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User growth in one of Australia’s most progressive tech start-ups is propelling investment interest with Warrp’s extended seed funding round.

Cutting-edge collaboration with award-winning agency sees huge user growth for Warrp’s marketplace app.

announced by Warrp Pty Ltd 30 days , category: Business, Business Technology, Shopping
Warrp will capture a larger pre-owned goods market with quicker sales on the back of its recently launched Facebook Shop, with more cross-platform collaborations to come.

announced by Warrp Pty Ltd about 1 month , category: Technology, Startups, Business, Business Technology
The marketplace platform’s in-app upgrade guides users to local listings, partner offers and other Warrp users for a true community approach to online shopping.

announced by Warrp Pty Ltd about 1 month , category: Technology, Startups, Business Technology, Business
Warrp is redefining the way consumers buy and sell on classified marketplaces by introducing new ideas into an otherwise complacent market focused on advertising revenues instead of user security and experience.

announced by Warrp Pty Ltd about 1 month , category: Technology, Shopping
Melbourne entrepreneurs launch a world-first video feature initiative for their online marketplace.

A finite window of opportunity has opened to invest in one of the country’s most progressive start-up companies.

Online marketplaces have become a platform in sustainability with the resale industry proving to be an eco-friendly way to shop.
announced by Warrp Pty Ltd 2 months , category: Business & Management
Australia’s most innovative online marketplace is rewarding users with real money straight into their Warrp wallet.

announced by Warrp Pty Ltd 3 months , category: Business & Management
It is near impossible to avoid the game of digital consumerism such is the ease, speed and thrill of buying and selling online. But it took the ingenuity of a local Melbourne company to develop a platform that creates a win-win scenario for all involved.
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