Get your news heard

Influencing's PRWire is Australia's #1 newswire

Reach Google News and search engines

Influencing/PRWire is Australia's only free newswire that is indexed by Google News, bringing more web visibility to your clients or company.

When posting your releases to Influencing, you guarantee your news and announcements can be found in Google News and other search engines.

Potential customers and targets following your industry or market can then find your news via Google News Alerts or through Google News Searches. Influencing's PRWire is also indexed by all major search engines.
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Attract media attention

While we recommend using a professional media outreach platform like Influencing if you're seeking media attention, PRWire will get your news in front of journalists.

​​​​​​​All releases posted to Influencing appear in our journalist portal and many media follow our PRWire Twitter feed, visit the PRWire site or subscribe to PRWire digests. If your announcement is newsworthy, then you greatly improve your chances of media pickup by posting a free release to PRWire.
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Your online newsroom

When you create an Influencing account and post your news, you automatically gain a free online newsroom, where media and prospects can find your news and learn more about your company.

​​​​​​​This is particularly useful if you don't have easy access to updating company websites. Influencing newsrooms are heavy on your branding, not ours, so you can link to announcements and news without confusing your stakeholders.
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Make your news social

The PRWire Twitter feed has close to 2000 followers including hundreds of media professionals. All news posted to PRWire is tweeted on our relevant Twitter feeds, giving you the opportunity to share or retweet the news, further amplifying the reach of your announcement.
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I'm a brand, PR agency or organization

I wish to use Influencing to publish my news and announcements, monitor my publicity and find media targets.


I'm a journalist, content creator or influencer

I wish to use Influencing to find sources and request information, monitor my competitors and peers and find PR contacts.