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Profile Booster launches to service Australian financial services industry

Announcement posted by Profile Booster 11 Apr 2016

11 April 2016: SYDNEY - A big majority of Australian financial services companies are still grappling with the changes in consumer behaviour now mostly driven by digital technology and social media.

And to bridge the digital and social media divide between consumers and financial services firms, two Contract for Difference (CFD) and Foreign Exchange (FX) industry veterans Ashley Jessen and Eva Diaz, have recently launched Profile Booster, a content marketing and digital strategy consulting firm based in Sydney.

“There is a yawning gap that needs to be addressed in the financial services industry in Australia,” said Ashley Jessen, Co-Founder and CEO at Profile Booster.

He said many financial companies are struggling to integrate the modern forms of marketing, whereas those leading in the change of the new digital world and marketing opportunities are excelling, bringing in considerably more opportunities at a much lower cost.

Lack of quality content producers

Jessen, who used to be Director of Communications in one of the leading FX brokers in Australia, also identified another critical need in the growing content marketing landscape.

"What we're finding out is the industry is sorely in need of original content creators with in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and digital technology. It is this knowledge that is helping the leaders make a giant leap over their competitors."

Based on the ‘2016 Content Marketing in Australia’ report by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) the top five challenges for Australian content marketers are:

·         Producing engaging content – 69%

·         Producing content consistently – 54%

·         Measuring the ROI of content marketing program – 54%

·         Measuring content effectiveness – 52%

·         Producing a variety of content – 39%

“More than ever, marketing and sales teams are now under the pump and in constant stress to generate new leads and sales. Our job at Profile Booster is to help companies (and their marketing and sales teams) stay competitive by delivering strategic and innovative digital & content marketing strategies,” Jessen said.

“We’ve been in this industry for more than a decade now and given our strong digital marketing, media and social media focus, we believe we can help Australia’s financial services companies to stay in tune and deliver on what their clients want,” Jessen added.

According to Jessen and Diaz, they’ve been analysing the financial services industry’s digital marketing environment for almost two years before they launched Profile Booster.

“We’ve been fortunate to be working in this industry for more than 10 years now. And we have seen massive changes over the past 2-3 years,” Diaz said.

She added,” Most of these changes are being driven by digital technology and social media which are manifesting in changes in consumer behaviour.”

Profile Booster, which will focus on the financial services industry as its niche segment, will draw on Jessen’s and Diaz’s combined decades of experience and knowledge of trading and investment products and services. Both have played leading roles with the launch and growth of derivative products (including CFDs, FX and Indices) in Australia since 2002.

Content marketing’s double digit growth

The launch of Profile Booster comes as the global content marketing industry is forecast to grow to US$313 billion by 2019.

US-based PQ Media, which provides media research, said “global content marketing revenues are expected to more than double over the next five years.”

In its recent ‘Global Marketing Forecast 2015 – 2019, PQ Media reported: “If you add in-house spending into the mix, the content marketing pie expands from $26.47 billion to $144.81 billion in 2014. It is projected to reach $313.42 billion in 2019, with $259.17 billion coming from in-house efforts.”

The US is the world’s largest content marketing market with approximately US$12.11 billion in revenue in 2014.

Australia is the second largest content marketing market in Asia Pacific due to close ties with the US and the UK. With global companies setting up offices in Australia to tap into the Asian market, Australia will continue to be a major player in this growth industry.

With a strong focus on the financial services sector as its niche market, Profile Booster’s core services include:

·         Content marketing – copy writing, press releases, SEO content, newsletters and video

·         Lead generation – development of lead generation assets to boost sales, conversion, retention and client engagement

·         Marketing automation strategies

·         Social media strategies – develop and maintain corporate strategies for social media engagement through Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and other channels

“There’s no doubt that content marketing is growing not only as an industry. It is also being recognised for its role and significance in the corporate environment. Most businesses are now realising the need to have a solid content marketing strategy,” Jessen said.

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