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Leading Australian Pet Businesses Work Together to Help New Pure Breed Puppy Parents.

Dear Editor,   The Deputy Prime Minister has said that the government will consider excluding agriculture from future long-term climate change targets. That makes about as much sense as smoking during...

Dear Editor,   The dairy industry, drowning under public scrutiny of its woeful animal welfare record and environmental destructiveness, is no longer clutching at straws, but instead is grasping seaweed....

Dear Editor,   I am turning 69 soon, so I am not used to being told I am too young for - anything much. But according to the government’s rollout plan, I will be too young for the Phase 1 vaccine, which...

Victoria's only private cemetery is dedicated to keeping memories in the Field of Companions

Dear Editor,   Great to see the Deputy Prime Minister declaring his fervent support for freedom of speech, following the Twitter bans in the USA.   We wait with bated breath for his announcement that...

Older Pet Alliance Releases Figures from Survey of Australian Older Pet Owners

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With the Coronavirus pandemic and the increase in demand for highly personalised pet care services, the team at Pawshake predicts that 2021 will result in pet parents choosing unique names that reflect and inspire hope: Arrow Buttercup Captain  Dreamer S

Dear Editor,   As temperatures soar all over the country, please remember that dogs should never be left in parked vehicles, which can become death traps in a matter of minutes.   Even on a mild, 22...

Dear Editor,   Lobsters have been suffering in crates on Australian docks—the unwilling victims of a trade war with China. Vested interests have presented this cruelty as an opportunity for Australians...
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