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announced by Cindication 5 months , category: Books & Literature, Youth, Teens
"I did not set out to create a weapon. I needed something to strip the flesh from bones, to enable me to draw their structure. I do not know if I was inspired by the devil to create such a thing, and it...
announced by Cindication 6 months , category: Books & Literature, Youth, Teens
“From the very beginning, the author draws the reader in and never lets go until the ultimate conclusion and satisfying denouement.” - Greg Alldredge, author of the Helena Brandywine series. “I...
announced by Cindication 6 months
"An exciting ride through a steampunk world filled with adventure. Surprises around every corner!" - Madolyn Locke, award-winning author of 'The Quilt' “I was taken out of my seat from the first...
announced by Cindication 6 months
With such an impressive CV it’s no wonder Corrine Barraclough has been snapped up by some of the best media broadcasters of our time, and now this includes Cindication. As a regular contributor at Sky...
announced by Cindication 6 months
The must-view Oscars Collection hosted by Gold Coast ‘Artist to the Stars’ Tracie Eaton is not an event to be missed, and you are invited. Ms Eaton is thrilled to have twenty unique artworks gifted...
Way back in the 1500, Galileo saw reading as having superhuman powers, meaning to read out loud is not only a powerful gift of teleportation, but it can also develop into a deep love. The feeling of being...
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