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Victoria – Australia June 2015 Regional Australians are being forced to wait up to 10 months for a medical specialist appointment if they want to be seen close to home.
QUEENSLAND, Australia October 2014 – Even with the arrival of modern technology and the internet - including online search engines and blogging - finding a quality medical specialist without waiting months to see them still remains difficult.
VICTORIA, Australia September 2014 – Patients waiting for appointments with medical specialists in Melbourne or surgical procedures in Australia continue to suffer on long hospital waiting lists – a reality that could prove fatal if left unchecked by the
MELBOURNE, Australia September 2014 – Victorian hospital outpatients were being forced to wait up to four years for appointments with specialist doctors, health figures revealed in 2010*.

MELBOURNE, Victoria August 2014 – The Victorian public hospital system is so congested that patients with private health insurance looking for specialist doctors often wait for weeks or even months for an appointment in Melbourne.
MELBOURNE, Australia June 2014 – When Darren Lemin was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia more than 13 years ago, he had a wife and three children under 8 years of age to support.
Epping resident Melissa Flentjar was left panicked and distraught when her 3 year old daughter Amelia, suffered a sever anaphylactic shock caused by an unknown substance and was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance. "It was terrifying to see our littl
MELBOURNE, Australia March 2014 – Australians are being led to believe that all doctors have extensive waiting lists and that waiting months for an appointment is the norm.
MELBOURNE, Australia February 2014 – In 2010 the Victorian state government promised to release the figures surrounding the hidden waiting lists for outpatient services, but just last year they had still not delivered on their promise.
MELBOURNE, Australia January 2014 – It can take weeks, months and even years to get in to see some medical specialists in Melbourne, and unfortunately the current GP referral system doesn’t help.
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