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Mark Holden and Latin Grammy Winner Mireya Ramos feature on Stinky Ninja's new album

Stinky Ninja's children's album Musical Style adventures is performed by a wide variety of talented musicians

Stinky Ninja’s album Musical Style Adventures takes the whole family through the evolution of modern music from folk to hip-hop with 12 original songs. Mark Holden kicks off the musical journey with a folk song accompanied by Adam Stoler on mandolin, banjo, and guitar. Each track features talented artists, arrangements, and instrumentation unique to each style. Each week Stinky Ninja will release an animated video clip to accompany the songs from the album.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Adam & Vashti Sivell are the brother and sister team behind Stinky Ninja.

‘We wanted songs that could be appreciated by all ages. We worked with children and played tracks at local schools to ensure that each song was accessible to kids. Of course we leveraged Vashti’s music teaching and early childhood music experiences and input from other educators to make the tracks fun and engaging.’ remarked Adam Sivell (co-creator of Stinky Ninja).

Stinky Ninja’s album is an adventure in musical styles that includes: Folk, Country, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Disco, Rock, 80’s Pop, Reggae, and Hip-Hop. Lyrically every song tells a story, with most based on classic fairy tales with a Stinky Ninja twist.

To ensure an authentic sound for each style of music the Stinky Ninja album features an amazing vocalist for each track. The vocalists include the legendary Mark Holden, Dennis Wallace’s amazing country sound, Toni Randle’s voice that really swings, Sally Ford from the Melbourne Ska orchestra, Mireya Ramos from the Latin grammy award winning mariachi band Flor De Tolache, Pat Powell’s super smooth tone, Jerson Trinidad’s angelic voice, Lisa Maxwell gets everyone dancing, Cisca really rocks, Beata Robins from Quimbombo, Cheyenne Kavanagh’s super soulful sound, and Mighty Ash’s mighty mc’ing!.

Instrumentally Stinky Ninja’s album also includes a wide variety of talented folks that contribute their sounds to the Stinky Ninja album. Guitarists include Melbourne funkmaster Ishan Cooper (also plays bass), Adam Stoler (also plays banjo and mandolin), Dennis Wallace, and Lance Sua.  Mireya Ramos on violin. Peter Drummond from Dragon on drums and Jessica ‘La Timbalera’ Rodriguez on percussion. Rebecca Kleinmann on piccolo, Rachel Therrien on trumpet, Sally Ford plays saxophone, Vashti Sivell on keys and pianos. On bass the album includes Edwin Canito Garcia, Evan Tweedie, and KidNot.

Accompanying each song is a an animation that brings the song and story to life. Stinky Ninja features along with a cast of colourful characters who dance around and act out the funny lyrics.

Stinky Ninja’s album Musical Style Adventures was written and produced in Melbourne by Adam & Vashti Sivell, mixed by HB Recordings, mastered by Lachlan Carrick @ Moose Mastering with performances recorded around Melbourne, Sydney, and New York.

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