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The Editor,     Dear Editor,   The outbreak of COVID-19 at a Melbourne slaughterhouse shows the urgency of dumping the meat habit.   Slaughterhouses not only put workers and the public health at risk...
announced by IdPet 5 months , category: Pets, Pets & Animals
With pet adoptions surging since COVID-19 isolation measures, Aussie personalised pet product business, IdPet, has shared tips to help pet-parents deal with a new fur-kid in the house and ideas to catapult...
The Editor,     Dear Editor,   The NSW Supreme Court has found that an act of violence in which a man stabbed a dog  several times with a pitchfork, hung him on a tree with the pitchfork still impaled...
Pet Care Benefits for Defence, Emergency Services, and Healthcare Workers during Covid19
The Editor,     "School's out for summer. School's out with fever."   Do you think Alice Cooper knew his 70s rock song about holidays would be so relevant in 2020? Thankfully, unlike the song,...
The Editor,     Dear Editor,   Prime Minister Morrison has criticised the World Health Organisation for supporting the reopening of China's wet markets, one of which is widely considered to have...
‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ Starts School! Australian Chicken Meat Federation launches new, online national school resources   The Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc. (ACMF) has today...
The Editor     Dear Editor,   Soon, Australians will be celebrating Easter, though likely in quieter conditions than usual. We will watch the typical images of fluffy chicks and colourful eggs from...


Virbac Australia announces the first challengers to take part in this year’s innovative Multimin Performance Ready Challenge.
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