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About PRWire

PRWire is a publishing platform enabling companies to extend the reach and impact of their media releases and announcements.

As well as providing a web-based platform for media and journalists to track and view media releases, PRWire is optimised for search engine placement and RSS syndication. PRWire.com.au is operated by MediaConnect Australia, the pioneer and leader in connecting media and PR professionals online. The service is currently free to qualified users. Interested companies should register or contact support@influencing.com to be approved for submitting releases.

Media distribution

As well as being a destination in its own right, PRWire releases are fed into the ITJourno and Journo.com.au websites used by hundreds of journalists in Australia. Its RSS functionality allows journalists to build their own wire feeds based on the beats they follow which can then be fed into their personal RSS readers.

RSS Syndication

PRWire allows any user to build a customised RSS feed based only on the subjects that are relevant to them. This RSS feed may be used freely on external websites, allowing any company to add a media release section to their website, increasing page impressions and providing an additional service to their readers. Any syndication of PR Wire releases further extends the reach of our client's releases.

Search Engine Optimisation

PRWire has been optimised to ensure our client's releases rank highly on search engines like Google. This helps assist companies who might be interested in your products or products like yours to find your release, drive traffic to your website and increase your search engine rankings.


PRWire is currently available at no-cost to qualified users. We are currently accepting releases from any Australian or New Zealand businesses or organisations.


PRWire reserves the right to not publish or delete any press releases which we deem not to add here to our standard of professionally-written media releases and announcements.

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