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announced by Xtracta over 3 years , category: Technology, Business Software
Earlier this year Xtracta announced that they had completed their first external capital raising.
To power the Xtracta App's automatic data recognition and extraction capability - Xtracta as a company has invested heavily into artificial intelligence technology.

Earlier this year Xtracta’s Jonathan Spence wrote a blog on their website at  on the future of robots.
announced by Xtracta over 3 years , category: Technology, Software Development, Taxi Industry
Jonathan Spence recently posted a blog on the Xtracta website, positing the rise and rise of Uber and, more presciently, driverless cars. Xtracta is heavily involved with artificial intelligence research, using artificial intelligence for automatic data c
By going online to Xtracta’s website at people interested in the function of the Xtracta App, an extraction technology with an artificial intelligence system, can follow their extraordinarily well presented timeline, which is intere
announced by Xtracta over 3 years , category: Management, Business Software, Data Storage, IT Services
The latest version of Accredo gives its customers free access to Xtracta's data extraction technology from June, 2015.