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SourseAI is an AI innovator that has combined applied AI and industry based models into a SaaS decision augmentation platform - Sourse. Leading ecommerce, telcos, utilities and entertainment brands use Sourse to drive the adoption of data informed decision making. Sourse boosts KPI improvement using AI decision support tools for forecasting, causal insights and scenario planning, as well as machine learning models to address common industry problems, such as, customer retention, churn and yield. Sourse integrates with systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Zuora and Genesys to enable every customer interaction to be personalised using accurate predictions about customer behaviour, intent and possible treatments, using both client data and competitive market insights built per industry.

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Website: https://sourse.co
Twitter Feed: @sourseai

Office: level 27, 100 Barangaroo avenue, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia