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Female Founder Sonia McDonald is driving the need for change in our Leadership with Christine Holgate as the keynote speaker

This conference will empower the world to unlock their unique leadership potential through courage which is needed more than ever before
A timely, actionable guide for leaders, teams, organisations, and anyone looking to take on a deep and abiding sense of courage — one that inspires a people-first leadership that drives meaningful impact and organisational success.

An emerging organisation with a purposeful mission to ambitiously set about the business of getting women back into work, leadership positions, and entrepreneurship.
It’s time to show the strength of kind and courageous leadership
In a year we need it most, Sonia McDonald has just launched her third book ‘First Comes Courage’, which explores the power of leading with courage, and offers you great insights and tools to develop, nurture and grow courage within you and your teams.
Championing and shining a light on kind, courageous and outstanding leaders and businesses during our toughest year.
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