The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-09-06T01:03:16Z Insight From Professional Photographers: The Importance of High-Quality Portraits 2013-09-06T01:03:16Z insight-from-professional-photographers-the-importance-of-high-quality-portraits Perth, WA, Sept. 6, 2013 - We all know that photographs are a part of our daily lives. Every day, we look at pictures of our own family and extended family; friends send us pictures of their own lives and we see many different images online or at work.However, outside of the ordinary, we sometimes get professional photographers to capture special moments on camera, be it once-in-a-lifetime events or a yearly tribute to what makes a family what it is.But why are portraits and professional photographs so important? What makes them more valuable than their everyday counterparts? Is it how they are presented and the time put into them that makes them much more special?Geoff Fisher, the owner of Fisher Photography and considered to be a master of professional and portrait photography in Perth and around the country, offers us insight as to why professional photographs are so important to families and individuals.“Professional photographs are vital to a family because they are so much more than just pictures. When done correctly, professional photographs really speak to what a family is all about, to what any relationship between people is all about.”“Being in the business myself for more than 35 years, I know full well the value to be found in photographs that are done right. We have all of the skills and the know-how to make sure that our clients’ photographs turn out the best they can be.”Professional photographers, like Fisher, have honed their skill over many years. They have the expertise as to the kind of wardrobe to wear and the kind of make-up to match, the kind of background and lighting to use, and everything else that would make sure that photographs turn out looking great.“We sit down with our clients and make sure to let them know what they should wear to bring out the best in their photographs and portraits. We let them keep their individuality, but at the same time, we make sure they know what they should and shouldn’t do.”“With this expertise, professionals can make sure that photo shoots turn out well and they can handle any problems or complications that arise during the shoot.”“Once the shoot has successfully gone on, we take the images and print the ones we think are the best. The framing aspect of the portraits is important, too, as it determines how everyone that looks at the photograph will view it.”“Professional photographs are something special because everyone who looks at them gets a sense of what is important to the subject/s or to the person/s in the picture. A family portrait can reflect the love of both the parents and the children to each other, how much they mean to each other. It’s a symbol of the unity between family members, couples, parents and children, and anyone who is in them.”“Professional photographs, when done correctly, are timeless because they are passed on for generations and ‘wow’ everyone who looks at them--family or not. A  memento this special needs to be done correctly.”Fisher Photography is one of the best centres of professional photography in Perth, recognized for its artwork-like portraits and photo shoots. For more information about them and for scheduling an appointment for your own shoot, please call them at 9381 2233 or visit their website Professional Photographer Gives Away Proprietary Secrets 2013-07-19T03:59:44Z professional-photographer-gives-away-proprietary-secrets Perth, WA, July 19, 2013 - Geoff Fisher is a Master Photographer who has provided Professional Photography in Perth with his work for over 35 years. In a recent blog post, Fisher divulged what he feels are the five most important traits that a professional photographer must have to be successful.In the post, he gives a rare “glimpse behind the scenes” at what he feels makes a professional photographer successful and superior to even the best-intentioned amateur. Fisher stops short of boring, technical discussion, but gives a frank analysis of the work ethic, personality traits, and talent that one must have to be a professional photographer.In addition, Fisher boils complicated concepts down into simple words, making them as easy for the layman to understand as for the professional photographer. This is a talent that has translated well for Fisher in the photography world because it is a testament to his rapport with people from all segments of society.Fisher's first recommendation is to buy professional equipment. In an age of digital equipment, many are fooled into thinking that a simple digital camera and a computer program like Photoshop will allow an amateur to point, click, edit and produce great pictures.Fisher feels that nothing could be further from the truth. He mentions lighting, exposure time and lenses as a large part of how a professional takes high-quality pictures.Fisher also recommends that aspiring photographers learn from professional photographers. As a master photographer, Fisher has personally trained many members of his own staff, and his feedback has been that he kept them from making years' worth of mistakes and greatly accelerated their learning curve.Another piece of advice offered in the post is to always make sure one is prepared for their photoshoot. This includes making sure they have the right equipment and then making sure that all of the equipment is fully operational. In addition, Fisher advocates checking to make sure that any resource that can “run out,” like batteries or disc space, should always be double-checked to make sure there is enough.Fisher also feels that it is very important to develop one's personality and rapport. This make subjects more comfortable--and more likely to produce great pictures.Fisher has one quality that he feels is the most important of all to be a professional photographer and one that separates a professional photographer from a picture-taker. We won't divulge it here, but Fisher speaks of it twice in the post on his website.Why did Fisher give away so much information to aspiring competitors? According to Fisher, “I have been very successful providing photography in Perth, and I like the idea of giving something back to a profession and art that have been so good to me. Besides, I won't be around forever, and if I can help mentor a few photographers in Perth, I am happy to be of service.”Fisher continued, “There are a lot of good professional photographers, but the digital age has produced too many amateurs who think they can spend a few hundred dollars on a digital camera--and it makes them a professional photographer. Too often, this results in disappointment.”Fisher concluded, “If you want great pictures of your family or your event, hire a professional photographer. Don't trust your memories to an amateur.”Geoff Fisher is a Master Photographer who provides services such as Baby Photography, Corporate Photography, and Family Photography to the Perth area. For more information, call (08) 9381 2233, or visit his website: Perth Photographer Provides Primer on Professionalism 2013-06-27T06:44:00Z perth-photographer-provides-primer-on-professionalism Perth, WA, June 27, 2013 - In a recent blog post, Geoff Fisher, owner of Perth firm Fisher Photography, outlined twelve traits that he believes professional photographers must possess to provide top-notch photographs to a variety of clients. Although the post was written more for corporate photography, the fundamentals of professionalism that were presented provide a “snapshot” of what it means to be a professional photographer.The advent of the digital age has changed the face of photography as we know it. Due to the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Pinterest, combined with the proliferation of smartphones with cameras, a growing number of people across the globe fancy themselves to be “professional photographers.” Another factor is the availability of very good digital cameras that allow people to take very good pictures using a simple “point and click” method.However, Fisher's blog post noted that it takes a lot more than a good camera to make a professional photographer. Fisher's take on professionalism draws from solid business skills and a commitment to provide the desired results in the desired time--with a minimum of discomfort for the client and an attitude of respect on the part of the photographer.In a nutshell, Fisher's twelve traits of a professional photographer are the following: respect the client, finish under budget, give an honest estimate and deliver, make the process easier for the client, come up with creative solutions to problems, respond appropriately to criticism, willingly adjust to change, provide consistent results, never promise what can't be delivered, research the client, and keep one's composure.According to Fisher, these traits are essential to the point of being non-negotiable: “I have personally spent 35 years building a solid reputation, based on my professionalism. I find these traits to be the bare minimum necessary to provide consistent results and build a legion of satisfied customers.”Fisher continued, “Respect is important because it is something that must be given before it can be earned. We respect every client that hires us to do anything. From one portrait to a corporate gig with hundreds of pictures, it doesn't matter: we respect everyone and do the best we can to provide them with great service and a great product.”Fisher added, “We insist on consistency. We also insist on following through to ensure that every client gets what they are paying for, and that they get it in the time frame that was previously discussed. In this day and age, it seems like a lot of individuals and companies spend more time making promises and less time keeping them.That kind of behaviour is unacceptable here at Fisher Photography. We have found that a set of professional guidelines promotes consistency in work ethic and habits. When an employee or company follows these guidelines, they do a great job, almost on autopilot.”Fisher concluded, “The bottom line is that a true professional subjugates their own needs for those of the client. We have found that when it's ‘all about the client’ as opposed to ‘all about us,’ we end up with repeat business and a lot of compliments for a job well done.”Geoff Fisher is master photographer and the owner of Fisher Photography in Perth. He utilises over 35 years of experience to provide consistent, professional results in a variety of settings, including corporate photography, family photography and portrait photography from his studio in Perth. For more information, call (08) 9381 2233 or visit his website: Master Perth Photographer Provides Blueprint for Success 2013-05-23T06:26:20Z master-perth-photographer-provides-blueprint-for-success Perth, WA, May 23, 2013 - Geoff Fisher is the owner of Fisher Photography and is a Master photographer in Perth. He has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. He has been awarded the status of Master Photographer by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He has personally trained many other professional photographers, including everyone currently on his team.Fisher finds himself in a position where he is an authority and a role model to many aspiring photographers. He is often asked how to become a professional photographer. Earlier this month, Fisher posted a virtual roadmap to success on his blog. The post displays a depth of knowledge and understanding that is far beyond what the casual observer would expect for photography.The hobby photographer usually thinks that taking great photographs is simple: buy a good camera, aim it, and push the button. While this is a good way to get good amateur pictures, there is much more to professional photography.Fisher identifies six skills that any professional photographer must have to be successful. The first essential skill is the “eye” of an artist. A professional photographer must have an innate understanding of what makes a great picture. Literally one second too fast or too slow can make the difference between a mediocre photo and a lasting memory.The second skill involves managing people. This skill can also be seen as “rapport.” If the subjects aren't comfortable in the presence of the photographer, they will never “loosen up” enough to allow their natural personalities and beauty to shine through and be captured on camera. Fisher notes that it is rare when someone has both the artistic and managerial characteristics, and that most people only have one or the other trait, thus making it difficult to be a professional photographer.The next necessary skill is the ability to take full advantage of technology. This includes exposure speed, lighting, camera angles, timing, and lenses, among many other particulars that must be right. A photographer must also be teachable; they must have the ability to learn many divergent skills. They must also be willing or motivated to learn.The last skill or trait is patience. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn't built in a day” - neither are professional photographers. Becoming a professional photographer is difficult, and becoming a Master Photographer and an authority takes even longer.According to Fisher, there is no substitute for professional experience: “Ultimately, to be a successful professional photographer, you must take a lot of pictures in a professional setting. Despite what many of the camera companies say in their advertising, there is no camera that will take perfect pictures every time, simply by pointing and shooting.”“As for becoming an authority, it almost seems to happen by accident, if you work hard enough. As I became more experienced, I noticed that people naturally gravitated to me and asked questions about photography. When I attained Master Photographer status, though, it seemed to kick everything into high gear.”Fisher concluded, “To me, it is a pretty simple formula; I learned as much as I could, and I took as many pictures as I could, until I knew what I was doing. Then, I started teaching others. But I will never stop learning.”Geoff Fisher is an AIPP Master Photographer, and is the owner of Fisher Photography in Perth. He offers family photography, baby photography, corporate photography, and more. For more information, call 08 9381 2233. To view some of his work, please visit his website: Professional Perth Photographer Warns: “Don’t Trust Your Cherished Memories to an Amateur” 2013-04-30T06:36:57Z professional-perth-photographer-warns-don-t-trust-your-cherished-memories-to-an-amateur Perth, WA, April 30, 2013 - In a recent blog post on his website, Perth photographer Geoff Fisher gave a long, detailed answer to a frequently asked question: “Why should I hire a professional photographer?” Fisher, who has been the owner of Fisher Photography for the past 35 years, holds “Master Photographer” status, awarded by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). In addition, he has won a Gold Award, and many Silver Awards, and has been named AIPP Western Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year. In the post, Fisher explained some of the pitfalls of hiring an amateur photographer, and described some of the factors that differentiate professional photographers from amateurs. Since the advent of digital cameras, amateur photographers have had access to much better equipment than they used to. Unfortunately, this has inspired many amateur photographers to buy the most expensive camera at their local department store, take a few pictures, and offer their services to friends and acquaintances as photographers. While some of the more expensive digital cameras on the market do, indeed, take great pictures, they are still, by nature, point and click devices. The amateur photographer simply points the camera, waits for it to focus, and snaps a picture. While this can produce the occasional good picture, professionals view the default settings on any camera to be a starting point: not a finishing point. Professional photographers use equipment that is far more expensive and elaborate than the cameras at the local department store. Professional photographers use their own lighting. Their studios are designed to allow for perfect lighting, and their cameras allow for more adjustments. Professionals pay close attention to variables such as angles, exposure time, distance, and different lenses. Professionals undergo extensive training, and then add experience to that training. Fisher, for example, has personally trained everyone in his studio, regardless of their past experience. Professional photographers leave nothing to chance. Their protocols ensure that there’ll be no surprises, such as cameras without batteries, or lights that don’t work. Amateur photographers, even those who mean well, are simply lacking in the equipment and experience to provide a product on the level of a professional photographer. Fisher believes that the risks are too high and the rewards are too low for anyone who needs professional photos to trust them to anyone but a professional photographer. According to Fisher, “Your photographs are extremely important. While amateurs are certainly capable of taking decent photos, they cannot come close to producing the kind of quality your professional photographer can. Professional photographers have years of training and experience, and they have access to equipment that outclasses anything an amateur can buy.” Fisher continued, “We have been taking professional photographs for over 35 years. We have seen every situation, and have taken photographs for all kinds of people. All of this experience has taught us how to consistently uncover the best of anyone’s inner qualities, and allow them to come to the surface to be photographed. When those photographs are taken under controlled conditions with professional equipment, they always turn out perfect.” Fisher concluded, “Professionals have the best training, the best equipment, and the most experience. If you want professional results, hire a professional photographer.”Fisher receives a lot of testimonials; a recent one comes from CJ Halvorson, who is Vice President of Strategic Accounts in Asia, Pacific, and Japan for a major IT Company: “Hi, Geoff: Love the photo and getting great reviews already.” Fisher Photography provides professional photography in Perth and the surrounding area. They offer many services, including portrait photography, family photography, and corporate photography to their Perth area clients. For more information, call (08) 9381 2233 or visit their website: