About Us

We create followings of ‘good citizens’ for brands; citizens who want to be a part of your inner community, who are loyal and freely recruit others to become part of your world. Through PR & media relations, our job is to reach the stakeholders and influencers who make a difference to your brand and to your bottom line. Our approach is no nonsense and straightforward. And we’ll be upfront with you. If we can’t find or create the right story, we won’t take the job on. We are lucky enough to be able to select the clients we work with, so we only work with ones who fit with our values, that means you get a passionate partner looking after you and your brand. Some of our clients include: Stolichnaya Premium Vodka, Angostura Rum, Angostura aromatic bitters, Amarula, Broker’s Gin, HINE cognac and a range of Single Malt Scotch whiskies, Single Vineyard Sellers, Audion's PowerCube, Blue Badge Insurance, ShopandBox, Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and MOO.

Websites & Online Services
Website: http://www.goodcitizens.com.au

Office: 0403 919 340