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announced by Platinum Speakers 2 months , category: Business
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held from 24th July to 9th August, and will feature Olympic Speakers.
announced by Platinum Speakers 3 months , category: Business
In recent years one of the most common briefs they receive at Platinum Speakers relates to how organisations can keep up with the pace of change, their ability to adapt to technological advances, shift direction in the way leaders and staff think and how
announced by Platinum Speakers 4 months , category: Business
When you are planning a business event, you need to bear in mind that your guest speakers will be the focus and drawcard for the event, with the goal for them to be the highlight of it.

announced by Platinum Speakers 5 months , category: Business
There is a huge demand for female motivational speakers for International Women’s Day in March

announced by Platinum Speakers 6 months , category: Business
We are all familiar with the concept of making a New Year’s resolution, and we are also all too familiar with the actual reality of how easy it is to forget about them in the hustle and bustle of a new working year.