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Are you paying too much for an internet service that is unreliable?
With 50% of the Aussie workforce unhappy at work, Australia’s first event Chief Happiness Officer Corporate Health and Wellness program is set to change the face of workplaces across the country.
It used to be you kept home and work life separate.  Work was neatly stashed at the front door and conversation around the dinner table was pleasantries about your day and what you were going to do on the weekend.
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Lawyer Anna Willis’ desire to create change drove her to create a portal where people can vent about the issues affecting their lives that are not being fixed by organisations and companies across Australia.
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As a mum of three, Jade Read, a photographer and the heart behind The Gold Coast Bump To Bub High Tea, found after each child, she became more and more isolated, the old-style parenting groups had morphed and changed into online groups and no one really m
Canberra born author Andrew Hackett has signed an multi book deal with New York publisher Holland House Publishing after his book Free From Fear became a bestseller. Andrew’s Fearless series is the...
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Founders of Queensland based Award Winning Accelerator, a program helping small businesses find and enter business awards, were honoured with the top Stevie Award in New York this month.
A new book series promises to equip individuals with the necessary skills to achieve success and life fulfilment.
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Azerbaijani’s Gilan Holding’s Retail Group Gulnar Hasanova inspiring other women to take leadership roles
announced by Publicity Genie 11 months , category: Leisure & Hobbies, Lifestyle
With bricks and mortar retail stores reeling from the impact of online shopping, an enterprising business woman is breathing new life into Christmas shopping with a massive pop up store in Melbourne.Judith Treanor, founder of Temples and Markets, is bring
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