass must be watered, mowed, weeded, re-planted and otherwise maintained on a regular basis.Synthetic grass needs almost no maintenance. It is unaffected by the Perth climate. Artificial grass needs to be kept free of debris and “trouble spots” need to be cleaned. Water is usually enough to clean artificial grass; “trouble spots” occasionally need soap and water. Synthetic grass also needs brushing from time to time if a path begins to wear into a high traffic area. Comparing Natural Grass and Synthetic GrassMr Everley is of the opinion that a growing number of Australians are beginning to favour synthetic grass over natural grass, especially in the Perth area. According to Mr Everley: “When you put all of the factors together, synthetic grass comes out on top every time, especially a new generation grass like Green Planet Grass. Australians seem to be placing a higher premium on their time than at any era in history. We don’t want to spend time or money each week on lawn maintenance when we don’t have to.”Mr Everley concluded: “Most of our customers recoup their initial investment between three and six years after installation. After that, Green Planet Grass is money in the bank.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs synthetic grass in the Perth area. They are Australian owned and their range of artificial lawns are also manufactured in Australia. They carry a wide range of artificial grass landscaping solutions for commercial, sport and residential applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Artificial Grass Manufacturer in Perth Commits to Helping Prevent Concussions in Children 2015-02-26T05:32:29Z artificial-grass-manufacturer-in-perth-commits-to-helping-prevent-concussions-in-children Perth, WA, 26 February 2015 - Justin Everley, owner of Green Planet Grass, an artificial grass manufacturer and installer from the Perth area, is committed to creating safer residential, playground and sport surfaces for children. Their child-specific landscape system is called GPG Play Grass. Green Planet Grass has installed Play Grass in numerous residences, playgrounds and parks. According to Mr Everley, GPG Play Grass was specifically created to cater to the needs of children. One of those needs is a safe surface that doesn’t cause concussions. Mr Everley refers to AS/NZS 4422:1996, which covers a concept called Critical Fall Height (CFH). CFH is a standard to which every playground must adhere. Mr Everley believes that artificial grass should not only meet CFH standards, but exceed them.According to Mr Everley: “Critical fall height is a great concept. It mandates that any playground surface must be safe for a child to fall from the highest piece of playground equipment without causing undue injury. It is determined by dropping an object meant to simulate the human head onto a surface and measuring the impact. When the impact reaches a certain threshold, the height that caused it is the critical fall height of that surface.”Mr Everley continued, “We think critical fall height is a great law, but we would rather supply a product that exceeds the standards whenever possible.”Due to extensive feedback from customers, Green Planet Grass created the GPG Play Grass System specifically for children. The system starts with a set of variables that are adjusted according to the needs of the customer. The amount of “give” in the surface can be controlled by variables such as the pile density, infill and the use of one or more shock pads. This same technique is used for all purpose athletic fields and surfaces for various sports such as Australian football, soccer, cricket and rugby. With sports, Green Planet Grass reproduces the field characteristics of a perfectly maintained pitch, striking a balance between safety and “playability.”When Green Planet Grass installs GPG Play Grass at a playground or a residence, they don’t have to worry about making a soccer ball bounce to a perfect height and they can focus more on child safety. For a child care centre, for example, they may use extra shock pads and a softer infill to make impacts as low as possible. For a playground, the challenge is to make the surface as low-impact as possible without producing a trampoline effect.Green Planet Grass is slowly putting together a track record of success with the GPG Play Grass system. According to Mr Everley: “We have produced one of the safest artificial grass surfaces in the Perth area. We have found a near-perfect balance between quality of play and reduced chance of injury.”Green Planet Grass is an artificial grass manufacturer and installer serving the Perth area. They offer a wide range of landscaping systems for residential, sport and commercial use. Their Green Planet Grass Play Grass system is renowned for its safety, durability and overall high quality. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Provides Guide to Artificial Grass as Public Service 2015-01-19T09:49:56Z green-planet-grass-provides-guide-to-artificial-grass-as-public-service Perth, WA, 19 January 2015 - Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass in the Perth area. They have completed more than 4,000 installations and have solicited extensive feedback after each one. They also had to answer a lot of questions for most of their customers before installing Green Planet Grass. Justin Everley, director of Green Planet Grass, decided to provide a guide or overview of artificial grass on his company blog. Mr Everley had found that many prospective customers have similar questions and concerns about artificial grass and decided to put all of the information he feels prospective customers or interested consumers need into the blog article. How Modern Artificial Turf is Different from Previous GenerationsThe first artificial turf was known as AstroTurf and was used in the US for playing baseball. It was installed at the Houston Astrodome in 1966. It bore more similarity to a carpet placed on top of cement than it did to real grass. It was known for freakishly high bounces and increased injuries. In 2015, though, modern artificial grass looks, feels and performs very much like exquisitely-maintained natural grass. It looks so real that many people drive right by houses which have synthetic grass in the Perth area and don’t notice that it isn’t natural grass.Life-Like FibresThird generation or “new generation” artificial grass has fibres that look and feel a lot like natural grass. They are affixed to a backing layer which attaches them while allowing for plenty of drainage. Then, an infill is placed into the grass, covering as much as half of the height of the fibres. This provides a lot of cushioning and can be adjusted to provide perfect surface characteristics for any sport.In some sport and playground applications, a shockpad is also used. This can help a surface comply with Australian Critical Fall Height standards. It can also be used to make a pitch provide surface characteristics in line with well-maintained natural grass pitches for whatever sport is going to be contested. The Proof is in the ResultsAll of these factors work together to create a lawn or a sport pitch that provides a superior experience. Performance characteristics are nearly identical to those of natural grass pitches for the various sports being played upon them, with the exception of bad bounces. The surface is so consistent that there are no bad bounces in any sport. Drainage is twice as fast on a Green Planet Grass artificial pitch or lawn as it is on natural grass. A Green Planet Grass sport pitch can be used within twenty minutes after a torrential downpour with no ill effects.According to Mr Everley, a lot has changed in 50 years: “New generation artificial grass provides an experience that is superior to natural grass in many ways. That’s why it is so popular.” Green Planet Grass is a manufacturer and installer of synthetic grass from Perth. They manufacture a full range of artificial grass products for sport, residential and commercial applications from their facility in WA. To learn more about Green Planet Grass, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Artificial Grass Manufacturer in Perth Endorses Australian Made and Owned Campaign 2015-01-14T05:36:27Z artificial-grass-manufacturer-in-perth-endorses-australian-made-and-owned-campaign Perth, WA, 14 January 2015 - Green Planet Grass provides artificial grass to the Perth area. They are a local, Australian owned business and their manufacturing facility is in WA. In a recent post on their company blog, director Justin Everley revealed why he is such a staunch supporter of the Australian Made and Owned campaign. Mr Everley listed many benefits to buying products that carry the Australian Made and Owned logo in his recent blog post. The highlights are as follows.Personal BenefitsWhen an Australian buys a product that was produced by a local fisherman, farmer, manufacturer or processor, they are purchasing a product of very high quality. They not only receive a high quality product for their money but also are helping to support their local economy.Another personal benefit is that the company that created the product is usually a phone call away and are often nearby. This makes it easier to have warranty work done on a product or to replace it. It also makes spare parts easier to obtain. In addition, locally-sourced products have not been forced to withstand the rigours and wear and tear of transport from halfway across the world.Neighbours, Family and Friends BenefitSupporting the local economy also helps keep family, friends and neighbours prosperous. Money spent on local products helps improve the local economy. The Australian Economy BenefitsWhen a consumer buys Australian made products from Australian owned businesses, it benefits the national economy. According to a 2008 study performed by the Industry Capability Network, Every $1 million spent on Australian products adds $985,000 of value to the Australian economy. In addition, it generates $333,900 in tax revenue and saves $95,000 in welfare benefits while creating an estimate ten full time jobs.How to Ensure that Products are Australian MadeThere are a series of logos denoting Australian Made, Owned and Grown products. They all consist of a golden kangaroo in a green triangle. The logos can say, “Australian Made and Owned,” “Australian Made” or “Australian Grown.” Other words with the logos can include “Australian Seafood,” “Australian” or “Product of Australia.” Why Green Planet Grass is so Committed to the Australian Made and Owned CampaignMr Everley proudly displays his “Australian Made and Owned” logo prominently on his website and certificates in the company showroom. According to Mr Everley: “At Green Planet Grass, we are committed to making our part of the world a better place than we found it. We believe strongly that purchasing Australian Made and Owned products whenever possible is a great way to support our local community and our country.”Mr Everley concluded, “We believe in helping our neighbours and our local economy. We also appreciate that Australians make great products due to our unparallelled work ethic. I know I am going to be getting a high-quality product made by somebody who cares as much as we do.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass. Their office and showroom are in the Perth suburb of Malaga. They manufacture a full line of synthetic grass products for residential, commercial, industrial and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Natural Enzyme Product Neutralises Pet Odours with No Chemical Residue 2014-12-12T04:46:56Z natural-enzyme-product-neutralises-pet-odours-with-no-chemical-residue Perth, WA, 12 December 2014 - Until recently, the “dirty little secret” of the artificial grass industry has been that pet odours are unavoidable for any homeowner with an artificial lawn who chooses to have pets. However, a Perth artificial grass manufacturer has formulated a solution to pet odours that has generated a high volume of satisfied homeowners who no longer have to tolerate pet odours in their artificial grass. The product is called, “LawnReborn.”What is LawnReborn?LawnReborn is a liquid that uses enzymes and “friendly” bacteria to consume waste and neutralise the chemical byproducts that cause pet odours. Harsh chemicals only mask pet odours. When they are used, homeowners end up flushing toxic chemicals into their groundwater. In addition, chemical solutions can also degrade artificial grass or infill due to many cleaning agents being caustic. LawnReborn is a non-toxic, non-chemical solution to pet odours on artificial grass. It uses enzymes and bacteria instead of surfactants and caustic agents. It transforms pet waste into harmless natural substances which don’t harm artificial grass, infill or the environment. Since LawnReborn is non-toxic, it can be safely used around children and pets. If the homeowner oversprays, LawnReborn won’t harm nearby plants. Many enzyme products are dehydrated and turned into powder, making the homeowner turn them back into liquid form by adding water. LawnReborn is shipped as a liquid, keeping all enzymes and bacteria in their original, natural form. This ensures high quality and maximum efficacy. Using LawnRebornSalmonella is often a concern with bacterially-based products, but LawnReborn is certified salmonella-free. LawnReborn is shipped in 946 ml bottles. Each bottle contains enough LawnReborn to treat an artificial lawn measuring approximately 100 sqm. Since most pets have their “favourite spots” where they habitually do their business, the actual area that needs to be treated is often far less than 100 sqm. LawnReborn is applied by spraying it on the area being treated. Then, the homeowner simply allows LawnReborn to do its work: absorbing waste material and killing unfriendly bacteria. This one-step process is usually enough to eradicate pet odours.Justin Everley is the Director of Green Planet Grass, the firm that helped develop LawnReborn. Mr Everley is a leader in the artificial grass industry’s efforts to be environmentally responsible. According to Mr Everley: “LawnReborn is a great product. While we think it works best with our GPG Pet Grass System and our exclusive PetFill, it works with standard artificial grass infill, too. What we really like about LawnReborn is that it is a natural solution to pet odours. Pet odours have been a constant problem for homeowners since the beginning of artificial grass, but LawnReborn stops them cold without using any toxic materials to harm pets, children, plants or the environment.”Green Planet Grass is an artificial grass manufacturer and installer from Perth. They offer a wide range of Australian-made products for diverse applications such as residential, commercial and sport. To learn more about Green Planet Grass and about LawnReborn, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Exclusive Artificial Grass Infill called “PetFill” Neutralises Pet Odours 2014-12-08T04:36:41Z exclusive-artificial-grass-infill-called-petfill-neutralises-pet-odours Perth, WA, 8 December 2014 - Green Planet Grass installs artificial grass in the Perth area. They offer an exclusive system for pet owners called GPG Pet Grass. Pet Grass has an important component called “PetFill,” which is designed to be a solution to the ever-present problem of pet odours in artificial grass.Standard Infill and its ProblemsStandard infill for artificial grass is usually made of silica sand or rubber pellets. Bacterial ammonia, the main odour-causing ingredient in pet urine, tends to adhere to both of these materials. Eventually, this causes pet odours. In addition, once the bacteria have attached themselves to standard infill in “colonies,” they are more difficult to get rid of. Consequently, despite the “sales pitches” of many artificial grass companies, the combination of pets and standard artificial grass invariably combines to form an odour problem. Once the odour is established, it becomes more and more difficult to make it go away. There are many sprays on the market that serve only to mask the odours for a short period of time, but none that can solve the problem of chronic pet odours.The Solution: the Green Planet Grass Pet Grass SystemGreen Planet Grass has completed more than 4,000 artificial grass installations in the Perth area. They solicit feedback on every job and keep detailed records. They use this feedback to constantly “tweak” and improve their products. Due to a large number of requests that they formulate a product specifically for pets, they researched, developed and created GPG Pet Grass, which combines their existing products specifically in ways that are beneficial for pet owners. In addition, they developed a special infill for Pet Grass called “PetFill.”PetFill is made of a honeycomb-shaped molecular structure that absorbs the odour-causing agents of pet urine and converts them into ions which are then flushed into the ground every time it rains, due to sodium ions in rainwater. The end result is that pet odours are drastically reduced and in some cases totally eliminated when PetFill is a part of the artificial grass system for a pet owner.Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, an environmentally responsible artificial grass manufacturer in the Perth area, feels that the GPG Pet Grass System and its PetFill represent the best solution to the problem of pet odours and artificial grass. According to Mr Everley:“We considered a lot of feedback and spent a lot on researching and developing our GPG Pet Grass System, and PetFill is a major component of that. It is the missing link that helps Pet Grass provide superior performance and solves the pet odour problem which has plagued homeowners with pets and artificial grass for years.”Mr Everley concluded, “Pet Grass provides the best solution for those who want to have both pets and artificial grass without pet odours.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs synthetic grass. Their offices are located in Perth and their manufacturing facility is in Western Australia. They manufacture artificial grass for a wide range of residential, sport and commercial applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Debunks Four Common Myths about Artificial Grass 2014-11-24T09:10:24Z green-planet-grass-debunks-four-common-myths-about-artificial-grass Perth, WA, 24 November 2014 - Synthetic grass lawns are becoming more and more popular in the Perth area as residents continue to find new ways to cope with a changing climate and chronic watering restrictions. However, according to one prominent manufacturer, many Australians still believe in inaccurate myths about artificial grass. Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, an artificial grass manufacturer based in Perth, recently addressed four popular myths on his company’s blog. According to Mr Everley, “A lot of people’s opinions on artificial grass are grounded in the 1960’s, when the first generation of artificial turf was invented. It was terrible and didn’t even look like grass, but that was a long time ago. Science has come a long way in fifty years.”How New Generation Synthetic Grass LooksOne of the more common misperceptions about artificial grass is that it “doesn’t look like real grass.” While this may have been true about earlier generations of synthetic turf, or with some of the cheaper imports, “new generation” artificial grass is difficult to distinguish from immaculately-maintained natural grass. The fibres look like natural grass and are as soft to the touch as natural grass.Artificial Grass and the EnvironmentCritics of artificial grass say that it is not environmentally friendly. On the surface, this argument seems convincing: what could possibly be as “green” as natural grass? The problem is that natural grass requires a lot of power, water and chemicals to maintain properly. A natural grass lawn can account for up to half of a family’s water usage during dry season. In addition, it takes a lot of petrol to run a lawn mower or tractor. It not only increases the carbon footprint to produce and transport petrol, but burning it creates more “greenhouse gases.” Also, chemicals such as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are used to maintain natural grass. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. That means no petrol, no chemicals and no wasted water. In addition, many artificial grass manufacturers, such as Green Planet Grass, use 100% recyclable materials. Synthetic grass also eliminates grass clippings which are amongst the biggest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect.Installation Time for Synthetic GrassWhile many people think that installing an artificial lawn is a long, arduous process, Green Planet Grass often completes installations for their Perth customers in one day. According to Mr Everley, “We have installed artificial grass for more than 4,000 satisfied customers in the Perth area. We know how to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Many installations are completed in a day, though larger jobs obviously take longer.”The Cost of Artificial GrassThe other most common misperception about artificial grass is that it is “too expensive.” While it does cost money for the initial installation, artificial grass manufacturers estimate that the typical homeowner saves enough on maintenance to “break even” within three to five years. Green Planet Grass is an artificial lawn installer and artificial grass manufacturer in Perth. They have completed more than 4,000 installations and provide a wide range of artificial grass for commercial, residential and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Reveals Five Compelling Reasons for Installing an Artificial Lawn 2014-11-19T03:09:44Z green-planet-grass-reveals-five-compelling-reasons-for-installing-an-artificial-lawn Perth, WA, 19 November 2014 - Recently, on his company blog, Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, revealed the five top reasons that over 4,000 customers have installed artificial grass in the Perth area. Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular in Perth as a solution to keeping an attractive lawn in an increasingly severe climate. The 365 Day SolutionMr Everley cites the fact that an artificial lawn is in perfect shape 365 days a year as the most compelling reason for installing an artificial lawn. Natural grass is at the mercy of the elements. During winter, foot traffic can cause bare or muddy spots. When the weather is hot and dry, natural grass often doesn’t receive enough water to grow properly. The combination of too much heat and insufficient water can cause large portions of a natural grass lawn to turn brown or to become bare. No matter what the weather, bare spots can be dangerous for children. When it is wet, a bare spot becomes muddy and slippery, causing slips and falls. When it is too hot, a bare spot is very abrasive compared to grass and can cause contusions and abrasions when a child falls.The Watering SolutionPerth is always under watering restrictions that make it difficult to keep natural grass adequately hydrated. Those who do water have to make sure they are doing it on the correct days or they face fines. Artificial grass doesn’t have to be watered, rendering Perth watering restrictions moot. It also means that the homeowner isn’t contributing to the water shortage.The Maintenance SolutionAustralians seem to have less disposable time than ever; an increasing number of people don’t want to spend what little leisure time they do have performing lawn maintenance. Natural grass needs to be mowed, weeded, watered, re-planted and fertilised. None of this is necessary with artificial grass.Saving Time and EffortWhen one adds up all of the time and effort that is expended to maintain an attractive, healthy natural grass lawn, the number often becomes an “eye-opener.” It is, simply stated, a lot of work. Maintenance for an artificial lawn is minimal; it needs to be kept free of debris and organic waste needs to be rinsed off.Saving MoneyIt costs a lot of money to maintain natural grass. One has to purchase and maintain expensive equipment such as a mower or a tractor, in addition to lesser tools and implements. Petrol and other chemicals such as fertilisers and herbicides can also be expensive. After the initial cost of installation, there are almost no costs associated with maintaining artificial grass.Mr Everley concludes that artificial grass is a Perth homeowner’s best choice. According to Mr Everley, “Green Planet Grass is perfect every day of the year, saving time and money.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass. They are based in Perth and proudly carry the “Australian Made and Owned” logo. They offer a plethora of environmentally conscious products for commercial, residential and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Provides Another Solution for a Local Hospital 2014-10-20T03:32:43Z green-planet-grass-provides-another-solution-for-a-local-hospital Perth, WA, 20 October 2014 - Recently, Green Planet Grass completed another artificial grass installation at a major Perth hospital. Green Planet Grass has completed many high-profile artificial grass installations in the last few years and has developed a reputation for solving problems and providing positive outcomes.The Problems Presented by Natural GrassHospitals in the Perth area face a similar set of obstacles when they have natural grass on their grounds. The climate in Perth isn’t friendly to grass in high traffic areas. In addition, Perth and its suburbs are on watering restrictions during the hot, dry summers. This creates a situation where grass doesn’t have enough water to grow. Conversely, in winter, foot traffic when the ground is wet kills the grass. Between the seasons, natural grass doesn’t have much of a chance.How Green Planet Grass Solves Those ProblemsArtificial grass provides a perfect solution for hospitals, sport teams and homeowners who find it hard to grow natural grass lawns. Once an artificial grass lawn is installed, it can last as long as twenty to twenty-five years. Every day, regardless of the Perth weather or foot traffic, Green Planet Grass provides a lush, green surface that never suffers from degradation. In addition, maintenance costs are lowered because the only maintenance required for a Green Planet Grass lawn is to pick up debris and hose down any spots where organic materials have stuck to the grass. This means Green Planet Grass doesn’t need mowing, watering, weeding or re-seeding. No expensive mowers or tractors are needed. No petrol, herbicides or pesticides are needed. This saves money on equipment, chemicals, water and labour. For schools and hospitals, this can represent substantial savings. Green Planet Grass had already completed previous installations of artificial grass for the Joondalup Health Campus and St John of God facility in Subiaco and had developed a great reputation within the Perth health industry for their high quality and great customer service. They find themselves being contacted a lot for high profile hospital, school, industrial and sport applications by people who know of one of their previous installations.Justin Everley is the director of Green Planet Grass. He is proud that his company has obtained such a hard-earned reputation in Perth:“We always strove to design, create and install the best artificial grass we are capable of. We committed long ago to environmental responsibility, too. We do the best we can to use as low a carbon footprint as possible”.Mr Everley continued, “The end result has been that, after more than 4,000 installations of Green Planet Grass, we have developed a reputation for quality and integrity. Companies and homeowners hire us now because they heard about us from a friend or colleague. We feel fortunate to have such great word of mouth advertising. At the same time, though, we’ve worked hard for it.”Green Planet Grass is an environmentally responsible artificial grass manufacturer in Perth. With manufacturing facilities located in WA, they provide synthetic grass for numerous uses, including hospital, industrial, sport and residential applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Installs Match Cricket Wicket in East Fremantle 2014-10-15T03:43:31Z green-planet-grass-installs-match-cricket-wicket-in-east-fremantle Perth, WA, 15 October 2014 - Recently, Green Planet Grass installed the match cricket wicket at Preston Point Reserve in the Town of East Fremantle. Green Planet Grass had previously installed wickets for the Town of East Fremantle as well as several southern suburbs including Thornlie and Baldivis. We were delighted that once again the Town of East Fremantle chose Green Planet Grass to install an artificial grass cricket wicket.The Town of Fremantle had the same problems that many other facilities in the Perth area do. Their natural grass playing surface suffered from degradation due to weather, play and lack of water. The Town of Fremantle, like many Perth suburbs, is under severe watering restrictions during dry months. As a result, it is difficult to water the surface enough to properly maintain it in the hot Perth sun. In addition, the nature of cricket, where people run fast and change directions, is tough on natural grass. The end result is a wicket with too many brown patches. This can cause bad bounces and can even be dangerous to players under certain conditions.The Green Planet Grass SolutionEnter Green Planet Grass, who have provided solutions for over 4,000 sport teams, sport venues, homeowners, schools and business owners. Artificial grass is an effective solution for so many different applications around Perth for many reasons. It doesn’t require watering, mowing, replanting, weeding or insecticides. Not only does this save a lot of labour hours for sport, school and industrial applications, it removes the need for expensive lawn equipment, petrol and other chemicals involved in maintaining a natural grass surface.The most-cited benefit is that Green Planet Grass is perfect, 365 days a year. It is green, lush and unchanged by heavy foot traffic or extreme summer heat. For sport applications, there is a huge added bonus: it retains perfect playing characteristics 365 days a year. Artificial grass surfaces can now be “tweaked” to provide virtually the same playing conditions as a perfect natural grass surface, but without the imperfections and “bad bounces.”Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, is proud of the installation and the results:“We are proud of the cricket wicket installation in East Fremantle. We always enjoy sport installations because we enjoy all sports. We have worked very hard to make our sport surfaces play as close to natural grass as possible”.Mr Everley continued, “This was a great job to be awarded as we have installed other cricket wickets in the area and it was nice to keep that relationship in full swing. We are proud to have provided a solution for the Town of East Fremantle.”Mr Everley concluded, “They now have a wicket that will give them years of perfect performance. We are glad we could help.”Green Planet Grass proudly bears the Australian Made and Owned logo, with manufacturing facilities in WA. They manufacture and install environmentally responsible artificial grass for commercial, sport, industrial and residential applications. To learn more, call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: Woodvale Estate Public Open Space Gets a Green Planet Grass Makeover 2014-10-08T04:01:29Z woodvale-estate-public-open-space-gets-a-green-planet-grass-makeover Perth, WA, 8 October 2014 - Recently, Green Planet Grass installed their product in the City of Wanneroo at the Woodvale Estate public open space. Green Planet Grass has installed artificial grass at other locations for the City of Wanneroo and they have been satisfied with the results. Consequently, when they needed to address the public open space at Woodvale Estate, they called Green Planet Grass for a solution.The ProblemThe open space is used as a play area by local residents. It receives a heavy volume of foot traffic. This had turned the open space into a brown, barren area with more weeds than grass. Due to foot traffic and the Perth climate, it was impossible for the City of Wanneroo to maintain grass in the open space. The solution was to replace the natural lawn with a synthetic one from Green Planet Grass.Special ConditionsNot only did the City of Wanneroo require a surface that could survive the climate in Perth, they also had two other special conditions that required attention. The first request was that the artificial grass look like natural grass so that it would blend into the natural surroundings. The second request was that the surface be protected from theft. The SolutionsNatural AppearanceFor a natural appearance, Green Planet Grass provided Saturn, one of their five different grass varieties. Saturn is made of monofilament yarn and has a light, natural green colour. It is manufactured in variable heights up to 35mm. The irregular heights mimic nature perfectly and give Saturn grass a natural, unmanicured look. In photographs, it is virtually indistinguishable from well-maintained natural grass.Anti-Theft EdgingGreen Planet Grass has an exclusive anti-theft edging that makes it exceedingly difficult to steal. Artificial grass in public areas such as parks is often stolen, either for use or as a form of vandalism. The City of Wanneroo wanted to ensure that their new artificial grass surface wouldn’t fall prey to thieves. Green Planet Grass provided the solution.The FeedbackJustin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, says that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:“The City of Wanneroo is very happy with their Green Planet Grass and so are the residents who use the park. We have done other installations for the city and they know our work, so this came as no surprise to anyone involved. They expect the best from Green Planet Grass and that is exactly what we give them.”Mr Everley concluded, “We were able to turn a barren space into a beautiful new play area for residents and their children. It now requires less than a tenth of the maintenance it once required and they have a beautiful artificial grass surface that is protected from theft and looks perfect every day of the year, regardless of weather or foot traffic.”Green Planet Grass designs and installs artificial grass in the Perth area. They carry the “Australian Made and Owned” label. They make artificial grass for residential, commercial, industrial and sport applications. To learn more or for an estimate, call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: Green Planet Grass Improving Lifestyles for Many Families 2014-09-17T02:54:26Z green-planet-grass-improving-lifestyles-for-many-families Perth, WA, 17 September 2014 - Artificial grass is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the Perth area. There are many documented benefits to artificial grass, but Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, recently pointed out a benefit that is not often cited: enhancement of family life. According to Mr Everley, “The documented benefits of an artificial lawn are well-known, but each of those benefits also has its own benefit: improving family life.”The Documented Benefits of Synthetic GrassSynthetic grass have proven to be an effective solution for many homeowners who had problems maintaining a full, green natural grass lawn in the Perth area due to the climate. Here are some of the benefits of an artificial lawn from Green Planet Grass.SafetyGreen Planet Grass has a system called “PlayGrass” that is formulated to be the ultimate “safe surface” for children. It uses a combination of lush fibres, child-friendly infill and shockpads to provide a surface that exceeds Australian Critical Fall Height Standards. In addition, since an artificial grass surface doesn’t degrade from heavy use or extreme weather, the surface is always consistent. There are no slippery puddles or bare spots on a Green Planet Grass lawn. Pest-FreeGreen Planet Grass is manufactured using an antimicrobial agent that makes it resistant to bacteria and fungi. This makes it impossible for microbial pests to gain a “foothold.” Since there is no food for insects, they tend to stay away. There is nothing for vermin to eat, either, making Green Planet Grass unattractive to all pests. No ChemicalsGreen Planet Grass doesn’t require chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides or fertilisers. These are all chemicals that can be accidentally ingested by children and also contaminate the immediate environment. Minimal MaintenanceThe only real maintenance required to keep Green Planet Grass in shape is to keep it free of debris and take care of spills as soon as possible. This saves a lot of time and money.How Documented Benefits Create Family BenefitsAccording to Mr Everley, when the documented benefits of artificial grass are viewed through a “big picture” lens, they create a host of benefits for families:“Since we created our next generation artificial grass, we have known of these benefits. But the real magic happens when families take advantage of them. The inherent safety of Green Planet Grass PlayGrass makes it far less likely that their children will be injured while playing. Even if they do sustain bumps and bruises, they are usually less severe than on a natural grass playground.”Mr Everley continued, “Children play more on a Green Planet Grass lawn because it is so green and so soft. Usually, a Green Planet Grass lawn turns into the neighbourhood play hub. The kids get more exercise and have a better social life, as do their parents who can spend the time usually spent maintaining a natural lawn in their garden with their loved ones.Mr Everley concluded, “This is a family’s best-case scenario.”Green Planet Grass manufactures and installs artificial grass. Their offices are in Perth and their manufacturing plant is in WA. They provide synthetic grass for numerous residential, commercial and sport applications. To learn more, call 1300 792 642 or visit their website: Successful Planning the Key to Successful Artificial Grass Sport Facility 2014-08-18T04:31:17Z successful-planning-the-key-to-successful-artificial-grass-sport-facility Perth, WA, 18 August 2014 - Due to “next generation” technological advances in artificial grass, artificial turf sport fields are rising in popularity in the Perth area. While this is a welcome development for artificial grass manufacturers, one manufacturer in Perth cautions those who want sporting facilities that failure to plan a facility properly can produce negative results.Justin Everley is the Director of Green Planet Grass, a company that manufactures artificial grass in WA and has completed more than 4,000 installations in the Perth area. According to Mr Everley: “While a lot of people in the business seem to think that they can put any product down in any facility and make it work, a lot of planning is involved if you want to get it right. You have to match the right surface with the right facility. To do this, you have to know the usage pattern, topography, what sport or sports are going to be played and many other factors.”Planning an Artificial Sport SurfaceOn the Green Planet Grass company blog, Mr Everley recently published a post in which he detailed some of the factors that go into planning. In the beginning stage, Mr Everley recommends determining exactly what the facility is going to be used for and how much. This includes the sport or sports to be played, the projected traffic and other uses that may be planned for the surface. Next, Mr Everley recommends determining the required appearance, budget and projected longevity of the facility. From these and other data, preliminary planning of factors such as pile height, fibre materials and infill materials can begin. Geographical ReportIt is necessary to examine the soil beneath the proposed facility to ensure that it is appropriate for its intended use. Failure to know what is beneath the sport field can have severe consequences later. Drainage and MaintenanceMr Everley also recommends being familiar with the drainage characteristics and the amount of maintenance that will be necessary for the proposed field. According to Mr Everley, “It is important to ensure that the field has adequate drainage. While Green Planet Grass drains more than twice as fast as most natural grass fields, it doesn’t do any good if the water isn’t transported away from the facility.” If drainage in the sub grade is a problem, Green Planet Grass can install a number of different options, to ensure proper drainage once the artificial surface is in place. Artificial grass doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as natural grass, but Mr Everley recommends knowing exactly what maintenance will be required and hiring appropriate personnel to perform that maintenance before the project is finished.The Ultimate ChoiceMr Everley recommends using careful consideration of all factors to plan an athletic facility and offers his help: “We know that every facility has a budget and a timeframe that have to be considered along with the field itself. We are experts at helping facilities plan their artificial fields. We know exactly what is required to provide the desired playing characteristics of virtually any sport.”Mr Everley concluded, “We are experts when it comes to artificial grass and its usage in sports. If you tell us what you need according to the guidelines, we can provide it for you. Green Planet Grass can turn this complicated process into a simple one for you.”Green Planet Grass is a company that manufactures artificial grass. They are located in Perth with manufacturing facilities in WA. They offer synthetic grass for a wide range of applications including sport, residential and commercial. For more information, call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: