The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-31T02:28:00Z Baby Shower Gift Registry: Why you should have one 2021-07-31T02:28:00Z baby-shower-gift-registry-why-you-should-have-one If you are pregnant and getting ready to organise a baby shower, you might be wondering if you should have a baby shower gift registry. You might be concerned it will be perceived as presumptuous to invite people to look at a baby gift registry you've created. However, if done in a manner that does not expect people to buy from the registry, it's merely a suggestion or "wish list" you have created, then absolutely a baby shower gift registry is a great idea.If you don't want to be stuck with useless gifts, or a bunch of duplicate gifts, then it is a excellent choice to baby shower registry as a list of baby items for your friends and family members. They are not hard to set up and it will be a great relief to your guests as well.Read on to see some reasons why you need to have a baby shower gift registry list.1. You Want to Make It Easier for Your GuestsMaybe all your friends are mothers who have a pretty good idea of what a new mother would need. However, if your friends aren't mothers and a little clueless about what a new mother would need, why not make things easier for them creating a list of items that you actually want and need?This way your friends won't have to call each other to figure out what gift would be best suited to you or call you to ask what you want. All they would need to do is go to the baby shower gift registry list and pick.As easy as that! Less stress for them, and better gifts for you and your baby. What could be better than that?2. You Want to Avoid Duplication of GiftsYou don't want to end up with 3 of the same gifts, because you weren't specific enough about your gift desires.Yes, you will need lots of popular baby items like baby muslin wraps, bodysuits and rompers, however you don't necessarily want exactly the same colours or prints. Same applies with toys and accessories.Even if though your friends might do call around and ensure that they aren't duplicating gifts, not all your friends know each other. To prevent duplication of gifts and to help get a good variety of baby clothes, burp clothes and more, a newborn gift registry is a must have.3. You Want to Outline Exactly What Kind of Gifts You PreferYou are going to be a new mother soon. It will be a beautiful shock to life as you know it when your newborn arrives, and you want to have everything on hand that you like and want.Wouldn't it be better to outline exactly what gift you would like so after the baby arrives you have everything you need at home?You can spend some time researching and thinking about things you will find useful like, baby skin care, baby play mat, nappy bags and pram clips, baby carrier wrap and other things that people might not think off.4. You Want Gender-Neutral GiftsIf you know what you're having and wanting to avoid too much pink for your girl or don't want to smother your baby boy in blue, then you might like to outline that, either in the invitation (which seems crass), or in the baby shower gift registry list.You might not know what you’re having and don't want a stack of white baby items. You prefer greens, greys or yellows which are all gender-neutral people might not know which you like best. 5. You Have a Certain Decor and Colour Scheme in MindSome baby shower gifts end up being for the home, rather than the mother or the baby. As people strive to find unique baby gifts that can be used for a long time to come. But that means you might end up with a bright-green wall art (just an example), rather than the pastel or monochrome one that would go with your current decor. You get the gist.A baby shower gift registry will outline clearly the colours, sizes, and shapes of things you would like to receive. No more getting stuck with gifts that get stored for years and never used.6. No-one Wants to Give a Useless GiftNo one wants to get a gift for a friend that they might not end up using. More than that, you don't want to be stuck with gifts that are going to sit somewhere out of sight and out of mind.You are just starting your life with your partner, and baby. You don't want to clutter it up with nonsense. Start on the right foot. Get a baby shower gift registry.In this modern day and age it is not inappropriate to suggest a list of items you would like and let people pick and choose from that list or go it on their own and buy something not on that list at all.Keep in mind, typically a gift registry is not for big ticket items like car seats or breast pumps or cots. The more expensive the item the more people might frown or perceive your registry to be presumptuous.How to Set Up a Baby Shower Gift RegistryAre you worried about the difficulties of setting up a baby shower gift registry list? Have no fear. It’s super easy to create an online Bespoke Baby gift registry for your upcoming event or wish list for post baby arrival. You easily share your registry via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other modern forms of communication.You already have too much on your plate, as do the people who might be organizing your baby shower for you. The easier you can make this whole scenario, the better off it will be for everyone.It's Clear Why You Should Have a Baby Shower Gift RegistryHopefully, you are no longer asking why you should have a register for a baby shower gift wish list aka a registry. There are enough compelling reasons to go for one.Make it easier for yourself (present and future you), and your guests. Cut down stress and worry for both sides. All Weather Shelters Ask the Question, “Insulated Vs Single Skin Patio Roofs – Why do They Matter”? 2021-07-31T01:23:08Z all-weather-shelters-ask-the-question-insulated-vs-single-skin-patio-roofs-why-do-they-matter As All Weather Shelters tell it, the most significant advantage that insulated patio roofing has over single skin roofing is temperature control. The insulating material between the two skins reduces heat flow, providing you with more comfortable temperatures in cold and warm weather.    Patios are the marriage of the indoors and outdoors. They give you a pleasant view and feel of the outdoors while keeping you in a safe, comfortable environment. What gives a patio its versatility as an indoor and outdoor space is its roof.    For most patio building projects, there are two kinds of patio covers: the single skin roofing and the insulated roofing. Both single skin and insulated roofing are utilised in patio-building applications, depending on your preferences and requirements. As its name suggests, single skin patio roofing consists of only one layer of steel, painted over with a high gloss finish. It is specifically built to reflect sunlight and is extremely lightweight.    The most significant advantage that insulated patio roofing has over single skin roofing is temperature control. The insulating material between the two skins reduces heat flow, providing you with more comfortable temperatures in cold and warm weather. With an insulated roofing system, you can minimise both heating and cooling costs in enclosed outdoor living areas.    Single skin and insulated roofing give homeowners countless benefits and outstanding results. Both roofing types give protection from sunlight and the elements, enhancing overall comfort in your patio. However, insulated roofing stands out because of its sleek look, versatility and temperature control qualities. Due to the layer of insulated material between the roof skins, it can keep your outdoor living space warm during winter and cool during summer.    The team of experienced administrators and installers at All Weather Shelters pride themselves in advising, designing and building structures to add to family life style, so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about carports Melbourne and opening roofs Melbourne by going to the website at .  Acorn Experts seek to prevent companies paying up to 59% more than they need to for an LMS 2021-07-30T05:02:54Z acorn-experts-seek-to-prevent-companies-paying-up-to-59-more-than-they-need-to-for-an-lms When it comes to picking a learning management system, pricing is the deciding factor for many organisations. So why do many end up paying 59% more than they need to? Seeking to better inform the market and reduce this figure, the Acorn internal subject matter experts have crafted a detailed guide which explores pricing models, hidden costs and how organisations can find their best solutions. Acorn is a product of Pursuit Technology, and the full article can be found on their Acorn Labs blog:     When it comes to pricing models for an LMS, there are two options: cloud hosted and locally hosted. For cloud hosted platforms, pricing commonly revolves around pay-per-learner, pay-per-active-user and pay-as-you-go models. For locally hosted platforms you’ll find subscription, single payment and freemium models.    Beyond pricing models, there are always hidden costs organisations will want to look out for. Sometimes these aren’t found until the final proposal. They include things like maintenance, training, support, content creation and implementation.    Conducting due-diligence is important when it comes to finding value and the article is quick to note this. Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director) says even “just viewing a vendor’s pricing plans doesn’t give you the whole picture of cost.”    “Number of users is usually what upfront pricing plans are based on. It will pay to push back on things that will affect your day-to-day use of the LMS, like the cost of system maintenance, content creation, data migration, and not just support, but training too.”    The article guides organisations on what they need to define and how this will help them find the best-fitting solution.     In addition to being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy LMS Pricing Comparison Guide for potential users to weigh up their options and expose hidden costs.    Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative solutions and unlock the potential of the workforce. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS seven years ago, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.  Acorn Experts seek to develop market knowledge on eLearning platforms 2021-07-30T05:00:53Z acorn-experts-seek-to-develop-market-knowledge-on-elearning-platforms eLearning platforms have diversified exponentially since the late 90s, meaning the market has become flooded with a multitude of niche products. The Acorn internal subject matter experts recognise this makes it confusing to find the best solution. In response, they’ve moved to release an informative guide to help organisations understand and evaluate different platforms. The full article is available now on their Acorn Labs blog:     In Co-Founder & Managing Director Blake Proberts’ words: “What’s in a name? A great deal, when you consider that ‘learning’ and ‘course’ represent an entirely different use case when put in front of the term ‘management system’.   “Not to mention the price difference between eLearning products can be vast too once you factor in the cost of research, implementation, support, maintenance and buy-in.”    Acorn’s article is all about breaking things down. It details commoditised content vs business training. It explores the difference between online learning platforms and online course platforms. It wraps up by detailing the difference between a learning management system, learning content management system, authoring tool and eLearning portal. These four items have their own specific functions but can interact with one another.     This content on the surface looks quite daunting and technical, but Acorn’s article aims to explain everything in a simple and direct manner. Beyond giving those who may not be clued in on eLearning platforms some grounded knowledge, the article also features guidance on procuring a solution which best fits the organisation.      In addition to being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy LMS Feasibility Study for potential users to help ensure what seems like the perfect LMS, actually is.      Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative solutions to unlock the potential of the workforce. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS seven years ago, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.   Optometrist Bondi Sydney Eye Care Clinic Glaucoma Cataract Treatment Prevention 2021-07-30T05:00:00Z optometrist-bondi-sydney-eye-care-clinic-glaucoma-cataract-treatment-prevention Eyes After 40: What Everyone Needs to KnowIt’s a birthday that many celebrate with some trepidation. It’s the big four-zero and it’s the start of a decade that has more than its share of ups and downs. On the upside, one is still relatively young, and have the confidence that comes with experience. On the downside, a whole lot of medical professionals will be telling them to be a little more careful with their health, and their eye doctor will be among them.That’s because eyes change over time, and just as their joints might be feeling a bit more creaky than they did when they were in their twenties, their eyes aren’t as flexible or as strong as they were before. Here’s what they can expect from their eyes after 40 and what they can do about it. 1. “Long Arms” for ReadingThe lens of the eye flexes to allow for the switch between near and far vision. Over time, it loses its flexibility, and even those who never needed glasses before may find that they need specs for reading. “It’s one of those things,” says Australian behavioural optometrist Jacqueline Gattegno, proprietor of Eyes in Design Bondi. “If you haven’t been going for regular eye tests before the age of 40, you should certainly begin to do so.”2. Dry EyesEvery time someone blinks, their eyes are lubricated with tear fluid. There are a lot of different reasons for dry eyes including long hours spent in front of the computer, dry air, and ageing eyes. One can experience dry eyes at any time of life, but once someone is over the age of 35, the chances increase. Women who are experiencing menopause or are past menopause are more likely to get dry eyes than men are, but that doesn’t leave men with one less thing to worry about. They can get dry eyes too. Although dry eyes are uncomfortable, they aren’t ordinarily a direct threat to a person’s vision. Nevertheless, one should let an optometrist take a look and see what’s causing the problem. “Special drops can relieve dry eyes,” says Jacqueline. “You can also try helping your eyes by taking fish oil capsules and drinking lots of water.”3. Reduced Night VisionIn time, the photoreceptors in the eyes begin to age and that means that seeing in poor light becomes more difficult. “An optometrist can’t improve your night vision per se,” says Jaqueline, “but making sure that your eyewear prescription is correct will help to some degree.”4. GlaucomaThere was a time when having glaucoma meant that the person would experience vision loss - sometimes even total vision loss. Glaucoma is a build-up of pressure inside the eye and it can damage the optic nerve. However, if glaucoma is diagnosed early, it is treatable: one more reason to go for those eye examinations. The older a person is, the more important this becomes. Glaucoma is still a leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 60. 5. CataractsCataracts form when the proteins in the eye’s lens clump together, clouding the lens and blurring vision. Someone might notice them because they’re seeing halo effects when they look at lights, because their night vision is becoming worse, or because they’re experiencing blurry vision. “If cataracts are so bad that stronger glasses can’t restore vision, laser surgery solves the problem,” says Jacqueline. “It’s not a major procedure, and the success rate is excellent. Surgery may sound worrying, but it doesn’t require a stay in hospital, and the chances are excellent that your vision will be better than ever before. It’s definitely not something to be scared of.”6. Macular DegenerationThe macula is part of the eye, and it consists of light-sensing cells. If the macula begins to degenerate, vision becomes blurry. Left untreated, it is likely to end in loss of vision, but, says Jaqueline, treatments can slow the process, preventing severe vision loss. Macular degeneration affects in the region of 14 percent of people over the age of 80. “It’s not something that affects all people with ageing eyes,” says Jacqueline, “but it’s something to look out for since the damage isn’t reversible.”Take-Home MessageEye examinations become even more important once a person is over 40. There’s no need for people to be overly worried about any problems an optometrist may pick up - as long as they’re going for fairly regular check-ups. Some age-related eye problems may require treatment or surgery, but in general, the outlook is good as long as the diagnosis is early.HEAR: Ultra106.5FM Interview with Jacqueline Gattegno – Changes in Eyesight Due to a Rise in Stress LevelsFor more information on eye health, visual skills and therapy, or to book an appointment, visit the Smart Vision website: Optometrists Sydney: Optometry Services For Children and Adults | Smart Vision; for specific information about Myopia treatment and prevention visit Myopia Prevention: Solutions, Control And Treatment In Sydney; and for detailed information about Myopia Treatment visit Orthokeratology In Sydney: The Non Surgical Alternative.To book an appointment for a thorough eye check-up, click here or Call the Bondi clinic on (02) 9365 5047 or the Mosman clinic on (02) 9969 1600.Syndicated by Baxton Media, The Market Influencers, Your Digital Marketing Agency. Business publication Acuity a finalist in international awards 2021-07-30T03:25:54Z business-publication-acuity-a-finalist-in-international-awards Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s premier business and finance magazine Acuity was named as a finalist in the Association Publication category of the global Content Marketing Awards announced overnight in Cleveland, Ohio. The Content Marketing Awards, run by the Content Marketing Institute, is the largest, longest-running international content marketing awards program, recognising the best content marketing projects, agencies, and marketers in the industry. This year’s panel of judges reviewed nearly 1000 entries across strategy, automation, research, social media, video, editorial, illustration and design. “To be recognised on the global stage is testimony to the high-quality of our business publication that is reaching a network of over 90,000 financial professionals in more than 100 countries,” said CA ANZ Interim Chief Marketing Officer Chelsea Wymer. “This is international confirmation of something that Chartered Accountants already know – Acuity is truly a world-class publication. “Acuity has been the go-to for insights, commentary and fresh ideas to help Chartered Accountants cope with evolving situations in a year in which practical, trusted advice about how to access financial support and navigate businesses has been vital. “The publication informs, educates and promotes life-long learning, and provides CA ANZ members with a tangible benefit.” You can see a full list of the 2021 Content Marketing Award category winners here: and access Acuity here: Media ContactPriya Kumar, Chartered Accountants Australia and New ZealandDDI +61 2 9080 5852 M +61 424 491 About Chartered Accountants Australia and New ZealandChartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand represents more than 128,000 financial professionals, supporting them to make a difference to the businesses, organisations and communities in which they work and live. Chartered Accountants are known as Difference Makers. The depth and breadth of their expertise helps them to see the big picture and chart the best course of SCCU’s Annual Community Grants launches with $40k available, giving groups a chance to build a better tomorrow 2021-07-30T01:24:06Z sccu-s-annual-community-grants-launches-with-40k-available-giving-groups-a-chance-to-build-a-better-tomorrow Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) today announced that a total of $40,000 in Community Grants are open for application. Following on from a successful 2020 program which saw SCCU support six community projects, they are once again putting their money where their mouth is, backing community organisations big and small.  Acknowledging the challenges of today’s world, the launch of the 2021 program has been brought forward to respond to community need and unrest due to Covid restrictions. SCCU CEO Stuart Edwards shared “As we adapt to this new normal, and while things continue to shift, we want to keep supporting our community more than ever before and strengthen our resolve and ethos as a true community based financial institution. Our commitment truly reflects who we are as a business, where we’re going and why we’re different for all the right reasons.” Along with an accelerated timeline, the SCCU team have developed additional support for those applying, with a ‘how to’ guide available on the website for extra assistance. “We know not all groups applying will have the experience or dedicated resource at hand to help enter programs like our SCCU Community Grants” added Cassie Nicole, Community & Sponsorship Specialist. “The ‘how to’ guide is a simple step we can take to help everyone understand what we’re looking for and better articulate their project, their goals and their plan for building a better tomorrow. Past recipients have made a huge impact on the Northern Rivers using their SCCU Grants for a range of initiatives including the build of a plastic recycling centre, providing scholarships for young leaders and establishing an ongoing wildlife fundraiser to name a few. Applications are now open and close on the 24th August 2021 with public voting to follow. To apply visit: Or for more information on SCCU Community Grants programs visit: SCCU announce a Sustainability Action Plan, furthering their commitment to care for the places they call home 2021-07-30T01:22:24Z sccu-announce-a-sustainability-action-plan-furthering-their-commitment-to-care-for-the-places-they-call-home Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) has announced its plans to deliver on a new Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) to address environmental, social and economic challenges that exist today, responding to feedback from the community and customers.   The plan, which outlines their ambition to support sustainability initiatives, partner with experts and reduce their footprint is designed to evolve as progress is made. Built on the existing business strategy, SAP follows the same principals as the SCCU mission to ‘make things easier’ and focuses on sharing the journey in the hopes that their path can help pave others. “Everything can feel overwhelming, particularly with a topic like sustainability. We want to bring people along the journey, involve them, make any learnings we discover accessible and celebrate the small wins” says Toni Anstiss who is leading the sustainability focus within SCCU.   Developed in partnership with Sustainability Advantage, the plan has four themes:   Engaging All People Through engagement, shared-learning, collaboration and open communication we strive to partner for environmental and social good, influencing change and embedding a culture of sustainability that extends beyond our team. Managing Our Impact Adapting our operations to reduce carbon emissions and constantly looking at ways to improve of process and procedures to ensure we are acting responsibly and playing our part to manage our impact on the environment. Developing Sustainable Finance By providing individuals, families, businesses and groups’ with financial products and services that reward sustainable choices and we aim to improve financial wellbeing. Acting With Integrity Acting as a responsible business goes beyond our role in finance. We seek to better understand, work with and engage our suppliers, partners and customers to ensure ethical practices are upheld.   Already having made significant advances in-house including a recycling program that has reduced waste by a massive 88%, CEO Stuart Edwards says “The sustainability plan formalises what has always been a part of our identity. Caring for our community at SCCU goes beyond just people, it’s where they live, where they grew up and where their kids play. We don’t support coal mining and have always looked to partner with those who can have a real impact, whether that be practical or educational. We know there’s a long way to go and want to be part of the change to help influence those around us to make conscious choices, that benefit us all and future generations”.   Following the year that was, SCCU surveyed customers to better understand where priorities had shifted, and where sustainability fits in “It’s a great sense of achievement to know that we are heading in the right direction and that our customers want to come on this journey with us. Being influencers in environmental stewardship means we are action takers, we are proactive in our sustainable practices, efforts and what we focus on. As the saying goes, “Actions speaker louder than words”. says Toni Anstiss   As a first step SCCU has launched a Sustainability landing page which includes a downloadable overview of SAP, what’s been achieved so far and an open invitation for those looking to follow along, to sign up. MAJOR NEW EXHIBITION CELEBRATING ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST LIVING ARTISTS OPENS TOMORROW AT HOTA GALLERY 2021-07-30T00:31:40Z major-new-exhibition-celebrating-one-of-australias-greatest-living-artists-opens-tomorrow-at-hota-gallery Coinciding with the artist’s 85th year, HOTA, Home of the Arts presents Lyrical Landscapes: The Art of William Robinson, opening this Saturday until 3 October 2021. Celebrating one of Australia’s foremost living artists and greatest landscape painters, this exhibition will see Robinson’s entire Creation Series, produced over 16 years, presented together for the first time. Robinson’s Creation Series is widely considered his master works, the series highlights the artist’s spiritual connection to the natural world and through their symphonic composition, his love of classical music. Curated by former Governor-General and close friend of the artist Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, Lyrical Landscapes: The Art of William Robinson will feature monumental multi-panelled epic landscapes, including HOTA’s own work The rainforest. Brisbane born and raised William Robinson AO, has been awarded both the Archibald and Wynne Prizes and is celebrated for his immense multi-perspectival canvases that transformed the way we view Australian landscape painting. In 1984 Robinson took up residence on a 208-acre farm on the western slopes of Beechmont in the Gold Coast hinterland. There, he would walk and observe the surrounding sub-tropical rainforest, creating a time for reflection that revealed both the subtle pleasures and grand beauty of the natural world around him. These experiences inspired Robinson, a painter and pianist, to create works of art that twisted Australian landscape painting in a thoroughly new direction, creating unforgettable art that speaks to his deep fascination with Queensland and New South Wales landscapes. One of the first works that inspired the series is the hero of the Gold Coast’s Collection, Robinson’s five-metre painting The rainforest. Depicting Botan Creek in the Beechmont rainforest as it flows into a waterfall, and descends into the Coomera River, Robinson’s painting is a meditation on a landscape where time seems suspended. This is also realised in Robinson’s majestic Creation series, a suite of seven works that are a symbolic nod to the seven days of creation. The elusive sense of spirituality embedded in Robinson’s painterly landscapes is balanced by the practicalities of composition that he explores, challenges and inverts. Through re-imagining perspective, Robinson places the viewer within, yet simultaneously above, the landscape, transposing the physical effect of being in a landscape into one of all-encompassing reverence. Criena Gehrke, CEO said: We are thrilled to present this opportunity to see the Creation series in its entirety within HOTA Gallery, the design of which itself was inspired by Robinson’s The rainforest. As the second major exhibition at HOTA Gallery, Lyrical Landscapes: The Art of William Robinson is a love letter to the Gold Coast, as much as it is a celebration of one of the greatest living landscape artists in Australia. Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director Gallery and Visual Arts said: William Robinson’s painting The rainforest was awarded the 1990 Wynne Prize for Landscape and was acquired by Gold Coast City Gallery (now HOTA Gallery) in 1991 through community support and fundraising. His paintings are exquisite lyrical interpretations of the landscape, and an exploration of the Gold Coast hinterland – a site of immense, ancient beauty, and a place of reverence. The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO comments: There is no doubt that William Robinson is one of our Nation’s greatest landscape artists. Early in my term as Governor-General, I borrowed one of his most loved and admired rainforest paintings, ‘Springbrook with lifting Fog’ from the National Gallery of Australia for the wall of my study at Yarralumla. Every day it brought to my life sublime beauty, intellectual and spiritual questioning and understanding of the joyousness of nature. Across the years since I have rejoiced in having some of Bill’s beautiful work in my life, at home and in my QUT Office. It has taught me so much about landscape in art and in life. About how much a work of great beauty demands and how much pleasure, happiness, contentment, and wonder it gives. What a delight then and a huge privilege to be involved in HOTA Gallery’s exhibition ‘Lyrical Landscapes’ presenting to the public William Robinsons most significant body of work in its entirety for the first time. The perfect way to celebrate the 85th birthday of our great Australian landscape artist. The new $60.5 million HOTA Gallery opened to the public on Saturday 8 May 2021. Spanning six levels and including over 2000m2 of AAA rated, international standard exhibition space, a dedicated Children’s Gallery, and the $32 million City collection, HOTA Gallery is the largest public gallery outside a capital city in Australia. This exhibition is supported by Arts Queensland through the Queensland Government Exhibition Indemnification Scheme. Supported by Philip Bacon AO. -ENDS- FOR ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES: To request interviews, further information or imagery please contact: Amy Stalinescu | M10 Collective | E: | M: 0411 789 195 IMAGES: Images available for download HEREABOUT WILLIAM ROBINSON AOWilliam Robinson (b.1936, Brisbane) is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most distinguished artists, best known for his landscape and portrait painting. Robinson is critically acclaimed for his arresting landscape compositions of South East Queensland rainforests and seascapes of northern New South Wales. Robinson’s landscapes, with their multiple, ever-shifting perspectives generate a hallucinatory yet real experience of the Australian bush complete with trepidation and awe. His portraits and farmyard paintings are widely adored with their quintessential hint of Robinson humour and sense of play highlighting his spirit and sensitivity for both his subjects, and the act of painting itself.After graduating in 1962 from Brisbane's Central Technical College, an early forerunner of Queensland University of Technology’s Gardens Point Campus, he began a long and distinguished career teaching art. Awarded the Archibald Prize by the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1987, Robinson’s winning portrait was the point of much commotion in the art world due to the artist’s low profile – a result of teaching in Brisbane and living off-grid in Beechmont in the Gold Coast Hinterland’s Scenic Rim. Having garnered critical acclaim and recognition of his painting practice, Robinson left teaching in 1989 to work full time as an artist and since then his work has achieved further national prominence.He has twice been the recipient of the Archibald Prize (1987 and 1995) and Wynne Prize (1990 and 1996) from the Art Gallery of New South Wales. In 2001 Darkness and Light – The Art of William Robinson was published to accompany the large-scale retrospective of some 90 works exhibited at the Queensland Art Gallery and which toured to the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra in 2002. William Robinson was honoured by the Queensland Government in 2004 as one of Queensland’s Greats. He has been awarded Honorary Doctorates by three Universities – the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba; Griffith University, Brisbane; and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. In 2007 the artist was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his outstanding achievement and service to the arts.In 2009 the William Robinson Gallery was founded at Old Government House in QUT’s Garden’s Point Campus. The William Robinson Gallery honours the life and work of this distinguished Australian artist, presenting annual exhibitions, producing publications and films, conducting research on the artist’s practice and holding the largest public collection of Robinson's work in the world. Robinson is the only living Australian artist to have a public gallery in his name. Robinson's work is represented in all major Australian public art museums as well as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Vatican Museums, Vatican City; and the British Museum, London. ABOUT THE CREATION SERIES William Robinson’s Creation series is a collection of seven epic, multi-panelled paintings produced throughout a 16-year period from 1988-2004. The artist employs compositional devices that assist in making the landscape so topsy turvy. In several works, the unorthodox placement of the sun—so typically radiating from above in Australian landscape painting—is made stranger still by the inversion of trees. Trunks simultaneously reach up and down, creating a sense of mystery and grandeur. These paintings seem to remind the viewer of how awe-inspiring and unfamiliar this landscape is to the untrained eye. Robinson also uses water as a crucial compositional device, and reflection is used to echo the sky—the clouds, moon and stars—to all-encompassing effect. As viewers, we too gaze upon these vistas with wonder and contemplation and the ever-changing natural phenomena. These paintings are an amalgam of Robinson’s interests and beliefs: providence and classical music. He infers the seven days of creation.. Robinson, also a keen classical pianist, echoes the silences, pauses, and inversions, particularly in the compositions of Bach. The breaks between the mountain ranges, skies, and upended trees in the Creation series could echo a musical composition. ABOUT HOTA GALLERY In May 2021, HOTA opened the City’s new $60.5M Gallery. HOTA Gallery is the centrepiece of the City’s Cultural Precinct Masterplan which guides the evolution of the precinct over the next 10-15 years as the city’s artistic and cultural needs grow. With more than $399 million allocated to deliver the precinct, this is a City serious about supporting the arts. Designed by international architects ARM and spanning six levels with over 2000m2 of AAA rated, international standard exhibition space, the new Gallery includes a 1000m2 main exhibition space, with the capacity for touring exhibitions of an international size and scale. It features 900m2 of exhibition space for the City Collection and temporary exhibitions, a dedicated Children’s Gallery and almost 1000m2 for collection storage and exhibition preparation. HOTA Gallery is a must-see destination that facilitates and shares new ideas and experiences in visual art both indoors and outdoors; that draws its strength from integrated arts programming, and collaborations with artists, creatives and institutional partners on a local to global scale. HOTA Gallery is the largest public gallery outside a capital city in Australia with the ability and ambition to present exhibitions and projects of national and international scale. In the first two years the Gallery will host two major international exhibitions that are Australian exclusives and will continue to celebrate local talent along with presenting the $32 million City Collection in its new home the annual Gallery program also features commissions, children’s exhibition, talks, performances and Up-Lates alongside external activations and installations. HOTA Gallery also has a comprehensive, inquiry-based education program delivered by experienced educators and artists working together. As well as exhibition specific resources, education tours and professional development programs are delivered year-round. For more information visit: Red Hat and Nutanix Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Open Hybrid Multicloud Solutions 2021-07-30T00:19:49Z red-hat-and-nutanix-announce-strategic-partnership-to-deliver-open-hybrid-multicloud-solutions Sydney, Australia. — JULY 30, 2021 — Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, and Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, today announced a strategic partnership to enable a powerful solution for building, scaling and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid clouds. The collaboration brings together industry-leading technologies, enabling installation, interoperability and management of Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Nutanix Cloud Platform, including Nutanix AOS and AHV. Key elements of the partnership include:Red Hat OpenShift as the preferred choice for enterprise full stack Kubernetes on Nutanix Cloud Platform. Customers looking to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will be able to use an industry-leading cloud platform from Nutanix, which includes both Nutanix AOS and AHV.Nutanix Cloud Platform is now a preferred choice for HCI for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. This will enable customers to deploy virtualised and containerised workloads on a hyperconverged infrastructure, building on the combined benefits of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies and Nutanix’s hyperconverged offerings.Nutanix AHV is now a Red Hat certified hypervisor enabling full support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift on Nutanix Cloud Platform. The certification of the Nutanix built-in hypervisor, AHV, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift offers enterprise customers a simplified full stack solution for their containerised and virtualised cloud-native applications. This certification delivers Red Hat customers additional choice in hypervisor deployments, especially as many organisations explore innovative, modern virtualisation technologies.Joint engineering roadmap providing robust interoperability. Red Hat and Nutanix will focus on delivering continuous testing of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift with Nutanix AHV to provide robust interoperability. The companies will also collaborate to deliver more timely support by aligning product roadmaps.More seamless support experience providing faster resolution times for joint customers. Customers will be able to contact either company with support issues. The two companies are collaborating to deliver a best-in-class support experience for the interoperability of the certified products. Because of its distributed architecture, Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers an IT environment that is highly scalable and resilient, and well-suited for enterprise deployments of Red Hat OpenShift at scale. The platform also includes fully integrated unified storage, addressing many tough challenges operators routinely face in configuring and managing storage for stateful containers. More information on the partnership is available here. Supporting QuotesRajiv Ramaswami, president and CEO, Nutanix“This partnership brings together Red Hat’s industry-leading cloud native solutions with the simplicity, flexibility and resilience of the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Together, our solutions provide customers with a full stack platform to build, scale, and manage containerised and virtualised cloud native applications in a hybrid multicloud environment.” Paul Cormier, president and CEO, Red Hat“We have a vision to enable open hybrid clouds, where customers have choice and flexibility. Our partnership with Nutanix brings a leading hyperconverged offering to the open hybrid cloud, driving greater choice for our joint customers in how they deploy their containerised workloads and backed by a joint support experience.” Eric Sheppard, research vice president, IDC“Organisations around the world are deploying an increasingly diverse mix of modern and cloud-native workloads. This Red Hat and Nutanix partnership, and in particular the collaborative support agreement between the two companies, helps to bring virtualised applications and Red Hat OpenShift-based containerised workloads running on Nutanix’s Cloud Platform together in a way that will benefit exactly these types of organisations and help to drive increased simplicity, agility, scalability within today's complex hybrid-cloud world.” Ritch Houdek, senior vice president, Technology, Kohl’s“We are thrilled to see two of our technology partners announce this strategic relationship. As we manage the complexities of hybrid cloud, we believe this relationship will unlock new hosting and deployment options for VM and container-based workloads. These new options will support our goals of being fast, efficient and friction-free as we deliver new experiences to our customers.” Gautam Roy, chief technology officer, Unum“The insurance industry is in the midst of a transformation to rapidly adapt to customers’ demands. We protect 39 million lives around the world with our products and services, and as we work to modernise our IT infrastructure to support a seamless digital experience for our customers and employees, Nutanix and Red Hat help simplify our technology stack and advance our cloud transformation.” GLOBAL EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE LEADER CULTURE AMP RAISES USD$100M TO HELP ORGANISATIONS DELIVER ON NEW WORLD OF WORK 2021-07-29T23:28:16Z global-employee-experience-leader-culture-amp-raises-usd-100m-to-help-organisations-deliver-on-new-world-of-work SAN FRANCISCO / NEW YORK / LONDON / MELBOURNE - Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, announced today a valuation of over USD$1.5 billion through a recent USD$100 million Series F funding round. Culture Amp helps organisations modernise their approach to employee engagement and performance management delivering the platform, insights and suggested actions at over 4,000 organisations globally. TDM Growth Partners (TDM) and Sequoia Capital China led the round, with participation from new investor Salesforce Ventures and existing investors Felicis Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Index Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, Skip Capital, Grok Ventures and Global Founders Capital.Since 2011, Culture Amp has pioneered the application of behavioural science and data analytics across the employee lifecycle to help organisations humanise the performance management process and invest in the growth and development of their people. In an environment of rapid change, and with a massive increase in hybrid and remote work, Culture Amp provides organisations with the data they need to rapidly iterate the experience they are delivering to their employees. “With this strategic round of funding, we will empower more organisations and people leaders to unlock the power of humanity at work, as the industry’s single most trusted place for all of their employee experience needs,” said Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp. “The successful companies of today, and tomorrow, are laser focused on delivering a better employee experience to drive business performance.” Hamish Corlett, co-founder of TDM Growth Partners (TDM) said, "Organisations are living in a world of unprecedented change, and the last 12 months have only accelerated this. We have seen first hand the power that Culture Amp’s unrivalled data set and unique insights can have inside boardrooms globally, and we expect this only to amplify in coming years.”“Culture Amp has enabled over 4,000 organisations to embrace our core belief as investors that people and culture are fundamental to driving long term competitive advantage and success. We will look back in the decades to come and see it was these businesses that were early adopters in understanding this.” Steven Ji, Partner of Sequoia Capital China said, "As the trailblazer in employee experience, Culture Amp is charting a path forward for organisations to succeed in the new world of work with data-driven insight. Culture Amp has the purpose, leadership and the ability to truly impact people’s lives and we’re excited to see what they will achieve in this next stage of growth and beyond.”Rob Keith, Head of Australia, Salesforce Ventures added, “Culture Amp is the clear leader in employee experience, and as a customer for many years we’ve seen first hand the power of the Culture Amp platform to drive meaningful change in the workplace. We seek to invest in the most innovative cloud companies and founders, solving the world's most pressing challenges globally - Culture Amp is at the forefront of driving positive behaviour change at work and we look forward to contributing to the company’s continued growth and success." #####About Culture AmpCulture Amp revolutionises how over 25 million employees across 4,000 companies create a better world of work. As the global platform leader for employee experience, Culture Amp empowers companies of all sizes and industries to transform employee engagement, develop high performing teams, and retain talent via cutting-edge research, powerful technology, and the largest employee dataset in the world. The most innovative companies across the globe, such as Salesforce, Unilever, PwC, KIND, SoulCycle, and BigCommerce depend on Culture Amp everyday.Culture Amp is backed by 10 years of innovation, leading capital venture funds, and offices in the U.S, U.K, and Australia. Culture Amp is recognised as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes and one of the most innovative workplace companies by Fast Company. Learn more about how Culture Amp can help you create a better world of work at About TDM Growth PartnersTDM Growth Partners is a global investment firm with offices currently in Sydney and New York. TDM invests in fast growing companies run by passionate management teams. Our unique and flexible mandate allows us to invest in public and private companies globally. TDM operates on long-term time horizons, and a commitment to help build businesses we’re proud of. We have a highly focused approach to investing, with a portfolio of no more than 15 investments globally. TDM has the ability to deploy capital up to $200 million per investment. More information at About Sequoia ChinaThe Sequoia team helps daring founders build legendary companies. In partnering with Sequoia, companies benefit from our unmatched community and the lessons we’ve learned over 49 years. As “The Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs,” Sequoia China focuses on three sectors: TMT, consumer/services and healthcare. Over the past 16 years we’ve had the privilege of working with approximately 600 companies in China. More information at About Salesforce Ventures Salesforce is the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. Salesforce Ventures, the global investment arm of Salesforce, invests in the next generation of enterprise technology that extends the power of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Ventures is building the world's largest ecosystem of enterprise cloud companies and extending that technology to customers. Portfolio companies receive funding, strategic advisory, and operating support, and can easily join Pledge 1% to make giving back part of their business model. Salesforce Ventures has invested in more than 400 companies, including DocuSign, GoCardless, Guild Education, nCino, Twilio, Zoom, and others across 22 countries since 2009. For more information, please visit Radware reports Q2 blocked DDoS attack volumes rise 40 percent-plus 2021-07-29T23:04:20Z radware-reports-q2-blocked-ddos-attack-volumes-rise-40-percent-plus SYDNEY, July 30, 2021—Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced results from its Q2 2021 DDoS Attack Report. The report revealed that second quarter blocked DDoS attack volumes were up more than 40 percent compared to the same period in 2020. The report provides an overview of DDoS attack trends by industry, as well as across applications and attack types.Notable Takeaways• On average, a company had to detect and block nearly 5,000 malicious events and a volume of 2.3TB per month during the second quarter of 2021.• During Q2 of 2021, the average number of blocked malicious events per company was up more than 30 percent and the average blocked volume per company increased by more than 40 percent compared to the second quarter of 2020.• During the first half of 2021, a company located in the Americas or Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) had to repel, on average, twice as much volume compared to a company located in in Asia-Pacific (APAC). The Americas and EMEA accounted for about 80 percent of the blocked attack volume during that same period.“While large ransomware attacks are capturing headlines, companies need to pay attention to other cyber threats,” said Pascal Geenens, director of threat intelligence for Radware. “From an increase in DDoS extortion campaigns and DDoS hit-and-run assaults, to a hactivist group targeting financial organisations in the Middle East, the second quarter saw a concerning amount of cyber activity compared to the activity levels we saw during the same quarter last year. “The results of this report should serve as a strong reminder to enterprises that no company is immune from being a target.”Tech most attacked According to Radware’s report, the most attacked industry in the quarter was technology, with an average of almost 3,000 attacks per company, followed by healthcare (2,000 attacks per company) and finance (1,350 attacks per company). Attacks in retail, communications and telecommunications averaged between 600 and 1,000 per company. Gaming averaged more than 400 attacks per company, while an average of approximately 280 attacks targeted government and utility organisations. In terms of blocked volume, retail endured the highest volumes in the second quarter, followed by gaming, telecommunications and technology, which blocked the second, third and fourth highest volumes respectively.Radware’s attack report also revealed there were notable burst attacks during the second quarter of 2021. These targeted companies in finance and technology. These ‘hit-and-run’ DDoS assaults use repeated short bursts of high-volume attacks and were particularly aggressive in their amplitude (attack size) and frequency (number of bursts per unit of time). One attack showed multiple consistent 80Gbps bursts, lasting two to three minutes and repeating every four minutes. This resulted in 12 attack bursts of 80Gbps within a 45-minute timeframe.Ransom Denial-of-Service campaigns resurgeThe second quarter saw a renewed DDoS extortion campaign by an actor posing as Fancy Lazarus. By the end of May, Radware had numerous emergency on-boardings of its cloud security services from organisations that received these ransom letters. Ransom denial-of-service (RDoS) attacks, in which the victim receives a letter with a demand to pay a ransom or become the target of a DDoS attack, have been a persistent component of the DDoS threat landscape since August of 2020.During the second quarter of 2021, companies, on average, blocked almost 2,000 scan events by unsolicited vulnerability scanners. According to the attack report, of those scans, 40 percent were performed by potentially malicious scanners looking to actively exploit known vulnerabilities and attack an organisation. Vulnerability scanners are automated tools that allow organisations to check if their networks and applications have security weaknesses that could expose them to attacks.“Organisations are being challenged by well organised threat actors,” Geenens said. “The window between the disclosing and weaponising of new vulnerabilities is getting very slim. In some cases, we observed less than 24 hours between a manufacturer publishing a patch and malicious activity trying to exploit the vulnerability.”Radware’s full Q2 DDoS Attack Report can be found here along with charts and graphics. Data for the report is based on a sample set of Radware devices deployed in Radware’s cloud scrubbing centers and on-premise managed devices in Radware hybrid and peak protection services.About RadwareRadware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions forphysical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures thedigital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally. Radware’s solutions empower enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. For more information, please visit HOW TO HOLD A VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER 2021-07-29T22:25:34Z how-to-hold-a-virtual-baby-shower How to hold a virtual baby showerWhen you find out you are expecting a baby, there are lots of things you will be looking forward to. Telling your family, buying your first outfit, feeling the first kicks, choosing a pram and having a baby shower.And suddenly everything has changed. In person baby showers may no longer be possible, due to restrictions. Rather than being upset about it, look at it from the positive side. You can now invite your friends and family from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Which is really exciting!You may be surprised to know that virtual baby showers aren’t new. They haven’t just come about due to COVID-19. It’s just that they have become more popular since restrictions have entered our lives. Due to our multi-cultural lifestyles, lots of us have friends and family who are overseas or interstate. They have even been held online if the mother to be has been in hospital on bedrest for an extended period of time. So what is a virtual baby shower exactly?A virtual baby shower is just like a normal baby shower, except it is held online. Just like a normal baby shower, they can be held before the baby is born or after the baby arrives. It can even be recorded for prosperity. Imagine showing some of the clips on your child’s 18th birthday!Let’s be honest, it won’t have the same vibe that a in person baby shower will have, but its far better than not having one at all. And plus, we are all Zoom experts now right?Online Games for virtual baby showersThanks to COVID, we are a lot more geared up to interact online. There are numerous online games people can play. You can even have online polls and various question asking games that everyone can participate in.Of course, you can still do many of the traditional baby shower games such as baby bingo, guess the tune, baby name games, who is that baby, the price is right, baby alphabet game and many many more. The advantage of having a virtual baby shower is you can pre organise a different person to host each game, which take a lot of the pressure off the host.Catering for a virtual baby showerSadly, the one thing you can’t replicate online is food and drinks. What you can do though is send your guests a couple of recipes for cocktails (or mocktails!) prior to the event, so they can prep it beforehand. You could even send out some recipes for some easy dips etc. Or if you are having a theme, you could provide some inspiration for some themed snack ideas.Choosing a virtual baby shower theme While there is no need to go overboard decorating the whole house with your chosen theme, you can still have fun with an online theme. Maybe all your guests have to wear a certain colour, or accessory (think of things like fake moustaches if you are having a boy, or flower crowns etc). Or maybe they can all decorate their background with pink balloons and streamers. Regardless of how it is run, the most important thing is that YOU have fun. Another bonus of the virtual baby shower is all you need is a nice top, as your guests won’t see that you are wearing your stretch maternity pants and no shoes on the bottom half!In terms of baby shower gifts, Bespoke Baby Gifts offer an online baby shower gift registry with wide range of baby gifts and supplies. You can make a list of suggestions of things you would like for your baby. Bespoke Baby offer a service where they include a sticker on parcel saying "DO NOT OPEN BEFORE YOUR BABY SHOWER" so your guests can have your baby items delivered promptly and reliably to you before the baby virtual baby shower and you can open them while everyone is watching! Kiss Glass 5 reasons to choose glass pool fencing 2021-07-29T20:12:49Z kiss-glass-5-reasons-to-choose-glass-pool-fencing Perth, WA: Perth-based company Kiss Glass wants you to choose glass pool fencing to beautify your outdoor area this summer. They have five compelling reasons you should listen. There’s a reason glass pool fencing regularly features in high-end fashion and home design magazines – because it is gorgeous. Stylish and elegant, glass fencing oozes glamour, but it is also functional and, above all else, meets the highest safety standards. Kiss Glass’s Manager, Mike Butler, explains, “there are two main styles of glass pool fencing available in Perth – frameless and semi-frameless. We love each type as they can both be adapted to meet the needs of your home – bringing safety and style in one neat package.” Kiss Glass’s top reasons to choose glass pool fencing are: 1.    It’s beautiful and stylish (and safe!)Clear, clean panels of glass secured by shiny stainless-steel transform any pool area. Glass pool fencing provides you with an uninhibited view of your pool area making it easier for you to keep an eye on your children or pets (and monitor their behaviour). 2.    There’s little maintenance. Glass is easy to maintain, needing only a quick clean now and then. 3.    It’s easy to clean. Simply wipe your glass pool fence with an appropriate window cleaner every few weeks to keep it sparkling and crystal clear. If you live near the ocean or in a hard bore water area, specialist cleaning products are available to help mitigate these factors. 4.    It’s strong and durable. All glass used as building materials in Australia has to meet strict safety standards, making glass pool fences strong and secure, unlikely to be damaged. Kiss Glass’s pool fencing panels are reinforced through a heating-soaked glass process. This treatment makes the panels strong, durable, and able to withstand the temperature fluctuations of Western Australia’s challenging climate. 5.    It’s affordable. Glass fences are competitively. Overall costs fluctuate depending on your preferences and your project’s requirements. Glass pool fencing projects can demand additional procedures such as earthing, removal of old fences and railings, and pool fencing certification. Mike Butler goes on to say, “pools should bring fun and excitement to your summer, not worry and danger. Contact Kiss Glass and let us provide you with glass pool fencing in Perth that meets the highest safety standards.” About Kiss Glass: Kiss Glass is a local WA company servicing all areas from Mandurah to Joondalup.As experienced custom glass suppliers in Perth led by Mike Butler, Kiss Glass can create a stylish and safe pool area for any outdoor area this year. CONTACT DETAILS Name: Mike Butler Phone number: 08 9337 4099 Email: Web: - Start your property portfolio with just $15,000 2021-07-29T17:44:34Z start-your-property-portfolio-with-just-15-000 15/07/2021 Start your property portfolio with just $15,000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The Investn Group offers a brand new solution to begin investing in residential real estate with just $15,000 in savings. Those looking for an opportunity to get their foot in the door of the property market but don’t have a deposit - this is their chance.  Buyers now have the opportunity to start a property portfolio with just $15,000. This is a brand new, game-changing strategy for first-time buyers to break into the Australian property market. Scott Fraser, Chief Executive Officer, founded The Investn Group knowing how challenging it is for first-time buyers to break into the Australian Property Market.  “With Sydney median house prices being so high, it’s a very daunting thought for non property owners to consider how many years it will take to save for a deposit” The Investn Group is the first company in Australia to start co-investing with individuals, where the company supplies the 10% deposit. Buyers are not required to have a large cash deposit, but need to cover costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing, mortgage fees etc. The Investn Group researches the best property opportunities via a national property network. They complete due diligence to choose an investment-grade property with good cash flow, in quality growth corridors. Upon settlement, an external licensed property manager is appointed to manage the property. The Investn Group works with individuals that have a gross income of at least $65,000 pa or $110,000 pa as a couple; be under full-time employment; have at least three months in their current employment; have a good credit history and $15,000 in savings.  The company is limited to an intake of 20 new clients each month. The individual's $15,000 is used to cover the initial purchase costs and a buffer for any unexpected costs such as maintenance and repairs to the property if investors fall into financial hardship.  The company’s private investment group, based in Sydney Australia, takes an ownership position with new owners for long term capital growth and rental income.  The Investn Group is the first to innovatively change the game on how to break into the property market for those without a deposit. For more information visit or call 1300 446 445. ### About Investn  Investn helps people to successfully become a Rentvestor,  living in a suburb where they want to live and buying in an affordable growth location. Scott has been doing this since 2015 with only friends and family and has now opened this opportunity to the general public.  Media Contact Scott Fraser0402 90 20