The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-07-19T04:07:55Z Donate vital funds to charity without a cent 2013-07-19T04:07:55Z donate-vital-funds-to-charity-without-a-cent We all like to support charities and those in need, but we don’t always have the pockets full of money to make it possible. But now you can give to charity by simply sharing a story of kindness. This is a truly unique concept driven by Sydney based social enterprise Ways to Amaze (WTA). Founder, Rebecca Richardson wanted to create a way that people could do something kind for someone, inspire others to do the same, whilst at the same time supporting charities. WTA have also managed to create a way in which business partners can get involved in this inspirational venture. It sounds amazing doesn’t it? But how on earth does it work? Founder, Rebecca said: “Every time someone shares a story of kindness on the Ways to Amaze website we make a donation to charity. We support a different Australian charity every month and we have already helped to raise vital funds for people who need our support.” Never has being kind had such an impact on so many people it seems. Stories might be about something simple that someone has done for you; a lift to work, a bunch of flowers on your birthday, a big hug when you most needed it. Or, you might have done something kind for someone you care about, a work colleague or even a stranger. You may even be so inspired that you go and perform a random act of kindness today! But don’t forget to share your story. But where are the donations to charity generated from? For a long time the donations to charity were made by Rebecca herself. She wanted to inspire acts of kindness in others and realized that this would be the perfect incentive. But obviously as WTA grew this was not a sustainable solution for one person, especially if the idea was to grow and benefit as many individuals as possible. So, WTA created a way in which like-minded business partners could get involved. The donations are funded from the sponsorship and make the whole scheme viable in the future. Rebecca added: “By bringing together communities, businesses, and charities we can all benefit from the amazing act of kindness.”Third & Public, a specialist not for profit and social enterprise marketing agency commented about the scheme for business partners; “This is one of the most exciting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs we have ever heard of. The benefits to the community, charities, and business partners are by far the most wide spread we have ever seen in any CSR campaign. The businesses are handed a cause related marketing platform on a plate, one that is unique and will enhance and drive their brand whilst engaging potential customers. They also get to support charities and people in need at the same time. It’s a sponsorship program like no other”. Ways to Amaze already have their first major sponsor, RedBalloon on board. But to ensure the continuation of this wonderful scheme they are looking to recruit more business partners. There are a range of sponsorship packages available, from those that suit the smallest of start-ups to those that bigger more established brands can take advantage of. Whichever package a business decides to go for; there are a whole host of commercial benefits and quirky incentives to enjoy. On Sunday 21st July WTA launch their StartSomeGood campaign to drive their idea and recruit more business partners. Sharing kindness really can change lives. If you or your business would like to be part of this amazing venture go to To share a story right now, go straight to the Ways to Amaze website