The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-09-03T02:25:51Z The Mascoteers release latest version of the highly addictive mobile game 360 Degree 2015-09-03T02:25:51Z the-mascoteers-release-latest-version-of-the-highly-addictive-mobile-game-360-degree In this release, The Mascoteers have added some incredible new features and have made some improvements in game play, along with introducing the game in 20 different languages delighting fans all over the world.  The Mascoteers are motivated by this entertaining, engaging game’s success, with our design and development team playing a huge part in driving our management and investors to develop and publish more new, creative games for our incredible gaming audience. 360 Degree is a game designed to challenge your concentration and enhance your accuracy in the battle to defeat those pesky spikes, which keep disappearing and reappearing with in a blink of an eye.  This addictive game is based on the law of angular motion, testing your reaction time and multi-taking ability. Requiring your complete attention, 360 Degree is merciless if you lose concentration as landing on those evil spikes would cost you with your one and only life in the game. Bugs have been fixed, quirks have been tweaked and loads of new exciting features have been added in this new version: - You can stop ads altogether with a couple of dollars- Heaps of new languages added- More easily resume a game after they have paused- Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.- Receive push notifications- Access your stats on the stat page- Landing accuracy has been improved- Switch from day to night mode- Collect over 100 rubies and choose from a range of different balls- Bonus level, collect up to 42 rubies at once!- Shields appear at regular intervals so you can protect yourself against the spikes- Three new levels to play! With these new releases the latest 360 is double the fun, try out the latest updated 360 Degree!! Unleash the ball to beat those evil spikes – PLAY ON! A Successful Release of The Game 360 Degree by WebAlive 2015-08-20T10:41:19Z a-successful-launch-of-the-game-360-degree-by-webalive 360 Degree offers an exciting gameplay experience packed with thrills, spills and loads of fun. Its use of dynamic movement and it’s colourful, minimalist design makes this game suitable for young and old. 360 challenges the players multi-tasking skills, requiring them to avoid dangerous spikes, collect points and direct your ball safely by rotating your compass clockwise and anticlockwise. WebAlive is greatly motivated by this entertaining, engaging game’s success, with our design and development team playing a huge part in inspiring our management and investors to develop and publish more new, creative games for our incredible gaming audience. 360 degree is based on the theory of angular motion, built to test accuracy and reaction time. Easy to learn but hard to master, it’s crisp, colourful graphics and will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Because of the success the first version of 360 Degree is enjoying, WebAlive is planning some even more exciting additions: ·        - Pop up ads will be removed ·       -  Day and night mode ·        - Downloads would be available in 10 different languages ·        - Each Player would have their own personal statistics page ·        - Customised background (in-app purchase) ·       -  Pearls (like diamond) as in-app purchase currency ·        - Shield mode ·        - Bonus rounds WebAlive is dedicated to designing and developing new, innovative and above all, fun games for iOS and Android and has been overwhelmed by the reaction of our fans. We can’t wait to show you what’s next! WebAlive to Attend Year's Largest eCommerce Event in Sydney 2015-05-22T05:16:17Z webalive-to-attend-year-s-largest-ecommerce-event-in-sydney On the 22nd and 23rd of July WebAlive will be taking part in the 2015 Online Retailer Conference and eCommerce Expo in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The expo brings together industry leaders from all over Australasia to make connections, build relationships and foster collaborations between peers and competitors.  Over these two days, business owners, CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs will be able to network and share ideas on all parts of online retailing and ecommerce. Experts in branding, customer service, design, marketing and UI can meet with clients, industry leaders and fellow experts to better understand all elements of the industry and make valuable connections.  The expo features a conference dedicated to online retail and ecommerce, concentrating on the new ways we can integrate our view of customers across online and offline channels. Industry leading professionals are set to take the stage and speak on the many different facets of online shopping and how to achieve success.  The Director of Mobile Customer Applications Nordstrom and Alistair Venn the CEO of Groupon headline a star-studded line-up of speakers on how eCommerce is conducted today. Other speakers include Faye Ilhan from Dan Murphy's, Gillian Mason from Seafolly, Nick Baker from RedBalloon and Mike Pitone from Urban Outfitters.  Some key exhibitors include:  ·  Australia Post ·  StarTrack ·  Honeywell ·  DHL ·  NetRegistry ·  Fastway ·  International New York Times ·  Westpac ·  MerchantSuiteWorkshops on ‘The Hidden Gems of Site Optimisation and Conversion’, ‘Mastering the Power of Retail Marketing’ and a special ‘Kickstarter’ talk will precede the main expo where 150+ exhibitors will be offering the latest eCommerce technology and solutions. Retail technology seminars will also run during this time and an awards night will conclude the calendar of events.With experience in providing online retail solutions and a powerful proprietary eCommerce platform to clients all over the world, WebAlive is excited to network with other exhibitors and potential customers and share ideas with all the key players in this vibrant industry.