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Looking to educate the market once again, the Acorn subject matter experts have delved into the world of the LMS RFP.
announced by Pursuit Technology 22 days , category: Business, finance & industry
Continuing their campaign to educate organisations on engagement, the Acorn subject matter experts have explored a slightly more niche concept – how engaged managers help create engaged employees. Managers can account for at least a 70% variance in employ
When it comes to picking a learning management system, pricing is the deciding factor for many organisations.
eLearning platforms have diversified exponentially since the late 90s, meaning the market has become flooded with a multitude of niche products. The Acorn internal subject matter experts recognise this makes it confusing to find the best solution. In resp
It’s estimated only 15% of employees are truly and completely engaged in their work.
Online learning has only been around for 20 years, but that hasn’t stopped more than a thousand learning management systems popping up worldwide.
For anyone looking to acquire a learning management system (LMS) for their organisation, two things are important to consider and compare: features and functionalities.
Acorn Experts seek to educate the market on understanding and comparing Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
Recently working to educate the market further on the importance of integrations, Acorn LMS has tapped into their internal subject matter experts to shed light on the critical role integrations play.