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Let Me Grow My Wings - single release Mon March 22; album release and launch at The Night Cat on Fri April 23

announced by Jameson & Co 10 months , category: Popular Music, Pop Culture, Local News
Get Cherry Back In Black   Prominent Melbourne venue owner and music promoter, James Young has announced that his famous establishment, Cherry Bar will re-open its doors on June 24, with a maximum capacity...

announced by Jameson & Co 10 months
  A Melbourne-based private film finance group, Elevate Production Finance (EPF), is leading the way in its sector on adapting to pandemic conditions and is immediately ready to provide debt funding...

We Sing Until Sunrise (Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka) - drops this Friday, June 5. Contact the writer for your media copy.

Album reviewers: Please contact the writer for access to The Merindas' debut album, 'We Sing Until Sunrise' for reviewing purposes.
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