The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-04-30T01:09:22Z Video Production Firm Shares Tips for Maximising Online Video Marketing 2013-04-30T01:09:22Z video-production-firm-shares-tips-for-maximising-online-video-marketing Perth, WA, April 30, 2013 - Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular strategies for attracting visitors to business websites. According to generally accepted industry numbers, over 100 million videos are viewed online everyday. In addition, visitors to retail sites with videos stay an average of 2 minutes longer, and industry numbers indicate that videos make a visitor 64% more likely to purchase products from website. Small businesses that include videos in their profiles report 18% more calls, 30% more profile clicks, and 24% more sales.However, simply producing a video and putting it on YouTube is no guarantee of results. Due to the success of video marketing, the competition is fierce, and those who wish to succeed must execute a solid marketing campaign.Tip number one is to always have a plan before producing a video. Every second of every video should have a reason behind it, and be part of an organised, targeted marketing campaign.Tip number two is to have a concrete goal in mind. Video production costs money, and requires time and effort. Having a goal before shooting the video increases the likelihood of a strong ROI.Tip number three is to always provide compelling content for those who will be viewing the video. If the video does not either entertain them or give them the information they were looking for when they clicked on to the video, they will simply abandon the video and go someplace else.Tip number four is to focus on quality over speed or quantity. Your online video is a company’s “best foot forward”. It will often be the viewer’s first impression of a company; a positive impression is a must and a negative impression can lose a potential customer forever.Tip number five is to make sure that the video can be viewed anywhere. If a viewer has to click somewhere else to watch a video, they are likely to not return to the original website.Tip number six is to take advantage of multiple distribution channels. These should at least include a website, email, YouTube, and a Facebook page.Tip number seven is to always leave the viewer wanting more. In the opinion of many Internet marketers, 60 to 90 seconds is the ideal length for a promotional video. In an era of reduced attention span, where people have multiple people, places, and things competing for their attention, they are unlikely to spend longer than 2 minutes watching a promotional video. Also, while it is crucial to give the viewers some of what they want, it is also crucial that the viewer doesn’t get everything they want. If they do, there’s no motivation for them to complete the next desired action, whether it is to purchase a product or join an information list.Tip number eight is to make the video engaging to the desired audience. The more interesting and engaging a video is, the more likely it is for the visitor to stay and watch the entire video, and to move on to the next desired action.Tip number nine is to always include a call to action. If there is no call to action, the viewer usually won’t take the desired action.Video Labs is a video marketing and production company in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. They specialise in well-produced campaigns, attention to detail, and great results. For more information or to start a video campaign today, call 1300 881 783 or check out their website: Four “Death Moves” Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Video Marketing Campaign 2013-04-23T01:55:16Z four-death-moves-guaranteed-to-sabotage-your-video-marketing-campaign Perth, WA, April 23, 2013 - Due to changes in Google’s algorithm, video marketing has become a very important part of most serious Internet marketing campaigns. Videos, if promoted correctly, can not only be seen by thousands, but can also help vault a website to page one of Google for very competitive keywords.  This has led to a virtual flood of videos on sites like YouTube, with mixed results. Sometimes the most professionally produced video fails with a resounding thud, while a teenager’s smartphone video of a friend doing something stupid can go viral and get a million views overnight.  While nobody can guarantee with 100% certainty that a video will or will not be successful, savvy video marketers have noticed a pattern in what does and doesn’t work. In particular, knowing the worst mistakes to avoid can save any company, large or small, a lot of time and effort, and produce much better results. The first common error is often called “set it and forget it.” Many marketers think that they can simply put a video up on YouTube, and it will automatically be seen by thousands of viewers. In reality, very few YouTube videos are ever seen by as many as 1,000 people without a lot of help. The second common error is thinking that one video makes an entire marketing campaign. One video can be seen by thousands of people, but forgotten the next day. Statistics, surveys, and anecdotal data all agree that it takes a series of videos to be successful. The third common error is making a video advertisement instead of a video that provides great information, great entertainment, or both. People go to websites or videos for information or entertainment. They do not go to be bombarded by commercials. If a video looks like a commercial, the viewer will not finish watching it. The fourth error is to not have a plan or strategy. Human development gurus communicate this concept thusly: ”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Michael Hanson, Owner  and Founder of Video Labs, a video production company in the Gold Coast, has extensive experience in helping businesses not only avoid these strategic errors, but in mitigating the damage done to a business by faulty video marketing strategy. According to Hanson: “These errors are really easy to avoid, because they are merely errors of omission: not errors of commission.” Michael went on to describe his deceptively simple system for maximising the results of a video campaign: “First, you must have a marketing strategy. It does no good to throw a bunch of videos around with no concrete plan. You might as well save the time, money, and effort, and watch videos with your kids instead. Second, your plan must feature repetition and consistency. One video is not enough; you must have serial content to make a serious dent in the market.” He continued, “The last thing you must always remember is that you must make a video that is worth watching. Obviously your agenda is to move your product. Unfortunately, the viewer’s agenda is to obtain great information or be entertained. If you fail to do at least one of these, there is no reason for anyone to watch your video.” Video Labs is a video production and video marketing firm serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. They have produced numerous successful video campaigns, and specialise in results. For more information, call 1300 881 783 or visit their website: Viral Videos Found to Contain Common Key Elements 2013-04-02T04:13:47Z viral-videos-found-to-contain-common-key-elements Brisbane, Australia, April 2, 2013 - Many companies, large, small, and in between, have realised that video marketing is a very important part of any effective advertising campaign. Consequently, those companies have started using videos in their campaigns, with mixed results. Two years ago, including a video on your site almost guaranteed a spot on page one of Google, and the traffic comes with it.In this era, however, it takes more than a shoddily-produced and ill-conceived video to gain traffic. The sheer number of companies employing videos in their advertising campaigns has “upped the ante” considerably. It now takes a professional video and at least a modicum of creativity to see results from video marketing.One thing, however, hasn’t changed from two years ago: the viral video. A viral video is loosely defined as a video that receives thousands of views due to sharing on social media websites. This is the Internet era’s version of “word of mouth” advertising, but it only happens if the video is epic. Videos that “go viral” have seven characteristics in common. If a video is missing even one characteristic, it probably won’t go viral, and potentially loses a lot of money for the company using it. Here, then, are the seven characteristics shared by all viral videos.First, it either evokes an emotional response, answers a question, or both. Second, it addresses a current topic that receives multiple searches or dominates conversation. Topics that are trending on Google, Twitter, or Facebook are a great guide.Next, the description, title, and video thumbnail must all drive clicks and must be compelling. This gives people three potential reasons to plaster it on their social media accounts. Next, the video must be long enough to not lose viewers before it is finished. Most viral videos are under two minutes. Also, most experts agree that a video has fifteen seconds to grab a viewer before they click elsewhere.Although a video can go viral by itself, most business videos that go viral get some “help” in the beginning. This is best accomplished by submitting it to every possible outlet, and paying for traffic in the beginning if necessary. Another very important trait: the video must serve at least one of four functions: provide value, generate discussions, align with the sharer’s identity, or maintain and grow relationships.The last thing a video must have to go viral is actually what it can’t have: material that is too toxic to make people want to share it. If it’s offensive, it must be left out.Michael Hanson, Owner and Founder of Video Labs, has been personally responsible for many viral videos: “The best thing about a viral video is that it’s like finding money on the ground. It takes the same amount of money to produce a viral video as it does to produce one that goes nowhere. Unfortunately, more than 95% of marketing videos go nowhere.”Hanson continued, “Believe me, it’s worth it to make the extra effort to do your homework and choose the right company to shoot  and create your video. It’s also worth it to come up with compelling material that grabs viewers and forces them to click on to your video.”Hanson concluded, “If you have the right strategy, viral videos are easy. If you don’t, they’re impossible.”Video Labs is a video marketing and video production company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They have a wealth of experience in producing videos that go viral. To get started today, call 1300 881 783 or visit their website: More Advertisers Now Turning to Viral Video Marketing 2013-03-21T05:18:24Z more-advertisers-now-turning-to-viral-video-marketing Brisbane, March 21, 2013 - As Internet usage continues to rise, and more mobile devices are now connected to the Internet, viral videos are rapidly gaining a reputation as “traffic magnets” among savvy Internet marketers. From sole proprietors of small Internet marketing operations to multi-billion dollar companies such as Nike, more and more advertisers are leveraging the power of viral videos to provide traffic to their websites. A viral video is loosely defined as any video that receives large amounts of views on the Internet on the strength of being shared multiple times. The sharing usually occurs when a video is mentioned on numerous blogs and numerous social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, a recent search on YouTube revealed a video titled “Inspired Bicycles” which received over 32,000,000 views in three years. A video with 100 movie insults received over 21,000,000 views. Recently, a major marketing company conducted an international survey of executives at top media buying firms and creative advertising agencies and their clients. The results of the survey were a source of encouragement for many in the video production industry.  According to the survey, 80% of the professionals who participated in the survey referred to themselves as “very familiar” with viral video. Approximately 49% are “interested” in viral video, and approximately 23% expressed what they called a “high level” of interest. 56% of clients who conducted a viral video campaign were “pleased” with the results they obtained. Less than 3% of the clients reported being “displeased” with the results of their viral video campaigns. Opinions differ greatly on what constitutes a successful video campaign. Participants were given the choice of using 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, or 1 million as a benchmark for success. While 28% of those who responded chose 1 million as their threshold for success, the other three numbers shared the remaining votes almost equally.Approximately 95% were of the opinion that tracking and reporting effectiveness of campaigns had room for improvement. When asked to choose which benefits they had received from viral video marketing from a list, slightly over 92% chose “exponential views”, while 87.2% chose “brand engagement.” Other factors commonly chosen were online reach and having an image as a forward-thinking brand. According to Michael Hanson, owner of Video Labs, the results of the survey are great news, not only for everyone in the video production industry, but his clients as well: “We have been aware of the benefits of viral video marketing for a long time, but we are always glad to see industry studies agree with what we have experienced as truth. We have seen firsthand how powerful and effective video marketing can be, for both small and large businesses.” Hanson continued, “The magic of viral video is that it becomes viral by the most effective form of advertising known to man: word-of-mouth advertising. Before the dawn of the Internet age, word-of-mouth marketing was still very effective, but not nearly as far-reaching. Now, because the Internet allows instantaneous communication, and social networks are so effective, a video that goes viral can be viewed by millions of people.” Hanson concluded, “It only takes one great video to put your company in front of millions of people.”Video Labs is a video production company primarily serving the Brisbane and the Gold Coast markets. They specialise in extremely effective, high quality video production. If you want to create the next viral video, call them at 1300 881 783 or visit their website for more information. Video Marketing Produces Staggering Statistics in 2012 2013-03-05T09:25:04Z video-marketing-produces-staggering-statistics-in-2012 Until 2009, online advertising was almost non-existent. According to a report from ContentWise, through 2008, online advertising was so small in scope that it was virtually non-existent in content marketing industry stats. All content advertising was done in print. In 2009, the first online and video advertising showed up in mainstream use, with businesses spending $30.9 billion on print, $12.1 billion online, and $4.2 billion in the “other” category, which includes events and video.  The numbers remained relatively stable in the next two years, but 2012 represented a “tipping point” for the video component of online marketing.We are still a month or so away from having some of the stats we want to see from 2012, but the projections and stats that are available are very encouraging for video marketing. At the beginning of 2012, businesses were asked whether they planned to spend more, the same, or less on seven different content marketing media. The largest percentage, 54%, said that they would increase spending on video content. The next-largest number, at 35%, was for virtual events and website updates, which both received that number. 54% is a huge increase, and would be an impressive number for any medium or any industry segment.The actual numbers for 2012 aren’t in yet, but the overall industry stats that are available from 2012 indicate that the projected rise may have been too conservative. An infographic from Brainshark contains stats from the US, but US stats have been found to usually mirror most English-speaking countries, including Australia.According to the report, 53% of the population viewed video online during 2012, for a total of 167 million viewers. Of those viewers, 54.6 million used their mobile devices to watch the videos. In surveys, respondents usually report that they retain information from videos longer than they do with the written word. Videos are now the sixth-most popular online marketing medium, with approximately 70% of marketers using them. Online videos can be used to sell brands, services, features, or products. They can also be used to educate the public, by sharing commentary, tips, or ideas. Some of the most effective videos are those that entertain by delivering content that makes people laugh.According to Michael Hanson, Creative Director and Founder of Video Labs, the numbers from 2013 could easily surpass those from 2012: “We’re not surprised by any of these numbers. We had a great year last year, and we are on a pace to grow even more this year. We have plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers who have seen traffic to their websites skyrocket from using professionally produced videos to deliver their marketing to the public. Everyone loves a good story, and what better way is there to tell a good story than a professionally crafted video.”Hanson continued, “We are getting a lot of people to page one of Google, and we have had great viral activity on many of our videos. YouTube provides a huge marketing leverage for large, medium, or small businesses for two reasons: First, videos are the fastest way to get to page one of Google, giving a huge return on investment. Second, people have a tendency to share videos with their friends on social networks. This gets more views and produces some great backlinks for your website.”Hanson concluded, “Video marketing makes ‘the’ difference.”Video Labs specialises in video production and video marketing, especially in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast markets. To learn how easy it is for your business to utilise video, call 1300 881 783 or check out their website: Recent Online Marketing Survey Names Video Fastest-Growing Trend in Content Marketing for 2013 2013-03-01T04:19:42Z recent-online-marketing-survey-names-video-fastest-growing-trend-in-content-marketing-for-2013 For numerous reasons, online video has become a very popular marketing technique for businesses, not only in Brisbane and Gold Coast, but across the world. According to a recent survey from Social Media Examiner, YouTube and video marketing were cited by 76% of those who responded as their top marketing expenditures in 2012. Of those who responded, only 1% reported that they plan to spend less on video marketing in 2013.According to a survey recently released by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), in September 2012, more than 85% of Internet users watched online videos. A surprising 46% said that, after watching videos about a product, they would be more likely to click through for more information, than without a video.An estimated 70% of online marketers now use video, which makes it the sixth most popular content marketing tactic. 61% of online marketers post videos on YouTube, which averages around 4 billion hits a day. Another surprising find: viewers using mobile devices watch videos three times as long as those on laptops and desktops. As of now, approximately 54 million people have mobile devices that are able to access videos.According to video producers, marketers, and businesses, one of the main reasons why so many now use video is that they are so easy and inexpensive to produce. Cloud-based services also make it easier for companies and marketers to host videos and show them to prospects and customers.Another reason for using video is that YouTube videos often produce high rankings in Google. In addition, YouTube videos are easily accessed via tablets or smartphones, thus giving businesses access to many customers for most of their waking days.Another aspect that makes videos so attractive to marketers is the opportunity for them to go viral. When a video goes viral, it can get millions of views, without any extra cost to the company. In addition to the great publicity and reach a viral video provides, it can also provide a lot of high-quality backlinks to the company’s website.Michael Hanson, Founder and Creative Director of Video Labs, has seen firsthand the power of video marketing: “Video marketing is very hot right now, and for great reason. The first reason is that videos allow companies to reach a lot of customers that they wouldn’t reach if they didn’t have a video up. Not only is YouTube and other video sites a different place than their website, but a video can propel a company to page one of Google. That brings you a lot of prospective customers who are searching for exactly what you have to sell.”Michael continued, “In addition, a video that goes viral can literally bring in a million views overnight. That is a lot of advertising, and it doesn’t have any added costs once the video is completed and uploaded. Also, many people understand videos better than a webpage or a text ad. Videos allow you to say a lot that would be cumbersome or take too long to read on a webpage.”Michael concluded, “It’s no accident that video is the fastest-growing medium in online marketing. It flat out works!”Video Labs specialises in video marketing and video production in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and across Australia. For more information, call Video Labs at 1300 881 783 or visit their website at