The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-07-11T00:05:35Z Wheelchair Rugby League National Head Coaching Announcement 2019-07-11T00:05:35Z national-head-coaching-announcement Australian Wheelchair Rugby League would like to announce the appointment of Mr. Brett Clark as the new Head Coach of the Australian Wheelchair Rugby League team. Brett Clark replaces Steve Hewson who successfully coached the Australian Wheelchair team in 2013 and took the squad to a Bronze Medal finish at the 2017 Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup. Brett Clark has a very respectable record with the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League team – and they successfully retained the Wheelchair RL Origin trophy last weekend when they defeated Queensland at Olympic Park Sydney. He will take charge of the Australian Wheelchair team which will now prepare for an end of season 3 game International Series verse England Wheelchair Rugby League team in October 2019. Any enquires please contact Martin Meredith 0413656769. WHEELCHAIR RUGBY LEAGUE WELCOMES ICARE NSW AS A PLATINUM SPONSOR OF THE 2019 WHEELCHAIR RUGBY LEAGUE STATE OF ORIGIN 2019-06-17T23:00:35Z wheelchair-rugby-league-welcomes-icare-nsw-as-a-platinum-sponsor-of-the-2019-wheelchair-rugby-league-state-of-origin Wheelchair Rugby League Australia is thrilled to announce that icare NSW has come on board as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 Wheelchair Rugby League State of Origin to be held Saturday, 6th July 2019 at Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park.   Billed as one of the biggest events on the Wheelchair Rugby League calendar, the interstate challenge will see representative players compete for their state in this physical and exciting clash.   In announcing icare’s involvement, Wheelchair Rugby League Chair, Martin Meredith said “icare’s support of our game and this clash in particular is a very welcome development for our sport. There are definite synergies between the organisations in terms of facilitating and supporting resilience, rehabilitation, health and wellbeing. A number of our players are participants of icare, having come to the sport after workplace or motor vehicle accidents.”   icare Group Executive, Care and Community, Nick Allsop said icare was proud to be teaming up with Wheelchair Rugby League Australia and sponsoring the 2019 Wheelchair Rugby League State of Origin.   “Wheelchair Rugby League Australia has created a truly inclusive sport – an event and community that provides connection and inclusion for people from all backgrounds and abilities,” Dr Allsop said.   “We’re very excited that so many of our Lifetime Care and Workers Care participants will be welcomed at the match. Returning to recreational activities and engaging in the community can be a challenge after a life-changing injury. WRLA’s incredible athletes exemplify the empowerment, independence and choice we aspire to facilitate for our customers.”   The Wheelchair Rugby League State of Origin game will kick off at 3.00 pm. It will be preceded by a Redback and Bluetongues Push and Power game. About Wheelchair Rugby League   Wheelchair Rugby League Australia (WRLA) originated from the founding of the New South Wales Wheelchair Rugby League Association which was established in 2009, with the long term focus to make it a national sport.  WRLA introduced seasonal competition from 2010 which built awareness at all levels of the game including referees, players, coaches and administration of the sport and provide opportunities for athletes with disabilities within the league.   Our vision is to be recognised as an inclusive sport for all communities, provide pathways for participants to represent their respective states and to contribute to making it a global sport.     About icare   Insurance and Care NSW (icare) protects, insures and cares for the people, businesses and assets of NSW.    We provide workers compensation insurance to more than 326,000 public and private sector employers in NSW and their 3.6 million employees. In addition, we insure builders and homeowners, provide treatment and care to people severely injured on NSW roads; and protect more than $193 billion of NSW Government assets, including the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, schools and hospitals.   For more information, visit:      How is Wheelchair Rugby League played? ​ This fast-paced game is played on an indoor court, about half the size of rugby league field. It follows a five-on-five format, using a rugby league football. A kick is achieved by a clenched fist and a tackle is achieved by removing a Velcro tag from the sleeve of an attacking player.  The game can be played socially and there are defined player pathways to representative level.   The game allows up to 2 able bodied athletes per team, meaning that members of families and mates can play alongside their siblings and friends.   Wheelchair Rugby League is an inclusive sport – a variation of the running game allowing athletes with disabilities to compete with and against able-bodied people. The emphasis is on the participation, health and well-being of individuals, personal performance, social interaction and self- esteem.   Wheelchair Rugby League aspires to provide an inclusive recreational activity and to promote fun, fitness and self-development while fostering good sportsmanship in a safe and positive environment.   See the Wheelchair Rugby League for more:   here   Wheelchair Rugby League Ambassadors are Brett Kimmorley and James Tamou.           NSW Wheelchair Rugby League Grand Final draws a large vocal crowd 2019-04-15T09:48:02Z nsw-wheelchair-rugby-league-grand-final-draws-a-large-vocal-crowd The St George Illawarra Dragons were victorious over Minor Premiers, Wests Tigers at the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League Grand Final played Sunday, April 14 at the Menai Indoor Sports Stadium. A big crowd of supporters was on hand to watch the Grand Final, with 2019 proving the first time that both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Wheelchair Rugby League teams took the field. The game was attended by NSW Rugby League CEO, David Trodden and Wheelchair Rugby League Australia Director, Deborah Bacon. Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly MP, was also on hand to cheer on both teams and take part in the Official Ceremony following the game. “I was thrilled to attend tonight’s Grand Final to watch this dynamic and inclusive sport in action. I am very supportive of Wheelchair Rugby League and its role as a sport that can be played by all members of our community including abled bodied athletes and those with disability”, Mr Kelly said. Chairman of NSW Wheelchair Rugby League Edie George commented “Congratulations to the Dragons on a well fought win. I would also like to congratulate all players who took part in the competitions and finals series. We are looking forward to seeing many of them in action at this year’s Interstate Challenge on Saturday 6th July at the Quay Centre, Olympic Park”. Wheelchair Rugby League was recently successful in securing a Hughes Electorate Community Grant that will fund the purchase of new sports wheelchairs, helping to grow the game and provide opportunities for people with disability and their families in the Sutherland Shire and beyond. Stable Research | New research about parents & their ‘adult’ children | The family that holidays together... 2018-08-06T05:14:56Z stable-research-new-research-about-parents-amp-their-adult-children-the-family-that-holidays-together Parents aren’t only letting over-18s live at home for longer – they are inviting their ‘adult’ children on family holidays, picking up the tab and actively asking for their input into holiday destinations. While the image of a young adult heading off on a Contiki Tour may still be a reality, the family holiday (sponsored by parents) is proving a popular choice with many young Australians. Stable Research recently interviewed over 300 parents as well as over-18s from across Australia. The findings indicate that parents are increasingly holidaying with their adult children and that over 18-year-olds don’t mind going along for the ride at all! Some of the key findings of this research include: Nearly half of all parents who responded still invite over-18s on family holidays | Rather than choosing to travel overseas with friends, nearly half of all over-18s interviewed said they were still on the invite list when it comes to holidays with their parents. A similar number of parents indicated that they still invite their over-18s along. Parents willing to pay for the holiday regardless of whether or not the over-18 is working | About 70% of parents interviewed said they were willing to pay for their over-18 to attend a family holiday in Australia and over a quarter said they would pay for their over-18 to attend an overseas holiday with them. Over-18s who responded indicated that their last holiday with parents, where the parents paid, was overseas at 44% and 57% said it was within Australia. 60% of over-18s were working full time or part time when they went on holidays where parents paid | While 40% of over-18s were either not working or studying, 60% were working either full-time or part-time when their parents covered the financial cost of their last family holiday. Over-18s also help parents decide on holiday destination | Parents said that 57% of over- 18s had input into where the family went on holidays together. Over-18s want their partners to come along but parents are not too keen on paying for them too | 79% of over-18s who responded said that if they were in a relationship they would want their partner to attend the family holiday as well. Only 6% of parents said they would pay for the partner to attend. Why are parents picking up the tab? | Less than 5% of parents said if they didn’t pay their over-18 wouldn’t come. 58% said they paid because they wanted the family to be together and nearly a quarter said they did it because they could afford to. How long is too long? | While about 20% of over-18s indicated that the ideal length of the holiday with their parents would be a long weekend or 1-2 weeks, 42% said they weren’t bothered about the amount of time as they were happy to spend time with their family. About Stable Research and the survey:Stable Research is an award-winning market research company with an engaged panel that boasts over 110,000 individuals across Australia. This survey was sent to panel members who were parents/caregivers of over-18s, as well as over-18 participants. Following an initial round of questions about family holidays, Stable Research, then went back to participants to drill down on some questions. The findings in this article are a highlight of those findings. Media Contact: Joanne Ryan Infodec Communications Phone: 0421 059 866 Infographic also available BOVA successfully resolves proceedings against NexGen Pharma, Corry, Davidson & others 2018-05-06T23:25:23Z bova-successfully-resolves-proceedings-against-nexgen-pharma-corry-davidson-amp-others MEDIA STATEMENT Bova Compounding is pleased to announce that it has successfully resolved the proceedings it commenced against NexGen Pharma, Mr Alexander Corry (former Head Pharmacist at Bova), Mr Brett Davidson (former Sales and Marketing Manager at Bova) and others.   In addition to a financial settlement in favour of Bova orders have been entered continuing the restraints against the Defendants so as to restraining them, (for a period of 4 years) from exploiting Bova Compounding's:   A.    price lists, B.    client lists, C.     formulation lists, D.    top selling product lists; E.     historical list of client purchases; and F.     supplier purchase prices; We are thankful to our many loyal customers who have continued to support us through this process, which resulted in a positive outcome for Bova Compounding and its customers.   Nick Bova Managing Director   VMS team expands with appointment of Lindsay Wallace as Business Manager 2018-03-16T00:05:12Z vms-team-expands-with-appointment-of-lindsay-wallace-as-business-manager Leading boutique conference management company, VMS Event and Conference Logistics, recently welcomed Lindsay Wallace to the expanding team. Lindsay brings with her a wealth of professional experience and expertise from Food and Beverage Management in the United Kingdom and New Zealand both in Restaurants and Hotels to Conference Sales and Business Development Management in the Hotel Industry within Australia. In welcoming Lindsay to the team VMS Director Libby Schrafft said, “I am looking forward to Lindsay’s experience and her wide domestic and international industry knowledge expanding our client service offering and driving our business to new heights.” As Business Development Manager, Lindsay will work across all aspects of the business including business development, client relations, onsite logistics and venue co-ordination.  Her conference and hospitality industry experience, coupled with Libby Schrafft’s 25+ years industry experience will result in a superior conference experience for their many valued new and existing clients.                                                                                               Small Business Matters Party in bid to contest NSW 2019 election 2017-10-14T06:41:17Z small-business-matters-party-in-bid-to-contest-nsw-2019-election Small business advocate, campaigner and Independent City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas is establishing a new small business party to ensure that small businesses have representation at a state government level.  Vithoulkas is calling on small business owner’s right across NSW to join the party that will seek NSW Legislative Council seats at the next election.   “I have already had a lot of interest from small business owners who are keen to ensure that their voice is heard at a State Government level and that they have true representation because it’s pretty clear that Government at all levels doesn’t get small business.    “Major parties are out of touch with the realities of running a small business on the ground and while they like to pay lip service by trotting out the well-worn line that ‘small business is the engine room of the economy’, their words are hollow”, Vithoulkas said.   The NSW Government has recently stated that 98% percent of businesses in New South Wales are classified as small businesses and over 50% of them are employing businesses.   “There are many issues that need more focus from Government and the devastating impact of light rail construction is a classic example of what can happen when that impact isn’t considered as part of the planning process.”   “It is only by having a small business representative involved in the legislative process that pro-active steps can be taken to address the negative impacts of Government decision making.   “I have owned and operated many small businesses for the past 30 years. I am calling on small business owners throughout NSW to come forward and support the Small Business Matters Party so that we finally have a ‘common sense’ voice at a State Government level”, Angela Vithoulkas said.     Bova commences legal action against former employee 2017-09-19T05:06:37Z bova-commences-legal-action-against-former-employee As you may know, there is litigation between Bova Compounding and its former head pharmacist, Alexander Corry and NexGen Pharma. I am aware that there is some uncertainty amongst our clients about that litigation. Earlier this year, Bova Compounding commenced proceedings against Mr Corry, and his private company, as well as against NexGen Pharma.  NexGen Pharma is a newly incorporated competing business of which Mr Corry is currently a director.  In those proceedings, Bova Compounding has obtained orders from the Supreme Court of NSW permitting a search of NexGen Pharma’s premises for documents and other things.  The Court also made restraining orders which are currently in place to prevent the use of Bova Compounding's confidential information.   While the proceedings run their course, we value your support and continuing patronage. If you have any questions relating to this matter please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our main office.   As always, we strive to deliver the best for all of our clients, and to do so with honesty and integrity. Nick BovaManaging Director   Innovative digital platform VMSearch to revolutionise the conference industry across Australia & Asia Pacific 2017-09-06T23:10:53Z innovative-digital-platform-vmsearch-to-revolutionise-the-conference-industry-across-australia-amp-asia-pacific Organising a conference is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the new online platform VMSearch, recently launched by the experienced conference team from VMS Event & Conference Logistics. Major hotel chains including Accor, Hyatt, Pan Pacific Group, Marriott Hotels, Mantra, Rydges and more were quick to sign on as partners, signalling their commitment and belief in the platform’s many benefits. The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Member for Cook and Federal Treasurer, was recently briefed by the local Sutherland Shire business about their platform, which will assist conference organisers across Australia and the Asia Pacific by allowing them to search for and book accommodation, conferencing facilities and more through the platform.  In reviewing the platform, the Treasurer said, “It always impresses me how local businesses think outside of the square and come up with solutions that offer something more for their customers and clients. Successfully-run conferences and events are a key element of our economy and it’s very positive to see VMS drawing on their experience to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.” Libby Schrafft, Managing Director of VMS, believes that the platform is the next step in the evolution of the professional conference industry, commenting, “we found that while people are looking to book rooms and venues online they are also looking for a company that can use their experience to handle conference logistics and more. Government, non-government and the private sector use conferences to engage, educate and facilitate relationships, and VMS Search will assist them do to this in an easy and convenient way.” The platform will allow customers to search, source and review the best price and most appropriate venue for their upcoming conference. It will also offer customers a great way to connect with customers and promote their services. Media Contact: Joanne Ryan, Infodec Communications, Phone: 02 9531 5595 Mike Schrafft, VM Search, Phone: 02 9526 1221 VMS Event & Conference Logistics Pty Ltd 1 PO Box 403, Caringbah NSW 1495 Phone: +61 2 9526 ABN 51 099 389 527 ABOUT VMSEARCH VMSearch is a free platform that is quick and easy to use. It allows customers to: ➢  Search by provider type; accommodation v function centre only, title or brand, country, state, region, number of delegates or accommodation rooms (size). Results table provides the user with an option to view the venue profile “More Information” with a simple click ➢  Secure a Quik Quote from the results displayed. A user will need to register by providing personal contact details and in turn it will enable them to view the Quik Quote Results ➢  A Login will also be emailed, enabling them to bypass the registration process for future Quik Quotes and Quotations ➢  The Quik Quote facility collects personal contact details for future communications and for the user to gather basic venue information prior to requesting a more qualified Quotation ➢  A Conference Brief will be completed by the customer and submitted to VMS for review before being distributed to venues as a Quotation Request (maximum of four venues) ➢  A Full Quote Request will be forwarded to venues by VMS for a response within 24 hours ➢  All venues will be advised of the status of the quote when known. It is important that the process is open and transparent and therefore all venues subject to a Full Quote Request will be displayed and known to each other, but pricing submitted will remain confidential to VMS and the client Visit VMSearch:  Eagle Waves Radio Launches 'The Brew' audio visual podcast series 2017-01-10T04:14:00Z egle-waves-radio-launches-the-brew-audio-visual-podcast-series Sydney CBD podcast producer Eagle Waves radio launched a new podcast series that delves into the lives of some of Australia’s most successful individuals as they share insights about their diverse backgrounds, challenges and what makes them tick. Over the coming weeks, the program, hosted by small business advocate Angela Vithoulkas, will feature interviews with: *   Jane Lu (Founder & CEO of ShowPo) –  who quit a corporate career to establish an online fashion business now turning over $40 million a     year. * Jaimie Fuller (SKINS Chair) – known for his unconventional business style and his  passion for using sport as a vehicle to make the world a better place * Dr Kate Adams – a regular on TV show Bondi Vet, she also runs a creative start-up and boasts an unwavering sense of determination *  Senator Arthur Sinodinos –  long-time federal Liberal party member and NSW Senator. In a fun twist, each podcast is accompanied by video footage featuring guests whipping up their brew of choice – often with interesting results – behind the coffee machine at Sydney CBD’s Vivo Café. In developing the podcast series, host Angela Vithoulkas said, ‘as a small business owner for over 30 years and an elected local government Councillor I’m very aware that “success” is not an overnight phenomenon.  It is something that often comes with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows’.   ‘Our guests have interesting tales that reflect their individual drive, humour and never-say- die attitude.  Their personal journeys will appeal to a wide audience from small business owners to those striving for personal success.  We are confident that the convenience factor of podcasts and the ability to listen on-the-go will really appeal to small business owners and wider audiences looking for inspiration and encouragement’. For more information or to arrange an interview with Angela Vithoulkas contact: Joanne Ryan, Infodec Communications, 0421 059 866,     ABOUT THE BREW The Brew with Angela Vithoulkas is a weekly audio visual podcast series that is available for download on iTunes and SoundCloud.  Video content is available via The Brew Facebook page.   ABOUT EAGLE WAVES RADIO Eagle Waves Radio is a podcast radio platform with a focus on business.  Our channels give unprecedented reach and access to 180,000+ small business owners and startups across Australia.  Eagle Waves Radio also produces content for SME Radio, Startup Daily and Silicon Paddock.   ABOUT ANGELA VITHOULKAS Angela Vithoulkas has a long history as a business community leader and advocate across the private and public sectors. She established Eagle Waves Radio in 2013 and successfully produced and broadcast hundreds of programs both supporting and appealing to small business and wider audiences.  As an accomplished small business owner, Angela has been the recipient of numerous awards including City of Sydney Business of the Year, Café of the Year, NSW Entrepreneur of the Year and Telstra Women’s Business Owner of the Year. She is also an independent City of Sydney Councillor.   Matthew Beeche joins the Sydney Matters Independent Team 2016-07-16T21:50:13Z matthew-beeche-joins-the-sydney-matters-independent-team Sydney Lord Mayoral Candidate Councillor Angela Vithoulkas today announced that media entrepreneur Mathew Beeche will be running as a candidate for Sydney Matters Independent Team in the September 2016 local Government elections. 30-year-old Beeche, founder of Shoe String Media and the popular online tech start-up publication, Startup Daily, announced his candidacy noting, “when Angela Vithoulkas approached me to join Sydney Matters I had multiple conversations with my team, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs in the tech space. It was through these conversations that I realised joining the Sydney Matters team was an opportunity to have a voice inside local government that intimately understands the pain points and needs of high-growth tech companies”. Councillor Angela Vithoulks said, ‘Matthew’s passion and knowledge of the tech start-up ecosystem will bring a fresh perspective to the City of Sydney. I believe the City of Sydney’s Tech Start-up Action plan provides a basis for further development, but Australia, and Sydney in particular must keep punching above its weight. We cannot be complacent in attracting, developing and expanding our footprint in this area. If we don’t then another city will. The Sydney Matters Independent team remain steadfastly focused on working with all levels of Government to ensure that Sydney is recognised as globally competitive leader in the tech start-up space. While Beeche acknowledges that that the City of Sydney are generally proactive in supporting a number of tech-startup and entrepreneurial-related ventures and events, he believes that the City is currently out of sync with the state government and its current innovation projects; and that represents a huge problem. 1 Sydney Matters, 388 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 “I think that all levels of government should play the role of enabler and exemplar when it comes to supporting their tech sectors” says Beeche. “A perfect example of that is the NSW State Government’s Data NSW platform – an open-source portal of up-to-date information on everything that the state government touches”. Beeche believes that that the community is missing out on some bright up-start coming up with a solution that has a real-impact because the City’s main focus to date has been more around supporting events and conducting round-table discussions. “It’s time to stop discussing though” says Beeche. “It’s time to start-doing”. ____________________________________________ Notes: Mathew Beeche is the founder of Startup Daily one of the country’s leading publications on technology, startups and innovation. In 2014, Pinstripe Media owned by television personality David Koch purchased forty percent of the business. Beeche now oversees editorial and sales for all publications across the two businesses. Beeche believes that supporting Councillor Vithoulkas’ candidacy and running as an independent on her ticket is an opportunity for the Sydney tech ecosystem to have someone inside council that actually understands the needs of the sector – that can advocate clearly and passionately on their behalf. Action is needed because Sydney has dropped from a ranking of number 12 to number 16 when it comes to global startup city-ranking. ____________________________________________ Sydney Matters media contact:  Joanne Ryan: 0421 059 866 Sydney Matters Independent Team: City of Sydney council election cock-up continues 2016-07-06T22:49:14Z sydney-matters-independent-team-city-of-sydney-council-election-cock-up-continues Independent City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas is calling on City of Sydney Council to immediately extend the deadline for business operators to register to vote at the local government elections in September following the recent discovery of a multitude of errors.   “Clover Moore has been publicly opposed to businesses having any vote at the local government elections and unfortunately it seems that her wish has come true,” Councillor Vithoulkas said today.  Councillor Vithoulkas says Council has listed two conflicting deadlines for businesses to register: 4 July for corporations (Pty. Ltd) and 14 July for sole traders, partnerships and individual operators.  People are confused and frustrated.   “The 4th of July may have been Independence Day in the US, but in the City of Sydney, it was the day that democracy died for thousands of business operators who have been robbed of their chance to have a vote.  “Even after repeatedly raising my concerns about the series of errors and misinformation being given to thousands of business owners, over and over again, Council has refused to respond on how it plans to fix it. What’s apparent is that Council sat on their hands, knowing that the first deadline (the 4th of July) for businesses was looming. Now that’s passed.  “That’s why I have written to the CEO seeking an urgent extension of the registration cut-off to allow businesses to register who have missed the cut-off through no fault of their own. After all, why can’t all businesses have until 14 July to register, why the differing dates? It’s only adding to the confusion.  “I continue getting calls from business owners who want to vote but don’t know when or how to. You only have to go to Council’s website to see that the errors haven’t been fixed. It’s unfair that these hard-working business operators are not only being denied democracy but face the additional threat of fines up to $2,200 if they fail to register.”  Councillor Vithoulkas says she has also written to the Minister for Local Government Paul Toole asking that he hold an urgent inquiry.  “The Minister must intervene to ensure that the registration process is being carried out with the utmost transparency – he must investigate why Council has given businesses wrong and confusing information and then has done nothing to amend it. I am now extremely concerned that Council’s mistakes and misinformation have the real potential to impact the validity of the election. Businesses have been silenced, but maybe that was the aim all along.”  Sydney Matters media contact:   Joanne Ryan:                          0421 059 866   Richard Lenarduzzi:               0411 254 390  Sydney Matters Independent Team: City of Sydney council errors leave businesses in the dark and out of pocket in voting registration debacle 2016-07-06T22:45:58Z sydney-matters-independent-team-city-of-sydney-council-errors-leave-businesses-in-the-dark-and-out-of-pocket-in-voting-registration-debacle With the deadline for registration fast approaching, the City of Sydney’s business voting process is in disarray with thousands of businesses still unaware they are required by law to vote or face potential fines of up to $2,200.   Independent City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas is demanding answers from Council after uncovering a series of “errors” that have left countless businesses across the local Government area in the dark, overwhelmed and largely unaware of their legal obligations.  Councillor Vithoulkas says the series of the mistakes has the potential to impact the validity of the upcoming election outcome with errors including:    Conflicting and confusing registration cut off dates.    Council letters sent to over 10,000 businesses with registration date errors.   Lack of effective follow up from Council once errors have been picked up.   A complete lack of clarity about which of the NINE forms businesses should use to register.   Call centre staff providing conflicting or at times, incorrect information.  Councillor Vithoulkas says the ongoing errors have occurred, despite Council spending an estimated $7,832 million in ratepayers’ money on the enrolment process and an information campaign to promote the business vote in September’s local government elections.  “The whole process is overwhelming and confusing and the City of Sydney Council is treating small business owners with utter contempt.  I’m calling for an urgent independent inquiry and audit into the business registration project because we need to get to the bottom of what is going on”.  “As the deadline gets closer I am being contacted by anxious local businesses who don’t know how to register. It’s terribly unfair that they may face fines of $2,200 if they don’t register on time, all because they were given the wrong information by Council. Business owners are now questioning if the whole system has been set-up to fail, denying them their right to have a say?  “I have also been told by one of Clover Moore’s team that I am exaggerating the issue because I was a ‘small minded business owner’.  This is not only insulting but it shows a total lack of empathy for business operators who will once again be denied a voice”, Councillor Vithoulkas said.  Sydney Matters media contact:   Joanne Ryan:                          0421 059 866   Richard Lenarduzzi:               0411 254 390  A Gift for Two Women this Mother's Day 2016-04-20T01:12:11Z a-gift-for-two-women-this-mother-s-day Every sale through online florist, Angkor Flowers & Crafts goes towards providing free professional training in floristry, business and retail skills to migrant and refugee women from such countries as Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma. With these skills and new-found confidence, they are then able to pursue further training or employment that aligns with their personal dreams and interests. As a social worker, founder, 34 year old Sophea Chea, witnessed first-hand the many obstacles refugee and immigrant women faced such as language barriers, domestic violence, lack of education and family support. “With limited English and a lack of skills, they are often made to feel like their only choice is to stay-at-home and look after their children and husbands. It is hard for them to know where to get help and how to take that first step to changing their lives,” Sophea said. Having migrated from Cambodia eight years ago, Sophea established Angkor Flowers & Crafts to offer a practical way to empower and support these disadvantaged women, especially those who are long-term unemployed. Many of the women juggle the training and work with looking after their children and as a mother to a teenage girl herself, Sophea is mindful of offering flexible hours within school hours. One of the women who has been helped by the program is mother of two, Phary from Cambodia who now plays a role in leading and teaching the other women.         “Working at Angkor Flowers has helped me build up my confidence and skills so that I can have a better quality of life.  I am also showing my children what working in a good job can achieve.  I have been so lucky to be a part of this program and hope that many other women will be given the same opportunity.” Currently Angkor Flowers employs five women on a job-share and project basis. A group of 10 women is about to start their second year of floristry training, where they will also learn business and retail skills.  The training is largely supported by the online sales of bouquets and homemade gifts as well as from a financial grant from the Macquarie Group Foundation. Sophea hopes that through the growth of her business, she will be able to employ more women or give them the confidence and business skills to gain useful employment elsewhere. Angkor Flowers & Crafts has a full range of beautiful and unique bouquets and arrangements designed especially for Mothers. This year they are featuring green Singapore orchids, pink lilies, gerberas, white daisies, pink lisianthus, lavender and of course the sentimental favourites roses and carnations in a beautiful array of colours. Order online at and give the gift to two wonderful women this Mother’s Day. For further details, interviews, images contact: Joanne Ryan, Infodec Communications:   9531 5595 or 0421 159 866     ABOUT ANGKOR FLOWERS & CRAFTS – Helping disadvantaged women bloom   ·        Angkor Flowers & Crafts was founded by Sophea Chea in 2014.  Sophea migrated to Australia from Cambodia with her family in 2007 to undertake an MBA.  As well as establishing Angkor Flowers & Gifts, Sophea works as a social worker supporting the resettlement process of new immigrants. ·        Angkor Flowers employs qualified florists to provide training and guidance.  Trainees are given professional training in floristry as well as personal development training to build their language skills, confidence and self-esteem. ·        Current trainees include women from Cambodia, China, Burma and Thailand.   ·        The floristry course is open to women from non-English speaking backgrounds and runs over two school terms during school hours.   ·        The next course will be held at Cabramatta Public School starting Thursday April 28.        MDI’s Enhanced Mobile Research Community Platform to challenge the status quo 2016-03-08T23:33:22Z mdi-s-enhanced-mobile-research-community-platform-to-challenge-the-status-quo Offering affordability for the researcher and accessibility to consumers, the new mobile platform is all-encompassing, linking longitudinal qualitative and quantitative data, providing cost effective, timely and visual insights. The location enabled chat-like interface allows surveys and interviews to be conducted via an iOS or Android smartphone app. The app can also be white labelled facilitating data collection in almost any environment, including live image/video upload responses.  Consumers can report immediate responses in contexts previously unreachable by electronic surveys, like football games, on public transport, while travelling, in store or in a social environment.  Consumers can also be categorised and targeted based on their previous responses allowing samples to be matched to the exact consumer profile desired by the researcher and/or client. The product will be rolled out across Australia by Stable Research and MDI.  Stable Research Director, Pip Hooper said, “we are looking forward to offering Australian companies and market and social research clients a new and exciting tool that reflects contemporary consumer preferences and usage habits”.  In launching the platform at, MDI CEO, James Fergusson said, “Using MDI’s proprietary software every interaction with an individual consumer can be seamlessly linked longitudinally – this includes surveys, diaries, qualitative chat, images and video, enabling our clients and research agency partners to optimise their return on research investment. It’s a definite leap forward that acknowledges the integration of the mobile device into every facet of our lives.”  For further comment and details contact: James Fergusson +61 439 228 931 or; Pip Hooper (02) 8556 8850 or