The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-10-05T00:34:47Z Lucidity release world first plug-in socket kit 2015-10-05T00:34:47Z lucidity-release-world-first-plug-in-socket-kit Previously the process of installing lighting and wiring hardware required an auto electrician, not any more, with Lucidity Australia’s new OMP plug-in socket kits which are compatible with all current 12V and 24V plugs. The OMP system is a complete solution that allows all lighting and electrical elements of a trailer to plug into a common series of connectors and can be adapted to operate multiple sockets on the front and rear of the truck. The OMP system can operate side and front markers, licence plate and work lamps, beacons and rear combination lamps.  Direct interface to battery charging hardware and voltage boosters, which are commonly found on many trailers, is also done using the OMP system. The connectors are all colour coded for easy replacement, and water resistant to prevent corrosion. “ The Design has been completely thought through from sockets to side markers. The OMP range means fewer working hours to install for manufacturers, and lower maintenance costs as components are fast to replace. We’ve shown many manufacturers and owner drivers this concept since the beginning and the reaction has been great. We can meet the demands of any combination of lighting wiring and or hardware with simple plug-ins.” Mathew Jenkins, Technical Sales Director, Lucidity Australia. You can see for yourself just how easy the OMP Plug-in Socket Kits are to install by viewing a short video at  For more information on where to buy the OMP Plug-in Socket Kits please visit the Lucidity website Lucidity Australia’s radically new GloTrac series 2013-07-03T06:25:11Z lucidity-australia-s-radically-new-glotrac-series Lucidity Australia, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, is proud to introduce its unique new GloTrac lighting system to the Australian transport industry.  The GloTrac Series represents the first truly different approach to the visual presentation of stop, tail, and turn lamps in years. Lighting is one of the most visibly predominant features on any vehicle, and independent owner-operators see the lamps as way to add individual style to their rigs. What makes the GloTrac series visually remarkable is the smoothly illuminated tail lamp function. The LED array remains unlit during standard tail light operation. The dual-function tail brightens and the central LED array lights up only during stop and turn functions. Matthew Jenkins, Technical Sales Director for Lucidity Australia comments: “From a visual perspective nobody has done much to change the illumination design that comprise today’s stop, tail, turn lamps. GloTrac stands out and changes the way vehicle lighting looks, shifting trends and broadening lighting choices along the way.” GloTrac Series meets all necessary Road & Vehicle Safety Standards. The lamps feature a 5-year manufacturer warranty and are built to be as durable as they are attractive. Lenses and housings are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded, and the lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration. Lucidity Australia has leveraged advancements in diode technology and innovative optic design techniques to achieve the diffused outer ring that gives the GloTrac its signature look. With their smooth, glowing outer rings and dark centres, the new lamps fundamentally change the appearance of any vehicle they adorn. The GloTrac series has received rave reviews in the United States with owner-operators seeing the lamps as a great way to add individual style to their rigs, while fleets appreciate the high quality and reasonable price point. GloTrac Lamps will be available in flange-mount and grommet-mount versions and are expected to be available in Australia in late 2013.