The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-07-28T05:36:14Z Regional Real Estate Outperforms Capital Cities 2014-07-28T05:36:14Z regional-real-estate-outperforms-capital-cities Geraldton, WA, 28 July 2014 - A recent report that regional real estate markets, including Geraldton, had outperformed Perth for the month of May surprised a lot of economists across Western Australia, but not those in Geraldton. In fact, regional real estate markets outperformed capital cities in the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria as well as in Western Australia. Superior NumbersWhile the market flattened in most parts of Australia during the month of May, regional WA saw an increase of 2.38% for the best performance in Australia. Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for 4Land Property Group, who are developing a master planned estate called Geraldton Heights Estate in Geraldton, is not the least bit surprised and continues to be excited at how lively the property market is in Geraldton. According to Ms McErlain, “We love the Geraldton market because it represents the best of both worlds for first home buyers, young families, those who want a sea change and retirees.” The properties cost much less than they do in the capital cities, but are experiencing capital growth at a higher rate. Since even the most conservative estimate projects 42.8% population growth in Geraldton by 2026, we can’t see the growth rate going anywhere but up.”4Land Property Group develops land estates in the Perth market and Geraldton Heights Estate is their first real estate venture in the regional areas. They have been very successful in the Perth market and are experiencing success in Geraldton that is similar to what they have achieved in Perth suburbs such as Pearsall, Munster and Mandurah. Low Regional PricesOn the Geraldton Heights company blog, Ms McErlain recently noted that the median price of a home in Pearsall is $500,000 while it is only $360,000 in Geraldton. According to Ms McErlain, “We have helped many first home buyers and young families in the Perth market purchase homes when they thought they couldn’t. Sadly, though, we can’t help everyone in Perth because even with our low prices, Perth prices too many people out of home ownership.”Ms McErlain continued, “In Geraldton, the entry threshold is much lower than in Perth, providing younger families and first home buyers more opportunity to break into the market and have their own homes. Better yet, once they buy in Geraldton, they will find that they experience much more capital growth than they would have in Perth because Geraldton is undergoing such a growth cycle.”Investors AgreeMany Perth investors are investing in Geraldton property because they perceive the prospects for capital growth to be the best in WA. According to Ms McErlain, “Just as it is for young families, Geraldton real estate is attractive to small investors, too. They can enter the investment market for a lower price and their investments have the potential to experience a much higher percentage of capital growth.”Ms McErlain concluded, “The Australian Dream is alive and well in Geraldton.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a planned real estate community overlooking the Geraldton CBD and the Indian Ocean. For information on any property they have for sale, visit their website: or give them a call on (08) 9301 4445. Sales Boom at Master Planned Land Estate in Geraldton Defies Predictions of Gloom and Doom for Mid West Real Estate 2014-06-19T07:46:29Z sales-boom-at-master-planned-land-estate-in-geraldton-defies-predictions-of-gloom-and-doom-for-mid-west-real-estate Geraldton, WA, 19 June 2014 - Despite predictions of gloom and doom for any economy affected by the mining industry, regional WA has outperformed Perth in the March housing statistics, according to REIWA. The median home price in Perth as of the March 2014 quarter is $553,000, representing a rise of 0.7%. This number is seen as a disappointment by most WA economists. In addition, apartments are at $445,000, representing a 1.0% loss.On the other hand, the median price for a home in regional WA is $393,000, representing a rise of 3.4%. The median apartment price is $343,000, which represents a rise of the same magnitude: 3.4%. While mining areas such as Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland and Karratha are cited as being “flat” markets, regional performance is still higher than that in Perth. The New Home FactorAccording to Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for Geraldton Heights Estate and 4Land Property Group, sales at Geraldton Heights Estate are booming: “We recently began offering land blocks in Stage 2 of Geraldton Heights Estate. More than half of them are already sold or under offer. Stage 1 became available in 2013, with all but two of the blocks selling out almost immediately after becoming available. In other words, business is booming at Geraldton Heights Estate.”Ms McErlain continued, “It is no accident that new homes outperform established homes in most markets. At 4Land Property Group, we have been consistently able to offer a new home in a master planned estate for less money than the median established home in its respective market. A new home costs a bit less and the building can be depreciated for tax purposes as early as the first year and for many years thereafter.”Geraldton Heights EstateGeraldton Heights Estate is a master planned estate located ten minutes away from the Indian Ocean and the Geraldton CBD. It provides quick and easy access to all of the amenities and infrastructure that Geraldton has to offer. It is slated to eventually include 2,500 homes, along with a town centre, shops and and other infrastructure.Land blocks start at 2,000 m2 for as low as $129,000. The Estate works with all the prominent builders in Geraldton but also allows land buyers to use other builders. Ms McErlain credits the success of Geraldton Heights Estate to the value it provides its homeowners. According to Ms McErlain, “There is a reason that Geraldton Heights Estate outperforms the market: it is great value. We are providing a large block of land in a sea change destination known for its recreational opportunities. In addition, Geraldton is growing, and poised for long-term capital growth. Geraldton offers great value for money.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned land estate developed by 4Land Property Group. Located adjacent to Geraldton, the Estate offers 2,000 m2 blocks of land starting at $129,000. To learn more, call (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Estate Reveals the Advantages to House and Land Packages 2014-05-08T03:07:06Z geraldton-heights-estate-reveals-the-advantages-to-house-and-land-packages Geraldton, WA, 8 May 2014 - Moving to a new area in a new home is an exciting time for many people. When people are moving into a new house though, there are choices that they have to make. Along with all of the smaller decisions such as the specific functions and aesthetics of the home, two of the biggest questions are: should they buy an already standing home or build a new one? Should they buy land to go with the home? In general, there are a number of advantages as to both why a person should build a new home from scratch and why they should purchase a house and land package. Both of these options give the new homeowner more control over what they will be living in and how they can customise the area to suit their styles. To provide more information on this subject, Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager of 4Land Property Group, speaks about how building a new home gives more power to the new homeowner. “While buying an already existing home has its place, such as when the person wants everything that the design already offers, building a new home from the ground up is generally the preferred option. This is primarily because the person can then customise the house however they’d like, designing it perfectly to fit their needs and style.” She continues by naming some of the new technology that can be added into homes too which would be costly in an older home. “When you build a new home, you can include all of the new technology, such as proper cabling and outlets as well as energy efficient air conditioning and appliances. These will not only save you money in the long run, but they are also hard to put into older homes, but easy when the home is being built.” Ms McErlain then goes on to explain the advantages to buying house and land packages and how they can be a good option for investors. “If you’re an investor, then a house and land package is a practical option for you. New homes are far more attractive to tenants and you can customise them according to what you think would attract your ideal tenant. Since modern homes are built using quality materials and reliable techniques, you can charge premium rent and get a higher return on investment.” She expands further on the idea that buying house and land packages is better than purchasing each separately. “Purchasing a package is more convenient for you can get both the house and the land under one contract. This means easier management, less paperwork and less confusion. In addition, by buying the two together, you can find deals that save you money immediately and over time, while it would cost more money to buy each on their own.” McErlain concludes by stating her company’s role in providing house and land packages in the Geraldton area. “We at 4Land have many different options for house and land packages in various locations, such as the beautiful city of Geraldton as well as Perth metropolitan areas. You can build your own new house in the perfect area and on perfect land and call it home.” To learn more about Geraldton Heights Estate and the house and land packages they offer in a relaxed setting, call them on (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: They offer residents a laid-back lifestyle while providing access to amenities. Geraldton Real Estate Team Reveals the Newest Trends in Home Owners on the Move 2014-05-01T05:12:09Z geraldton-real-estate-team-reveals-the-newest-trends-in-home-owners-on-the-move Geraldton, Australia, 1 May 2014 - A person who owns a house now probably owned another house before, possibly many times. This seems to be the current trend permeating the culture of those who own homes. Called the new age of home owning, current research is showing what people perhaps have known all along: Australians on average enjoy moving from place to place and owning new and different homes. In a recent series of surveys by the Newspoll Market & Social Research company, almost 36 per cent of people who own houses don’t plan on staying in their current house and want to move at some point in the near future. On the other end of the spectrum, 16 per cent are committed to where they live and everyone else falls in the in-between category. Across demographic boundaries, men seem to move less than women and large families move least of all, probably because of complications with children and schooling. By contrast, young people, those under the age of 35, change homes the most and, of all the states in the country, Western Australians move around the most with only a minor 4 per cent completely satisfied with staying in their current home. With these trends dominating the home and real estate market, one tends to wonder why people move and some of the logistics concerning frequent moving. To shed some light on this, Madeleine McErlain, the Marketing Manager of 4Land Property Group which provides quality real estate to Geraldton and surrounding areas, provides her input. “Perhaps you know someone or you yourself have changed homes numerous times, but the most recent research is showing us that this seems to be the most powerful trend in the real estate market. People are moving more frequently than they ever have and changing houses in the process.” She goes on to elaborate on the changing housing trends. “Surveys show that 34 per cent of people have lived in 10 or more houses over the course of their adult lives, with the majority of all people living in more than 4. This is a staggering statistic when you consider how much goes into moving in terms of time and cost. This doesn’t seem to deter people however and the buying and selling of homes is higher than it has been in a long time.” Ms McErlain then offers some explanations as to why people move so frequently. “Young people especially tend to move more in part because they are exploring the world and trying out different places and ways of life. When a person is first looking to settle, they often try out different areas, such as rural and urban settings, to determine which kind is best for them. This is the ultimate goal of frequent moving: to determine which lifestyle best suits you and build a life around that.” Ms McErlain concludes by stating her company’s role in helping people find their ideal lifestyle. “The 4Land Property team aims to provide real estate that will suit your new lifestyle perfectly, in current hot spots like the city of Geraldton. This city in particular offers a unique balance of rural and urban and with the beautiful ocean nearby, is a good fit for many people.” Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community that overlooks the Geraldton CBD to the Indian Ocean. They have released Stage 2 of the development, selling blocks starting at $129,000. To learn more about them and the options that they offer, please call on (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest Donate $500,000 House and Land Package to Geraldton Charity 2014-04-29T08:08:59Z geraldton-heights-estate-and-redink-homes-midwest-donate-500-000-house-and-land-package-to-geraldton-charity Geraldton, WA, 27 March 2014 - On 14 March 2014, Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest announced that they would be donating a house and land package worth over $500,000 to Midwest Charity Begins at Home (MWCBAH). The donation is the largest one ever given to MWCBAH. Everyone involved in the donation hopes that it sets a precedent for large donations to the charity and enables them to do even more good for their community.Midwest Charity Begins at Home: a Quick Rise from Humble BeginningsMWCBAH was established in 2008, shortly after Dr Ros Worthington held a successful Gala Dinner to raise funds for a cousin who had cancer. The cousin was a single mum who was struggling, trying to find resources with which to take care of her children. Dr Worthington called upon the Geraldton community to help her raise funds for the cousin with a Gala Dinner that succeeded beyond her most ardent hopes. The success of the 2008 Gala Dinner for her cousin inspired Dr Worthington to form a committee with like-minded individuals from the Geraldton community. Dr Worthington was able to assemble a committee that works solely on a volunteer basis to raise funds for other people suffering from cancer or other debilitating illnesses to make ends meet.As of this writing, MWCBAH  has raised approximately $1,072,000 to donate to families in the Geraldton and Midwest area during times of need. The donated home will be auctioned when it is finished; the projected finish date is near November. All concerned are hoping that the proceeds from auctioning the home takes MWCBAH  to an unprecedented level of financial resources, enabling them to provide for even more Geraldton and Midwest citizens with serious illnesses and overwhelming financial burdens.What Makes MWCBAH a Unique CharityMWCBAH is a unique charity in that it has raised over a million dollars with a fully volunteer staff and no expenses other than those involved in paying for the Gala Dinner. They have no office space and no paid staff. Everything is handled by volunteers who selflessly donate their time to help those in their community.Their other main source of pride is that the charity has remained local. All monies collected go to families in Geraldton or somewhere in the Midwest area. Geraldton is a close-knit community and MWCBAH  sees themselves as “neighbours helping neighbours”. So far, 57 local families have received aid from MWCBAH, with numbers growing every year.Why 4Land Property Group is InvolvedMadeleine McErlain of 4Land Property Group is proud to be involved in donating the home to MWCBAH. According to Ms McErlain, “We love Geraldton and we feel fortunate to be in a position to help such a great charity provide assistance to citizens of Geraldton who are in need. The people of Geraldton have welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like a part of the family.”Ms McErlain concluded, “We are happy to be able to give back to such a deserving community.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community in Geraldton, overlooking the Indian Ocean. They are currently offering blocks for $129,000 in Stage 2 of the community for $129,000. Call their property team on (08) 9301 4445 for more information or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Estate Reveals Why 2014 Will Be a Bright Year for Property Investors 2014-03-04T07:31:27Z geraldton-heights-estate-reveals-why-2014-will-be-a-bright-year-for-property-investors Geraldton, WA, 4 March 2014 - Real estate and the property investment markets are tricky ones to manage. However, some entrepreneurs pursue property investment as a way to turn over a profit and build a proverbial empire. With the status of the worldwide economy put into question, many are wondering if 2014 will be a good year for investing in property or if the market as a whole is on the up or down. Top economists, backed with almost every measure available, argue that while the economy is not ideal, there are many positives to be had this year. This means that it is indeed a good time for property investors to stake their next claim. Last year saw some major improvements and all of the gloomy predictions made about the collapse of various world powers and their economies failed to come true. This is fortunate because not only did nothing truly bad happen, but the economy of Australia has increased and continues to trend upward until now. To help shed some more light on this situation and provide an explanation as to why this will be a good year for property investment, Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for the 4Land Property Group, shares her wisdom based on many years’ experience in the field. “Despite the fact that the economy isn’t ideal, it is most definitely on the increase, as a continuation of last year’s trend. Many countries are beginning to fully recover from the GFC and our country in particular is seeing great improvements, partially aided by the improved value of our dollar.” McErlain goes on to explain the highs and lows of economic measures and how these positively impact this year’s property investments. “Many economic measures can be used to show the projected prosperity of this coming year. Population growth is high, which is good for investment because more people will be around to utilise your property. In addition, inflation and interest rates are low, the former being good because it shows a strong economy and the latter because investors don’t have to lay out much money per loan.” She then continues by expanding more on Australia being one of the most prosperous countries now and how that bodes well for property investors. “Australia in particular is one of the most well-off countries in the world. The average wealth of a household has increased to an all-time high of $872,000, which indicates that many households in the country have the power and means to seek better housing. According to the annual global health report by Credit Suisse, Australia is the wealthiest country on the globe right now, as shown by its lively real estate market and high stock market gains the past year.” McErlain concludes by stating that location is also important in investment and explaining the role her company plays in potential ventures. “All of this information adds up to the fact that 2014 is set to be one of the best years for property investment in a very long time. Of course location is important as well, and there are plenty of prime house and land packages in and near the city of Geraldton. We at 4Land Property Group can help you find the one that will suit your investment goals perfectly.” Geraldton Heights Estate, a master planned community, offers lifestyle blocks in a rural setting. Managed by 4Land Property Group, it serves Western Australia with only the best in real estate around the Geraldton area and beyond. To learn more about them, please call (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Estate Imparts How Living in a Well-Planned Neighbourhood is Healthy 2014-02-03T07:36:41Z geraldton-heights-estate-imparts-how-living-in-a-well-planned-neighbourhood-is-healthy Geraldton, WA, 3 February 2014 - Everyone wants to live a healthy, long and comfortable life. The quality of one’s life is often associated with the foods consumed or the exposure to stressors, but the area and community where a person lives can actually influence their overall health as well—some places provide greater and more health benefits than others. Studies have shown that living in a well-planned neighbourhood is beneficial to a person’s health because of the designed network of pathways, sidewalks and bike trails that are contained within it. These walkways provide the residents not only the opportunity, but the incentive to exercise more and maintain a healthier lifestyle. These infrastructures make life easier for the residents as well. To further support this claim, Madeleine McErlain, the Marketing Manager of the 4Land Property Group, which provides real estate to the city of Geraldton and surrounding areas, provides her insight into the subject. “Recent studies have shown that more than half of the people searching for new homes or who already own one view the existence of a good system of sidewalks and bike paths as very important. It’s clear to see why this is important to many people because the health benefits of living in a neighbourhood that has them are staggering.” McErlain goes on to explain the practical reasons why someone would want more public walkways. “Having an intricate system of walkways means that people can get around easier by foot or by bike. This is very desirable if a family would like to frequent a local park for the children to run around and play. Local shops can be easily reached as well. Perhaps more importantly, people can also more easily walk to places of public transportation, such as bus stops, which makes going practically anywhere much easier. These are just some of the practical reasons for having better sidewalks and bike paths—it brings the community closer together.” She then describes some of the physical health benefits that accompany living in such a neighbourhood. “These communities provide more than just better mobility; they also contain the potential for so many great health benefits. A well laid out network of pathways encourages people to go outside and exercise more. If they have the opportunity to walk more, provided by these walkways, the average person will take the chance and go on walks every so often, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.” McErlain then delves deeper into what daily walks can give to a person. “Walking and other mobile exercises are considered cardio and boost heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking also allows for stronger bones and walking in sunlight produces Vitamin D for the body. It even gives you more energy and makes you happier as blood flow is enhanced and endorphins are released.” McErlain then explains her company’s role in finding homes in neighbourhoods such as this. “With the health benefits piling high, many people want to make the move into a well-planned neighbourhood with a good system of walkways. There are a number of these in Geraldton and my company is always at the ready to help you find your place in one.” Geraldton Heights Estate helps their clients with real estate in Geraldton and surrounding cities. To learn more about the housing opportunities they offer and other related neighbourhoods, please call them on (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Estate Reveals Nature of Bushfires and How You Can Protect Your Home 2014-01-22T03:12:51Z 4land-property-group-reveals-nature-of-bushfires-and-how-you-can-protect-your-home Geraldton, WA, 22 January 2014 - Recently in the history of Western Australia, major bushfires have caused incredible damage to both nature and people’s homes. With many people losing their homes, some even their lives, to this terrible natural disaster, many more people are trying to understand how these fires work and what they can do to protect their own family and homes from being affected by another major bushfire.Bushfires are able to begin because a spark, either a natural one such as a lightning strike or a man-made one such as a carelessly discarded cigarette butt, ignites a dry area of vegetation. From there, the plant matter in the surrounding areas continues to burn until the fire grows and spreads to grand proportions and works its way on and into people’s homes.Bushfires do damage through three main mechanisms: direct flame contact, radiant heat and ember attacks. The former two scorch surroundings areas due to contact with the fire or nearby air, but the latter is the most dangerous. Ember attacks occur when loosened debris ignite and are carried by the wind to spread the fire elsewhere.To provide more insight into the dangers of ember attacks and protection techniques, Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager of the 4Land Property Group, shares her thoughts on the subject based on her experience in the WA area.“Bushfires are a real danger to families and homes and their damage can be devastating if proper measures aren’t taken ahead of time to protect yourself. Thankfully, there is much that can be done to prevent a bushfire from entering and destroying your home.”She then goes on to explain techniques that can be executed to protect the outside of a home from bushfires.“Because bushfires feed off of vegetation, it’s a good idea to minimise them from the exterior of your home. That way, if the fire is creeping towards your home, it will have a hard time spreading since there are no plants. This is especially useful for preventing debris from being gathered for ember attacks.”McErlain goes on to explain what modifications can be made to the home itself in the interest of fire safety.“Even with prevention techniques, fires can still find their way towards your home. If and when this happens, you want to be prepared. Using sealants and designing your roof and windows in certain ways, you can prevent fires and heat from finding their way into crevices and into the home. If a fire should get in, having a good sprinkler system will serve you well as it could put out any stray fires that would normally destroy a person’s valuables.”She concludes with insight into which homes would be best protected and how to do this.“If you live in an area at risk for bushfires or if one has occurred there, protection is a must. Retrofitting is available, but if you are building a new home, then it is vital. We at 4Land and the real estate team in Geraldton would be happy to help you design a home this way to ensure the safety of your whole family.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community developed by 4Land Property Group. To learn more about them and how they equip homes for fire safety, please call them on (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Real Estate Developers and Residents Agree: Foreshore Development is Great for Geraldton 2013-11-20T02:11:16Z real-estate-developers-and-residents-agree-foreshore-development-is-great-for-geraldton Geraldton, WA, November 20, 2013 - Since 2004, the development and redevelopment of the Foreshore has been a priority in Geraldton. The Foreshore connects Champion Bay with the Geraldton CBD and has received funds from the WA and Australian Governments.The Council of Geraldton-Greenough has made Foreshore development a priority with the goal of achieving some lofty goals. The Council believes that a strong Foreshore can create a stronger CBD and wants to better utilise the coast and the Foreshore infrastructure to create more engagement with local citizens. The Council also wants to streamline the decision-making process for Foreshore development.A survey done 4 years ago by the Council showed that over 70% of citizens are in favour of the development as long as it enhances their lifestyle as opposed to over-commercialising the Foreshore. The survey also showed that Geraldton residents like to visit the Foreshore on a regular basis, as 78% said they had visited within 30 days of being surveyed and over 50% said they had been there within the previous 7 days; 40% of those said they got there on foot or by bicycle.Over 70% wouldn't mind seeing another café or two, more than half wanted better facilities for families and for children, while 90% wanted any development to refrain from blocking the views of the ocean. Most residents said “yes” to more public squares, more shelter, more public toilets, more shade, more barbeques, a pontoon, a fishing jetty and more parking spaces.Generally, the main takeaway from the survey is that the people of Geraldton value the Foreshore. They want to see it grow to accommodate population growth, property investment and increased tourism but they don't want to see it over-commercialised.Geraldton has been working under two projections for population growth: the conservative one for Geraldton and the much more aggressive projection for the Mid West region. Geraldton is projected to have a population of between 46,000 and 58,200 by 2026, according to the WA Department of Planning. On the other hand, the Mid West region is projected to grow from a current 55,000 to approximately 80,000 by 2021.The Mid West region is transitioning from an agricultural region to one that has mining, science and the Oakajee Deepwater Port and Rail infrastructure, which is expected to produce 2,000 jobs in the construction industry alone. By 2033, the consensus is that the Mid West will double in population.Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for Geraldton Heights Estates, believes in Geraldton and thinks the aggressive predictions are closer to what will happen than the conservative ones.According to Ms McErlain, “The conservative prediction was based on past statistics and doesn't take into account the opportunities that are presenting themselves in Geraldton and the Mid West region. We have already had a mining boom, a slight trough and a lot of projects are planned for the area. Not only will the construction industry thrive due to the Oakajee Project, but there will have to be more construction workers to help build infrastructure for the influx of new residents.”Ms McErlain continued, “This represents a wonderful opportunity for Geraldton as the hub of the Mid West and a vibrant Foreshore is a big part of our hub status.”Ms McErlain concluded, “What's good for the Foreshore is great for Geraldton.”4Land Property Group offers real estate and house and land packages in their Geraldton Heights community. For more information, please call (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Geraldton Heights Completes Stage One, Appears on TV Show 2013-11-11T02:23:16Z geraldton-heights-completes-stage-one-appears-on-tv-show November 11, 2013 - 4Land Property Group is now offering its first Geraldton property for sale in the completed Stage One of its newest real estate development, Geraldton Heights Estate. They recently celebrated the completion with an appearance on The West Real Estate Program on Channel 7.Geraldton Heights Estate is located just outside the centre of Geraldton. It is elevated and close enough to the Indian Ocean to provide spectacular ocean views. 4Land Property group intends to “transform Geraldton” with the master planned community and set what it hopes is a new standard for real estate in Geraldton.4Land Property Group is a successful developer of house and land packages in Perth suburbs and hopes to surpass previous successes with their development in Geraldton. They see a lot of potential in Geraldton for Perth residents who want to make a “sea change” and don't mind moving 424 km to do it.4Land Property Group chose Geraldton for a number of positive reasons. They like the location, the climate, the potential for capital growth and the local economy. Geraldton is a hub for the fishing, mining and agricultural industries in the Mid West region. In addition, tourism is huge in Geraldton, with fishing, boating, surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding considered to be world class there.Geraldton's CBD, which is next to Geraldton Heights Estate, is growing and provides infrastructure that will more than support a planned community the size of Geraldton Heights Estate. In addition, as a master planned community, Geraldton Heights Estate will eventually build its own infrastructure when it reaches its goal of 2,500 homes.Stage One consists of 18 lots, on which buyers build their own houses under the Geraldton Heights Estate guidelines. Eventually, Geraldton Heights Estate is slated to consist of 2,500 homes and a full complement of infrastructure and amenities such as schools, shops and medical care.According to Travis Kell, Development Manager for 4Land Property Group, “We are very proud that Stage One is finally completed. It's only 18 lots out of an eventual 2,500, but we are off to a great start and the office has been busy fielding inquiries.”Kell continued, “We know that a lot of people who visit from Perth are going to fall in love with Geraldton. It has virtually everything that someone who is sick of the city and wants to make a sea change could want. It is close to the CBD and close to the ocean. Geraldton has enough shops, restaurants and other infrastructure that it is almost like having the amenities of a city, but without the hectic lifestyle. It is so relaxed here that it is almost like stepping back to an earlier time when people weren't in such a hurry or under so much pressure.”Kell added further, “Those who are in a position to retire will love it here, but so will those who still work. There is a lot of opportunity in Geraldton, thanks to its status as a mining and agriculture hub for the Mid West region. In addition, projected growth is going to provide a lot of jobs for the construction industry as they scramble to provide infrastructure for a growing economy.”Kell concluded, “There's a lot to like about Geraldton. Come up and see.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a real estate development in Geraldton. They currently offer property for sale in Stage One, which consists of 18 lots between 2,000 and 2,400 sqm. Call (09) 9301 4445 to learn more or visit their website: Go GERO Helps Geraldton Community Thrive through Activity and Affordable, Nutritious Food 2013-09-24T01:24:04Z go-gero-helps-geraldton-community-thrive-through-activity-and-affordable-nutritious-food Geraldton, WA, September 24, 2013 - Go GERO is an organisation that supports charities and other organisations to improve the lives of Geraldton citizens. Their mission is to help Geraldton's people remain strong and healthy through physical activity and access to food that is nutritious and affordable.They support programs for health and fitness that help people at almost every level of health and fitness, from the severely out of shape to the those of much higher fitness levels.One such program is Heart Foundation Walking. Walking is a “natural” for Geraldton residents, as Geraldton has plenty of beaches, parks and land features that are among the most beautiful in Australia. Walking is inexpensive and easy; it requires no special equipment and can be practised at nearly all fitness levels.Seasoned Geraldton residents, property owners and newcomers alike who participate in walking clubs have found them to provide friendship and allow people to meet others with common interests.Heartmoves, presented by the Heart Foundation, is another group that encourages activity. It is an exercise program that is specifically designed to help those with controllable but chronic medical conditions, including arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Heartmoves is so popular that it is expanding and the Heart Association is looking for instructors.Go GERO Champions are individuals who become pillars of the Geraldton community, encouraging Geraldton residents to live a healthy lifestyle and promoting health in various other ways. Go GERO Champions all receive media training and training in community advocacy, healthy lifestyle programs and public relations. Go GERO is currently accepting applications from those who would like to participate.The Healthy Communities Sponsorship rewards Geraldton programs, events and businesses that demonstrate a commitment to helping Go GERO with either of its goals to get active and eat healthy food. Go GERO gives special consideration to applicants who are part of a Go GERO target group and can demonstrate how their program can fulfil one of Go GERO's aims.For those who would just like some decent food at a low price, the Fruit and Veg Van has just started serving vegetables and fruits to many areas in Geraldton. Customers must show a Health Care Card or a Pension Card.Somehow, Go GERO has managed to tie a lot of diverse interests under one roof.According to Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for Geraldton Heights Estate, Geraldton's people may be their best-kept secret. According to McErlain, “Geraldton isn't for everyone, but if you really admire everything that is good about a small town, it should be your destination.”McErlain continued, “Geraldton is growing and has become somewhat of a hub for the resource industry. However, the people here retain the same small-town ethic they have always had. Geraldton people are among the most helpful and generous people in the world. Anyone looking for a great place or property to live in, where people make friends easily and try to help one another up when needed, will be very happy here.”McErlain concluded, “Go GERO is a perfect example of everything that is good about Geraldton. They want to help anyone who is in the process of helping a neighbour and are an inspiration to the community. They have enriched a lot of lives around here in the last few years.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a new master-planned community currently being built in the suburb or Moresby, just a short drive from the Geraldton CBD. The Estate provide a rural lifestyle with the amenities of a big city. To learn more about their real estate, call (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website: Master Planned Communities Growing in Popularity 2013-08-30T08:30:44Z master-planned-communities-growing-in-popularity Geraldton, WA, August 30, 2013 - 4Land Property Group, a firm that offers house and land packages in Geraldton and in Perth and other parts of WA, is in the process of developing a master planned community called Geraldton Heights Estate. Located in Geraldton, the Estate is slated to contain approximately 2,500 homes, along with its own shops, schools, parks, and other amenities.Master planned communities are becoming very popular in Australia, especially in areas perceived as ‘sea change’ destinations. There are many documented characteristics of planned communities that are seen as benefits and reasons to choose them as a living destination.A master planned community is a community that is built to be self-sufficient, and contains all of the essential services and amenities that a resident requires for daily living. This usually includes shopping malls, sports complexes, theatres, medical facilities, parks, and schools, but can include a lot more in some cases.The very definition is a strong benefit: Everything the resident needs is contained within the community. Many people can get along without even having transportation if they don't feel they require it, because everything they need is a short distance away.Master planned communities tend to have more open spaces than standard communities. The fact that they are planned guarantees open spaces. Parks and playgrounds are built in, and there isn't as much flexibility for people to overbuild or for parks to be torn down, for example, for apartment buildings.Another benefit of master planned communities is that they tend to return a lot higher return on investment (ROI), due to property appreciation. Planned communities nearly always perform better in the market than standard housing does. Houses in planned communities tend to be maintained better, and most of them have rules that prevent owners from neglecting their homes and devaluing the neighbourhood.Madeleine McErlain, Marketing Manager for 4Land Property Group, is a fan of master planned communities: “All of our master planned communities have been extremely successful, and we expect the same for Geraldton Heights Estate. Master planned communities have a lot going for them, and home buyers are starting to realise how much safer it is to invest in a master planned community than to buy a house in a standard neighbourhood.”McErlain continued, “Geraldton is a rising town; it represents a great investment, and it is a great place to live, especially for those who want the ‘sea change’ lifestyle. Geraldton Heights Estates provides an urban lifestyle, but close to the ocean and ten minutes away from the Geraldton CBD. It serves as a mining industry hub, and we are seeing a lot of people move from the Perth area to Geraldton.”“By the time Geraldton Heights Estate is finished, it is going to be special. There are parks, sport facilities, a shopping mall, medical facilities and many other amenities in the works. The Estate is going to be a community within a community. We think residents will be really happy with the Estate.”McErlain concluded, “If you are thinking of trading the hustle and bustle of the city for a more relaxed lifestyle, take a ride up to Geraldton. You just might decide you want to stay.”4Land Property Group develops real estate in Perth and suburbs, and are proud to be the developers of Geraldton Heights Estates, a master planned community in WA. In Perth, call (08) 9301 4445 for more information. In Geraldton, call (08) 9965 7600. You may also visit their website: Future Investments will Shine Hope into the Oakajee Project and Geraldton Economy 2013-06-27T05:09:21Z future-investments-will-shine-hope-into-the-oakajee-project-and-geraldton-economy Geraldton, WA, June 27, 2013 - A short distance away from the city of Geraldton, the proposed Oakajee Project has seen turbulent times. Officially announced in the middle of 2008, it had a lot of support from state and federal governments.However, years after its inception, construction on the port and attached rail system had not yet begun despite an initially proposed start date of 2011. As of February of this year, no construction had taken place.To make matters worse, Mitsubishi, a major contributor to the funding of the project, has cut its investments. The Japanese company was supposed to provide a large amount of the project’s funding; however, it has stalled due to a relatively poor economic environment and the aforementioned lack of progress.The future of the project is not as grim as it may appear. WA Premier Colin Barnett, who supports the Oakajee Port Project, travelled to China recently to discuss the possibility of Chinese companies and government investing in the project. More international support would boost the operation and would hopefully lead to its completion in the near future.That future is far from certain though, as China’s investment interests in Australia have peaked and are falling slightly. However, talks have been going well and there is potential for Chinese investment in the project.The project itself is a good idea due to the mining boom that has taken place in Western Australia. The port would provide a way to not only transport the iron ore and other metals collected, but allow them to be easily traded overseas, thus increasing the potential of the mining industry.Barnett feels that the project will be completed and that it’s only a matter of time. His unbridled support for this project--despite media protests--indicates resolve, resilience and determination.Lauren O’Connor, marketing manager for 4Land Property Group, a company that specialises in the real estate of the Geraldton and surrounding areas, feels, too, that the Oakajee project is a great thing for the economy of Western Australia.“With the completion of this Project,” she claims, “the economy of the Geraldton and nearby areas will receive a major boost.”“Geraldton is only a few kilometres away from the port site. The kind of revenue brought in by all the commerce taking place there will affect the city in a very positive way. Specifically, it will drive the value of our real estate higher, which would be good news for residents. However, those looking to move to Geraldton might want to consider getting in before this boost.”“Although the Port Project is not a sure thing, I’m fairly confident it is inevitable and when it is completed, it will mean great things for the Geraldton economy.”Although this would be good for Geraldton, prices on property would increase. Thus O’Connor encourages potential buyers to make the move now while the prices are still relatively low.“It’s not all about the prices; the Port will be a positive factor in Geraldton’s economic and cultural growth. It will be an exciting and eventful time to live in Geraldton.”The 4Land Property Group is a definite proponent of the Oakajee Port Project and focuses on land and real estate in Geraldton and nearby areas. For more information and for any questions you have, please visit their website at or call (08) 9301 4445.  Geraldton Heights Estate Provides Solution to Declining Land Sales 2013-05-29T01:38:45Z geraldton-heights-estate-provides-solution-to-declining-land-sales Geraldton, WA, May 29, 2013 - The Housing Industry Association, Australia’s governing force in real estate building for residential areas, recently released a report documenting the most current statistics on land and housing sales. While WA and Geraldton were insulated from the worst of the statistics, the rest of Australia is still struggling.Two quarters ago, the land market sustained a 20% drop in sales, which constituted a significant blow to the real estate industry. However, in the previous fiscal quarter, the December quarter of 2012, there was a 13.6% increase in sales. This may seem like a good improvement, but it still means that sales numbers are down on the previous financial year.In addition, due to taxes on new land projects and the overall rise in prices, many potential buyers remain hesitant. Although there was a slight improvement within the first few months of 2013, the projections for the rest of the year indicate that there may be increases in the south and western parts of the country, but no notable improvements anywhere else.The price for vacant land has also increased to an all time high, an increase of 1.2% from the last report. New home costs have also increased, thereby causing the sales of new properties to drop by about 5.3%, the lowest it has been in the past fifteen years.This indicates that the real estate market is not doing too well. Fortunately for those in Western Australia, the mining boom has mitigated and somewhat eased the effects of the overall economy.In many parts of Western Australia, the market is much healthier than it is across Australia, with market indicators suggesting significant growth in the future.  Interest rates are historically low, while land is still relatively affordable.4Land Property Group is providing affordable land in their Geraldton Heights development, a four and a half hour drive north of Perth. A prime location for mining, agriculture, tourism, and fishing, the City of Geraldton is thriving.Lauren O’Connor, Marketing Manager of 4Land Property Group, sees a different economy in Geraldton to that across wider Australia: “The real estate market is struggling across many parts of Australia, but it is strong in Geraldton. Every projection that we have been able to get our hands on indicated that the price of real estate in Geraldton will increase significantly over the coming years.”O’Connor is very optimistic for the future of Geraldton Heights Estate: “Geraldton Heights Estate offers a rural lifestyle with access to city amenities. It is a master planned community, and will eventually have its own infrastructure, including a town centre with stores, and even its own schools.”O’Connor concluded, “Despite the gloomy outlook across Australia the last few years, the real estate market is alive and well at Geraldton Heights Estate.”Geraldton Heights Estate is a planned real estate community in Geraldton, WA.  For more information, please call 08 9965 7600 or visit their website Geraldton Heights Estate Launches Stage 1 of Master Planned Community 2013-04-16T03:46:10Z geraldton-heights-estate-launches-stage-1-of-master-planned-community Geraldton, WA, April 16, 2013 - It is finally official: Geraldton Heights Estate is open for business. 4Land Property Group and Ray White Real Estate Geraldton recently announced the much-anticipated launch of Geraldton Heights Estate.4Land Property Group is a developing company located in Perth that has established five highly-successful estates in the Perth area: The Terraces Estate, Pietro Estate, and Sunset Landing, in Pearsall; Lake Coogee in Munster; and Natures Walk in Erskine.Ray White Real Estate Geraldton is the largest real estate group in Australia, estimating that they sell one out of every ten properties sold in Australia and New Zealand. Together, 4Land Property Group and Ray White Real Estate forecast a continuation of their mutual patterns of success.Stage 1 of Geraldton Heights Estate is located at the corner of Fairfax Road and Webber Road in Moresby. It contains 18 lots, each measuring around 2,000 m2, and priced from $152,000 to $165,000 each. Geraldton Heights Estate is a master-planned community which is slated to eventually include 2,500 home sites.Every block in Stage 1 is green titled, and is in an elevated position overlooking Geraldton CBD to the ocean. Geraldton Heights Estate is located minutes from Sunset Beach, and a ten minute drive from the centre of Geraldton.When Geraldton Heights Estate is finished, it will be a vibrant, master-planned community with its own town centre, landscaped parks, schools, and shopping precinct. These amenities will add to the benefits of a lifestyle that includes large lots, the aesthetics and security of a master-planned community, and a location that is mere minutes from everything that the city of Geraldton has to offer.4Land Property Group has built its success by offering house and land packages for sale in prime locations below the median prices in local markets. According to Peter Sukiennik, Director of Ray White Geraldton, Geraldton Heights Estates is following in the footsteps of 4Land Property Group’s earlier successes: “Geraldton Heights Estate will offer the most competitively priced lifestyle blocks in the Geraldton area. This is some of the best valued land on the Geraldton real estate market today.”According to Lauren O’Connor, 4Land’s Marketing Manager, “Not only are the lots in Stage 1 great value, but the Geraldton area is one of the best places one could buy a home right now. Thanks to the mining industry, Geraldton is booming. Unemployment is low and wages are rising, but the prices haven’t gone back up to pre-Crisis levels yet. This is the perfect recipe for a healthy real estate market; there are plenty of jobs and people have money to spend, but the prices are still affordable.”She added, “Everybody took a hit from the Global Financial Crisis, but that was an event that only happened once in 80 years. For all of the rest of that time, real estate has always risen. Nobody can guarantee anything, but I can’t imagine the real estate market in the coming years, changing a pattern that has been around for as long as people have bought and sold real estate.”She concluded, “Geraldton is booming. Now is the best time to get into the market before it’s too late. Prices will rise, just as they always have. When you look back on this opportunity in 20 years, you will shake your head at just how great it was.”For more information about the land for sale in Geraldton Heights Estate, please visit