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SterilTube Enters Australia to Combat In-Room Airborne Virus

Announcement posted by SterilTube Australia 07 May 2021

SterilTube uses a safe UV-C light and airflow strategy to deactivate 99% of virus, bacteria, mould, dust mites

Press Release, May 07, 2021, Perth, Australia: Imagine Solutions Pty Ltd operating under the Registered Business name of SterilTube Australia, has announced it has the rights to sell the SterilTube range of products in Australia.


SterilTube is manufactured in Europe and was developed by Italian inventor and entrepreneur Giuliano Regonesi, to deactivate virus and bacteria, but specifically, solving the problem of how to deal with upper room airborne virus and aerosolized virus without disrupting work productivity.


The SterilTube works effectively whether on surfaces or in the air, in an “in-room” or enclosed space scenario. 


The SterilTube is unique as a UV-C light device, because it houses its germicidal Ultra-Violet (UV-C) light, encased inside the SterilTube itself and preventing harmful UVC radiation being a threat to people.


This means for the first time, a UVC sanitizing solution can be applied while people are in the room, therefore not disrupting work process or having the need for downtime to manually clean surfaces. 


The SterilTube manages all the sanitization requirements of manual cleaning without the labour costs or costs or odours of chemical solutions.


The SterilTube works by sucking contaminated air containing microorganisms such as virus and bacteria into the SterilTube, these microorganisms are then deactivated inside the SterilTube and sterilized air is sent back into the room. 


The SterilTube has been proven in laboratory testing to deactivate 99% of virus and bacteria present in the air and on surfaces.


The smallest SterilTube is capable of sanitizing an indoor area of 16 cubic meters per hour and the largest SterilTube manages 100 cubic meters per hour. The devices are designed to be attached to walls or placed on desks or tables.


Dannie Francis, Director of Imagine Solutions said: “We are excited about supplying SterilTube to the Australian market. 


The SterilTube is not just about COVID, the SterilTube has multiple applications in the improved management of things such as flu, controlling mould, and alleviating dust mite allergies.


Giuliano Regonesi, CEO of Noor UVC Technologies, said: “SterilTube has been laboratory tested to inactivate 99.7% of viruses and bacteria and the data has been validated by laboratories and universities in multiple countries. 


“Tests in Italy were carried out by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, hospitals and medical structures are protecting themselves with our machinery, including the Valduce Hospital in Como, Italy.


“We are pleased to be working with the team at Imagine Solutions to introduce our SterilTube and safe UVC products to the Australian markets.”


SterilTube Australia is inviting any interested parties from Government, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities Laboratories or scientists, to test its products for safety and effectiveness. 


The SterilTube is designed to sanitize any size room, in places such as hotels, foyers, gyms, GP and dentist waiting rooms, board rooms, business meeting rooms, post offices, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial buildings and offices and homes. 


The list of public indoor places where the SterilTube can be placed is endless, and an affordable solution for anyone seeking to protect their business, their staff and their customers.


Recommended retail pricing is:

SterilTube 40     AUD$449         (16 cubic meters per hour)

SterilTube 100   AUD$599         (35 cubic meters per hour)

SterilTube 150   AUD$899         (100 cubic meters per hour)


The SterilTube website is https://www.steriltubeaustralia.com


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Dannie Francis

Email: dannie@imaginesolutions.com.au

Tel: 1800 959 338 


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