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announced by DIGIVIZER PTY LTD 20 days , category: Small Business, Startups, Technology
Partnership gives startups and early-growth businesses the capability to take a data-driven and analytics-based approach to marketing, to get more from their digital spend.
Communication students at the University of Newcastle will use Digivizer to analyse social media performance as part of a communications audit
Deep Digital workshop in big data analytics for business managers will use Digivizer to analyse performance of digital marketing programs
Business owners and digital marketers can now measure and analyse the digital social and search performance of multiple brands, affordably, flexibly and easily

Marketer Henry Reith uses Digivizer’s SaaS platform to understand what works and what doesn’t in his digital marketing program - and maximize social and search ROI

Digital marketers can instantly see who’s engaging most about their brand, products or services across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Digivizer lets marketers and CEOs in companies of any size see how well their digital marketing programs deliver, across all main digital social and search platforms, in a single view that’s accurate, immediate and affordable.
Sydney, 24 November 2017 - Digivizer CEO Emma Lo Russo is speaking at this year’s StartCon.
Asia economic growth projections of between 5.4% and 5.8% for 2018 sees brands seeking better understanding, representation and digital experiences for their customers in Asia.
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