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Can you imagine sharing a tap with 1000 other people?

These are the conditions faced by school children in the South Pacific, 1000 students handwashing with 1 tap.

Spatap company is sending Portable Taps to Schools in the South Pacificto help alleviate the hygiene problem. The “Spatap'' is a portable tap fitting made from silicone that transforms any ordinary bottle of water into a flow controllable water saving tap.  The portable tap can then be used for handwashing with soap and water or many other hygiene and washing tasks.

See Spatap in Action: https://youtu.be/xe8YlLlEmWA

The “Spatap,” fits on to many different sizes of bottles, a standard plastic 1.5 litre bottle of water can dispense upto 60 handwashes with soap when the Spatap is attached, this is perfect for students in rural schools that are lacking basic infrastructure and plumbing. 

The “Spatap” inventor Stuart Mason says, “Hygiene conditions were horrific pre-COVID with many communicable diseases running rife in schools, now with the pandemic the problem has magnified.”

Mason continues, “Try and imagine sharing a tap with 1000 other people, that's the reality for most of the schools we are trying to help in the South Pacific. Many communities lack something as simple as a tap and piped water, the situation is dire. We're doing what we can, but the task before us is enormous and we need help with funding, believe me, you wouldn't want to touch that 1 tap, let alone drink or wash your hands with it.”

Spatap company is supplying the Spatap Portable Tap via the Rotary Club of Bribie Island Hand Hygiene For Health Project (HHFH). The project transforms classrooms and schools into hygienic places in a few hours, the hand washing system is managed by the students and teachers, empowering them to continue the practice by supplying a portable tap, a hygiene workshop and the skills needed to practise regular handwashing with minimal water.

See Spatap & Hand Hygiene For Health: https://youtu.be/rkfOVkESBrY 

Stuart says, “We have everything in place from manufacture to shipping and distribution through the Rotary network, but we need a serious boost in funding if we are going to help everyone that needs it.”

Schools can get involved by asking the students and parents to donate a “Spatap” to a child or classroom in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea or Nauru. Also there is a corporate branding opportunity for businesses and individuals to help by donating a “Spatap”.

The cost for a Spatap portable tap is only AUD$15 and you can give as many as you feel comfortable with. Currently according to the UN there are 2 Billion people in the world that don't have something as commonplace as a tap.