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announced by YummyMummy Fitness over 2 years , category: Health & Fitness
Have you been feeling exhausted lately, despite adequate sleep?
announced by YummyMummy Fitness over 2 years , category: Lifestyle, News and Current Affairs
During the cold winter months it is very hard to find the motivation to lose weight and get fit, and most of us are just too busy anyway.
As New Zealand mums prepare to don their leg-warmers and step up their fitness regime for the winter, mums in the UK and Europe are looking forward to welcoming in the Northern summer.
Completed and loved by hundreds of mums, the YummyMummy Fitness detox programme has turned into their best seller within days of its launch.
The fabulous YummyMummy Fitness team have come up with a detox programme and a range of meal plans for all those mums out there who are seeking to lose weight and get fit in 2016.
As we enter into the New Year, possibly with the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Eve taking their toll, the YummyMummy Fitness team ask the question, “How healthy is your body really?” The start of 2016 is a really good time to consider our inner hea
From the minute we become a mum, we tend to start putting our new baby first and ourselves to the very end of the list of priorities.
announced by YummyMummy Fitness over 4 years , category: Health & Fitness
YummyMummy now offer their two popular group fitness classes, Bootcamp and boxing classes, in Invercargill.