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announced by Publicity Genie about 1 month , category: Small Business, Local News, Consumer
Lawyer Anna Willis’ desire to create change drove her to create a portal where people can vent about the issues affecting their lives that are not being fixed by organisations and companies across Australia.
announced by Publicity Genie about 1 month , category: Parenting, Women's Interest, Local News
As a mum of three, Jade Read, a photographer and the heart behind The Gold Coast Bump To Bub High Tea, found after each child, she became more and more isolated, the old-style parenting groups had morphed and changed into online groups and no one really m
Canberra born author Andrew Hackett has signed an multi book deal with New York publisher Holland House Publishing after his book Free From Fear became a bestseller. Andrew’s Fearless series is the...

Founders of Queensland based Award Winning Accelerator, a program helping small businesses find and enter business awards, were honoured with the top Stevie Award in New York this month.
A new book series promises to equip individuals with the necessary skills to achieve success and life fulfilment.

announced by Publicity Genie 7 months , category: Leisure & Hobbies, Lifestyle
With bricks and mortar retail stores reeling from the impact of online shopping, an enterprising business woman is breathing new life into Christmas shopping with a massive pop up store in Melbourne.Judith Treanor, founder of Temples and Markets, is bring

announced by Publicity Genie 8 months , category: Local Coverage, Local News
New Farm Home Primed For Renovation
Hayley Birtle-Eades is a serial entrepreneur but with that moniker comes multiple failures.
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