The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-07-17T01:05:44Z Tenant advocacy website under fire from real estate industry professionals 2013-07-17T01:05:44Z tenant-advocacy-website-under-fire-from-real-estate-industry-professionals Don’t Rent Me has received numerous requests from real estate agents and landlords to remove reviews, however, have been denied this request as they were not able to provide any information to discredit the review. As a result, numerous real estate agents against Don’t Rent Me have made threat of litigation. “Real estate agents and landlords need to accept responsibility and act proactively to create a fair environment for all” said website owner Anthony Ziebell. “There is no use taking me to court for simply being a carrier of what our community says are honest review of their rental experiences” The most common review received by Don’t Rent Me is a complaint where-by the managing agent has claimed part or whole of the bond money for what is said to be mostly or completely spurious claims by the real estate agent. Complaints which agents were denied removal also include:* Mouldy, smelly living conditions* Rodent or insect infestations* Sudden, high rent increases* Essential items such as toilet, ovens never working or repaired* No working hot water* Illegal entry to property by landlord or agent* Landlord who took bond money and ran without giving access to property